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Small Tips To Prepare An Inspection Reports

To answer the minimize time to prepare the paper works for inspection. I you known, If
you are freelancer, almost time to site for inspection or witness the test. But you need to
complete the inspection reports on each working day. So, today I will give you some
small tips to reduce time to prepare the report.

Using MS Word to prepare photo report

I am also a welding inspector and make the inspection report on each working day. But
unfortunately my photos were normally created by smartphone, these photo have big
size (~3MB). If I put it into the word file (A4), this file will automatic increase the sizing.

If your file over 25MB, you can not email to you Boss or Client, another way you will be
send by transfer portal or free transit portal on the internet.

Why the reports must set up in A4 format? Yes, if you want to print it out for meeting, it
is easy view by anybody and save cost either than print A3 (your Boss will happy).

So, that issue will fix in MS word, it is automatically resize and fix in the column.

First: create the table 2x4 as below photo

Select table area > go Ribbon bar on top, selection Layout > AutoFit > Fixed
Column Width
Then, the table will be fixed with its width.
Second: Drag file direct from folder into the table, these photo will automatically place
in the box

If you was missed the first step, the photo will expand to another area as below photo.
So, you need to adjust the photo into the box and equally each box.
Or another ways, you can reduce photo by MS Picture Management as below photo.
There are 3 resizing types for your optional

Document photo: archive big size (approximately 200 kb) , in banners, or print A4
(single picture).
Web photo: archive mid size ( < 100 kb), the photos are preferable to make the report
with more picture and drag in the A4 file (as above instruction).
Web photo: archive small size ( <20 kb), It is preferable to transfer more picture
through email. Since 2010 the email server open data feed up to 25MB per email.
Photo inspection report is a one of method to transfer your archived to your Client/Boss,
If you make a good report, that will make smile to him.

To improve your photo for preparation the report, either using smartphone or camera
the standard photo should be set up rate 4:3 and focal points in photography or close up

Covert Word/Excel file to pdf file

Why we need to send email by pdf either than native word/excel file? If you want to
send native file, you need to secure these file into the zip file.

Yes, pdf file is a secured file than native files, no change format during transfer or
reading. But native file may be changed the format on other PC because of different
format like date, time and number, etc.

Convert word/excel file to pdf by using MS: go File menu in the Ribbon > Save As >
Save as Type (select PDF(*pdf)). > Name file > Done

Or using support free software like;

Transfer document with large size

Large file over 30MB is a one of problem transfer by email and now it is support by
goove drive, onedrive, dropbox etc, but you need to sign up and limits storage (for free
user). In case of you need to transfer 20GB on one time, I recommend to
use FSEND.VN, It is free access, transfer, and add on to outlook:
How to use FSEND.VN?

Access to website > Select file attachment at right corner > Select file for uploading

Next filling information: send to, messenger information > Send > Done (Please keep
link to trace). If you want to add on more file, please click at left bottom "Thêm tập tin".
Free Storage Photo Up To 1 TB
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feeling ok.

That is site from yahoo email, you can access by yahoo email or new sign
up here.
The storage of photos are very important with inspector and fabricator, these photos
shall proof your actives during fabrication.

1. If you phone or PC was failed, it is a good place for storage your photos.
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ASTM A-105/A-105M

Order information

 Quantity,
 Size and pressure class or dimensions, (tolerances and surface finishes should be
 Specification number with grade or class, or both, as applicable, and year/date,
 Supplementary requirements, and
 Additional requirements.

Who is finished to size or shape.

Product marking is company name, logo or trade-marks (example M.E.G.A or Uluma).

Trace number
Also called heat number, ladder number (L), cast number declared in the MTC. The
trace number is traceability to all the test results such as chemical analysis results,
mechanical test results, etc. The marking code also accept in the MTC by process
manufacturer which they assigned another making code under company quality manual

Product marking is heat number or cast number (example 1172HB)

A material specification, in the MTC should have year of edition.

Product markings is specifications number (ASTM A105)

Dimensions and tolerance

Forged fittings are accordance to ASME B16.11.

Flange and flanged fittings are are accordance to ASME B16.5.

Learn more: identification marking acc. to ASME B16.11 and ASME B16.5.

Mechanical properties
The material shall conform to the mechanical property requirements prescribed in Table
2 and Table 3 are tensile strength, yield strength and percentage of elongation,
hardness value.

Tensile strength: min. 70 000 psi;

Yield strength (0.2% or 0.5% offset): min. 36 000 psi;

Elongation (standard specimen): 22%

Elongation (trip specimen): 30% and refer to ASTM A105 table 3.

Hardness: max. 187 HB

Chemical analysis
Heat analysis and/or product analysis. Some MTC stated heat analysis (H) and/or
product analysis (P) refer to ASTM A105 table 1.Tolerance refer to ASTM A961.

C = max. 0.35 % (see general note);

Mn = 0.6 - 1.05 % (max. 1.35 see general note);

P = max. 0.035%;

P = max. 0.040%;

Si = 0.1 - 0.35%;

Cu = max. 0.4%;

Ni = max. 0.4 % ;

Cr = max. 0.3 %;

Mo = max. 0.12 %;

V = max. 0.08 %;

Please don't forget general note and note 1, note 2 in the table 1.

Product marking is heat number or heat code.

Heat treatment
Heat treatment is a mandatory requirement of class above 300 or special design.
Material shall subject to annealing, normalizing, or normalizing and tempering or
quenching and tempering.

This depend on the applicable specification and heat treatment, most flange, fitting and
flanged fitting normally subject to normalize at 920 deg. C, then slow cooling in still air.

Normalizing as marked "N", such as ASTM A105N.

Product marking is not required

Learn more: inspection material compliance with NACE MR0175

Such tests shall be conducted by the forging manufacturer only when supplementary
requirement S8 in specification A 961 is specified.

The supplementary requirements shall apply only when specified by the purchaser in
the inquiry, contract, and order such as CE%, hardness, heat treatment, etc.