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“A Study on Sales Promotion strategies of TVS Jupiter in
Lucknow City”

Towards partial fulfillment of

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
(Affiliated to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow)

Company Guide: Submitted to:

Mr. Lav Kumar Dr. Meetu Pandey
(Sales Manager) (Associate Professor)
Deep TVS, Lucknow BBD NITM, Lucknow
Submitted by:
Nishant Dubey
M.B.A. 3rd Semester
Roll No. 1705470050
SESSION 2017-2019

Babu Banarasi Das

National Institute of Technology & Management
Sector 1, Akhilesh Das nagar, Faizabad Road, Lucknow (U. P.), India
• Sales promotion is the process of persuading a potential customer
to buy the product. Sales promotion is designed to be used as a
short-term tactic to boost sales – it is rarely suitable as a method of
building long-term customer loyalty. Some sales promotions are
aimed at consumers.
Company profile
TVS Jupiter
Manufacturer TVS Motor Company Ltd.
Also called Jupiter
Class Standard
Engine 110cc CVT-I, 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled OHC

Power 5.88 kW @ 7500 rpm

Torque 8 Nm @ 5500 rpm
Transmission Primary CVT & Secondary Gear Box
Suspension Telescopic Suspension (Front), Gas Charged Mono-shock
Brakes Front: 130mm Drum/Disc, Rear: 130mm Drum
Wheelbase 1,275 mm (50.2 in)
Dimensions L: 1,834 mm (72.2 in)
H: 1,115 mm (43.9 in)

Weight 104 kg (229 lb) (dry)

Fuel capacity 5.3 L (1.2 imp gal; 1.4 US gal)

Reserve: 1 L (0.22 imp gal; 0.26 US gal)
Related TVS Wego, TVS Scooty, TVS Scooty Zest
Objectives of the Study
• To study the sales promotional strategies of TVS Jupiter
implemented by TVS Motors in Lucknow City.
• To compare the TVS Jupiter with Honda Activa.
• To study the level of customer satisfaction towards TVS
Jupiter in Lucknow City.
Research Methodology
• Research Design- Descriptive Research Design
• Research Approach- Survey Approach
• Research Instruments- Questionnaire
• Sample Universe- Lucknow
• Sample Area – Lucknow
• Sample method- Convenience Sampling
• Sample Size- 176
• Data source- Primary data (Questionnaire)& Secondary Data (Books and Company
and other Websites)
• Study is limited to the Lucknow city only so it can or cannot be helpful to decide
upon the promotion decisions for other regions.

• Time constraint for the research was 2 months.

• Only current customers of TVS were taken as sample units , so research is

concentrated on their perceptions after availing services.

• Sometimes the customers were so busy in buying process that they were not so
serious about filling the questionnaire.
Data Analysis & Interpretation
Q. What was the source through which you decided to buy TVS Jupiter?
Suggestion By Relative Or Suggestion By

84 13% Relative Or Friends

Advertisement in
Advertisement in
48% TV/newspaper/mag
TV/newspaper/magazine 27% azine
Sales promotional
Sales promotional activities 48 activities
Past experience with TVS'S
22 12% Past experience
vehicle with TVS'S vehicle
Total 176

Data Interpretation:
Among all Suggestion by relative or friends attracted 84 out of 176 customers towards
buying the vehicle while 48 of 176 were attracted by sales promotional activities and 22
were attracted by Advertisement in TV/newspaper/magazine/ Past experience with TVS'S
Q. Which of the following promotional activities attracted you towards
buying TVS Jupiter?
TVS Jupiter's sales promotion event
at Fun Cinema Lucknow
TVS Jupiter's sales
Amitabh Bachchan is TVS Motors promotion event at Fun
brand ambassador for TVS Jupiter Cinema Lucknow
Free insurance for 1 year on every 9%
49 Amitabh Bachchan is
scooter 29% TVS Motors brand
ambassador for TVS
TVS Vehicle Rally And Pamphlet 20
Loan and exchange MELA 51 11% Free insurance for 1
28% year on every scooter
Total 176

TVS Vehicle Rally And

Data Interpretation:
Customers towards buying the vehicle while 16 of 176 were attracted by TVS Jupiter's
promotional event and live performers of among all loan and exchange Mela attracted
51 out of 176 stunts. However 40, 49 and 20 were attracted by Amitabh Bachchan as a
brand ambassador for TVS Jupiter, free insurance and TVS all vehicle rally and
pamphlet distribution.
Q. Do you agree that sales promotional activities of TVS Jupiter
implemented by TVS Motors are helpful for customers?
Total Respondent-176

16% 23%
Strongly agree
24% Neutral
Strongly disagree

Data Interpretation:
Among all activities implemented by TVS in Lucknow city 54 out of 176
respondents say agree, 42 say neutral, 41 say strongly agree And 28 & 11
respondent say Disagree & Strongly disagree.
• TVS Motor expects to boost the sales and market share of the Jupiter
through expanded offerings, even as the scooter market in semi-urban and
rural areas expands rapidly.
• TVS Jupiter, which has emerged as the second largest selling scooter brand
in India after Honda Activa.
• 79% of customers say there should be changes or improvement in sales
promotional activities.
• Most of the respondents are motivated by their friends and family
• Most of the respondents have good satisfaction with the Performance of
their Scooters strength.
• Most of the customers had a good experience of shopping at Deep TVS.
• After implementing the promotional strategies, a small training should be given to
dealers so that they can explain the offers and benefits to the customers properly.
• As per the suggestion of the customers there should be time to time improvement in
the sales promotion strategies considering maximum benefits to the customers.

• Some of the customers have complained about the slack in the delivery process and
timings. Therefore, this is the area which I recommend to the showroom to focus a
little bit more. It needs to improve its delivery process and time. Need to become
little quick and fast.

• Some of the customers have also complained about the after purchase services
provided by the showroom. Even though the complaints are minor, the showroom
needs to resolve the customer after purchase service issues in order to achieve
customer satisfaction.
• TVS Motor expects to boost the sales and market share of the Jupiter
through expanded offerings, even as the scooter market in semi-urban and
rural areas expands rapidly.
• TVS Jupiter, which has emerged as the second largest selling scooter
brand in India after Honda Activa, has just clocked total sales of two million
units since its launch in September 2013.
• Also, Jupiter has consistently been among the top 10 two-wheelers sold in
• TVS Jupiter is available in the base variant as well as ZX and ZX with Disc
Brake. It recently introduced a ‘Classic’ edition, which has incorporated
several new features.
• Consumer response towards TVS Jupiter is very good. It has created a very
good brand image for itself by providing low maintenance, fuel
efficient, sleek looking models along with efficient after sales service.