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Language Development

The main objective of this study is to trace the language development of Princess
Balangitan, from her first vocal sounds to the first sentences . The study was carried out
by interviewing both parents of Princess. The collated information will be tallied. The
same year she was admitted to a College.
The following questions were answered by her father based on what he observed to
her daughter Princess.
How often does your child Princess use the following ways to communicate?
*From 6-12months
What word does she commonly use?
In what situation she usually used this word?
*From 12-18months;
What words does she commonly use?
In what situation she usually used this word?
What do you think, how did she use to these words and apply it in such situations?
Cognitive Development
Cognitive development development refers to how a person perceives, thinks,
and gains understanding of his or her world through the interaction of questions of
genetic and learned factors. Among the areas of development, cognitive
development are information processing, intelligence, reasoning, language
development and memory.
In this part the Cognitive Development of Princess will be discuss her thought
process, including remembering, problem solving and decision making, starting from
her childhood through adolescence to adulthood.
*1st – 4thmonths
 What did you notice when Princess was born, what makes her easily annoyed
during ?

 What makes her calm when she’s suddenly crying out of no reason?

*4th -6th months

 Do you play/sing a song to make her calm of fell sleep?

 If YES, what is this song you usually play?

 When Princess is already able to see/sight, who usually took in charge of her?

 How does she react when she saw a breast nipple?

 Whose the favorite carrier of Princess when your going out to the park?

 What toy make her smile for the first time?

 What toy makes her cry for the first time?

*6th-9th months
 How does Princess response when someone a new person will going to carry
 How does she behave?

 Does Princess immediately response to the person who is calling her name?

 How does she react ?

9th-12th months
 Does Princess try to get you to notice interesting objects?

 When you point to a toy across the room, does Princess look at it?

 Does Princess can already understand some words?

 What word’s?
15th- 2years-and-a-half-years
 Does Princess can already understand simple questions such as “where is..?” ?

 How does she react ?

 Does Princess can point familiar objects?

 Is she able to name some of familiar objects?

 What does she commonly points and can named?

 Does she obey simple orders ?

2-3years old
 Can Princess able to names several objects around her?

 Does Princess are able to fix her toys in her own?

 Does Princess starts to asks questions?

 Does Princess is already able to hold a pencil or crayon?

4years old
 Does Princess are able to recognize