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From: Douglas Grandt answerthecall@me.

Subject:This is my final request of you to initiate W.E.C.A.R.E energy policy
Date:November 10, 2018 at 4:25 PM
To:Brian Hughes (Senate ENR-R), Melissa Enriquez (Senate ENR-R), Suzanne Cunningham (Senate ENR-R)
Cc: Scott McKee (Senate ENR-D), Megan Thompson (Sen. Cantwell), Katie Thomas (Sen.Sanders),
U. S. Senator Bernie Sanders

ENR Chairman Lisa Murkowski,

In view of the recent election results, you are still in control of
the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee.

You have done nothing to defend and protect Americans
against the collapse of Oil & Gas resulting from insolvency
and debt default that will imminently result from any least-
suspected trigger collapsing the house of cards they have
created for corporate survival with Financial Engineering.

Please initiate truly non-partisan comprehensive legislation
based on factual testimony by the CEOs, CFOs and COOs
to ensure that they will act in the Public Interest & National
Interest as they exercise Fiduciary Duty in the face of their
imminent demise. Based on current price-earnings ratios,
outstanding shares, debt obligations, dismantling and detox
“final expenses," winding down the industry will take several
decades. You must plan for a well-managed, just endgame.

America and the entire global community are counting on
you to act responsibly.

World Energy Crisis Aversion
Readiness Endgame