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Population and Locale of the study

The respondents of this study are all senior high school students. Senior high school
students particularly the strand of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and
Mathematics ) in the University of the Cordilleras will be used as participants for this
study. The respondents will be SHS STEM grade 11 students because mostly of their
subjects are mathematics related subjects like Pre- Calculus and General Mathematics.
The participants involved in this research will include both male and female, various
ages ranging from 15-17 years old, and different strands who were enrolled or are
currently enrolled in mathematics subject. The research for this study can be done
through the use of questionnaires. The respondents were chosen as this study seeks to
attest the relationship of self-esteem to the mathematical performance of grade 11
senior high school STEM students in the University of The Cordilleras.

The study will be conducted in the Philippines particularly in one of the universities in
the Cordillera. The locale was selected because this study focuses on freshman SHS
students taking mathematics -related strands . This is appropriate because the target
location offers academic strands programs like the strand of STEM (Science,
Technology, Engineering and Mathematics ) . The surveys would be conducted at the
participant’s desired location. The data that would be gathered will be collected and