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Part I.

The Company

A. Background/history of Jollibee

In the competitive nature of the fast food industry, few have been able to

defy the waves of discouragement that are caused by popular brand names

that have existed in the market prior to the emergence of new names. One such

name that managed to withstand all those hardships is a local fast food chain,

Jollibee. Jollibee started as an ice cream parlor for Magnolia in Cubao, Quezon

City led by Tony Tan Caktiong and his family year 1978 then advised to shift focus

on hotdogs. Now, Jollibee prides itself for being a Filipino-style fast food

restaurant with some dishes being American-influenced.

Jollibee is the largest fast food chain in the Philippines, operating a

nationwide network of over 750 stores. One of the fast food outlets is located at

Legarda Road, Baguio City which will be the focus of the study. Like any other

stores, it has many menu items that are favored by the Filipinos, some of which

are burgers, spaghettis, French fries, sundaes, fried chicken, etc.

Despite the entry of the two most powerful fast food corporations in the

world with McDonald’s and KFC, Jollibee responded by catering to the specific

taste of their local market. It utilizes recipes that were tailored for the locals and

uses campaign promoting the values of the Filipinos. These include values such

as respect for the elderly, patriotism, and loyalty to the family. The company has

since managed to open hundreds of stores throughout the Philippines as well as

to different countries.