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Version26 CONTAINS Learn:
• Fully Customizable
T Version 26 CAD
Training Manual
T • 2D/3D Wireframe drawing interface
is the perfect • Using DMS™
ccompanion to your • Over 160 geometry
• Stock Wizards
v26 CAD Video Set
v construction and editing
and is geared to help
a • Solid Modeling features
you master the lathe
y • CAD Utilities
ssystem at your • Innovate using wireframe,
own pace. • Gear, CAMs & Sprockets
surfaces and solids
The training lessons cover all • RS-232 Communications
CAD design features including And MORE!
• Easy to understand
2D/3D wireframes, surface drawing and modeling tools
construction, solid modeling, gear/
sprockets and much more.
There’s a copy of the v26 CAD
The detailed manual guides you Training Manual reserved for you!
step-by-step through each lesson.
This new v26 training manual is
like having a personal training CALL BUY NOW
professor in a book, teaching you 877-262-2231 x609
everything you need to know about
the v26 CAD software from A to Z!
to claim your copy or click the
buy now button!

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