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Summer Training Project Report
A Study on Sales Management of TATA Motors Cars
in Gonda City

Rajan Kumar Singh
Roll No.: 1712270057
MBA 3rd Sem.
Sales management is a
business discipline which is
focused on the practical
application of sales techniques
and the management of a
firm's sales operations. It is an
important business function as
net sales through the sale of
products and services and
resulting profit drive most
commercial business.
Tata Motors Limited (formerly
TELCO, short for Tata Engineering
and Locomotive Company)
headquartered in Mumbai, is an
Indian multinational automotive
manufacturing company and a
member of the Tata Group. Its
products include passenger
cars, trucks, vans, coaches, buses,
sports cars, construction
equipment and military vehicles.
•To know how many persons are willing
to buy the TATA MOTORS CARS?

•To know the different criteria that the

customer undertakes while purchasing
the cars.

•To study the Level of customer

satisfaction towards TATA Cars in Gonda

•Also the study will provide details about

the automobile sectors and the position
of the company will be known.
Research Type
Descriptive Research – Descriptive research has been conducted as
the primary data was studied and analyzed according to the need of the
Data Collection Method:
The method of data collection is questionnaire method.

Area Selected:
Survey was conducted in Gonda City.

Sample Size - The sample size taken for this research is 100

Sampling Technique:
For the purpose of research convenient sampling technique was used.

Data Analysis Method & tools:

The data analysis instrument used for conducting the research is
Tabulation, Bar Chart, Line Chart and Pie chart.
What sort of a Car were you looking for?



Fuel Efficient
High Pickup
14% Trendy
61% Cost Efficient


From the above graph it is analyzed as followed:
61 customers have opted for fuel efficient.
5 customers have opted for high pick up.
14 customers have opted for Trendy.
20 customers have opted for Cost efficient.
It is been clearly observed that most of the customers
preferred for Fuel Efficient.
What Car did you opt in TATA?
4% 4% 4%
2% Nano
2% Sumo
8% Manza
Indica ev2
38% Xenon
Sumo gold

From the above graph it is analyzed that two customers
are having Nano; fourteen customers are having Safari;
ten customers are having Indigo; thirty-eight customers
are having indica; eight customers are having Sumo; two
customers are having Manza; fourteen customers are
having Indica ev2; two customers are having Xenon;
Four customers are having Sumo gold; four customers
are having Safari Storme.
How was your experience with TATA Service center?



34% Satisfactory

From the above graph it is analyzed that as follows;
56 customers found their experience to be Excellent with the service
34 customers found their experience to be good with the service
10 customers found their experience to be Satisfactory with the
service center.
None of the customers had a bad experience with the service center.
•Majority of the customers are really satisfied with the
TATA price. TATA is very reasonable when compared to the
other Four-wheeler vehicles.

•Most of the customers are really satisfied with TATA.

•Now a day’s family members are playing a major role in

buying pattern and especially youngsters are playing a
vital role in deciding the color of the Four-wheeler
vehicles. Apart from that, majority of the customers are
taking their own decision in buying TATA Car.

•Most of the customers are attracted to purchase TATA

Cars through the TV advertisements. Also print media like
magazines and newspapers played a major role in the sale
of TATA.
•The company can undertake R&D to improve the
existing feature which field helps increase in the
customer satisfaction.

•The company should promote about the entire

feature offered by it.

•As majority of the customer give opinion that they

are satisfied is the factors, services and design of
the product of the company should taken not only
maintain the existing standard but also enhance

•To provide mobile services where one should be

able to reach the spot in case of any break down.
The overall performance of the services in the workshop is
satisfactory to many of the customers. Nothing in the
world can be perfect. Some faults are seen in the services
though not major ones but some of the problems may give
side effect and make because more trouble in the future. So
the problems need to be identified and solved immediately.
Some of the main things are as follows.

•Prompt delivery should be made.

•Charges are high and need to be decreased.

•The efficiency of workers is to be increased.

•Check list should be maintained so that any other extra

jobs that the customers are unaware can be solved.

If the problems identified are solved effectively, then the

customer satisfaction level increases on the organization.
We considered Gonda region only because of
limited time duration.

Due to this, the sample size is only 100, which is

not very large.

All the respondents could not fill their

questionnaire on their own due to language
problem, time constraints and lack of positive

Respondent may give biased answer due to some

lack of information about other brands.

Findings of the study are based on the assumption

that the respondents have given correct