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FIFFFFFFFTEFFTEEFEEFSESFEEFSFFEFTSEFFFESEFEESTIFEFTFIFIFISFI RODGERS & HAMMERSTEIN’S CAROTSAL A Musical Play Based on Ferenc Molnar’s “LILIOM” As‘adapted by Benjamin F. Glazer Music by Richard Rodgers Book & Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II For this restored edition: Piano Reduction by Wayne A. Blood ‘Musical Supervision by Bruce Pomahac Vocal Selections also available (HILO1121008) TSoM 0-7935-n609-4 WILLIAMSON MUSIC VOCAL RANGES OF PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS Julie Jordon (Soprano): Billy Bigelow (Baritone): Carrie Pipperidge (Soprano): Enoch Snow (Tenor): : : eo - oo Nettie Fowler (Mezzo): Figger Craigin Baritone): « « « « « « & « oi « e e * & s & « e 4 6 8 ton te poemiane of ry mate cctaed eer. re ta Saco tac wpe shoe to ace “he cern ol ie puban or aloe et be ona sccm Harton Ta “The Boda oo 29 Vs 2h en, 1h Por Mee Yr, apne 0.00 ee Peron ibaa aese ne atone WILLIAMSON MUSIC” PE ce cna i ai tec nk a ea a A Va incteonager CORPORATION Feral ocr hel naar capa ari. in rg pk pater en get VI ‘Tang ee Bao une ‘vsti aon Ont at “ “ Wuameun Vir aera der! a Fly Tu ic Rega Fl Tet ue Dr oder ara ia Ete of Or Henn ero nets wt go ai se net ene nh Aaa eran: zon “Saat gee FoyPararp rt Et of On are SYNOPSIS OF SCENES TIME: 1873-1888 PRELUDE An Amusement Park on the New England Coast. May. ACTI Scene 1. ‘A tree-lined path along the shore. A few minutes later. Scene 2. Nettie Fowler’s Spa on the oceanfront. June. ACT IL Scene 1. ‘On an island across the bay. That night. Scene 2. Mainland waterfront. An hour later. Scene 3. ‘Up there. Scene 4. ‘Down here. On a beach, Fifteen years later. Scene 5. Outside Julie’s cottage. Scene 6. Outside a schoolhouse. Same day, ORCHESTRA ‘The original Broadway orchestra of CAROUSEL consisted of 2 FLUTES (doubling PICCOLOS), 1 OBOE (doubling ENGLISH HORN), 2 B-FLAT CLAR- INETS, 1 BASSOON (doubling BASS CLARINET); 3 FRENCH HORNS, 2 TRUMPETS, 3 TROMBONES, 1 TUBA; 1 HARP, 1 PERCUSSION; 9 VIOLINS 1, 4 VIOLINS Il, 4 VIOLAS, 3 CELLOS & 2 BASSES. In addition to the original instrumentation, the VIOLIN, VIOLA. & CELLO parts have also been reformatted to be played on SYNTHS (OPTIONAL SYNTH I & OPTIONAL SYNTH ID). The HARP part may also be performed on either a SYNTH programmed to a HARP setting or on a PIANO. These options are only intended when a large string section or a HARP is not available, ‘This new edition was created to convey in complete and correct form the musical score and lyrics of CAROUSEL as they were performed in the original Broadway production. Sources for this edition include Rodgers’ manuscripts and the original orchestral scores which are located at the Library of Congress and the original rehearsal and performance parts which are kept in the Rodgers & Hammerstein Archive in New York City, There is a partitur (full orchestral and choral score) avail- able from the Rodgers & Hammerstein Theatre Library.