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By Shannon Fisher

Collaborative partner: Tony Cragg
Tony Cragg is a famous British sculptor, born in Liverpool in
1949. Who now lives in Germany.
❖ His first most notable sculpture was his piece called ‘Stack’
in which he placed various material he had used for other
sculptures an materials he was yet to use into a massive
cube formation.
❖ Cragg created a series in which he used washed up
materials from the beach to create mosaics on walls, along
with setting up sculptures with said materials.
❖ In more recent work he works with bronze and paints this
with the primary colours (Red, Blue and Yellow).
❖ He believes the sculptures he creates give birth to the ones
he is going to create tomorrow.
❖ Cragg has a park in which he exhibits his, and many others
sculptors and artists work, in which his sculptures stand
along with the environment.
❖ Cragg is a strong believer in non-utilitarian buildings and
❖ His main objective is to create new forms from scratch, with
each one being unique.
Skulpturenpark Waldfrieden
Skulpturenpark Waldfieden is a sculpture park located in Germany. Cragg first brought
the property in 2006, and began to design the grounds that surrounded the building,
resulting in everything then being renovated and modernised. However, Cragg still
wanted to show his appreciation to its original historical estate, so its former structures
were preserved, making sure to maintain its historical dimension, despite the
additional forms and buildings to accommodate its new use.
The park itself finally opened to the public in 2008, and exhibited the work of Cragg
and multiple other sculptors that Cragg wanted to showcase.
Not only was Cragg exhibiting his work within the building, but also
the area surround the exhibition. His works are distributed on the
grounds and can be found along walk ways or even hidden among
trees. In doing this Cragg created a lot of contrast between the
natural shapes of its surroundings, and the new unusual organic
forms that he had created.
Blobitecture (also known as ‘blobism’) is a type of post-modern
architecture. It is known as blobitecture due to its rounded and curved
structure. The style of the buildings are very organic and soft ,
coming together to produce a complex structure.
The buildings created this way are mainly created by easily available
source materials, that can usually be found within nature.
In the 1960s, architects such as Archigram, and Buckminster Fuller
were the first to design these unusual buildings. Their designs
unfortunately were far in advance of the architectural and
technological capabilities of the 60s.
However, later during the 1990s there was a rise in these
architectural structures , with there being a craze for buildings
adopting a look that opted for unconventional geometric shape
design, which were then made possible by the technological
advances resulting in a software that created Binary Large Objects.
I believe this style of architecture would definitely be something to
consider when creating buildings for the city of Formen, as the
meaning behind the city is that everything is structured in a way that's
organic and new, creating new forms everyday, which is clearly
captured in blobitecture. Along with this Cragg is also a sculptor who
likes his work to be surrounded by nature, as his work brings the
contrast of the two different elements of the natural and organic
shapes together, for example with his sculpture park.
Pebble Architecture is very similar to blobitecture in the sense that all of its
structures are very rounded and soft. However, the shape of the
architecture resembles that of pebbles. Whether this means one large
structure shaped as a pebble, or a building conducted of various different
pebble shaped structures.
Once again this style of architecture is very organic looking, similar to what
I would want the city of Formen to include within its architecture.
I could use pebble architecture to influence my work in a way in which I
use the same idea of starting with an organic shape, then constructing a
building from said shape through adding to it. This could be by repetition of
shapes, placing them in different ways and/or adding architectural
Tony Cragg Skulpturenpark Waldfrieden
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Skulpturenpark Waldfrieden

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