English 4

Monday, 15th October, 2007

in / inside dentro de /dentro

PREPOSITIONS OF PLACE There is a pink elephant in the box. The elephant is out of the box.

out of / outside fuera de / fuera on sobre, encima (tocando elobjeto) under debajo above directamente encima sin tocarlo around alrededor below por debajo de within dentro de near, by cerca de with con next to al lado de between entre dos cosas u objetos

There is a lamp on the table There is a cat under the table.

Write your name above the line. Write a circle around the answer. Write your name below the line.

Write within the circle. There are some trees near the house. Tom is with Peter.

There is a leaf next to the snail.

The monkey is between the palms. opposite de frente a behind detrás in front of en frente de The elephant is opposite the horse. The elephant is behind the wall.

There is a bird in front of the house.

on the left a la izquierda on the right a la derecha PREPOSITIONS OF DIRECTION a, en dirección hacia hacia arriba hacia abajo hacia hacia atrás de, desde

Turn on the left. Turn on the right.

to up down towards backwards from


PREPOSITIONS OF TIME ( AT / ON / IN) the time (hora) At one o´clock night At night / at midnight (medianoche) vacations of more than a day At Christmas / Easter (Navidades / Pascua) On Sunday / On Monday morning days (días) On 25th April On New Year´s Day years(años) In 1996 months (meses) In April seasons (estaciones) In spring parts of the day In the morning /in the afternoon /in the evening PREPOSITIONS OF PLACE (IN /AT)

IN In a room In a shop In a box In a garden in a park in a town In Spain / In Rome In the city centre In the water In the sea In my coffee At the top (of the page) A T At the door At the bottom

At the traffic lights

At the bus stop

OTHER EXPRESSIONS At home / at work / at school / at university At the station / at the airport At the doctor´s / at the dentist´s

At Jane´s (house) / at my sister´s house At a concert / at a conference / at a party / at a football match By train / by car / by plane / on foot 1. COMPLETE WITH THE CORRECT PREPOSITION “IN”, “ON”, “AT” OR “-“: a. _________ the bus-stop 1. _________ half past eight b. _________ home 2. _________ August c. _________ the sea 3. _________ 1990 d. _________ France 4. _________ Sunday morning e. _________ the park 5. _________ the weekend f. _________ my tea 6. _________ Christmas g. _________ school 7. _________ Christmas Day h. _________ a football match 8. _________ the summer i. _________ a box 9. _________ the morning j. _________ the door 10. _________ night k. _________ the sky 11. _________ this afternoon l. _________ Huelva 12. _________ last Friday m. _________ the dentist´s 13. _________ the morning n. _________ school 14. _________ last Sunday o. _________ the doctor´s 15. _________ 3th April p. _________ the traffic lights 16. _________ the bus stop q. _________ swimming-pool 17. _________ evening r. _________ my coffee 18. _________ Monday morning 2. COMPLETE WITH A PREPOSITION: - They came _______ train; then they went back _______ the farm. - Uncle Richards lives _______ a farm. The farm is _______ a Church and a shop. - A plane is flying _______ the farm. - The children were _______ home all day, not _______ school. - He is looking _______ the traffic lights. - My book is _______ the table. There is another book _______ your chair. - The ball-pens are _______ the drawer. My shirt is _______ the bed. - I am looking _______ my gloves. I have lost them. - I will be _______ London tomorrow. I´m travelling _______ plane tonight. - They are looking _______ that beautiful picture _______ the wall. - I was talking _______ my teacher _______ twenty minutes. - I hardly ever go _______ the mountain _______ the weekend. - He has worked here _______ 1998. 3. PUT IN THE RIGHT PREPOSITIONS: NEAR - ON - IN – UNDER - BY. - The pencil is ________ the bag. - The rabbit is ________ the tree. - The children are ________ the park. - The cat is ________ the roof. - Your cat is ________ your house. - There are three men ________ the street. - The picture is ________ the wall. - Phil and Jane are ________ the garden. - My mother goes to work _________ foot. - The carpet is ________ the old bed.

- Where is the key? Is it _______ your bag? - We live ________ George Street - Is there a bank ________ the station? -I go to school __________ car.