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Significators of Planets( Brigu Nandi Nadi )

1.SUN: Soul, Father, Son, King, President, Administer, Government, Government officers,
Politics, politicians, Success, Development, Name and Fame, Brightness, Capital city, Power,
Heat, Right side, Right side Windows of the house

Enemies: Venus, Saturn, Rahu

2.MOON:, Mind, Mother, Mother in law, Elder sister, Third Wife, Female, Liquid, Travelling,
Cheating, Loss, Blames, Expenditure, Adultery, Clandestine Affairs or Activities, Thief, News,
Motion, Changes, Change of place, Displacement, Transfer, Cold, Water, Cow Shed, Agriculture,
Writing Poetry or Stories, Grocery Shop, Medical Shop, Breast, Stomach, Urinary Track,left part
of the chin, Left Eye, Left Side Window of the House, Both room, Watery Places like Sea, Well,
River, Kumkum, Art, Liquid Articles, Food , Food Articles, Rain, Drainage water (Moon + Ketu).
Dirty water ( Saturn +moon),

Enemies: Venus, Kethu.

3.MARS: Body, Husband(First), Younger Brother, Technology, engineer, Machineries, Rivalry,

Disputes, Anger, Ego, Power, Energy, Adamancy, Accidents, Police, Defense force, Sportsman,
Union Leader,, Surgeon, Cultivation, Agriciltrure, Eye Brows, Teeth, Blood, Cardiac reason,
Semen, Bone Marrow, Bridge of the Nose, Bedroom, Ovan, Fire, Energy Metre, Electronic
Transformer, Meter Boards, Electrical Motors, Heaters, Stones, Stone Pillers, Pillars, Beams or
Columns of the House. Bat, Wicket, Minerals, Knife, Spears, Bullets, Enemy, Hard Substance,
Scissors, Triangular Shape, Needle, Thorn, Arrow, Weapons.

Enemies: Mercury, Saturn, Rahu.

4.MERCURY: Intellect, Youngest Brother or Sister, Maternal Uncle, Father in-law, Friends(Boy
or Girl friends), Second wife, Concubine, Support, Education, Business, Business partner, Trade
and Commerce, Philosophy, Diplomacy, Astrology, Teacher, lecturer, professor, scientist,
research engineer, Book publisher, book store, Accountant, Auditor, poet, writer, comedian Actor,
Astrologer, lawyer, painter, Correspondence, information, Ball, hands, neck, shoulder, skin,
forehead, tongue, vocal card, throat, visitor hall, study room, balcony, plastering of the walls,
parapet, garden, park, green pads, green cuttings, education, beauty walls, crops, leaves, soil, land,
mud walls, registration, speech, eloquence, knowledge, activity, thoughts, tricks, diplomacy,
cunningness, soft things,

Enemies: Mars, Kethu.

5.JUPITER: Jeeva Karaka for Male, Second Husband, Preacher, Mentor, Guide, Teacher,
Presenter, Trainer, Education Department, Education Minister, Judge, Religious Activities,
Spiritual Person, Development, Growth, Respect, Divinity. Nose, Fat, Thigh, Leg, Feet, Flush,
Puja Room, Vedas, Temples, Endowment Department, Honey, Divine, Cow, Prestige, Respect,
Self esteem, Patience.
Enimies: No Enemies but sometimes Rahu , Moon, Mercury.

6.VENUS: Jeeva Karaka for Woman, Wife (First), Younger Sister, Daughter, Daughter in-Law,
Luxuries, pleasure, Money, Wealth, Finance, Banking, Money Lending, Wine Shop, Cattle Field,
Cloth Merchant, Love, Poetry, Flower, Sex, Marriage, Assets, Vehicles , House, Semen, Sperm,
Uterus, Ovaries, Cheek, Heart, right side of the chin, Kitchen, Music, Scent, Sweet, Intoxicants,
Dance, Acting, Fancy Stores, Dancing Ball or Hall, Cinema theatre.

Enemies: Sun, Moon, Kethu.

7.SATURN: Karma Karaka, Elder Brother Third Husband, Work, profession, Industry, Slowness,
Indolence, Chin, Feet, Buttocks, Anus, Knees, Fore leg, Digestive Bladder, Store Room, Dump
Yard, Dust Bin, Grinding Stone, Dining Hall, Windy and Gastric Health Disorders, Woolen
Cloths, Iron, Lead, Whirling Wind, Storm, Oil Mines, Low Paid Servant,

Enemies: Mars, Kethu, Sun, Moon.

8.Rahu: Paternal Grand Father, Foreign Country, foreign travel, avionics, C B I officer, Detective
Agencies, defence, smuggling, corruption, thief, Shade related Professions such as Photography,
T V, Cinema, cinema hall, Computer, Software, Graphics, Printing , Publishing, Corruption, Hard
Work, Accidents, Operation, Big, Large, Multi, Numerous, Wheel, Head, Mouth, Ears, Lips,
Intestines, Rectum, Testicles, Main Entrance, Main door, Old House, Dilapidated Wall, Broken
Wooden Frames of the Door, Crack in the Wall, Broken Articles or Damaged things, Scaffolding
, Dark Room, Big hall, Tower, Egg shape, Desolate Region, Wide Road, Round Circle, Round
Shape, Darkness, Vastness, Smoke, Hallucination, Illusion, Shade, Umbrella, Roof of the House,
Portico and Car Sheds, Wheel Shape, Big size copper Vessels, Iron Pans ( Saturn + D G), Frying
pans, Big Vessels, Circumference of Wheel, Playing Ground, Open or Vacant or Empty Space,
Wide open Space, Rocks of various varieties- Tunnels, or Caves, Logs of Wood, Mosques, Grave
yard , Torn Beds, Large and Big Digs without water, Big in size, Open Terrace, Clouds, Top
Spread of Trees, Dried Wood, Rubber, Plastic, Dried Leather, Godown, Coffee Seed, Rope, Lord
of serpents, Gastric troubles, Mouth of a Snake, Compound Wall, (D H and D T) Kaala Purushudu,.

Enimies: Moon, Mars.

9,Kethu: Maternal Grand Father, Law, Medical, Pharma, Chemical, Chemistry, Astrology,
Religion, Occultism, Spirituality, Philosophy, Temple, Endowment, Law, Lawyer, Litigation,
Obstacles, Obstruction, Dispute, Differences of Opinion, Careless, Spiritual, Salvation, Saffron
Cloth, Imprisonment, Hair, Beard, Nerves, Anus, Staircase, Chimney, ventilators, sky light in the
house, Back Exit, Narrow Room, Narrow Lane, Lanes, Drains or ditches, Sewage or Dirty Water,
Bath Room, Ant hills, Thread, Wire, Rope, Strings, swinging, wagging, a kind of short, straight,
dried Grass, creepers, bunch of Hair, Roots or Herbs, Chain, Web or Net, Gutter, Dried Grass,
Herbs, Trunk of Elephant, Banyan Tree, Flags, Choultry, Hospitals, Prayer Hall, Root of Trees,
Tails, Tail of Snake

Enimies: Mercury, Venus, Saturn.

Pl get by heart these significations of planets according to Brighu Nandi nadi, you can understand
my future postings based on Brighu Bandi Nadi. If you are thoroughly conversant with these
significations of planets.

Aputra Yoga ( No progeny) Both Traditional and Nadi

1. Aputra yoga : the lord of 5th house from the lagna should occupy a dusthana viz., 6th,8th or
12th houses.. Results: the native will have no issues (no progeny).

2. According to Brighu Nadi if the lord of 5th house from Jupiter occupies a dusthana viz., 6th,
8th, or 12th houses or if 5th house is occupied by malefic or if the lord of 5th house is conjoined
with or is aspected by malefic planets, no progeny is promised

3. According to Brighu Nandi Nadi, if sun is conjoined with Rahu and venus is conjoined with
Ketu ,on the other hand if sun is conjoined with Ketu and venus is conjoined with Rahu, No
progeny is promised. If Jupiter aspects Sun and Venus, this Dhosha will be waded off.

4. If Sun is conjoined with Rahu or if Sun is hemmed in between Rahu and Ketu, No male
progeny is promised . Though male child is born, that child is short-lived . This Dhosha is
warded off if Jupiter aspects Sun.

5. If Venus is conjoined with Rahu or if Venus is hemmed in between Rahu and Ketu, No female
progeny is promised . Though female child is born, that child is short-lived . This Dhosha is
warded off if Jupiter aspects Venus.

6. Anapathya yoga: if Jupiter and the lords of lagna, the 7th and the 5th are week, the above yoga
is given to rise to. if Jupiter and 5th are strong, then this yoga gets somewhat modified. results:
the person will have no issues.

7. Kalanirdesat putranasa yogas: Rahu must occupy the 5th house, the lord of the 5th must be in
conjunction with a malefic and Jupiter should be debilitated. malefics should be in the 5th from
Jupiter and lagna. results: the person will suffer loss of issues in his 32nd and 40th yearly
respectively. Sun and Venus which are causative planets of Progeny are hemmed in between
Rahu and kethu in his Horoscopes.

1. Ratan Tata (born on 28. 12.1937) : The 5th lord from Jupiter is posited in the 12th house of
Jupiter. So No progeny is promised
2. Narendra Modi (born on 17.09.1950) : The 5th house lord from Jupiter is posited in 8th house.
So No Progeny Is promised.