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SAP - SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP)

Code: HCP100-v002
Lengt h: 5 days
URL: View Online

Skills Gained
This course will prepare you to:

-Understand the SAP Cloud Solution

-Understand the SAP Cloud Strategy

-Understand Java Development

-Understand development in SAP HANA

-Classify and use the various HANA Cloud Platform services

-Understand the various HCP Services

-Explore the Internet of things

-Get an overview of SAP HANA Cloud Platform, integration Service

-Understand Extensions of SAP Cloud Solutions

Who Can Benefit


Development Consultant

Enterprise Architect

Solution Architect

System Administrator

System Architect

Technology Consultant




-Basic knowledge about cloud technology

Course Details

Course Content
Introduction to HCP

-Learn the SAP Cloud Offering/ Product Overview

-Understand the Challenges of the SAP SAP Cloud Offering

HCP Architecture

-Explore the Development Tools

Java Development

-Develop Java Applications, Overview

-Understand Java Application: Operations

HANA Development

-Understand SAP HANA Application Development

-Develop SAP HANA Application

-Develop Native SAP HANA Applications

-Understand Analytical Applications in SAP HANA

OData Provisioning

-Understand OData Provisioning Service

-Use the Persistence Service

HCP Services

-Gain an Overview about Services

-Explore the Documentservice

-Use the SAP HANA Cloud Connector

-Understand the Git Repository

-Use Connectivity Services

-Learn about Upcoming Services

HCP Security

-Understand SAP Cloud Identity Service


-Develop HTML 5 Applications/Develop UI with SAPUi5 - Fiori

-Perform HTML5 Application Operations

Internet of Things Services (IoT)

-Explore the Internet of Things (IoT) Services

Data and Process Integration

-Introduce SAP HANA Cloud Platform, integration service

SAP Cloud Solutions Extensions

-Understand Basic Concepts of Solution Extension

-Extend SuccessFactors

To ensure success, SAP recommends combining education courses and hands-on experience to prepare for
certification exam C_HCP_2016 - SAP Certified Development Associate (Edition 2016) - SAP HANA Cloud

Platform, as questions will test your ability to apply the knowledge you have gained in training HCP100. This

certification has to be booked separately.

Course based on software release

HCP trial

Eclipse Mars


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