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Causal Essay

Effects of Poverty
Living in poverty is detrimental to someone who is growing up. The effects of poverty make it

difficult to live a normal happy and healthy life. Due to the unhealthy conditions and inability to access

medical care, those impoverished are more likely to live shorter lives. People living in poverty will have

little ability to get a well playing job, and face violence which can make the already difficult conditions

even worse.

Firstly, someone in poverty will not likely receive the same health benefits as a person living

under normal circumstances. Those on lower income are less likely to make doctor visits, and most of the

time can’t afford important insurance. Poor physical health is an aspect of living in poverty that can

shorten one’s lifespan. Destructive issues, such as smoking and obesity, are more common in poorer

areas. Diseases commonly associated with smoking and obesity are especially dangerous for people who

can’t afford the expenses of medical care. A lack of enough money causes a lack of availability for

nutritious foods, meaning a poor person will not have a high chance of living a long life. The stress of

living with these issues can also cause higher rates of suicide (Kaplan). Alcohol addiction is also more

prominent, but similarly, a person will not have ease of access to mental health treatment. Having a

shortage of money can cause unhappiness and mentally impact somebody who starts depending on

alcohol. Unhappiness and a lack of reliable treatments for illnesses such as depression for those in poverty

are at greater risk for killing themselves. Suicide rates are shown to rise for those dealing with an alcohol

or drug addiction, particularly for men who are 45 to 64, and even higher rates of suicide are shown for

those in the working class.

Secondly, Poverty causes a lack of resources. Due to the result of poor education in diminished

areas, a person will not have a decent chance of finding a well playing job. Those impacted by poverty are
commonly stuck will a minimal paying job. Living without enough money for daily necessities while

additionally relying on a low paying job will cause unhappiness. Pregnancy is risky in these

circumstances, due to the inability to afford regular doctor visits. The recommended number of visits to a

health professional during pregnancy is a minimum of four (Alters). Women who have the financial

stability for children tend to have the least kids. A lack of awareness is prominent in areas of poverty, so

education on sexually transmitted diseases may not be common. Someone who does contract one of these

diseases, such as HIV or hepatitis, may not have access to the needed medical care to ensure future health.

Lastly, the influence of gang violence can be heavily felt in locations of poverty. A lack of

resources and opportunities can cause somebody to resort to violent activities (Kendall). Kids growing up

in rough areas of violence are more likely to experience symptoms of anxiety and PTSD. A lack of

quality education can limit the opportunities, resulting in people resorting to violent behaviors. A large

majority of gang members fit the label of being uneducated, although sometimes those involved in gang

activities are simply family. A lack of neighborhood partnerships can be attributed to the rise of gang

violence in these neighborhoods (Gerdes). Without any roles of positive leadership, violence can increase.

Those living in poverty are not always directly connected to a gang, but the violence surrounding them

can cause unhappiness.

Although living in an impoverished area doesn’t mean a person is condemned to live a short

violent life. Some could say living through these harsh conditions will strengthen somebody as a person.

One who finds success through poverty could be grateful for being able to escape the conditions and use

the knowledge of knowing what it’s like as a way of helping others. Living in poverty can give a different

life perspective from somebody who grows up in a middle-class area. Also, there is no known

connections between rates of suicide and being out of employment (Kaplan).

In conclusion, the effects of poverty are harsh, and the lack of medical care can lead to shorter

lives. Many people will not be able to get out of poverty because of the lack of education and well-paying

opportunities. The higher rates of early pregnancy mean another generation is likely to grow up in

poverty, along with the likelihood of witnessing high degrees of gang violence.
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