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“I could seal myself in a nutshell,

and consider myself lord of infinite time and space.”
-Shakespeare, Hamlet

The Daedali are mysterious and ancient intelligences thought to exist only within the deepest reaches of the
Labyrinth, the endless maze that separates Elysium from the True Reality..
During the creation of Elysium, they bargained with the Demiurge, offering their services as architects
of the Labyrinth. They ensured that it’s architecture was incommensurable to any being but themselves. No
intelligence could successfully navigate it’s halls to break free of the Prison.
In exchange for this service, they asked for power: the power to go beyond the reach of the Demiurge,
past the realms of all the things which do and do not exist, through the titan walls of the absolute outside
and into the void of Achlys. But the Demiurge, in his madness, betrayed them, sealing them within the
loneliest depths of their own creation, to be certain that the secrets of the Labyrinth would stay hidden
Now they are condemned alongside Humanity, doomed to wander, lost along the infinite paths of the
Labyrinth for all eternity.

However, they were not completely deprived of their divinity like humans were: the Daedali kept their
ability to see beyond Elysium into the other realms of existence, forever haunted by visions of the freedom
that was taken from them. They are able to see the movements of the Archons and Death Angels, the
Deities and Forgotten Gods within Elysium, waging their interminable wars for the souls of Humanity.
They would certainly wield great power if they displayed any interest in such squabbles.

The architecture of the Labyrinth was once understood by the Daedali, but that knowledge was lost to
them when the Demiurge took their divinity. Now they are as lost and confused as anyone else in the
Labyrinth; powerful, within their limited world.
Their true physical form cannot be understood by humans:. We see them only as pulsing spheres of blue
light containing incomprehensible geometries of matter, actually an exact microcosm of the entire
Labyrinth existing within the body of each individual: a symmetry which manifests wherever the Daedali
exists, like a higher-dimensional mirror.
They are able to move with complete freedom within the Labyrinth, defying the laws of time and space.
This measure of power is, however, insignificant in comparison to what they once knew. Many Daedali
have gone mad from being interred within their prison, while the majority simply sleep, dreaming of
freedom or dissolution.
Daedali exist as mythical archetypes within Humanity’s deep subconscious, hinting that we knew them
before our imprisonment by the Demiurge. They and are glimpsed by in the dreams of brilliant physicists,
mathematicians and artists; their forms are depicted in Calabi-Yau shapes of higher mathematics and
bizarre Cubist pictures.
No one can say what would happen if a Daedali were to move beyond the Labyrinth and manifest
within Elysium proper, or even if such a thing is possible. The bodies of the Daedali seem closely tied to
the substance of the Labyrinth, so their appearance in the same Reality as humans would require a massive
breakdown of the Illusion and a flowing together of the two worlds to the extent that they are one and the
same. The effects the Daedali can cause upon the minds of humans trapped in the Illusion include those of
deja vu or the ‘missing time’ phenomena associated with alien abduction stories. People tend to get lost
when a Daedali is near; even if walking through their own home, a person may suddenly forget what they
are doing and where they want to go. These glitches are caused by the ‘shadow’ of the Daedali moving
through the Labyrinth.

The Search for Achlys

The Daedali seek Achlys - oblivion, the void of nothingness - above all else. The gateway to the void which
is said to exist at the deepest levels of the Labyrinth, guarded by She Who Waits Below, was not crafted by
the Daedali, thus they are unable to find it in their wanderings. They have searched the tunnels of their
creation for aeons, but the portal to merciful oblivion is never revealed to them.
The Daedali try to seek out the followers of She Who Waits Below in order to extract information from
their memories. The cults are wary of their hunters, but are often able to stay a step ahead perhaps due to
the divine favours of their ancient Queen. For this reason, no initiate is permitted to leave a cult of Achlys
lest they surrender the secrets of the Void to the Daedali.

The Neophytes
The only active Daedali are Neophytes, barely a fraction of the age of the elders of the race and as such less
able to withstand the rigors of their incarceration. Such wayward entities are dangerous, but weak,
exhausted from thrashing against the walls and their own existence. These are the only individuals of their
race ever encountered by humans: the greatest magicians of time and space believe they are messengers of
the gods, and struggle to comprehend them in their insanity.
Encountering a Neophyte within the Labyrinth is an experience few uninitiated humans are able to
survive, as the laws of physics are rended apart and reassembled in maddening configurations. Only

powerful magicians with hold over time and space are able to negate their influence. When angry,
neophytes are able to warp gravity and other forces in their vicinity, causing a powerful maelstrom which
can obliterate all nearby matter.

The Elders
None can speak of the elders, or where they might sleep, though some ancient works of the Awakened
allude to the Black Cube or Tesseract at the heart of the Labyrinth as the site of their slumber. Their
intentions are totally unknown. Some believe the Tesseract is a physical analogue of Achlys - a timeless
stasis in which they might endure their incarceration for the rest of eternity.

Intelligence and Goals

The intelligence of the Daedali is so totally different from that of humans that they do not communicate on
any level that is easily understandable to us, but are able to display scenes and events from a person’s past,
in order to form a kind of dialogue. In order to make us understand it’s intentions, the Daedali assembles a
kind of collage of our past experiences and makes us re-live them, speaking to us with the words of others.
The cryptic message may be hard to decipher, but it is there.

The Daedali seek the same thing most humans do: liberation. Though we share their goal, the Daedali are
loath to help humans in their attempts to Awaken and pass beyond the veil. It is as if they are still proud of
their task of keeping Humanity captive, despite their aeons of imprisonment at the betrayal of the
Some believe that the Daedali were present before the birth of Elysium, and may actually know how
and why Humanity came to be confined. This, however, is a secret they will never communicate.

Daedali Neophyte

AGL 10+1D10 PER 10+2D10

STR 10+1D10 EGO 10+2D10
CON 10+1D10


Damage Capacity: Terror Throw Mod.: +1

4 scratches = 1 light wound
4 light wounds = 1 serious wound Senses: 360-degree vision. Visually omniscient to
3 serious wounds = 1 fatal wound within a 20 metre radius, even seeing around
Daedali cannot be killed as such. Upon receiving
a fatal wound, the creature teleports itself far Movement: 10m/combat round
from it’s attackers, retreating to the unreachable
recesses of the Labyrinth. They do not possess Actions: 2
anything resembling a drive for vengeance,
though if someone has something they want, Natural armour: 1
they will pursue their quarry to the ends of
infinity. Initiative Bonus: +9

Appearance: A sphere of pulsing blue-white light, between one and four metres in diameter, containing a
constantly-shifting filigree of geometric lines and patterns. These internal patterns form an exact replica of
the being’s physical surroundings. Anyone looking at a Daedali can, with effort, see themselves and their
environment within it, as if looking at a living, three dimensional map.
While seemingly formed of light, Daedali do possess a physical form: their skin is a glass-like substance
which ripples and undulates when struck or harmed, refracting the image of the Labyrinth in the creature’s
body, and in turn distorting the actual structure of the Labyrinth around it. Thus, the damage caused to a
Daedali will be reflected upon it's surroundings and possibly the person foolish enough to be fighting it.

Powers: The powers of a Neophyte Daedali are erratic and unpredictable; at times dormant, the next
violently warping the fabric of space-time. Neophytes possess a knowledge of Space and Time equal to 15
skill points, and can employ all the spells up to that level with ease.
Those with a skill level of 10+ in the Lore of Time and Space may look upon the body of a Daedali and
find their way through the Labyrinth and identify nearby portals leading out - the Daedali is unable to pass
through any of these portals itself, however. Note that no paths leading through the Labyrinth to Achlys
are depicted in the body of the Daedali, for such avenues are invisible to them.
Those dealing with a Daedali run the risk of incurring the wrath of the entity, should they
misunderstand it's efforts to communicate. One form of punishment employed by the Daedali is to seal a
victim within a paradox loop - a cycle of closed time and collapsed causality from which no normal human
can hope to escape.

Communication: The Daedali do not communicate verbally or telepathically. Their only form of
communication with beings such as humans is through temporal flashbacks, transporting the person back
to events of the past which contain some form of narrative information akin to what the Daedali wishes to
These events may be short and seemingly insignificant- the glimpsing of a road sign when driving in a
car a week ago - or long and traumatic - re-living the death of a loved one or childhood abuse; whatever
experience the Daedali finds necessary to express it’s message. It is up to the subject of the flashbacks to
interpret this themselves. Failure to interpret the message in the correct way may anger the Daedali and
provoke punishment in the form of an attack, or worse, imprisonment within a paradox.

Enemies: The Daedali hate all creatures of Space and Time: the Aetats, Chronites, Aspecti, the beings
responsible for preserving the space-time continuum of Elysium. They will do anything to annihilate them.
Should a Daedali locate a human pursued by such creatures, it will force them into a paradox trap in order
to snare the pursuers.
Daedali Neophytes are attracted to magicians of time and space, wishing to take their power for
themselves. Magicians of time and space are in turn attracted to the Daedali, their bodies forming an
invaluable living map of the True Reality. This mutual attraction leads both into a deadly, predatory battle
from which only one can survive.

GM Hints: Daedali appear as seemingly lifeless objects, hanging in space within the Labyrinth. It has
neither a face nor a voice, it simply floats above the ground. Those with Empathy, Magical Intuition or
other magic skills may recognise that the object possesses a powerful consciousness, otherwise most
humans will regard the Daedali as an inanimate orb of mysterious purpose.

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