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Statement from the prime minister’s offe in f ffl

Thank you for your inquiry to Mr. O’Neill relating to ADB projects in Papua New

I note that there are several incorrect assumptions that need to be corrected.

The ADB funded joint venture contract that you are referring to was awarded in
accordance with all procurement processes of Government and the ADB.

The technical assessment report that was provided to government indicates that the
contract was awarded in proper and transparent way.

The contract was terminated by mutual consent by both parties, not because of the
audit reports as you have suggested.

It is noted that the ADB’s internal audit reports are based on the accounts for the
years when Mr. O’Neill had no interest in the company.

As required by law as a Member of Parliament, Mr. O’Neill has declared all of his
interests to the Ombudsman, including Wildcat.

Your suggestion that he misled Parliament is again incorrect and is a

misrepresentation of fact.

Mr. O’Neill stated that Wildcat had been operating in his province for many years and
has contributed substantially to the development of the province.

Mr. O’Neill’s brief interest in the company was due to a previous owner, an
Australian citizen, being gravely ill and having to return to Australia.

Upon realising the potential for a perception of a confict of interest, Mr O’Neill

divested his interest in that company as you have noted.

When it comes to decisions relating to Government contracts, as it is in Australia, if

there is potential for a confict of interest leaders are required to excuse themselves
from decision making.

The attached National Executive Council Decision NEC decision clearly shows Mr.
O’Neill was absent from the National Executive Council when this decision was

In relation to any income from Wildcat, Mr. O’Neill did not receive any income
including director’s fees or dividends from the investment in this company.