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11/4/2018 Bonds Detail

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Last Updated: 11/04/2018

Company Information
Bond Detail Lookup Symbol: GO
Equities and Options


Mutual Funds Coupon Rate Maturity Date Symbol CUSIP Next Call Date Callable

6.625 %
04/15/2020 APO3868667 428302AA1 — Yes

Last Trade Price Last Trade Yield Last Trade Date US Treasury
Feedback $85.00 18.990% 11/02/2018 Yield

Trade History Prospectus

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Price/Yield Chart Classification Elements

Price Chart Yield Chart Bond Type US Corporate

31/07/2003 - 04/04/2012 Zoom: 5D 1M 3M YTD 1Y 3Y 5Y 10Y Max Debt Type Note

Industry Group Industrial

Industry Sub Group Manufacturing

Sub-Product Asset CORP

Sub-Product Asset Type Corporate Bond

State —

Use of Proceeds —

Security Code —

Special Characteristics

Medium Term Note N

Issue Elements

Offering Date 05/23/2012

Dated Date 03/14/2012

First Coupon Date 10/15/2012

Original Offering* $450,000.00

Credit and Rating Elements
Amount Outstanding* $1,549,995.00
Moody's® Rating Caa1 (02/03/2017) Series —
Standard & Poor's Rating CCC+ (10/01/2014) Issue Description —
TRACE Grade High Yield Project Name —
Default — Payment Frequency Semi-Annual
Bankruptcy N Day Count 30/360
Insurance — Form Book Entry
Mortgage Insurer — Depository/Registration Depository Trust
Pre-Refunded/Escrowed — Company

Additional Description First Lien Note Security Level Senior Secured

Collateral Pledge —

Capital Purpose —
Put & Redemption Provisions
*dollar amount in thousands

Call Date Call Price Call Frequency

— — Continuously
Bond Elements

Original Maturity Size* 450,000.00

Put Date Put Price Put Frequency
Amount Outstanding 1,549,995.00
— — — Size*

Yield at Offering —

Price at Offering —

Coupon Type Fixed

Escrow Type —

*dollar amount in thousands

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11/4/2018 Bonds Detail
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