Gehman Mennonite Church July 13, 2008

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Sunday School Hymn of Praise* Scripture Reading* Responsive Reading Offering Praise & Worship Sermon

There will be a planned meal for our Sunday School Picnic at Woodcrest on July 27th. There is a sheet in the narthex for you to sign up to bring some of the items needed. If you have any questions, talk to Mary Ellen, Harvey, Ruth Ann, Carl or Sylvia. Thank you. John Miller Cindy Horning On May 4, we shared with you a timetable for the pastoral search process. We identified late summer/early fall as the time for a nomination process for a lead pastor. The Pastoral Search Committee met on July 9 and worked on some of the details for that nomination process. Look for those details in a letter that we will have ready for Sunday, July 20. Let us pray for our present leaders and for the search process, and let us trust in the Lord. -J. Carl Sensenig, bishop, and the Pastoral Search Committee Volunteers are needed to shop for groceries for Freedom Gate. See Mildred Mohler. Bowmansville District Sewing Circle will meet at the Bowmansville Mennonite Church on Wednesday, July 16, in the morning and afternoon. Everyone is welcome to come for the entire time, or just a few hours as it suits you. The project for this month is Health Kits. The following items are included in a health kit: 1 toothbrush (adult size) 1 squeeze-tube toothpaste (min. 6 oz.) 1 bar soap (4-5 oz. left in wrapper) 1 fingernail clipper 1 hand towel (bright or dark color)

Romans 8:1-11

Mel Thomas John Miller


Hymn Sharing Time Closing Prayer & Benediction

*Congregation will stand. ***********************************************************************

Today: Greeters: Sunday School Nursery: Church Nursery: Host & Hostess: Next Week: Greeters: Chorister: Scripture Reading: Sermon: Sunday School Nursery: Church Nursery: Phil & Kelly Horning
Chrystle, Margaret G.

Karen & Randy Steve & Darlene McCosby Darrell & Loretta Gockley Darlene McCosby Lena Brown Glen Martin Sue, Roxanne Dianne, Nelson

Offerings: The offerings in July are for Home Ministries: Reading Churches and Missionary Retirement Fund. Last week’s offering was $2,630.00. Attendance last week was 115.

Jeff Bach, Director of the Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies at Elizabethtown College will speak on "Ancient Roots, Living Faith" on Sunday, July 20. He will speak at Bowmansville Mennonite Church at 9:00 a.m on "Walking in the Way: Insights from Ancient Christianity" and at 10:00 a.m. on "'Light from the Dark Ages: Faithfulness in the Middle Ages". At 6:30 p.m, he will speak at the outdoor service at the Alleghany Mennonite Meetinghouse, Alleghenyville on "Reform and Renewal: From the Reformation to Today". Special music by The Weaverland Men's Chorus. Please bring your lawn chair and Church and Sunday School Hymnal to the evening service. For more information, call (717)949-3475 or (610)777-3003.

Next Sunday you are invited to join our church in singing at the Denver Nursing Home from 2:45 - 3:30.

Happy Birthday to Esther Gehman on Thursday.