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CDRRMC-DOC requests for the The participating agencies fills up

START Capability Compliance forms of their capability forms.

the participating agencies.

The participating agencies submits

The CDDRMC-DOC personnel compiles the reports
the filled up capability compliance
generated from the capability compliance forms
forms to the CDRRMC-DOC office

In cases of emergency where there is lack of resource(s).

CDRRMC-DOC checks the report compilation.

CDRRMC-DOC selects one from the

CDRRMC-DOC searches the report compilation of the
compiled capability asset inventory
capability compliance forms.
forms of the agencies that are nearest
from the emergency’s vicinity.

CDRRMC-DOC checks the capability

Does the selected
compliance form if the selected agency
agency have the
has the needed resource(s).
needed resource(s)?



CDRRMC-DOC checks if the needed

Are/Is the needed resource(s) are/is fully functional and
resource(s) functional available.
and available?

CDRRMC-DOC calls the agency and

requests the needed resource(s) to be
brought to the area of emergency. END