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Assessment Nursing Scientific Objectives Interventions Expected

Diagnosis Rationale Outcomes
Patient Alteration in An inguinal Patient gets -assess the pain Analgesics
verbalizes pain comfort pain hernia is a relief from pain level of the given.
over the related to protrusion of patient Patient resting
operated site. surgical abdominal-cavity -provide comfortably.
intervention. contents through comfortable
the inguinal canal. position to the
Symptoms are patient
present in about -instruct the
66% of affected patient to splint
people. This may the surgical site
include pain or while
discomfort coughing/moving
especially with -Diversion
coughing, therapy
exercise, or bowel -Administer
movements. analgesics as

Patient nil by High risk for An inguinal Patient maintain -assess the level Patient
mouth since fluid volume hernia is a normal fluid of hydration of maintains
previous day deficit related to protrusion of volume. the patient. normal fluid
midnight. Lips nil by mouth abdominal-cavity -monitor vital volume.
dry. status contents through sign. Has adequate
the inguinal canal. -monitor urine urine output
Symptoms are output.
present in about -maintain intake
66% of affected output.
people. This may -chart
include pain or
discomfort -administered IV
especially with as ordered
exercise, or bowel
Patient asks Knowledge Patient gain -Assess the -patient
doubts deficit regarding adequate knowledge level verbalized
regarding pre pre and post knowledge of the patient importance of
op preparation operative care. regarding pre -Explain to the pre op nil bu
and post patient regarding mouth and
operative care the need of NPO, importance of
pre operation early
skin preparation, mobilisation
sight marking.
regarding post op