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Stacie Snyder

228 Arlington Way Ormond Beach, FL 32176
(570)-814-6862 |
Stetson University
Major: Elementary Education
GPA: 3.889
Expected Graduation Date: December 2018

Teaching Experience
Manatee Cove Elementary
4th grade (10 hours), Spring 2016
Assisted the teacher with grading and other miscellaneous requests such as laminating, Class Dojo, and checking
assignments. Observed students during a math lesson. Helped students with in class assignments. Conducted
instructional one-on-one education and explanations problems marked wrong on students’ quizzes.

George Marks Elementary
2nd grade (every Monday for 9 weeks), Fall 2017
Worked with students in all subject areas. Taught science and reading lessons. Assisted the teacher with grading
and other miscellaneous requests. Worked one-on-one with an English Language Learner.

Citrus Grove Elementary
K (3 hours 30 minutes), Fall 2016
Assisted students during literacy centers. Worked with a student on his literacy skills and decided what extra
practice he needed. Put together a literacy bag for him to take home.

4th grade (Monday and Tuesdays), Spring 2018
Taught various social studies, math, and ELA lessons, in addition to a 10-day science unit. Worked one-on-one
with a struggling reader and created activities to strengthen his skills.

McInnis Elementary
1st grade (10 hours), Fall 2016
Worked with students during centers. Worked with an English Language Learner on her English skills. Observed
the ESOL teacher teach lessons to the English Learners.

Boys and Girls Club
(10+ hours), Spring 2016
Assisted students with their homework.

Pathways Elementary
1st grade, Preplanning + 16 weeks, Fall 2018
Phased in to teach all subjects, including SIPPS. Taught a 10-day math unit. Worked with a small group on writing
instruction for 6+ weeks. Created and implemented a behavior plan for a student. Participated in PLC meetings,
grade-level meetings, and parent conferences.

Professional Experience
Snyder Transport LLC, Mountain Top, PA
Office Personnel (2011-2016; continued employment during summer)
 Answered phones, recorded messages, and assisted callers
 Created invoices for accounts payable and receivable
 Assisted in book-keeping maintenance

Personal Achievements:
Dean’s List Recognition, 2016-present
Kappa Delta Pi Historian, September 2017- present
Champs trained, Fall 2017 (9 hours)