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1. What is your reason why you want to participate in our Spring Program?

Engaging in science and technology related contests and activites has made me more involved in the
community. I have opened my eyes to the society that needs the aid of science and technology and have
always felt the need to do something about it. Because of joining these contests and activities, I became
more aware of the eminent problems that needs to be taken action of and have annually taken part of
trying to create solutions to these problems.

This is why I have taken interest and is willing to take part in this spring program because I believe I can
make a change and make a solution in our community. I believe that through this program, it will
thoroughly deepen my interests and thoughts about research and discover something that has never
been seen before. Aside from bringing in new solutions, I believe that through this research program, it
will bridge our future specialty fields to other fields as well, both that would benefit myself and the

2. Please tell us about what you are interested in or what you are passionate about currently.

True leaders dont create followers. They create more leaders. Being very passionate in leading, this
quote has always been my goaI when being tasked with leadership. I am currently the Student body
President of our school here in Philippine Science High School - Caraga Region Campus. The Student
Government(SG) (of which is the main branch of all the clubs) that me and my co SG members are
establishing ensures its relevance to students through making initiatives, programs, and services that
enrich students’ lives and through overlooking, monitoring and supporting the activities, programs and
services that the other clubs has to offer.

Being the president of the student government is a very huge responsibility and thus is my prime duty to
lead the student body to the path of science and technology. It is also my prime responsibility leading
them towards becoming more committed to render service in pursuit of truth, passion for excellence
and service to nation.

I am also a follower myself of which I am an active member of our school's science club. I believe that
engaging in a club that advocates science and technology can hone me towards making a studentry that
yearns to take part in an innovating world of science and technology.

3. If you have any research experiences, please tell us here briefly.

Being constantly at the top of academic rankings, it was always expected of me to become a versatile
and hollistic individual. As young as 10 years old, I have been exposed to local and division science fairs,
not to mention mathematics competitions, national press conferences and humanities competitions.

Research under chemistry has always been my field. Back in 4th grade, my research paper was entitled
"use of pomelo peelings as water adsorbent". The title of my research paper in 5th grade was "use of
chitin in shrimp shells..." and in 6th grade was "rice husk and rice husk ash as an effective cement
additive". All researches mentioned ranked first in our school's science fair.

Freshmen year, i continued my research on the use of chitin in shrimp shells as bioplastic and ranked
champion in our school's science fair. Sophomore year, I continued the same research and introduced
another biowaste: carageenan making it a comparative research and ranked second.

I was also given the opportunity to participate in the 2017 korea creativity fair supposedly held last
September 2017. But due to problems regarding visa and requirements, my team was unable to
participate. Due to this inconvenience, the school was able to make up for it by letting my team
participate in the concluded Rits Super Global Forum 2017 held in Kyoto, Japan last Novemner 2017.

Last school year, me and my new teammates took a big leap and made a new research under material
science with the title: "Zeolife: organomineral..." and ranked first. Because of this, I was able to
participate in the PSHSS Science Research Summit 2018 held in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan with
exclusive dates: September 28 - October 1, 2018.

4. Please write down anything you would like us to know about you.

Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you drive in. Being in the research arena for
more or less 7 years, I've always known and believed that research projects cannot be deemed
successful without persistence. And I have always considered conducting experiments as the most time
consuming part in the research process. I guess its because of my persistence into believing that i can
finish this successfully and finish this with the best of my ability that I have been able to successfully
present good research projects.

True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less. I believe being humble and
staying humble is the most important value in conducting and in competing in research pitchings and
competitions. I always keep in mind that winning last year's competition does not guarantee this year's
win because believing otherwise would lead me to not go beyond of what is expected of me and would
limit myself of enabling myself to grow.

Persistence. Humilty. These are the two values that I incorporate myself with.

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