Conducted by the Christian Bro. o. Ireland



dedication - &

The education of yaung children through a teaching order of brothers was his object: the salvation of their sauls his purpose. Due to his zealous love of God, he was able to found the Christian Brothers of Ireland. Withstanding persecution from many Irish Protestants, he tried to accomplish his task and fulfill his purpose. Because his efforls were realized, children allover the world learn their studies from the men who fallowed his example. His life was modeled on the virtues of perfection. For these reasons, we the Fourth Graduating Closs, are han red to dedicate the 1963 Crusader to Brother Edmund Ignatius Rice, to whom we are greatly indebted.



'e underclass section of the 1963 Crusader is devoted '0 rhos e young men who, in the future will bear the s-o e dor ds of Brother Rice High School into the world. ·-ev ore in training now. They are being conditioned :",s'cally, socially, and spiritually in preparation for '-0' ccv when they must leave behind their alma mater ..... ., many instances, their homes and families, and . ,,_. _ -e aone into this vast country to find their footing :-: s'o'ioo in life. These four years at Brother Rice are :- ;-=0' mpartance to these young men. We of the :'_50:.r staf sincerely hope that they will find these • =:-5 "ODOV and rewarding and that they will leave _. _ ~:ce ably prepared to face what may lie ahead.



A teacher is a many faceted individual. To be a complete teacher, he must be a disciplinarian, a counselor, an instructor, and a paragon. He must have such qualities as tnslqht, patience, intelligence, and kindness. But since these attributed are in the abstract, they can not be caught in the camera's eye, and thus we cannot hope to present here a true representation of a teacher. We will attempt, however, to come as close to this goal as possible in these few pages. In order to do this, we will present, in addition to the individual photos, a sequence of pictures illustrating the activities of the teacher in his daily life.


The knowledge being presented in the classroom is incomplete without its complement, activities. By engaging in an activity, the student converts theoretical knowledge into practical usage. He profits by practical experience in coordination, cooperation, and unification of purpose which can become a material aid when he enters the industrial world to compete for a living. The Brother Rice Activity Program is geared to offer encouragement to aillevelsofcreative abilities. Thus, every student has on opporiunity to express himself.


- 0 ,-: -; - r school hardships have finally ended. Four years,

- - ,-: - es both pleasant and unpleasant, have been spent

"e : -::<;s J: making men from freshmen. Under the watch~: :. '-eir teachers. these men hove matured spiritually, r : , sccllv, and socially. Along with a formal photo of -"-" -opea" in this section a sketchy history of their '--o··s. In the future, we hope that they will look bock _ •. _: ;:-=~ _'. 'h many fond memories.


At Brother Rice sports playa large role in sustaining the school spirit. Most students enjoy following the teams representing the school, and the athletes obtain valuable experience in sportsmanship. Every phose of the school's athletic program from varsity football to intramural handball promotes physical fitness, so sorely needed by any country. For those who soy sports hinder the intellectual life of a country, let us point to the home of the Olympic Games, ancient Greece, the most learned nation in history.

Moderator: Brother K. F. Chapman, F.S.C.H. Editor-in-Chief: Norman O'Meara Photography Editor: Robert Golden

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In the present age, it is not easy to realize the difficulties encountered by a Catholic during the timeofthe presecutions in Ireland. Edmund Rice has give us an example of Christian living. Born in the county of Kilkenny on the first of June in 1762, he was brought up in the troubled times of Ireland. Protestants were determined to stifle the Catholic faith by depriving the Irish people of their civil rights, thus keeping them in poverty and ignorance. However, he was one of the more fortunate youths who received an education. After Edmund had finished his education, his uncle, a prominent merchant of Woterford, asked him to join him. It was from his uncle that Edmund gained a remarkable business ottitude, succeeding him later as owner of the flourishing concern. Edmund, a man of deep religious feelings, frequented the sacraments and devoted much of his timetospiritual reading, gaining a deep knowledge of his faith. Feeling that God had chosen him to teach the unfortunate boys of Waterford, Edmund Rice sought help through constant prayer. Finally, he was advised by the bishop of his diocese and received a commission to teach. Although he was unable to get any volunteers to help him instruct the unruly and ignorant boys of the area, his sacrifice and confidence soon had their reward. From the country of his birth came two young men. Within a year Edmund and his two disciples entered into their residence at Mount Sion, as it was called by the Bishop, and continued in their teaching. At the end of the year he felt the time had come for him and his companions to consecrate themselves to God. This marked the beginning of their teaching as an order. In 1920 the Holy See recognized them as a Religious order. Brother Rice continued his apostolic work for thirty-six years. On August29, 1844, Brother Edmund Ignatius Rice gave up his spirit to God.

Brother Rice High School proudly dedicates the 1963 CRUSADER to the memory of this man of God.





BRO. J. C. BATES. finished his third year as principal at Brother Rice. He holds a M.A. from SI. John's U. in New York; in addition to his position as principal he teaches Religion III.

BRO. W. F. O'SULLIVAN. As srsfo n t Principal at Sr. Rice, has beef"l on the faculty since its con ception. he holds an M.A. aegree and, besiaes his many duties, teaches Religion


3RO. L. C. HALEY teaches Religion and BRO G B. ROHAN leaches Religion IV

' .' c-bemcncs. He also holds 011 M.A ond and Spanish I and reserves the rest of

s presently bursar 01 Brother Rite. his rtme to oct os Dean of Discipline. He moderates varsity basketball, holds a B.A. in English and is wor~in9 towards his M.A. in Spanish

BRO. C. C. CURTIN is in his second year as Guidonce Director at Brother Rice. He moderates the Student Ccvnc!l and assists in Varsity football; he else leaches Re li9,on IV

BRO, E G PILON is in charge of the library and moderates the library Club and rbe Mothers Club,

MRS. J. F HENNESSEY, secretory 01 Brother Rice for the pOSI seven years. is admired for her courtesy and cheerful ness which Is shown doily for the student body

Mr, Ktedctsch works diligently to explain a difficult mctbernctrcc! problem for his closs.

MRS, O. M.LUEBBEN bcs beenovoluoble ctd 10 the secretarial stoff 01 Brother Rice for the posl two years. Her abililies ill' dude the operation of the new IBM mochine.


'I G,


BRO. M R BARRY -eocnes ReligIon III, pnooptes 01 Modern MOTh. Trigonorl1e1ry, A!geblo II, and S, lid G",on1€!fry. H~ has IJ 85 and is Nor .. ing '~A.'ocds his M A In Molh; In cddtuco 10 Inis, he ccocbes Soph. FOOTball cod is active In Fresh Soph Baseball

fI,P J E 3UPDZINSKI h"F_' '" LJ',., I, II. 'Jrod III; ~,.: h(J~ 0 B A (_Jr,-j Nor~'nq 'I", .... ')rrh 11 !> fln~I':'t ~" Erlu -rnon f I, '1IS0 lin·hlLfl .~r)rr: 'j""l·,,:r,,;Pr"'IJGI&e(luu.

MR N F ADDUCI holds 0 SA po"

(01 Ed· cot.en. Nhi-h tot: nS" +1 Bralt'·er Rtcc Hi! has ':1150 b ... -!'" ?~ rs ble to' The {me Iootbcll I€'CJI'I"5 BrOlh~1 Rice has hod

MR R. F. BAADER teccbes World Hisl~U" and United Slates. Hetcr v. I-e is II hiS third yeo! 01 Br cther Rrcc and bas J 8,S in Humooutes for Lcvclc U

MR G BRIXIE, it'. hi ,;j" .,.~"Jt Of Rice, does 0 line job "_'nth,n,!:! Molhomolics. H~ holds (] B S d .. ,j' ce '" EI~Clr rcul Engineering


- j

:~:.:.5:'~ '·rlene. Latin and './ A In Lalin ond is .;, 'Ir"r Rice.

BRO. K. F CHAPMAN teocbes IV Eng I~h IV, end Art He moder ores the ·CII ocer" has n B.A. in E 'g/ish, ond is w~rki"g for h.s MFA 01 Calholll Untver s Iy.

BRO. E. C COURTNEY, who moderates Junior Guidance and 101,0111ulnl Sport. hcckevj. leaches Reiigion III and English /II and IV He will soon r e cetve his M.S. degree.

: : E • ANE recches R~JifJipri. - .... ~IOIV, and Problems 01

-H iolds 0 Ph. D. In Soc!ol

:1.)1 01 the Audlo-V'SU'll , moderotes tho Golf

BRO J C. CRANE teocbes RelIgion IV nnd Physics; he is wor~rng towards on M.S. In bcih Theology end Ph)·sics. His rncder nt.oq of lilt: Physics Club keeps htm busy Ihl oughoul the veer

BRO. J. G DOHERTY, 0 n\'w member 01 'he Br other RIce Fnc\ Ity. reccbes Religion I ond Cbermsf y; he holds a B.S. In Ct"lerni'ihy, modO:lales the Chf>mislry Club, aile! helps ccoch IIUlj.,


MR A E GARRELS, rht: dirt.!car .... i ''''0::

Brother R,,:£ High School Glee Out· Hold' ing an M A on mus« h., ts I e sp onsibfe for (. ur 'in.' Glt'" Club

:. ~ONNEll Y. In his seventh

.,. R,_,:, ":!ilthes Rr,I'9: , ....

). )' 12" Y nnd (I,. t'~e AI )" fA A. in Engl'511 ;Jnd ~ r:J~ hi M.S ,n Moth Htl '" e ,II'/h1rh Depwlownl and Du e :.or Br R,cf' smt e

BRO J C FEllOWS teaches English III one IV ;:,.,d Re £I' IV H·:· hrl~ an M A rn E:.ql,~;, ~ I ~5p~ ._. I. If'€' 10" ~' •• held ~. R,et· a-id IS II horgt' JI h. St·'" )' p, r-n

BRO A A GREVTAK. who rcocbcs HI~

MR J C, GAllO IS )r'l!: ol OlE' As~ist::m' F·)I.ll_:~tt C olh HE: holes J:' M,A degree m-:j I, ){I.$ Dllys. .01 Edul lie /,

lory nr.d P'ublenH ct U"m :1 lLy 'iotd-. iJ BA d"11i , . -i« Tl01, »c., "-" Murl ing SIt uv (Id-l

lill" !=I,C S Ind, fllwoy~ l'II:'S'!llt~ ~" ,.·I,It' IOln,,,~ SI,)'I>' 13 bts :ltJ~'tH1{1:' >-I' d"t:p' , is tho! ,! o B A In M_'sl

"'loR, HAN:SITS t-oc+e s III hi' I,r'! ,(Cdl tJI B, cthc Ri(

: :. .'OYCE, a leo High School grad-~:-es Religion and BUSiness Moth .. e- s:hoal moderates the band. He

: 5 t. degree.

BRO. M, R. KEllEHER reaches Religion II, Algebra II and General Science. He has received a B. Sc. He is very active in pestschool activities, he is moderator 01 lntr cmvral Basketball and Softball, assistant Varsity Basketball moderator, a Science' Fair co-chairman and moderator 01 the

MR. w. C. KElLOGG teaches United Slates History and Problems of Democracy. He has on M. S, in Physical Education, is head coach of the track team, and is r esposfble lor the fine showing of the bcskerboll teoms.

Photography Club.

BRO. J. J. KENNEDY, who leaches Religion, Biology ond Eorth Science, holds a B.A in English The ocnvtues he moderates cr ethe Biology and Astronomy Clubs and the Science Fair

MR. W. M. KIEDISCH, in his third year at Brother Rice, leaches Algebra I and II, Trigonometry, and Modern Elementary AI neb-c. He hos 0 B. S in Molh. and is working towards his M,A.

,. :'CEK. who holds a BA degree, .• -d year at Brother Rice. He .... otbemcucs 10 freshman and ~ : asses

BRO J. M_ KNOWLES leaches Religion II and Biology. He ls in charge 01 the bookroorn and is assistant coach of both the hoc and c-csscovntrv teams. He is working towards his Moslers at Nair e Dame U

BRO. J. M. LEAVEY leaches Religion I and tV. and English II and III. In his sixth year at Brother Rice, he moderates Fr os h-Sop h Bawlir'9,


BRO. O. A lU. leaches Religion l. Advanced Algebra, and Geometry. He holds a B.S in Physics-Molhemotics, and he modercres the Varsily Bowling end csststs in the Advonced Physics Club.

MR I. LE.MPKOWSKI. in h:;'~ ; '" Brother Rice, teaches mothemc- :! men and sophomores. He h- - degree

BRO. G. G lINO~MAN teccbes Religion and Machine Shop. He holds on M. A. in Induslriol Arts Education and hos been swimming coach for the last five years.

MR F D LYONS teaches tnglish and His tory Also he is the well known moderolOI 01 the Debate Team

BRO. R L MA', Rice, leaches ?< Reading Ht:

Vocation CI",b M. A degree


-crds a Bachelor De• ~: e-ce and on M. A. He ond is Fccully Assist-

'=-':'~~V teaches Religion III :l I He holds 0 Bachelor ,- s a Sophomore Gutd-o or's as csststoot coach :: "~~'1J'" Football and the :: e ; J -ecms .

.• :,l(RISON leeches English cod Music Appreciation . . «orcs his M. A. in English = re for the fine singing 01

BRO. P. D. MCCORMICK. in his first yeor at Brother Rice. reaches Religion. Accounting. and Algebra. He holds a Moster of Educotion and Is moderator of the "Stcodcrd".

BRO. D. A. MAC INTYRE leaches Religion and French. He has 0 B.A. and moderates the Prep Glee Club.

MR. G. E:. MEIS. in his Ilr st year 01 Brother Rice. teaches Engli§h III and 'V and is work ing towards his Masters in English 01 the Catholic University

BRO. J_ B MOORE leaches Religion and Lotm and hcs on M. A. in latin. He also moderates the Junior and Senior Sodality

• 19

Brother Wolf mtm eoqrcplts another one of his frightening F'ench tests.


MR. J. L MOTA teaches Typing. Driving Edoccucn and Physico I Educonco. He hcs c B.S. from the University of Illinois

MR. R. L PESCH, who holds a B. S. In MothematlCS and Philosophy, teaches Alqebro end Geometry He is presently study jng for his M. A. in Philosophy at De Paul Untver suv.

BRO V A ~U5S0 leaches Religion III and Chemistry He IS working tcwords his M. S. In Chemistry and is Crossccontrv coach, l-eek moderator, and Chemistry Club moderator

MR. G l. SEDLACEK teaches General SCI' once end is working towards his M A 01 De Poul U In hi~ second ypor 01 Rice, ho:> is else baseball coach.

wocdsbcp: r-~ .. - :1 on M_ A In ~c .. cof the Dods' C c r


RlV. J. SHIA, in his first year 01 Br cther '.'j;;. ~ = .. : .. '" Rice. leeches English and Religion ond hcs mel', '1€

his M A in t.nglish IS wor.,r~ '-. a-c s - < -,' ..:.

_ :. EQ -eocber s Mechanical a-id Arch Drcw.nq He : ..... cr e Bowling and has 0 :~;p=~ In Civil Engineering.

9RO D, 0_ WALSH teocbes Plane ond Solid Geometry, Algebra II, ond Religion III, He bos a B.S. in Education and is working rowcrds his M. S. In Physics

:/INBlAD teocbes Religion, :~. -ng and Electronics. He hos - c e-otes the Electronics Club

BRO. R, T UNSWORTH reaches Reltqtor and Spanish. He is working towards his M A moder ales Ihe Vocal ion Clvb. and is heod of the Second Annual Talent Show

MR. R A. VAN TllLIGlN. in his first year 01 BrOlher Rice, leaches Uniled States His lory, World History and Problems of Democ-ccv. He hcs a B. A in History.

MR WILLIAMS is in his firsl year here 01 Brother Rice.

BRO. K X, WOLFE. in his first yeor 01 Brother Rice. leaches French land III, ond Religion I. He has a B. A. and is rncder ctoof the French Club.

MR. YOUNG teccbes speech after school here at Br cther Rice.

Z 1




1 ST ROW: P Higgins, J. Kramer, R. Moc~ey. A. Dina 2ND. ROW: J McCarthy. R, Str oub, K. Shanahan, J. Dowd, M. Pasquinelli, E. Gloss, J. Perlongo. 3RD.ROW: T. Morrison, T. Mcloughlin, P. Stcstewtcz. T. Krunlorod. D. Griswold, J. Hcrvcuc. J. Connon, R. Ryan, J. Haas 4TH. ROW: R. Veugeler, P. Grover, G Roche, J. Monahan. K. Heuser, J. Pcrctck. 1. lendman, E. Pruett, J. Posterb. J. Kenney, J. Br odorrck. J. Grimes. 5TH. ROW: F La Giglia, J Simonis, T. Goffney, G. Cohill, L Murphy, M. Kerrigon, D. Heniff, R Lorrta. W. Porker, T. Povnton.

II's spelled (-A-Y.leo.


Sr. McCormack


51. ROw: J. Carpenter, J Kemp, D. Dvclow. M. Stvtc. J, Paul, R. Willette, W. Rake. T. Wrobleski. 2ND. ROW: J. S"1yne, R. Morris, R. Mueller, T McFodond. T. Noddy, J. Dunne, F. Konecny, R. Santoni, B. Ukockts. S. Graham, ~ Schiefelbein. D. Jccobcwskt. 3RD. ROW 1=, Zmnqrobe. T. Dltcnts. D. Fiedler, W, Hermanson, D. Konieczny. J. "r eth ewny, C. Str ez c, R Br esden, J. Nulty.


Br. Devone

T. Wrobleski prepares to go home as dusk settles over the city.

Sr. Austin



105 finds the typing room englighlening.

1 S1. ROW: R. Peroot, R. O'Gormon. J. Booth. J. Gentile, J. Bartus. 2ND. ROW; A. Kckcvtcb. D. (ranley, R. vektcb. J. Madden, R. Andrews, W. Schuberth, R. (Iochon, W, Weimar 3RD. ROW: J. Young, D. Ryan, R. Chopello, D. He enon, J. McDonald, P. Wlliiams, R. O'Neill. R. Dcokvs. M Burke. R Guzouskas. R. Dwyer. 4TH ROW: A. Jcrkvncs. N. Horlovic. A Pcsqumelll. G. Yore. J Wilson. P. Ir otter , J. Farrell. 1. Irchev. J. Dclkowskt. O. Donnelly.

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I ST. ROW; G. Campbell, B. Fillip. T. Woierk, R. Greensley, T. KOlar. C. Lewis. 2ND. ROW: A. Bert. T. Estr!n. G. Miles. R. Horcav, R. Gloss, R Neubeck, G.Joyce, R. Utech. 3RD. ROW: G. Gallagher, F. Wojciechowski, R. Doligole. K. Zukes, J. Bee-t. J. Westerberg. T. Hodous, F. Bokon, T. lewis, J. Zych, E. Seer-tot. 4TH. ROW: G. Curlin. J. Monce, G. Poquette. B. lundstrom. E. McArdle. W. Morrison. J. Cocbro. G. Newman, D. Richardson, J. Jomrus.

Br. Runo



1ST. ROW: 0 Brody, F. DeTour, ). Owol, 1. Fleming, R Buss, G. Vorek 2ND. ROW: P Schmidt, H. Tassone. I( Greco. R Miles, P. Dunne, R.T. Corbett, B McNamara, A. Pizzo. 3RD. ROW: B. Stephan. H, Neybert. L. Collura. C. lendman, J. Jarosz, R. Zvwtco. A. Perino, J. Geu. R Zimmer. R. Davis. ATH. ROW: J. Johler, D. wcske. S, Howaniee, J Pre-cst.D Heinzel, J. Mull/gan, J. Kobtolko. B. Farley, R A. Corbell. R. Hue.


Sr. Joyce


J. Jarosz and C. Lendemcn hove wisely decided 10 move c . s '


I ST. ROW: 8. Durkin, R. Bergen, C. Banaszak, J. Winters. 2ND. ROW: R. Caprio. D. Comer. L Johnson, D. Gallagher, E. Anderson, R. Kusek, J. Roteoberk. 3RD. ROW; L Stokes. J. Jilek. E. Pcrrer. R. Sievers, J. Egon, W, Pendersen, J. Yet'ding, K. Hahn. 4fH. ROW: R. Wainwright, R. Whittingham, R. Skrobull, J. Gavin, R. Sokol, J. Webster. J. Fitzgerold, R. Torzon, W. Sou is, O. bans, J. Jablonski 5TH. ROW: J. Stokes. J. Smith, J. Seen. R. Haloglero. 1. Clemmons, D. Basile. M. Shanahan, J. Crismon, M. Bishop.

::- Stokes. Don Basile ond lorry Johnson welt in line for thetr lollipops after their I.B.les!.


Br. Morrison


Hey, Terry, do you put the nitric acid in lirst, or is II the glycerin?


I ST. ROW: W. Kwic!, J Goggin, 8. Blocbtev. 1 Ring, J Porto. 2ND. ROW. J. Tuomey, R. Bortz, r, Costello. 1 Dobenv. E. Tyrolo, C Simmons, M. Berry. 3RO ROW: R, Heider, W Wilson, C Freund, R. lee, W lavery, t. Proto, E Deb'owils, J Ullmon. 4TH ROW: D, Sheridan, j Walsh, M. Cooney, R. Yom. J, Polek, F Hortman, J. Tracy, K Kunlo, 5. Plunbcr. J. Gusic~, 1 Swierk. 5TH ROW: j McCauley, R. Sir, R Lundeen, T. Madden. P Quinn, t Browne L Fry, G. Finnegan, T Maurovich, I. Horrigan.


Sr. Meany



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1 ST. ROW: F Fratto, l. wctchuncs. R. Lar ch, J. Prendergast, M Daley. 2ND. ROW: R. Yoger, M. Dwyer, O. Carroll, 1. O'Connell, J. Macluszek, F Dubiel, A Popowi1ch. G. Shannon 3RD ROW: J. Patterson, 8. Bonk, J. Sherlock, K Harris, l. Himmel, A. Samet, E:. Filzgibbons, J. O'Brian, 0 Wus e, J. Bernet ATH. ROW: W Shine, R Bohling, H. Binder, F. Zyskc, R. Brusky, M. Powers, B. Conway, J Cullen, M. Fogarty, I. Ptok



151. ROW: R. While. J. Mullner. T. Shoughnessy, G. Fahey, W. Morlin, D, Hines 2ND. ROW: T. Oceenev. W. Gorok, F Glynn, H, Koozweiler . P. Watson, O. Johnson. R. Buckley, O. Duffy. 3RO. ROW: J. Terrell, D. Zeqc. J Kelly, E. Bcr r y, J. Ecklund, L Sejud, M, Poe, W. Moss. R. Peqou, S. Ruff. ATH, ROW. l. Coootlone. W. Haulf, M. Coyne, O. Skrypkun, J. Deslauriers, E. Adamson, E. Warren, J. Finnogon, J. Grabowski, T. Johnson.

A '63 CRUSADER {lr st - Fronk Cccctotor e and 1. Johnson studying!



1 S1. ROW: J. Keane. O. Coyne. J. Molee. T Stiglic, T. Nelson, t Allgaier. 2ND. ROW: M. Domino. E. loin, T. Skcbe. W. Durkin. P. Bakes. I. tckc. P Dunn 3RO. ROW; P. Giardino, G. Zvut, S SWiontkowski, l. Newman, P. Kraft, R Moskwa, E. Stetomk. J. Howklng.


Bro. Russo

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Br Borry


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I ST. ROW· L Moore, R. Stewcrr.G. lavery, 0 Rosselli. J. Mcloughlin. 2ND. ROW: G. Gecos. P. Bickham, J. Downes, T Arnold, T. BfJlish, R. Avants: W. Kmrec. W. Stclker . 3RD. ROW: R. Cbtoccc. W. Peknv, G. Wolloce, R. Byrne. B. Dunkle, T. Rice, K Speier. B Hickey, I Merrion, W. Brennon, L Menconi, S. Krasowski . .11TH, ROW; P. Bleskin, J. Flanagan, E. Kotich, l Res nski. J Barret, J. Ind!o. S. Grabowski, R Venckus, J. Kehoe, T. McAuley.


'::::Js€"1' p Blnkus and P. Lunk pore over colteqe cctclcques such as these from Vassar,


5T ROW: D. Loney. D. Ruhnke, T. Ko-dcs. r Hagan,.J. Sullivan, K Okelman, W. Thorp, O. Gerl. P. Slusser 2ND. ~OW T, And, osek. 1. Prendergast. T, Coazie , r L,ttle D, Groff. 1. Gr ottis. J. Mcloughlin, R. Bckctrc. 3RO. ROW: W Schomburg, G. Bck. G. Johns. R Logoni. W Ruby. PLunk. R. Moden, D. Reiner, R, Wagner, P Binkis, B Borrelli. R Heine. R. Doeseckle. ATH, ROW J. Zucttr ccki R Guzman, J, Blouin T Pnsko. T. Skrypkun, ), Bauer, J. Berry . .I Houlihan, R. Schumacher. 1 Coyle

Mr. Kiedoisch





I Sf ROW: J. Flynn, J. Gries. M Sckos. P. Joy 2ND. ROW: W Porler, B Kennedy, 1. Hclsteto, B. Mrow(o, W Gibbons, J. Azzorello. W. Keogh. 3RD, ROW. G MacFarlane. A Slens!.:is, P. Serritella, 1. Sullivan, R Role. L Kntvkstc. C Dunker, J. Ocbs. 4TH. ROW: M. Komin, M Artery, F Rockeobcck, J. Coogan, R. Zego, T. Boudler, M Nett, D. McCarthy, C. Morshal', R.Schreler,M.Moebs.51H ROW P Uroski, A. Kcrelvc, J. Crossley, J. Iclor ek. R O'Connor, G. McDonald, R. Elmore, E. McAllisler, J Urecac. W Sorther


8r. Walsh


Girls' faces always liqht up when Rov Role ond Tom Sullivan ore around


t ST. ROW; J. Poha, C. Milono. P. Kukowski, R. Bordeaux, j, Flynn, R. Clark, J. Louretlg. D. Jer-den. 2ND; ROW; T. Perr cle, J. Vcle ntincs , E. Stanek, J. Novotny. A. McGann, M, Fairfield, G. Pizzolato, S. Urbanski 3RD. ROW: M. Condon, P. Curry, J. Gcecaek, J. Leuvck, V. Kasniunos, D. Bozek, R. Christian, t. Cas~rdy. 1. Jablonski, R, Sehring. M. Bresnahan. 4TH. ROW: R. Nelson, R. Bobick, E. Markunas. W, Inrnkevic, J. Due. W. Blovz dts. D. Goulding, J. Marlino, J. Gvdencs. M. Barnes.

- ~- 1, rstens attentively as Ed (HoI Lips) Stanke swinQS it on the hal gloss lube.


Br , Holey




1 ST. ROW: W. Fitzgerald, E. Davis, M. Flak. E. Flynn. 2ND. ROW: K. Courtright, R. Johnson, J. Eqon. W. vtstn. J. Sjostrom. R. Kooctnskt. T. Molroy. 3RD. ROW: T. Dooley. W. O'Toole, N. Wagner, S. Stancik, D. Komar, M. Ihnchok, M DeRunh. D. Cossidy. 4TH. RG.!W: F. Perko, S. Gorny, L. Eoglin, O. Nichols, W, Wright, D. Mansell, C. Thompson, R. POIOSI. M. Ohiolo, L Czerwinski, O. While, F. Szcaepkowskl. 5TH. ROW: R. Gracey, M. O'Sullivan, R. Hertz: A Per v on, T. Kiefer, W. Meyer, r. Nowak, M. Wolter, G. Sebuck. I. Rutkowski.

Br. Unsworth


SOPH 116

We give up. No coplion can do this picture justice.

I ST. ROW: K. Jung, M. Gallagher, P. Lovin, M. Dunworth, J. Rolph, P. Blttar , 2ND. ROW: O. Doerr, G. Foltz, R. Poncin, M. Smogor, M. Nolan, T. Barr, F. Sebcn. M. Ctstor o. W. Kaniewski, R. leonard, M. Ryan, J. Horrigan. 3RO. ROW: J. leonard, R. Coyle, D. Tyrrell, P. Keoble, R. Kubacki, L Sanford, P. Lcndrosh. P. Meyer, J. McDermott, R. Simon, T. Schneider. 4TH, ROW: l. lebdo, J. Bclsewtcb. C. Stcbb. R. Pardo. J. Troy, J. Makar, W. Anderson, S. Reynolds, J. Pautsch, J. Leobv. W, Block.

SOPH 118

~ST. ROW: R. Galasinski. R. Edwards. J. Mulryan, P. Cody. 2ND. ROW; M Homplon. T. Skvor entno. G. Gopsis. J Koziol, R. Klein, D. Hoff, J. Michol. 3RO. ROW: R Schannon, P Bcsttcn. R. Bruce, J. Cerccskr. G. ModullO, T. luebben. J. Sccnlon. J. Gabriel. 4TH. ROW: R, Dering. J. Murphy, R Shounnessey, M. Tomaszewski, W. ladouceur, P Fries. S. Gorecki, R. Masek, P. Dennis, R. DePie r r e. G. Schelrtch. 5TH ROW; J. Lcaacrc, 1. Borek. E. Conroy. W. Miller, T. Roland. J. Shanahan. G Suski, L. Hillock, J. Goltok. J. Sannefeld, J. Quish.

Honest, you don't nave to use your hands-you gel a free cup every lime.


Sr. Cerasoli


I Sf ROW: J. Crotty. R. Ragon, G Kcticb, M. Bull, G. Word 2ND ROW: O. Hovey. G. Christy, T. Gallagher, E. Hoskins, A. Tolono. R. Nelson. 3RD. ROW: J. Murphy, G Johnson, D. Bruch, T Soodet. M. Connor, M. Rowley, D Budny, F Beyer 4TH. ROW L Posierb, 1. McMullan, M Vloming, S. BirgelJs, W. Coogan, J. Se hr , T. Tracy. W. Cummings, W. Healy, R. Compo V Misiulis. 5TH. ROW: J. Alford, D. Gleason, R Poynlon, L. Sccrcmczzc. P. Czarnik, R Heider, E Kelly, R. Jennings, R. Cohill, 8. Potluck.


Sr. Cerasoli

Come in, McAuley. come in .

Sr Moore


SOPH 119

The package says pizzas cook best ct 425".

~. ';{OW: T. Weyer, J. Powell, J. Greaney, B. Petkus. 2ND. ROW: D. Newman, D. Derby, J. Causlano, J. Sowchin. ; .'I::J11er, A. Miller. 3RD. ROW; W. Markel, R. Petrich, N. O'Connor, J. Wojdylo, J. Yonker, J. McDonough, T. '."; "::I( R. Brownlee. MH. ROW; H, Hein, L. Wojdylo, E. lndeben, J. Cummings, W. Zawislak, G, Goggins, K. ,:_-;.~. R. Maleja, W. O'Molley, R. Tiberi, T. O'Srien. 5TH. ROW: R. Flak, J. Ellsworth, L Petri, J. Bancroft, P. Gray, :. : J'ows~i, A. Powers, P. Pier, M. Heraly, T. Kunka.

• :'s Two cherrres and a lemon.


1 ST. ROW: M. Antonelli, J, Meuris, 0, O'Meara. 2ND. ROW; F. Marsh, D. Fossett. D. Daum. E. Naumer, R. Mellinger, P. Grube. 3RO. ROW: T. Pasko, J. Mlller, C. Romontck, T. Svtltvcn. O. Hcrrtscn. N. Moder. D. Rodzewlca. G. Novadamskis. 4TH ROW: P. Sullivan. J Grace. A. Durinski, L. Mokinson, G. lawrence, A. Golcbtc. M. Nicholas. J. Dcrqurcs. J. Banaszak. W. Rimkus, R. Bryon.5TH. ROW: M. Higgins, T. Wall, C. Lcdewski. W. Overholt, D. Pappas. R. Heme. D. Rush, E. Murphy. F. Fosler, M. Knight.

Sr, Kelleher


SOPH 203

:- :OVl, G. Bergen. M. McNally. M. Simon, P. Schueneman. 2ND. ROW: 1. Roebuck. G. Dunne. R Cotigual~. R

• Hayes, T. Cronin, G. Borry, 3RO. ROW: R. Davy, A, Keenan, T. Benson, B. McCollum, E. O'Mearo, W, Loose, -:;.e:l. J McDermott, 4TH. ROW. 1. Ryan, J Siedlecki, R. Doyle, J. Herrick, T. Doyle, M. Redwlck. K. Doratnsk.s. ',':lC'I(\ey, J Kosmorski, T. Vord er er , R. Gvnovscn. 5TH. ROW: D. Domenico, D. Purcell, 1 wcterous. M. 0111. :,::.,.or, H O'Riordan, L Podesta, T Walsh, R. Full. W Storie


Sr Mcintyre

Don', tell me! Two ond two is .. uh. uh

SOPH 207

1 ST. ROW; R. Molecki, G Keep. J. Saieh, R. Fey, 0 Scleuo. T. Crtsmon. T. Angelos, R. Mensik, J. Ahlnes" 2ND ROW: W. Phenegor, B. Allen, l Deckelmonn, J. Mosson, O. Harris, S. Sullivan. J. Dowd. P. Kozan. 3RO ROW; C Golhouse, J. Cornell, O. Brooks, W. Wieher, D Brtsleo. S. Kush, R. Williams, 8. Worren, K. orris, M, Brennen, J. E:.thell. 4TH ROW: P. Kolkowski, C. Abbctemcrco. 1. Imlay. S, Jcnkovskcs. R. wteckert. J. Povssus. R. Volenlinos. E. Rcberrv. T. lavery, J. Klobochc

.. , -e if b1gger, Jim. How om I supposed 10 see it during the lest?


Sr. May


P Jehl and J Hughes Slap by to admire their -ettecnons in the gloss


- __ .• q, Fosono. r Hall, R, Bonomo, D Crowe, P. Pouritsch. 2ND ROW J. Hughes, K Jagielski, D. MaSinO,

:. w_ Dunne, W. (curtrighl. T. Mukahy, R Brooks. 3RD. ROW: Moreuko, J. Staszewski, T. Wills, O. Don-

=' Sctt.vcn, r. Concannon, M, Monahan, J. Llbr ettf. 4TH. ROW: J. Ryan, G. Lokomiok. C. Messino, J. Pclko, :. T. Connolly, J, Sullivan, D, Eckert. It Hofmeister. T Polinski.

Sr. Knowles


Mr. Hencsits

SOPH 217


let's see, Ihe vovlt is here. .


I Sf. ROW: M. Pizzolato, T. Reinke, R, Sanford, M. Gcj ewskt 2ND. ROW: N Amelio, G. Koziol, R Bonelli, P Bcnqe-. T. Jordon. J_ Bush, J. Giese, 3RD. ROW: C Smilh. R. Trautmann, W Giese. D_ Brockman, R. Aspon. G. Gerstner, J. Ieetbewcy. R. Schultz. 4TH. ROW: E. Wrighl, M Jornr oer. R Muluihill. J. Mocorol. R. Leske. T. Smith. D. Perous. G. McDonald, G. Breiling, E. Garver. M. O'Connor. 5TH. ROW: J. Ccrmee. t. Richmond, D. Sly, G. Deslauriers. 0 Figler, J. Ludden. E. Gray, R. Kilcoyne. J. Bouch. M. Wosk


5" ROw: J. Kowalczyk. C. Pcue!t. R. Donovan. G. Silverwood. 1, Trent, J Mocloan. 2ND. ROW: G. Berenl, T :-:l,.,..,s.e, M, Roberrv. O. Reidy, J. Dillon. T Q'Mahoney, T O'Mahoney, M. O'NeiL JRD. ROW B Young, J Mc'.:€ 0, G Szymanski. G. Kowo, W Wolf, R. Rutkowski, i Hurley, J McGreevy. J. Hertcb. R. lofl, J Auriemma, B .:; ;'~. 4TH. ROW: W. Dunne. D. Tomolo, K. Gee-res. D. Wall, M. McKinley, 0 Skowronski, R Gmtc. R. Michalak. ; ':;·rbos. R. Derte

,'.~.n.? Wolf and Woller Dunne seem to hove found something 01 .n-er e st in the ibr or v


Sf Unsworth

SOPH 220-A

1ST. ROW; W. Spiteri, M. Evans. J. Hickey. T Murphy. J. Lvke, T Norton, J. Seifert, M_ Milono. 2ND. ROw: G. Keane. D Meehleis, T. McCarthy, J. Nugent. S_ Lodd. B O'Mullen, R Duffin, J. Perdue 3RO. ROW; W Hurley, D. Sendlak, M. Sweeney, D, Cody, W. Bergen, M McDermott. Co Fleling, 1. Harrison, J. Dwyer, I. McCarthy, T. Jensen, M. Potlock. MH. ROW: R. Collins, W. Wilcox, R. Twardy, W. Petier , J. Fishman, M. Hogan, J. Seamons, R. vchl, F, Mintz, J Sullivan, J. Greener


Fr Snio

"YOU me an there's no school on Sundays?" queries M. Polled


Sr. Winblad


J. Mic;us shows D. Collins Ihe ropes.

I ST. ROW J. Welch, R. Nolon, T. Morris, K. Bortholmey, J. Durkin, M, Apoto. 2ND. ROW: M. Lodewskt. R. Smith, J. McConn, D. Kuhn, R. Stanley, J. Leahy, J Sweeney. 3RO ROw: J. Daley, A. Madden, T Murray, H. Condon, J. Grover, R. Cronin, D. Ftedter . C. Marx. 4TH ROW: J. Trout, J. Gantner, J. Sullivan, R. Hennke, M Mustari, J. Broils, M. Grady, R. Starmann. J. Deiters, D. Meegan, C. Rober 5TH. ROW: T. Terrell, R. Paul, R. Debe, T. Durkin, R. Fosc:elle, J. Condon, C. Zogl;fo, T Stccv. E. Kavanaugh, M. Smart.


· - = _ ... til you see the whiles of their eyes.


I ST. ROW: M. Cleveland, M. Zajac, S. Mcloughlin, J. O'Connor, E:. Voss. 2ND. ROW: BRiley, T. O'Meara. W. Scali, W. Jocobcwskt. B. Stores. T. Turek, P. O'Connell. 3RD. ROW: J. Murray, R Autullo, S. Hamilton, J. Morgon, B. Caf· fey, J. Ctsmoskt. P. Pcbo. W. Der tz , 4TH, ROW: W. Knopp, J. Barcelona, J. Hocker. J. Pocius, R. Picha, W. August, e Hooseo. D. Luce, G. Benjamin. W. Costello. J. O'Sullivan. 5TH. ROW: J. Jankowski, C. Jordon. R, Croven. J. McCormick. C. loudon, T. Roth, J. Kane, J. Arnold. M. Auz, L. Eisen.

Mr. McCarthy



1ST. ROW: T. Corey, T. Gries, M. Higgins. J. Barry, J. Mc;Aloon. 2ND. ROW: R. Coleman, J. Norton, D Wittenberg, T. Hermcnson, J. Ryan, E. Bebee. J. Koccndo. J. Gleason. 3RO, ROW: J. Reicher, J, Allcto. M. Ftuccn rck. L Kcszvlinski. 1. Navickas, l. Cavanaugh. J. Hili. l.lamasney, W Braswell, J. Abel, A. Stroke-s . .tlH. ROW, 1. Ceb. D. Roc, J, Paulsen. A. Poueocvde T. volenuocs. J Blackley,S Moc;kailis, G. While. W. Hue. G. Pozucek.


Br. Doherty


l. Hermanson cnd W. McArdle wail polien1ly. but the tb.r d-Hoor express seems never to be coming.


1ST. ROW: G. Grill. F Slezak. W. Kvrt!n. T lhtbeov. 2ND. ROW: J. Hoffman, J. Cldio-d. S. Krz yeonskf T. O'Hara, J. Soltes, T. North. J. Mannix, D. Kostal, W, Fisher. D Seodlck, R. Umtor , T. Doerr, E. Cooper, l. Gentile. 3RO. ROW: D. Cempel. R. Loz or z , R. Thomo. F. McDonough. R Seb rinq. P. Obiola, T. Rettker , R. Strobel, T. Portol, R. Sullivan. P. Niemiec, R Malone. 4TH. ROW: B. GretH!.. J. Dahlgren, W. Neitzke. R, Mainers. R, GuarinieJJo, J. Gorey, H. Ehrke, R. Moore, F Kowalczyk. A. Schmckel.

c ;' are you sure my girl will like it?



Br. Wolfe


8r. Rinaldin;


:: __ :',., cr-d R Slavin stop by to irrigaie their Biology proiects aher school.

'~OSH 120

3- :;OW M welters. j, lake, E. Zbello, M. Flynn, R IIkowski 2ND. ROW: I. Vander ;:; Slakes, R. Barczak. T tills, T. Knoble. R, Walsh, T. Callahan. 3RO. ROW: M. :_::. SO'1. J. Connon. C. Brody, J. Homilton, J. Fitzgerald, J. Berger. J. Engeln. f. _. __ ..:+H ROW: J. Heidecker. J. Bonk. R. Leahy, T. Joyce, W. Dodo, S. Furlan, J.

J Webster. W. Brislen, W. Dolan. R. Nevel!. 5TH. ROW: F. Lc Gtqttc. R

,', +-:. ONeill, M. Juneman, C. Head. W, Johnson, E, Reiner, J. ladouceur. R.

~ Blouin

Mr Burdlinski



Hey! I put my slug in and it won't payoff.

1 ST. ROW: R. Bonos, J. Gteldvro. J. Murray, T. Golatea. 2ND. ROW: J. Toman, S. Sopccv, P. Bergamini, J. Rcsvnek. w. Harol, R. Sheridan, D. Walsh, S. Burden. 3RD. ROW: R. Garrett, P. Para, S. Ncrvtlos. R. McNaughton, K. Hesoen. G. Marchetti, M. Kirk, J, Taylor. 4TH. ROW; J. FIl;tming. A. Thomas, J. Ulonskt, W. Schroer, F. Prercst. P. Brazis,

W. Wargo, J. Boyle, R. Kunka, W. Petrosst. 1. Jcocvtc. 5TH. ROW: R. Ieobroeck. W. Hill, C. Rufa, T. Noddy, G. Cuzelis, W. Barr, J. Campbell, C Winger, J, Duggon, R. Ricker.

1ST. ROW; M. Migely, D. wcterco s. R. Raggio. G. Berry. 2ND. ROW: J_ Yow-ell. t. Malkoilis, K. Kalafut, M. Dybas, T. Bartley, M. Burak. F Cuisinier, B lamb. 3RD. ROW: P. Bruggeman, J. Bailie, K Smith, D. Mitchell, D. King, R. Gibson, M. Mintz, J. Flynn. 4TH ROW, J. Samson, P. Grtswcld. E. Doran, C Szcaepkcwskl, R_ franckowiak, J_ lapkus. F. Landrosh, T. Smith, T Srcr een. R. Heilner. F Beigelbeck, 5TH. ROW: M. Cronin, D_ McGuire. l. Moskal, T. Szymanski, D Nicholson, A. Wesley, P Snqewsk., J Rokas. G. Kolb, R. Ponovich.

G. Barry, B. Lamb, l. Moskol and J Bottle toke advantage of the Devetccmeorcl


8r. Leavey


1 Sf. ROW: J. Joyce, J, McCabe, W. Poynlon, R. Jozwiak, J. Creed. 2ND. ROW: O. Mele, D. Glenn, W, Scavone, J. Podolak, J. Beck, G. Porter. K. McFarland. 3RD. ROW; B Cow. R. Anderson, J. Micus, P. Hockett. J. Vail, L. Willis, O. Carbone, R. Hunhoff. ATH. ROW; J. Englander, J. O'Molley, 0 Collins. J. Keehan, M. Mossulo, J. Ohollo, D. Berki. O. McHugh, D. Mcllquhom, T Cahill, G. Baumgarten, F. Erklin. 5TH. ROW~ M. Moron, O. Dougherty, M. Delisi. A. Gordner. W, Doherty, K. Superclynski,M. Vincent, D. Collins, J. Vyhonek, D. Bmkrs. T. Downey, D. Biough


Mr. Johnston

1. Micus and D. Collins c- e hord CIt work, as usual, in the Art loom.


Mr. Sedlacek

Hey. the phone works!

1ST. ROW: J M $90rI010. M_ Hcr riqnn. J. O'Donnell, T_ lechner, T. Bobiarz. T Corbell, J. Iutder , R. Hahn. 2ND ROW J Przybycin, J. McMahon, W Erber. S. Talono. A. Iotycencs. W Cunningham, O. louiS, J Rope 3RD_ ROW: T Horvath. 0 May. R Leber. R Dorgan. 1. Donohue, R Boman, J. Guinto, C Brown. R. Bokoo. R Coglianese, O. Lerner 4TH ROW; J Hans-on, P Parfitt, G Brockhaus, E Burl, R. Sauser. F zue. R Borowicz. l Moleski, P Grcotoer. P loGiglio




1ST. ROW: O. Doyle, T, Swiatkowski, W Kohoun, M lr ovscht. D. Smith 2ND. ROW: J. Kovue. B. Fitzpatrick, J. Ringus, T. Toomey. M. Swiontkowski, P. Wilzboch, A Piet. 3RD. ROW, J. Motunis, REgan, C. Gottone, M. Walberg, E. Sanczuk, J, Devens, R. Roddewig, M. McFadden, 4TH ROW; j, Quinlivan, K. Ackermcoo. i Ceterc. M Foils, P. Gordon, P. Bozek, J Hr v of C. Hctstct, T. Fournier, P. Rentz. T. Meno, T. McMohon. 5TH ROW: G Erdakos, J. Wokerly, 1. Tierney, P. Condon. R. Honnemcn, 1. Drennon, 1. Hogan, R. Ho.ek. E Grvco. A Hopkinson

Acserrncoo. M. McFadden and A. Hopkinson discuss the advantages 01 studying = ",<"rh.


Br , lee


_ -_ - - • - - , :.,: ~~ ...... : ... ~.....J.' _ ~~ /' 1

. ACTIVITIES :. ',: '~~':'~~;

. " ,', i .. c :.~;.:. :I-':'~

. . ;":""~.~:-.i.,,:,,_;,,;t<'fu~



One of the best known activities at Brother Rice is its Bond. Moderated by Bro. Joyce and directed by Mr. Henning. it has progressed a long way to putting the school "on the mop: Known for its performance at our football gomes, the Bond has also given us great entertainment thought its successful concerts. This year they have already mode a huge success of the Christmas concert, which is a (O-OP with the

Glee Club. lost year they were honored by being invited to Detroit to give a concert. Brother Rice was also enriched by a visit by a bond from Detroi!. The entire student body owes a debt of gratitude to the leaders of the Bond and the Bond members themselves for the great honors and prestige that they have brought to the school.

i " : :.,., J Murray. O. Koniezny, S_ Jcokovskcs. A Zcfvcencs. J. Berry, C. Groul, J Rctenbeek, D. Down. 2ND . .• :. _ Se-s-ner . J. Micus. J. Kolkowskt. M. Dybas. P. Br oets. P. loGiglia, E Anderson, J. O'Hclld. R. Maleki, L "'J ~on, A Powers, T. Kasprzak, E. Mayerniek 3RD. ROW: G. Crcodle, G Gecos, W. Vlsin, R Fey, S Sullt',' = • '0 G Boungorlen, D. Glenn, T. Morris, P. Rente, M. Wask, G Sebuck. J. Poukstis. M, Kamin, F Konecny,

Mr. Henning directs Bond bock-stoqe.

.e , ,'I\. Domino, W. Kmiec, S. Kush, S. Krasowski. 41H. R0...-v:, J. Bosh. G Srnvth. L Becur e. B louis, R. Vevq:_. nlJ"lgham, R. Btrowtcz. L Hnovic. 1. McCabe, F. loGiglio, R. Aoker.s. J. Fr onks. T Angelus, J. leonard, G .: ,3i035, C. Anderson, J. Ceecn .


Bross Section

Bross. Section

Mr. Henning talks 10 the Bond officers' Gene Moyernick, Jim Franks, Don Murray. ond Greg Smyth.

Perccsstcn Section



Brother Rice Marching Bond


1ST ROW: J. Ctcttv. 1. Crisman, WErber, J. Sotch, R. Anderson, T. trenl, J. Sink, R. Sievers, L Bonnevier, J. Greener. J. Kromer, 1. Sliglic, J. Ahlness. 2ND ROW; J. DiSantis. l. johnson, M. Moron, F. Seban, E. Conroy, R Helder. L. Fey, A. Posqvtnetlt. J. Ryan, J. Scott. W. Dunne, R. Yoger, l. Oeckelman, l. lobdo, P. Grybos, G. Finnegan, D. CorrolL 3RO ROW: J. Jablonski, G. Wortel, N. Pvpoo. D. Gorecki, J. Crismon, R. Grelcz ewskr. J. Ullman,


Glee Club members practice oller the school day is over.

Brother Rice has achieved a r epu tion in its short history of being school in which the student may c velop himself fully. A group whi deserves much of this credit for tl is the Glee Club. In concerts both he and al other schools, the club showhy it is top-rated in the city. Acti as goodwill ambassadors from Broth Rice, the members please eve audience before which they appec including one at the Museum of Scien and Industry. Much of the credit f, the appearance of the club should, to the director, Mr. Garrels, and tl moderator, Brother Morrison. Unde the capable leadership of these "men, the Glee Club will continue exhibit the high degree of excellen attained at Brother Rice.

G Kowalchuk, J. Altman, E. Fitzgibbans, R. Andrews. G Shannon, D. Basile. D. loney, R. Wainwright. A. Pervon, E. tvr ctc. R. Poncin. 4TH ROW: E. Severo, K. Speier. E, Stefanik, W. Eiler, R. Zimmer, R. Rcshtnski, l. Menconi, R. vrooee. W. Block. S. Reynolds, J. Fee, S, Kowa, W. Ruby, N. Torronl, W. Brennon, R. Sokol, W. Anderson, K. Kunka, -; Norrts, J. Arzboecher .

Mr. Garrels directs Glee Club in practice sessIon,



I ST ROW: I. Galatea, R. Ban05, T. Thibeau. M. Migely, B. lomb, R. Aulullo. J. Toman, B. Kcbovn. C. Rufa, C. Marchetti, M. Flynn, D. Wittenberg, M. Lcdewskt. J. Fitzgerald, J. Engeln, J. Ringus. 2ND ROW: J. Hamilton, R. Umlor, J. tcke. G. Kolb, P. Condon. D. Kuhn, R. Molhers. K. Smith, J. Wochowicz, D. McGuire, J. Bailie, S. Mochoilis, R Franckowiak. O. Meegan. 3RO ROW: T. Swiatkowski, M. lrcuscbt. R. Roddewig. T, Toomey, J. McMahon, S. Norvilas, l. Motkoitis. S. Mcloughlin, J. Flynn, O. Koslol, J. Ulonskl, U. Snrdlev. R. Ihorrc. r Ceterc. J. Hvrcl. C. Zoglifo. 4TH ROW P. Wilzboch, J. Cismoski, B. Fitzpatrick. f. Doerr, B. Barczak, 1. Stocv, E. Kavanaugh, r. lynn, J. wckertv, J. Rokos. P. Szuvewskt. O. Mitchell, J. Fleming, E. Doran, E. Garver, L MO$kal, •. Stedle i, 5TH ROW: W. Dodo, F McDonough, O. webster. P. Giswold, 1. Knable, G. White, J. Alioto, J. Iuder, J. Connon, B. Johnsen, A. Wesley, O. luce, B. Konrad, F Pre-est. J. POCiU$, 1. Smith, J. Lopsus

The Prep Glee Club. in its second year at Brother Rice. is well-known for its high degree of excellence. Compose entirely of freshmen and sophomores. the group is under the able direction of Mr. Burdzinski and is moderated by Br. Mcintyre. The Prep Glee Club has displayed its fine talents at the Spring and Fall Concerts and, in combination with the Senior Glee Club. has performed at McCormick Place. Their tireless efforts and ceaseless determination fa attain perfection have always been climaxed by their fine performances. It is hoped that this activity. which has been illustriously established. will be continued in the years still to come.

Mr Burdztnskl looks over notes and music before Q Prep Glee Club Song Festlvol.

Although the Alumnae Mothers Club is only three years old, it has done a great deal of work in its short existence The object of the organization is "to foster friendship among the Mothers whose sons have graduated from Brother Rice and to assist the Brothers financially in their work of training young men for the Apastalate of the classroom." The club has grown from a charter membership of thirty-three to over one hundred members. Under the able guidance of Brother Pilon and the capable leadership of Mrs. Masino, the president, the club is working to provide funds for a house of formation for the Midwest area. The mothers of all Brother Rice graduates along with all women interested in this work are eligible for membership in this noteworthy organization.


I 1 I

Front Left to Righi: Mrs. A. Masino, Sr. E. G. Pilon, Mrs. Zimmerman. Rear left to Righi: Mrs. R. Willev. Mrs. G. Gremley, Mrs. R. Keon.

Soring hot sole held by the Alumnae Molhers Club.


Hopeful fother loking chcnce for prize.

looking oround the school, we can easily see the work and influence of the Brother Rice Mother's Club. They have provided the ceiling tile in the hallways, the foyer furniture, the lights over the stage, and the office IBM machine. They have also contributed to the swimming pool fund. Besides these activities, however, are the social and religious activities of the club. Their Eve n in g s of Recollection, Mother-Son Communion Breakfast all have been great successes. These women have done a great deal for the school.


Front left 10 Righi: Mrs. W. Sebuck. Recording Secretory; Mrs. R. Sehring, Ytce-Prestdeob Mrs. R. Hempstead, Prestdent. Bock left to Right: Sr. E. G. Pilon; Mrs. S. Rodochonski, Ir ecsvr er: Mrs. Boyd Avonts, Corresponding Sec-elory. Br. R.l. May.

-1-e Mother's Club bazoar is alwoys the big nit 01 the year.

A. coke-walk after the entertainment.

The mothers socializing after one of their meetings.

7 \


Standing left to Right: W Shaughnessy, J. Rutkowski, D. Shyne, S. Kroscwski. J. Arnold, R. Jenninas. E. Heniff, B.ludden. Sealed Left to Right: Brother Neary, J. O'Sullivan.

One of the backbones of Brother Rice is 'ce Dod's Club. They hove sponsored the r~f'le drive. the Globetrotters Basketball g~."e. and the los Vegas Night. These always ::rafitable ventures have resulted in many ::1 ihe fjne improvements about the school. ,. present, the funds are being used to can,"uC the swimming pool, which will cost ::-~und 200,000. To their credit in also the . '6 job they do ushering at the basketball o'd football games. Many of the students :: so benefit from this club, directly, the club c cvs the tuition of the son of a deceased + ember for his years at Rice. F.or these and norne rous other reasons the club deserves c o r thanks.


Sealed left 10 Right: T. Abbctemorcc. A. Zimmerman, A. MasIno, W. Groff. Standing Left 10 Rtoht: J. Michal, F. Comer, W. Benson, R. Fey, P. O'Connor.

::::: ; :: uD ushers hard at work.


Early in January of 1963, Mr. Baader gathered a handful of students for the pur· pose of teaching them basic German. The response to the class was a group of four sophomores. The German Closs began its meetings all Fridays after school. Basic vocabularies and grammar rules of Germanwere taught by Mr. Baader. In March, it become officially a club, complete with elections and dues (one wonl, 16 pferrnigs per annum). The class meetings were for the purpose of instriction in the Germon language and culture .

"Now hear thts."

. _ .: :Oighl; James Wcjdyla, Karl Koperski, Harold Heln, lOUIS Wojdylo.

'Wow, look ct thot!"



Candid shots of Brother Rice's annuol Science Foir.

1 10 Eli C 1 R \ C \ T.l. tOI~ERS\OI .. .:





FRONT: J. Gudenos (President). 8r. Doherty. BOnOM ROW: G. Bretllnq. T. Downy, J. (reed, J. Soli cs. M. Barnes, P. Quinn. 2ND ROW: J. Flynn. O. Lerner, R. Boker, D. Jordon, R. Guariniello, J. Abel. 3RD ROW: J. Gries, W. Porler, A. Sionskis, E. Stanek, R. Clark, J. Carroll. W. Hoves. 4TH ROW: P. Kroft, E. Stefanik, T. Stiglic, D. Duchow, S. MrOW'co, L Newman.

"What's thol formula for alcohol ogain?"

One of the old clubs at Rice, the Chemistry Club, has recently enjoyed a rebirth at this institution. Nbderated by Brother Doherty, the club seeks to give its members more supplementry education in the field ofchemistry. The students in the club meet several days a week to work on projects which are suited to each person's interests. One of these projects, the club's report on the tars and nicotine found in cigarettes has already been given much favorable publkity throughout the school. May this club grow and prosper in its work here at Brother Rice.




One of the oldest clubs in Ihe schoot, Ihe Brother Rice Astronomy Club has again concluded a successful year of investigation into the universe around us. Breaking up into smaller g r a ups, the members have studied the workings of the Solar System, the "Local Group", our Galaxy, and the universe as a whole.

Besides doing work of a purely studious type, a new project was inaugurated this year, the construction of a 10 inch f/8 NewIonian reflector which will eventually be used by Ihe members for research of their own. The "guiding lights" behind this year's activities were Br. J. J. Kennedy, moderalor, and Norman Derby, president.

Sev er ol underclassmen look over theAsironomy Club'ssupplies.

Astronomy Club oHicers: T. Pcltt. N. Derby, and T. Adlhoch.

Astronomy Club members alan citer-scbool session.



Seoll Noinis {'Inn Ron Hume try tneir hand 01 the short trcnsrrtfter.

:':-: "'~ left 10 Rignl: Bob Oe Pierre, John wckerlv. Bob Starman, Fred


Since the new Amateur Radio-Electronics Club was initiated two years ago, Ihere has always been a great deal of enthusiasm shown by its members. This year there were approximately fifteen members. They partici· pated in such nurn erous aeliv ities as operating in a all-night radio contest, repairing broken radios, and erecting new antennas. The club radio station W9EJX is kept continuously on the air. This year olso new equiprrent was added to give the station keeper frequency coverage. The club has been very informative and has given many hours of enjoyment to its members.


~-.i' Horo! dtscosses future projects with the other officers of rhe

<e Brother Rice Biology Club is one of the least heard of in the school. '; : _ "pose is to study further the more uninteresting topics of biology. This : .: s membership is mainly composed of sophomores and juniors. Each - -:. ...... .oer s undertakes a project of his own choosing on which he works through_. 'he year. The members is expected to develop it through reading and ~.:erimentation. Many of the best biology exhibits which are entered into 5: ence Fair are products of this system.

"So that's where it is, huh?"

1.ook 01 those dirty lillIe things crowling around down there,"



Scott Nctnts, Dick Kennedy, Tom McCarthy, and Don Funk work on on experiment while AI Zayas looks on.

~:r up alter a her-d night's work.

The General Physics Club has now been in existence for four years at Brother Rice. Since it was initiated by Brother Crane, its presenl maderolar, Ihe club has allraeled mostly senior sludenls. The purpose of Ihe club is to allow students to perform experiments and to investigate physical phenomena on a college level. The meelings usually include an experiment, on informative film, or a leclure. The results of the experiment(s) are usually discussed in following meetings. The officers of the club are: Scali Nainis. president; Tom McCarthy, v ice-president; Dick Kennedy, secretary; and John O'Connor; recording secretary.

This is how we form our gloss, form our gloss, form ovr gloss, this is how we form ovr gloss 50 early in the morning.



The club was born in 1960 when Brolher Crane decided to allow cerloin studenls inlerested in physics 10 do research in Ihe field of atomic physics. The original research project was concerned with electron diffraction. Then, in 1961, a new project. the eleclron microscope, was introduced towiden the scope of investigation. The work continued at an increasing pace while the members experienced both success and failure. In Seplember 1962, however, cerlain members of Ihe two groups branched off 10 a third prajeel, Ihe cyclotron. Working hours after school, the persevering members have gained few resulls and frequenl failures bul olso much experience and know-how.



Mess: the most imporlant of the retreat.

Father O'Rourke gives 0 big grin to underclassman during counseling period.


Perhaps the most important spiritual activities to take place at Brother "Rice are the annual retreats. As their names implies, they are designed to allow the student to draw bock from the world for a few days and to consider his spiritual development. This year we were fortunate enough to hove Father O'Rourke, on Augustinian priest, give both of this year's retreats. Father's comments an today's world problems were both fitting and timely. His solutions to these problems were just as fitting. Affected by his numerous sermons, many of the students availed themselves of confession and communion which were available daily. As in other years the retreats \OIere a great success with the students.

= :,.,er O'Rourke gives one 01 his many enlightening tclks.

Father O'Rourke performs his essential Iunctlon-tbe Moss.

Spiritual reading is a fine opportunity offered during retreat.


Student participation Is on imporlant port of the relreat Moss.

The Sodality of Our Lady isaneofthe most important organizations 'in the school. As the only student religious organization in the school, it tries to develop its members into stronger and more perfect Christians.

The Senior division, moderated by Brother Moore, indulges in direct apostolic work, such as teaching religion closses in the local porishes. Another notable work of this group is the food drive at Christmas, which is cosponsored by the Student Council.

The Junior division, also rroderated by Brother Moore, concentrates on the spiritual development and formation of these younger Sadalists in order to give them a firmfoundation for their future wark, the Sodality remains at Rice a powerful farce in the spiritual growth of the school.

:: :--::;- -.' T. Stiglic, R. Egan, B. Petkus, T. Weyer, W. Kaniewski. 2ND ROW: -.' ::ro:el, J. Shyne, 1. Wrobleski, M. Wohlberg, J, Yunker, R. Petrich. 3RD

- Duciow, J. Paul. E. Stefanik, O. Jocobowski. J. Kemp. 4TH ROW; J.

: :. ::J • Kctserskt, l. Wojdyla, P. Krell. M. Perko. C. Gcttooe.


Brother Moore discusses the Sodality's future lions with a few members.


FRONT ROW: P. Dunne, T. Coffey, R. Kennedy, SECOND ROW, J. Pilon, M. Berry. T. Carney. LAST ROW: P. Ovto. M. O'Sullivan.

This year under the direction of Brother Donnelly a Pep Club was started to have organized cheering 01 our various games. The venture proved to be very successful. T. Coffey was chosen as the leader of the group of dedicated seniors and juniors. At our pep rallies the student body was introduced to this group of boys and immediately new cheers were introduced. At the football games the cheers were greatly improved over the previous years. Pep Club passes were given to interested students for special sears at basketball games. A great number of interested students applied and thus it was a huge success. We can truly soy that the Pep Club was helpful in our successful season.

Pep Club leoders go through cheer.

Pep Club members try to form pvromrd for the benefit 01 speclators.



Senior Student Sencte Left 10 Right: Silting: .I, Fee, T. Omtectnekt. R. Kennedy, C. ArcierI. Standing; D. Matles, C. Doerr, M. Cummings, J. Carol I. J. Day, V. Meade. 1. Coffey.

Junior Student Sencte Standing left 10 Righi: G. Newman, D. Wueshe, R. Sontcnt. M. O'Sullivan, R. Bresden.

Scobcmc-e Student Senate. Standing left to Right: E. Ruberv. J. Aurie--mc. T, Pcskc. D. Derby, Sealed left to Right: R. Michalek, Dwyer, -.' 'vtchotcs. D. Cer evoskt.

One of the important activities in our school is the Student Council. Their main duty is cooperating with the principal to bring action which is beneficial to the students and to the function of the school. As a result of last year's elections D. Ludden was selected as president, J. Fee - Vice-president, M. Berry - secretory, P. Dunne - treasurer. With the gUidance of Brother Curtin, these officers lead the activities at their meetings. In addition to viewing points brought up by the student representatives, the Student Council acts as ushers at the various events conducted in the school such as Debate Tournaments, Communion Breakfasts, and the Science Fair. Their work in the school is truly appreciated.

::. Dvnne practices speech before Marty Berry and Jim Fee.

R. Kennedy pays for prom.

l. Coffey and aides look over topics to be brought up in the meeting.


"You wont somethin', Iellc?"


This year the dances were directed by the illustrious Brother Fellows. President Dick Kennedy and Vice-President Bill Pal luck ably confused Brother Fellows into a mad panic before each donce. It if weren't for the remarkable ability of the other members, Brian O'Connor, John Fohy, Ken Mrozek, Tim Coffey, Jim Arzbaecher, Pat Dunne, and Tom Kearney, none of the dances would have been 0 success. Four dances which the group managed to produce included the Hon-econing and Semester Dances which were the most successful. These people should be congratulated for their efforts in achieving a newer quality of dances at Brother Rice.

Many old feces were seen 01 the Homecoming dance.

"Let's twist!"

What does Jim Fee see on the ceiling?


Ray Drcktoo and lerry Hallberg talk over pion of ollock with Den Gaynor.

Brother Rice student stresses important point in on ofter-sc.hool debate.


The Brother Rice Forensics Club is one of the oldest and most aelive clubs in the school today. Moderated by Mr. Lyons, this club has already participated in several debate and forensics tournaments and plans ore being mode for severo I more in the future. In addition to these, the club has already had practice debates with SI. Rita, Mot her McCauley, SI. Ignatius, Quigley South, Mendel, and SI. Leo. Another highlight of the year for this club is the junior forensics tournarrent, to be held later in the year. This club has high hopes toward future successes in the Catholic League.

"Now get lhis!"



Roy Drokton (keenly?) judges a practice debcre.

Jerry Hallberg and Den Gory nor lislenclose1vforfollacious slolemenis.


::'ONT ROW: Dennis Willenberg, Michael Ir euscht. Bill Stere(, 2ND ROW; Tom Sullivan, :.:b Theri, Edward Gordco. Michael Pclltco. Carl Jung. 3RD ROW: Mr. Fronk O. lyons, Roy :.rakton, Michael Perko. Jerry Grermcoo. John Klabocho, Bob Kubacki, Richard Kehoe. Terry -oHberg, Dennis Gaynor.



"Colvin. please try one d my cookies:

Whol else con a bus driver do?

Brother Rice's only barber shop quartet sings "Vana From Arizona.~


" _ Talent Show effort which has been _ - JC '. for a year, sprung bock to life early .- s ""pril. Usually the Talent Show is a pro=_:. of the efforts of the Forensics and Drama = JDS; however, this time a call went to all ~· ... denfs who were lnterested to come to the :-JcTice where they might join if they wished. ---ough this show the faculty of this school <o oe s to bring out the talent that usually ~oes unnoticed. They expected a big turn J _. and they got it; but, however, during 'l1e course of the preparations, many particicoots dropped out of the show. Even though ·nere was a small group taking port in the s-iow, it was quite a success, From this good background future talent spectaculars are absolutely foreseen.

Everyone in the iolenl Show files ovt on the stage for a final bow.

:- ::~e' soemst tries 10 remember how he invented the rocket.

Jamaican rhythm.



left 10 Righi: R. Banos, D. louis. J. Engeln, T. Ilbecc. T. Hrvol, M. Swlontcwski.

left to Right: J. Deiters, G. Hocbec. J. Campbell, P. wthbock. J. Durkin.

· e:l Berek ond Bill Block ·"Man like whot 0 beef!"

Turpentine, cut glass, dirty honds,linoleum clocks, paint brushes, canvas, a few laughs or e a few of the ingredients which make up our palette club. Even though at times it s e erns hopeless to expect anything when these 'jings are mixed, a work of art will emerge =o« and then much to the surprise of the onlooker. But it is not a surprise to the members of the palette club nor to their teacher, 3rother Chapman. In fact, Brother says that ,e haven't begun to dig into the depths of 'olent which many students display.

Among the media the club has explored 'his year ore conte drawing, tempera water color, oil, mosaics, linoleum and found object c r+nlinq, Since most of the members are "nderclassmen, we are looking forward to r'" ext year's artifacys from experienced artists.

Bob Muslori and Jim Sfnksov. "like what a hardware store:



Boh Golden, Joe Or sen a and Ntckte Puppo manage many of the affairs in the library.

Since its founding early in the history of the school, the Library Club has progressed from an infant stote to a working, active club of about thirty members. Moderoted by Brother Pilon, this club staffs the libr orv and sees that it is kept in perfect running order. He is assisted in this work by Mr. McCarthy. The club also tries to promote an interest in good books among the students, especially among the librarians. In addition to all of these activities the members of the club belong to C.A.S.L.I., the Catholic Association of Student Librarians of Illinois, which meets several times a year. All in all, this club seem; to be a necessary part of Rice's atmosphere.

Seoled: Sr. E. G. Pilon, Nick Puppol. Roberl Golden, Joe Orseno. Standing Left to Righi: Jim Petko. Jim Winters, Tom Mulcohyk, Fred Mintz, Hitlary Neybert. Harold Hein, Robert Kubacki, Dennis Skowronskt. Gerard Nevbert, Ed O'Meara, Tony Perino. Bob Buss, Jim Prerost, Jaw Tuidar, Richard Bohling, Keel Jung.




Be-tom left 10 Right: D. Ducloir, R. Kehoe. E. Dcmcnskts. F. Modelskl. Top left 10 Righi: G. MacFarfand. J. Poul, :=> 'ocr r!s. R. Rondtck. N. O'Meara.

The French Club of Brother Rice is composed of juniors and seniors who hove token 01 least two years of French. The club engages in activities such as soirees, movies, lectures, outside reading, and cultural excursions to local French establishments. The club is moderated by Brother Wolf, F.S.C.H., who speaks French quite fluently. The officers are, president, smilin' Ed Domanskis; vice-presiaent, Cyril Landise; and secretaries, Fronk IAodelski and big Dick Kehoe.

The clficers discuss future octtvlues of the French Club.


Mr. Lempkowski wotches over the chess match played by V. Misiulis, vice-president, and D.Derby:presidenl.

Standing left to Righi: R. Voss, T. Alvis, K. Koperski, J. Rokos. G Porter. Sitting left to Right:

PiLovtn. V. Misullis, D. Derby, C. Pcuelt.

The Chess Club has met in Room 20 I since Mr, Lempkowski become moderator last year. Meetings ore every Friday and lost till about 5. They generally consist of pairing off and playing practice games, rather than a formal meeting.

The seven best players as chosen by Mr.

Lempkowski form the team which engages in interscholastic competition. In two years, the team has beaten 51. Ignatius and Blue Island and has lost to Blue Island and Mendel. One tie against 51. Ignatius was recorded, giving the team a .500 record. Habitual team members are A. Slonskis. V. Misiulis, D. Derby, W. Markel, C. Patzelt and Baker

=-ologrophy Club officers: N. Derby, R. Drok'on. J. Giermonn,

"he Photography Club, one of the oldest - 'he school, made great progress in the c c s year, New members have been taught '-. fundamentals of the art and science of : <otoqr op hy, everything from the uses and :ceration of the press camera to the details :' c e v elopinq film and prints, Older members ;0 ned added proficiency in taking pictures. "oderated by Brother Kelleher, the club - as srimu lated the interest and skills of its ~e."ber.s, while providing valuable aid for : :'" the Standard and Crusader, Members - J. e "shot" nearly every major school event.


Joe Engiln and Jock Abel prepore pictures lor the '63 Crusoder.

J. Engiln, Br , Kelleher, R. Simon, W. Beyer, J. Abel, J. Giermonn, J. Shyne, R. Drckten. N. Derby.


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