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OLYMPIC FANFARE AND THEME Commissioned by the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee JOHN WILLIAMS Instrumentation FLUTE 1 FLUTE2 PICCOLO (Flute) OBOE 1 OBOE 2 OBOE 3 B> CLARINET 1 Bb CLARINET 2 BI BASS CLARINET (B’ Clarinet) BASSOON 1 BASSOON 2 CONTRA BASSOON (Bassoon) F HORN 1 FHORN2 F HORN 3 FHORN4 TRUMPET 1 (in C) TRUMPET 2 (in C) TRUMPET 3 (in C) ‘TRUMPET 4 (in C) TROMBONE 1 TROMBONE 2 TROMBONE 3 TROMBONE 4 TUBA TIMPANI PERCUSSION 1 (Snare Drum, Field Drum, Piatti, Bass Drum, Sus. Cym.) PERCUSSION 2 (Chimes, Glockenspiel, Vibraphone, Bass Drum, Triangle) HARP PIANO, VIOLIN 1 VIOLIN 2 VIOLA VIOLONCELLO CONTRABASS. Performance Time: 3:50 Complete Set 04490151 Full Score 04490152 The Olympic Fanfare and Theme was written at the suggestion of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee and the event's producer David Wolper. In addition to writing the fanfare, I was also given the honor of conducting the first performance during the opening day ceremonies for the 1984 Summer Games, held at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. fh LH ans JOHN WILLIAMS Mat) o@ Pon sangha EERE gy