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11/11/2018 Math Rubric For Mr.


Tuffy Titan High

Final Floor Plan Presentation Rubric

Name: ________________________ Teacher: Mr. Reyes

Date Submitted: ____________ Title of Work: ___________________

Criteria Points
4 3 2 1
A complete response Good solid response
Explanation is
Explanation with a detailed with clear
Misses key points. ____
explanation. explanation.
Clear diagram or sketch Clear diagram or Inappropriate or No diagram or
Use Of Visuals with some detail. sketch. unclear diagram. sketch.

May be some
No major math errors Major math errors
serious math errors
Mechanics No math errors. or serious flaws in
or flaws in
or serious flaws in ____
reasoning. reasoning.
Shows complete Shows substantial Response shows a
Response shows
Demonstrated understanding of the understanding of the complete lack of
some understanding ____
Knowledge questions, mathematical problem, ideas, and
of the problem.
understanding for
ideas, and processes. processes. the problem.
Goes beyond the Meets the Hardly meets the Does not meet the
Requirements requirements of the requirements of the requirements of the requirements of the ____
problem. problem. problem. problem.
Counter Includes counter Does not include
a yy ____
Examples examples. counter examples.
Total----> ____

Teacher Comments:

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