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National Center for Mental Health

Nueva de Pebrero St, Mauway,
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

Subject: Felipe Ero
Case No.: 201801234
Admission date: October 14, 2018
Dates of Evaluation/s: October 14 and 15, 2018
Date of Report: October 17, 2018


This is a psychiatric report done on Respondent Felipe Ero regarding the case
of Nullity of Marriage filed against him on the basis of psychological incapacity.


A. General Data

Felipe Ero is 26-years old, male, Filipino, married, Roman Catholic, and a
resident of Barangay Pobalcion, Alaminos, Laguna.

B. Subjective Data

He was born in Alaminos, Laguna on April 30, 1992 to Juan and Julia Ero.
Felipe is the youngest child, with 2 older siblings. His eldest sister is Fiona Ero- Dela
Cruz, and his older brother is Fidel Ero. He grew up in a simple but happy life. His
father worked as a businessman, and his mother as housewife. He grew up to a
large family because he grew up also with his cousins, uncles, and aunts. They all
lived in small compound owned by his father’s family. His family has no history of

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dangerous drugs use nor drug abuse. He has negative family history of mental
illness in the family. He has no history of depression.

He also had a lot of playmates aside from his siblings and cousins. He was
friends with their neighbors’ kids and at an early age, he already had a “barkada”.
He had crushes already even at an early age of 6 or 7, but he never had a girlfriend
until he was 14 years old, in 2nd year high school.

Respondent studied in Laguna until high school. He was known to be friendly

and was always asked to join contests representing his school such as Mr. San Juan
Elementary School and Mr. Alaminos National High School. He was also part of the
basketball varsity from elemetary up to college. He was said to be a “people
person” and was a crowd favorite.

Respondent enrolled in University of Makati for college and took up

Computer Science. Since his hometown was in Laguna, he had to rent an apartment
during his college days. Nevertheless, he would come home to Laguna during
weekends to spend time with his family.

His 1st girlfriend was his childhood playmate and classmate named Maria
Santos. They kept their relationship from their parents because they were still
young. Because of their youth, they only lasted a few months but remained good
friends even up to now. His 2nd girlfriend was when he was in his 4th year in
highschool, also a classmate of his. His 2nd girlfriend was Amelia Reyes, wherein
their relationship lasted for 3 years. This time, their parents knew about their
relationship. Unfortunately, they did not last because they both became busy with
college. Felipe studied in Manila, while Amelia studied in Laguna. At the present,
respondent does not have any news nor contact with Amelia. Respondent’s 3rd
girlfriend was a workmate, named Ana Dominador. Their relationship lasted for 1
year because of irreconcilable differences. Felipe was already in the process of
breaking with Ana when Petitioner Isha Martin came into picture. Isha was said to
be very different from all the women Felipe loved. He knew that Isha was the love
of his life already, and that she was the one. However, Ana, as Felipe’s ex-girlfriend
had a hard time moving on from the break-up. Nevertheless, Felipe was consistent
and adamant in telling Ana that their relationship was already over, and that Isha
is already the one he loves and that he has plans of marrying Isha. Petitioner Isha
is respondent’s 4th and last girlfriend, whom he eventually married.

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The following information was narrated by informant spouse in a marital
conflict inventory and questionnaire:

“It all started in the night of February 14, 2012. I met Isha during the class reunion
of our respective sibling,s who were former classmates and good friends in law
school. We were both participating in a game during the party, when our eyes met
for the first time. I felt the ‘love at first sight’ sensation that time. She was the most
beautiful lady in the event. She was like an angel sent from heaven. My sister Fiona,
introduced me to Isha. We talked and laughed that short while. We then exchanged
cellphone numbers. Since that night, we had continuous communication through
text messages. I told her everything, including the fact that I still had a relationship
with my ex-girlfriend Ana, but I was already on the verge of calling it quits with her.
I told Isha how unhappy and toxic our relationship was. Isha even told me that I was
going to make a right decision in breaking up with Ana.”

“A few months after I finally broke up with Ana, I took Isha out for a date in the Mall
of Asia, Pasay City, particularly along the Seaside Boulevard of the Manila de Bay.
That night, I asked that I be her boyfriend. She said “Yes.” We then kissed to affirm
our relationship as sweethearts. I felt the luckiest man alive to have Isha. Then and
there did I feel that she is already ‘the one.’ I have never loved anyone like that

“As a couple, we had our own fights and misgivings. But I would always woo her
because I really loved her.”

“One day, she showed me a pregnancy test which showed positive results. At first I
got nervous, but then I realized that it was not only the right thing to marry Isha,
but that it was also time to build a family with her, and that I really love her.”

“At first, my ex-girlfriend Ana threatened to knock down my relationship with Isha.
Ana could not easily move on. But I would always tell Ana to leave Isha and I alone,
and that Isha is the woman I now love. Fortunately, Ana finally accepted this fact
and learned to let me go. We remain good friends up to now and I am actually
happy for her because she is now dating another man.”

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“Our marriage turned sour when Isha started becoming paranoid and jealous. She
would always accuse me of being a philanderer. Isha had bad thoughts against my
women friends and workmates. I often explained and assured her that I was not
doing anything wrong, and that I did not have any extra-marital affairs. I would
always tell her how much I love her and Annie, but Isha was close-minded.”

“Isha was often out-of-town. Annie would be left with me at home while Isha was

C. Evaluation Procedure

The psychiatric clinical interview includes the gather of data regarding the
presence of medical and psychiatric disorders, personal history, and family history.

D. Psychological Impression (Based on DSM-5 Classification)

Axis I Negative

Axis II Negative

Axis III - Not Assessed;

Axis IV Negative

Axis V - Not Assessed.

E. Interpretation

Subject is a loving person. He has an outgoing personality. He grew up to be

a ‘people person’, coming from a big family and wide neighborhood. Even during
his school days, he was often the center of attention and crowd favorite.
Nevertheless, subject is well aware of his status as a married man and as a father.

Based on the information gathered, the undersigned found the subject is

psychologically capacitated to understand and perform his marital duties and
responsibilities. Respondent does not suffer from any mental disorder.

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Marriage is a sancrosanct and inviolable institution, and the State has every
zealous duty to protect it. No relationship is perfect- married couples, in particular,
undergo their own problems and challenges. Each story should be determined as
case to case, and analyzed with particularity. For whatever the reasons, the sanctity
of marriage must always be with utmost consideration. Thus, psychological
incapacity should only be limited to the gravest and most serious personality
disorder which would render a spouse unable to perform his or her marital

In this case, it is evident that the subject is not psychologically incapacitated.

Thus, I hereby recommend that the petition for nullity of the marriage be denied.


Clinical Psychiatrist
National Center for Mental Health
Nueva de Pebrero St, Mauway, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

This psychiatric evaluation was prepared on October 17, 2018

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