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T. •••• ' ....... J. Dery, ~ .........

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T ,.,.. C. ComtII, M.

c..r. I. e-kIy. L C_h .... T.

c. W. Dulher, T •

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W. Oarnor. W. 0IaM1otoe. J.

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M. LHhy. .. MorrIt. 0. N .

P. Otter. ~ .., .. _, J. s-noy.

L ....... T. """.It, .. V.rble, ~LY ....... J.Zay.

....... W. V. D.nehy. '.S.C.H.

Ever conscious of their duty

to educate the whole man, the school administration has effectively incorporated a Religious Guidance Program into the curriculum.

Headed by Father Franzen, of nearby Queen of Marlyrs parish, the program is designed to supplement the

regular religion classes. Sixteen

priests from various parishes on the South Side devote much of their

time and energies to the many

phases of Religious Guidance. Weekly talks are given to the seniors to prepare them for the sacrament of Matrimony. All students are given

the opportunity each day to receive the sacrament of Penance, or to

avail themselves of the counseling services of these dedicated priests.

On the First Friday of each month, Father O'Connell, O.F.M., offers

the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in

the gymnasium for the student body. He is assisted by Father Duqqcn, of Queen of Martyrs, in the distribution of Holv Communion.

To all these priests - too numerous to mention by name - we wish to offer our sincere thanks. Through your efforts we are becoming "other Christs."


fother Peter Franzen

Pcther John Benz


" ••• the final NIt of a leader II

that he 1_ behind him In oth.,

men the will and conviction to carry on •••• " Walter Lippmann

~--------------.l!elr-"l!vI~-bul mo,a Of'(Ieter--------' by his personal example

by his dedicated instruction

by his making religious facilities available ... for having encouraged physical fitness

by his developing a sound athletic program ... for having stressed mentol keenness

by his fostering academic competition

by his preparing a comprehensive scholastic program ... we, the students of Brother Rice High School,

gratefully dedicate the Crusader '61 to

REV. BROTHER WILLIAM C. PENNY, Our Principal, 1956·1960


Aerial view made possible through the combined efforts of Mr Anthony J. Carmen, who arranged for the plane, and Mr. Dick Novak of Walinger Studio, who photographed the school.


I 12

Sub-Superior; Religion IV

MRS. J. F. HENNESSEY Secretory


Physical Education, Wood Shop; Head Football Coach

MR. J. F. BERNARD, B.A. latin I and II, U.S. History


Algebra I and II, Plane Geometry


Religion I, General Busineu, Busineu Law



Religion III, Lotin I, II and III, French I, Moderator of Missions


Religion I and II, English I; Baseball, Bookroom



English Deportment; Religion IV, English III and IVi "Standard" cnd Literary Journal


Religion I. Plane Geometry, Physics; Freshman Forensics, Physics Clcb

MR. P. H. COSTellO, M.A.

English III and IV, Spanish I; Ycrsity-Besketball Coach


Religion III, English I and IV, Art I; "Crusader", Art Club

BR. J. D. DONNEllY, M.A.

Mathematics Department; Religion IV, Algebra III, Trigonometry; Athletic Director

B r. A. D. DEVANE, Ph.D.

History Deportment; Religion IV, U.S. Hist::I~ Problems of Democracy; Golf, Visual


Religion I, Algebra I, General Science; Intramural Football, CISeA


Guidance Deportment; Religion IV; Guid. once Club, Stueent Seocte, Freshman Feetball

Faculty members con't even rest on Sunday. Apprehensively watching the Vanity teom in oct ion are Coaches Adduci and Johnston with Dr. Skrypkun.


Physical Education; Assistant Football Coach


Religion III. Algebra I, Plant Geometry; Glee Club, Senior Bowling

MR. A. E. GARRelS, M.Mu •• Glee Club Olrector


Bond Director


Relig Mod!

Reli; Book


Physical Education Deportment; Religion Assistant Football Coach

Evidently pleased with the results of Parent-Teacher Night, Mr. Brixie and Mr. Pesch pause to smile for the photog before leaving for home.


Religion I, Algebra I, General Science, Business Mathematics; Science Club, Sacristan


SR. A. X. ~ Language Depcrtmerr III and IV; Dean Moderator, Track

MR. W. M. KIEDAISCH, Algebra I and II, Trigonometry


Science Deportment; Religion If, Biology, General Science; As1ronomy Club, Biology Club


Algebra I and II, Plone Geometry

MR. J. P. KiElTY, B.A. latin I and II


Religion I, English II, Biology; Senior Sodality, Catholic Interracial Council

BR. P. B. LANE, B.S.

Biology Deportment; Religion I, Biology; Biology Club, Apostleship of Prayer

BR. G. G. lINDfMAN, MA Religion II, World History, Machine Shop; Swimming Coach

SL J. M. LEAVEY, M.A. ~ 11. &gGsh II; Junior 8o .... ling

MR. G. M. LUX, B.A.

English I and IV, Bantam Basketball Coach


Economia, ~ Bulin.1S Mathematics, Typing


BR. R. l. MAY, B.A.

Religion I and II, English I and III; Band Moderator


Religion II, General Business, Business Mathematics. Bookkeeping; Se p h e m e r e Football


Religion I, English I ond II; Sophomore Football, Sacristan



Religion III, U.S. Hiltary, Problems of Democracy; Track

BR. J. A. McRAE, B.A.

Religion III, French I and II, U.S. History; Tennis, french Club

BR. l. J. MOONEY, B.S.

Religion III. Chemistry; Book room, Chemis.Iry Club


Religion IV, Lotin II; Bunor


Religion I, lotin I

MR. J. J. RAFTERY, B.A. e..gr..t. iii and IV


During the school Christmas concert Mr. Henning weih for thunderous applouse to subside before an· nouncing the next selection to ~ played by the concert band.


Technical Engineering Deportment; Religion IV, Mechanical Drawing, Plane Geometry, Trigonometry, Wood Shop; Fathers' Club

BR. E. G. PILON, M.A. librarian; Library Club, Mothers' Club


Latin I, Algebra I. Plone Geometry


Religion I and II, World History; Tumbling

MR. E. J. ROGOZINSKI English I, II and III


Religion IV, Sponish I and II. Bosketball Moderator, Vocation Club

BR. D. P. RYAN, B.A.

Religion III, Problems of Democracy, U.S. His1ory; erO" Country, Intromural Bo ....



After Khool foll1es: Brother Leavey shows obvious glee at "Hom's" trip to outer 'poce, Brother Wil reaches for coffeine, Brother Oenne!\y scream, with po in. and Brother Sullivan loses at filling hi ..

MR. J. I. SWIENTEK, Ph.S 8iology; Vanity Bowling

SR. J. J. SUlliVAN, M.A.

Buline" Deportment; Religion III. Typing, Gen.rol BUlinelS, U.S. History

IV, Mechanical Drawing, Arch. Drawing; Junior Bowling

faculty room follies: Mr. Pesch smiles at students' answers, Mr. Kmiecik digs for a cigarette, and Mr. Rogozinski reads the remarks that his students have scribbled anonymously in his book.


Religion II, Electric Shop; Electronics Club, leathercraft Club


Religion III, Algebra II, Plane Geometry



WILLIAM T. HARMON, St. Barnabas, Academic: Int. Basketball 2; Frosh Footboll 1, Varsity 2,3,4; Student Senote 3,4, Sen. Secretory 4; Track 2,3,4; Vocation Club 2.

FRANK J. PALUMBO, St. John Fisher, Tech. Eng.: Int. Baseball 1,2; Int. Basketball 1,2; Frosh Football 1,2; tnt. Football 1,2; Student Senate 2,3,4, Sen. Treasurer 4; Vocation Club 2,3,4; Honor Roll 1.

THOMAS M. AB8ATEMARCO. St. John Fisher, Busines.s:

Crusoder 4; Glee Club 4; Student Senate 2,3,4. Tumbling 3; Honor Roll 1,2,3.

FREDERICK G. ABRAMS, St. Wolter, Academic: Sand 2,3; Drama 1; Int. Football 1,3.

JEROME J. ADAMS, St. Bernadette, Engineering Hnrs.:

Biology Club 2; Gen. Science Club 1; Guidance Club 3,4; Math Club 2; Physiu Club 4; Honor Roll ',2,3,4.

WilliAM J. ADAMS, St. Gerald, Academic: Band 1,2; Int. Basketball 2; Bowling 1,2,3,4; Footboll Mgr. 3; Vocotion Club 2,3.

PHILIP J. AKERS. St. Barnabas, Engineering: Bowling 2; Frosh Football 1,2; Int. Footboll 3,4; Swimming 2,3,4; Vocation Club 3; Honor Roll 4.


JOHN F. ALBERT, St. Linus, Clouical: Int. Basketball 1.2.3; Bowling 1,2,3; Honor R.olI 1,2.

JOHN J. WALSH, St. Coieton, Engineering: Fresh Football 1, Varisity 2,3,4; Student Senate 2,3,4, President 4; Vocation Club 2,3,4; Honor Roll 1.

KENNETH R. SOENEN, Holy Redeemer, Tech. Eng.: frosh Football 1, Vorsity 2,3,4; Student Senate 2,3,4, Sen. Vice-President 4; Track 2,3,4; Vocotion Club 1.

DAVID E. ATAMIAN, St. linus, Tech. Eng.

WILLIAM R. BAlKER, St. Christina, Academic: Bowling 1; Glee Club 1,2,3.

WILLIAM E. BAKER, Queen of the Universe, Acad.,mic:

Sodal;1y 2.

FRANK H. BARTZ, Holy Redeemer, Business: Bond 1; Int. Basketball 1.

JAMES BASE, St. Benedict, Academic: Glee Club 2,3,.; Vocation Club 1,2,l.

WILLIAM T. BATCHelOR, St. Nicholas of Tolentine, Engineering: Int. Basketball 1,2,3; Int. Football I. Honor Roll 1.

ROBERT C. BAUER, St. Cajetan, Academic: Int. Football 1; Sodality 2; Vocation Club 1,2.

BERNARD W. BAYNE, St, Gall, Business: Bowling 2,3; library Club 2; Vocation Club 2,l,4; Honor Roll 4.

JOHN R. BERCIER, St. Ccjetcn. Academic: Bowling 1; Frosh Football 2; Int. Football 1; Vocation Club 3,4.

DENNIS l. BERENT, St. Denis, Academic: Varsity Baseball 3,4; Int. Basketball 1,2; Int. Football l,2,l; Standard 2; Student Senate 2; Vocation Club 1,2; Honor Roll 1,4.

CHARLES J. BERGLUND, St. Mary Star of the Sea, Academic: Bond 1,2,3,4; Int. Basketball 1; Int. Foot. ball 1,2; Track 2; Vocation Club 3,4; Honor Roll l.

RUSSELL J. BERNHARDT, St. Christina, Engineering Hnrs.: Bowling 1,2; Electronics Club 2; Int. Football 2,3; Gen. Science Club 1; Glee Club 1,2; Guidonce Club 3,4; Math Club 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3.

JOHN E. BILA, St. Gerold, Academic: Astronomy Club 2; Sodality 2; Honor Roll 1.

EARL F. BlUISH, St. Ethelreda, Tech. Eng.: Int. Basketball 1,2; Int. Football 1,2; Gen. Science Club 1; Vocation Club 1,2.

DAVID A. BINOTTI, St. Gerald, Classical: Bowling 2,3; Guidance Club 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

JOHN M. BISINGER, Holy Redeemer, Tech. Eng.:

Drama 1; Electronics Club 3; Standard 1; Honor Roll 1.

DAVID J. BLACK, Queen of Martyn, Tech. Eng.:

Physics Club 4, Vice President 4; Student Senote .; Tennis 1,2,3,4, Captain 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

JOHN A. BLAKELY, AKension, Business: Band 1,2,3. Vocation Club 1.

Settling down with T-squores, compasses, and pencils the engineers of Room 116 begin to tackle a problem in mechanicol drawing .

z 6

ANTHONY R. BONOMO, St. Mary Star of the Sea, Academic: Int. Basketball 1,2; Int. Football 2,3; Vocation Club 3,4.

EOWARD J. BORDY, St. Bruno, Tech. Eng.: Bowling 4; Int. football 2; Honor Roll \.

MICHAEL E. BRENNAN, St. Christina, Tech. Eng.: Int. Basketball 1; Bowling 1,2; Int. football 3; Gen. Science Club 1; Guidance Club 3,4; Vocation Club 1; Honor Roll 1,3,4.

THOMAS K. BRIGHAM, Queen of Martyrs, Business:

Bond 1,2,3; Bowling 1,2.

THOMAS W. BRINNEHL, St. Denis, Busineu: Int. 80 .. ketball '; Bowling 2,4; Student Senate 2; Vocation Club 2,4; Honor Roll 1,3,4.

CLARENCE J. BROOKS, Holy Redeemer, Tech. Eng.:

Bowling 1,2,3.4; Electronics Club 3; Int. football t.

JOSEPH R. BRUECKMANN, St. Christina, Classical:

Bowling 1,3; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

DANIEL J. BUCHANIEC, Assumption B.V.M., Tech. Eng.: Int. Basketball 2; Bowling 1,2; Electronics Club 3; Int. Footboll 1,2; Gen. Science Club 1; Vocation Club 2,3; Honor Roll t.

WILLIAM J. BUCKLEY, Queen of Martyrs, Academic:

Int. Baseball 1,2; Int. Basketball 1,2; C.I.C. 3; Int. Football 1,2,3; Glee Club 4; Vocation Club 4; Honor Roll 1.

EOMUND P. BURKE, St. John Fisher, Academic: Int. Basketball 1,3; frosh football 1,2; Int. football 1,3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Vocation Club 1; Honor Roll 1.

ROBERT C. BURT, Holy Redeemer, Academic: Int. Basketball 1; Bowling 2,4; Cross Country 3.4; Int. Football 2.3; Track 3,4; Vocation Club 1.2,3,4.

CHARLES W. BUTlER, St. Christina, Engineering: Int. Basketball 1,2,3,4; Bowling 1; Int. Football 1,2; Guidance Club 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,4.

THOMAS J. BYRNE, St. Thomas More, Business: Int. Baseball 1,2; Int. Basketball 1,2; Int. football 2,3,4; Golf 2,3; Vocation Club 1,2,3.

DANiel V. CALLAGHAN, Christ the King, Busineu:

Int. Basketball 2,3; Int. football 1,2,3,4.

EOWARD P. CAREY, St. Margaret of Scotland, Aee. demic: Varsity Baseball 4; Int. Basketball 1,2,3,4; Frosh Football 2; Int. Football 1,2,3,4; Vocation Club 4; Honor Roll 1.

RICHARD G. CAREY, Holy Redeemer, Engineering:

Basketball Announcer 1,2; Basketball Manager 3,4; Int. Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football Announcer 2,3; Int. Football 2,3,4; Glee Club 2,3,4, Vice-President 4; Vocation Club 1,2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2.

E. MICHAel CASEY, St, Barnabas, Engineering Hnrs.:

Bond 1,2,3,4, President 4; Biology Club 2; Crusader 4; Electronics Club 2; Guidance Club 3,4; Moth Club 2; Sodality 2; Standard 2,3,4, Co-Editor-in-Chief 4; Vocation Club 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

CHARleS A. CELESKI, St. Christina, Tech. Eng.: lnt. Basketball ',3; Electronics Club ,; Int. Football 1,2,3; Vocation Club 1,2.

WILLIAM G, CESARO, Our Lady of the Ridge, Tech. Eng.

JAMES E. CHANGUS, St. Bride, Tech. Eng.: Guidance Club 3,4; Honor Roll 3,4.

WILLIAM E. CHASE, St. Adrian, Academic: Int. Basketball ',2,3; Int. Football 3,4; Gen. Science Club 1; Vocation Club 1,2.

DENNIS F. CHESTERS, St. Bernadette, Engineering Hnrs.: Bowling 2,3,4; Varsity Bowling 3; Crusader 3,4, Faculty Editor 4; Guidance Club 3,4; Math Club 1,2.3,4; Physics Club 4; Standard 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

LAWRENCE F. CHRISTENSEN, St. Christina, Tech. Eng,: Bowling 1; library Club 1.

GEORGE C. CLARK, St_ John Fisher, Engineering Hnrs,:

Drama 1,3,4; Guidance Club 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

JOHN K. COLE, Sf. Ccjetcn, Aecdemlc.

THOMAS J. COLLACHIA, St. Thomas More, Claukal:

Bowling 1; Int. Football 2,3; Guidance Club 3,4; Vocation Club 2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,3,4.

MICHAel E. COLLINS, St. Denis, Engineering: Varsity Basketball lights 2,3,4, Co-Captain 4; Vocation Club 2; Honor Roll 1,4.

BART R. COMISKEY, St. Barnabas, Teeb. Eng.: Bond 1,2,3,4; Tennis 1; Honor Roll 1,2,4.

GERALD E. COOK, Little Flower, Business: Bantam Basketball 1,2; Int. Basketball 1; Cress Country 1; Frosh Football 1, Varsity 2,3,4; Gen. Science Club 1; Student Senate 2,3; Track 2,3,4; Vocation Club 1.

JOHN J. COR8m, St. Barnobo.s, Tech. Eng.: Int. BolketboU 2; Int. Football 2; G.n. Sc:ian~ Club 1; Honor Roll 1.

TIMOTHY J. CUNNINGHAM, St. Barnabas, Busineu:

Bowling 1; Crusader 4; Drama 1; Glee Club 2,3,4; Honor Roll 1.

VINCENT f. DALEY, St, Bernadette, Academic: Int. Basketball 3,4; Int. football 4; Glee Club 2,4; Guidance Club 3,4; Sodality 4; Int. Tennis 1; Honor Roll 1,3".

JAMES E. OAL Y, St. Rila, A.codemic: Guidance Club 3; Vocation Club 2.

WILLIAM E. OAL Y, St. Cajelan, Engineering Hnts.:

Int, Basketball 3,4; Bowling 1,2.41; Gen. Science Club 1; Guidance Club 3,4; Math Club 1,2,3,4; Physics Club 4; Sodality 2,3,4; Vocation Club 1,2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

THOMAS J. DANielS, St. Margaret, Tech. Eng.: Bowling 2; Glee Club 4; Vocation Club -4.

RICHARD P. DANielSON, St. Barnabas, Acodemic~ Cress Country 2,3; Int. Football 2,3; Track 2,3,4.

LEROY H. CRAElIUS, St. Bernadette, Academic: Band 2,3,4; Bowling 3,4; C.I.C, 4; Crusader 4; Drama " Sodality 4; Standard 1; Vocation Club 2,4.

JAMES J. CRONIN, St. John Fisher, Tech. Eng.: Int. Football 2; Gen. Science Club 1; Honor Roll 1.

JOHN R. CRONIN, St. John Fisher, Academic.

JOHN F. CROWE, Our Lady 0' the Ridge, Academic:

Int. Basketball 1,2; Int. Football ,; Glee Club 2; Vocation Club 2,3,

JOHN F. CROWLEY. St. Christina, Classical: Basketball Heavies 2,3; Int. Basketball 4; Int. Football -4; Vocation Club 2.3,-4; Honar Roll 2.

RICHARD J. CUllEN, St. Denis, Engineering: Int. Basketball 1; 80wling '; Guidance Club 4; Swimming 2.3,4; Vocation Club 2; Int. Tennis 1,2; Honor Roll 1,3".

MICHAel D. DASSIE, St. Christina, Academic: Int. Basketball 1,2,3; Bowling 1,2.3; Int. Football 1,2,3.

MICHAEL A. DAVIS, St. Thomas More, Tech. Eng.:

Swimming 2; Track 3; Vocation Club 2; Honor Roll 1,2.

JOHN J. DIETRICK, Christ the King, Academic: Gen. Science Club 2; library Club 2,3,4; Honor Roll 1.

DAVID C. DillON, St. Rita, Tech. Eng.: Guidance Club 3.4; Honor Roll 1,2,3.

RICHARD E, DOERR, St. Margaret of Scotland, Engineering: Int. Basketball 1,2,3,4; Bowling 1,2; Cross Country 2; Int. Football 1,2,3,-4; Vocation Club 1,2; Honor Roll 4.

JOHN P. DORY, St. Barnabas, Engineering Hnts.:

Bond 1.2,3,4, Drum Major 2,3,4; Biology Club 2; Crusader 3,4; Eledronics Club 2; Int. Football 3; Guidance Club 3,4; Moth Club 2: Sodality 2; Standard 2,3.4, Co-Editor-in-Chief 4; Vocation Club 3,4; Honor Roll 1.2.3,'.

JOHN P. DOWNS, St. Walter, Academic: Int. Baseball 1,2,3; Int. Basketball 1,2; Gen. Science Club 1; Vocation Club 1,2,3,4.

GEORGE R. DOYLE, St. Christopher, Engineering Hnrs.:

Guidance Club 3,4; Math Club 3,4: Student Senate 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

GEORGE C. ORAl, St. Bernadette, Classical: Bowling 3.4; Int. Football 1,2,4; Guidance Club 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3.

DAVID M. DRANKIE, St. Christina, Clanical: Bond 1,2,3,4; Int. Basketball 1,2; Bowling 1,2; Vocation Club 1,2; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

DONALD E. DREHER, Sf. Cejetcn, Busineu: Int. Baseball 1,2,3,4; Int. Basketball 1,2,3,4; Frosh Football 2; Int. Football 1,2,3,4; Vocation Club 1.2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,4.

JOHN T. DREXel, St. John Fisher, Tech. Eng.: Int. Baseball 1,2; Int. Basketball 1,2; Crou Country 2; Int. Football 1,2; Track 2,4; Vocation Club ...

KENNETH A. DUDEK, SI. Gerald, Engineering: Int. Basketball 1,2,3; Bowling 1; Int. football 2,3; Gen. Science Club 1; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Guidance Club 3,4; Stendced 1,2,3,4; Vocotion Club 2.3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

THOMAS J. DUFFIN, St. Mary Star of the See, Clcssicol: Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Sodality 2,3,4; Vocation Club 2; Honor Roll 1.2.

JAMES E. DUNNE, Sf. John Fisher, Business: Bosketboll Lights 4; Int. Basketball 1,2; Cross Country 2; Drama 1; Int. Football 1; Gen. Science Club 1; Swimming 2,3; Track 2.3,4; Vocation Club 2,3.

MARINO P. DURAN, St. Cejetcn, Academic.

WILLIAM P. DURKIN, St. Christina. Academic: Int. Basketball 2; Bowling 1.2; Cron Country 2; Drama 1; Int. Football 1.2; Glee Club 1,2; Track 2,4; Vocation Club 1,2.

ROSS M. EGAN, St. Gerold. Engineering Hnn.: h.t. Basketball 1.2,4; Gen. Science Club ,; Guidonce Club 3,4; Moth Club 2; Sodality 2; Standard 3; Honor Roll 1,2.3,4.

Gene Zenz (1 04·A) and too many of his classmates pile into Gene's car for a ride home after a tough day at school. Cor's trunk provides ample space for books.



RICHARD 8. EHRMAN, St. John FiWter, Academic: Int. Basketball 2,3, Orama 1; Gen. Science Club 1; Glee Club 2; Vocation Club 1,3.

DAVID A. ELLISON, Holy Nome of Mary. CIQuitol:

Bantam Basketboll 1; Frosh Football 1. Varsity 2,3,4; Sodality 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

ROBERT E. FAlK, Holy Redeemer, Engine.ring Hnr~:

Int. Basketball 3.4; Bowling 1,2,3; Crusoder 3,4; Int. Football 2,3; Guidonce Club 3,4; Moth Club 2; Standard 4; Vocation Club 2,3; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

THOMAS F. FASHINGBAUER, St. Thomas More, Academit: Glee Club 4; Vocation t:lub 1.2.

JOHN F. FEEHAN, Queen of Martyrs, Business: Int. 8aseboll 1,2; Int. Bosketboll 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 2; Int. Football 1,2,3,4; Student Senate 4; Track 1,2,~.

JOHN P. FINERTY, St. Cojelon, Academic: Int. Bosket· boll 1,2; Bowling 1,2; Electronics Club 1; Int. Football 1,2,4; Gen. Science Club 1; Golf 1.2,3,4; Tumbling 2,3; Vocation Club 1,2,3.

MICHAEl J. FINN. St. Thomas More, Tech. Eng.:

Honor Roll 1.

PAUL F. ~SH, Holy Redeemer, Tech. Eng.: Swimming 2,3,4' Honor Roll 1.

JAMES E. flEMING, Queen of Martyrs, Business: Int. Baseball 1,2,3,4; Int. Basketball 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 1,2; Int. Football 1,2,3,4; Trock 1,2,3,.4, Vocation Club 1,2,3.

JOHN T. FlOOOAS, St. John Fisher, Business: Glee Club 2; Track 2; Vocation Club 1,2.3.

JOHN R. FLYNN, Sf. John Fisher, Tech. Eng.: Vanity Baseball 2,3,4; Int. Basketball 1.2,3,4; Cron Country 2; Frosh Football I, Varsity 2,3,4, Coptoin 4; Gen. Seience Club 1,2; Student Senate 2,3,4; Track 1.2,3, 4; Honor Roll 1.

ALAN J. FOREST, St. Albert the Great, Classical: Int. Baslcetball 1,2,3,4; Int. Football 1,2,3,4, French Club 2; Guidance Club 3,4; Track 3; Vocation Club 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

RICHARD M. FRANK, St. Bernadette, Business.

BERNARD W. FRANKLIN, St. Barnabas, Academic: &owling 2; Vocation Club 2,4; Honor Roll 3.

DEAN E. FRANKS, St. Wolter, Academic: Int. Basket. boll 2,3; Bowling 1,2; Cron Country 2; Int. Football 2.

ROBERT G. FUNK, Queen of Martyrs, Academic: Int. Basketball 1,2; Int. Football 2; Vocation Club 2,3.

MICHAel J. GAFFNEY, Our lady of the Ridge, Academic: Vorsity Baseball 2,3,4; Int. Basketball 3; Frosh Footboll 1,2; Int. Footboll 3,4; Student Senate 2; Track 2; Vocation Club 1.

DENNIS J. GAlEHER, St. Thomas More. Acodemic:

Int. Baskelball 1; 8o ..... ling 1,2; Int. Football 2,3.

HENRY T. GALEHER, St. Thomas More, Engineering:

Int. Bosketball 1; Bowling 1; Int. Football 1,2; Forensics 2.

WilliAM P. GARRelS, Queen of Martyrs, Business:

Band 1.

J. WILLIAM GAYNOR, St. Barnabas, Clonicol: Crusader 4; Guidance Club 4; Sodality 2; Vocation Club 4; Basketball Mgr. 2; Int. Tennis 1,2; Honor Roll 1.2,3,4.

WILLIAM T. GEARY, St. Morgaret, Engineering Hnrs.:

Int. Bosketball 1; Bowling 3,4; Forensics 2; Gen. Science Club 1; Guidance Club 3,4; Sodality 2; Moth Club 2; Vocotion Club 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

MARTIN J. GENTlEMAN, St. Kilian. Tech. Eng.: Int. Basketball 1,2; Dromo 3; Int. Footboll 1,2; Vocation Club 3,4; Honor Roll 1,3.

WAYNE A. GIACALONE, Infant Jesus of Prague, Classical: Int. Bosketball 2; Biology Club 2; Crusader 3,4; Int. Footboll 4; Glee Club 2,3,4; Guidance Club 3,4; Sodality 1,2.3; Standord 2,3,4; Vocation Club 2.3,4; Int. Tennis 1,2; Honor Roll 1.2.3.

The Guidance Office is one of the busiest parts of the scheel. Seniors above check with Brother Fairleigh on literature from various colleges throughout the U.S.

FREDERICK W. GILTMIER, St. Bernodette, Business:

Bowling 3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Vocotion Club 2.3,4; Honor Roll 4.

RICHARD R. GLATZ. Queen of Marty", Business: Band 1; Bawling ,; Int. Football 1,2,3.

JAMES M. GLEASON, St. Bernadette, Academic: Bowling 1; Int. Football 2,3; Student Senote 2; Trock 2; Vocation Club 2.3; Honor Roll 1,2,3.

JAMES J. GOllAK, Queen of Martyrs. Academic: Bond 1,2,3.4; Tumbling 2; Vocation Club 4.

RONALD W. GORKA, St. Mary Star of the Sea, Academic: Vanity Bowling 4; Bowling 4; Vocation Club 1,2; Honor Roll 1.

JOSEPH F. GORMAN, St. Denis, Academic: Bowling 4; Int. Football 4.


DANiel A. GORSKI. St. Nicholas of Ielentlne, Engineering: 8.owling 3; Electronics Club 2; Int. Foot. boll 4; Gen. Science Club ': Glee Club 1.2.3,4; Guidance Club 4; Vocation Club 2.

JOHN P. GRIGUS, Holy Redeemer, Tech. Eng.: Int. Basketball 2; Bowling 1,2.3,4; Int. Football 2; Track 2.

JAMES C. GRODOSKI, St. Thomas More, Engineering Hnrs.: Varsity Baseball 2.3,4; Int. Basketball 2,3,4; Crusader 4; Int. football 2.3; Guidance Club 3,4; Student Senate 3; Vocation Club 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3.

JAMES M. GROGAN. All Sbints, Academic: Int. Basketball 3: Int. football 4; Vocation Club 3.

RONALD R. GRUDZIEN, St. Denis, Clonical: Int. Basketball 2,3: Vanity Bowling 4; Bowling 2,3,4; Crusader 4; Int. Football 1,3.4; Guidance Club 4; Sodality 1.2; Vocation Club 3.4; Int. Tennis 1,2; Honor Roll 1.2,3.

ROBERT A. GUERIN. St. Barnabas, Engineering: Int. Basketball 1,2; Electronics Club 1; Football Mgr. 2; Int. Football 1,2,3.4; Math Club 1; Vocation Club 1; Honor Roll 1.

Dam Petroni and date seem to pletely unaware of Jack Mitchell temporarily lost track of his done ner. Scene took place at the Dance.

ROBERT D. GUERRA. SI. Christina, Academic: Vocation Club 1.2.3,4.

ROBERT A. GUZAUSKAS, St. Cajetan. Engineering:

Astronomy Club 2: Bowling r. Electronics Club 1; Int. Football 1; Glee Club 2,3; Guidance Club 3,4:

Honor Roll 1.2.

JOHN W. HACKETT, St. Cajetan. Tech. Eng.: Int. Baseball 3; Int. Basketball 1.2; library Club 3.

JAMES D. HAIDUK, St. Gerald Engi~eering Hnrs.: Int. Basketball 1,3,4; Int. Football 1,2; Guidance Club 3.4; Math Club 2.4; Honor Roll 1.2,3,4.

JOHN l. HANKIS, St. Adrian, Academic: Bond 1.2.3; Bowling 1; Int. Football 1.

ANTHONY M. HANRAHAN. Holy Redeemer. ClalJicol:

Int. Basketball 2.3; Int. Football 2.3.4; Guidance Club 3,4; Math Club 2; Sodality 2,3,4; Vocation Club 1,2.3,4; Honor Roll 1.2,3,4.

DANIEL K. HARRIS, Christ the King, Engineering:

Chemidry Club 3; Int. Football 1; Sodality 2; Honor Roll 1,2.

JOHN P. HART, St. John Fisher, Business: Int. Bcsketball t, Bowling 1; Int. Football 1,2,3; Vocation Club 1.2,3; Honor Roll 1.

NelSON E. HARTRICH, St. Barnabas, Academic:

Frolh Football 1,2; Vocation Club 3,4.

EUGENE N. HAUSER, St. Adrian, Academic: Drama 4; Frosh Football 1. Varsity 2,3,4; Student Senate 3.4; Vocation Club 2,3,4.

ROBERT J. HEILMAN. St. Thomas More, Engineering:

Electronics Club 2; Frosh Football 1; Int. Football 4; Glee Club 2; Honor Roll 1,4.

DENNIS W. HEINE, Holy Redeemer, Tech. Eng.:

Bowling 3,4; Honor Roll 1.

EDWARD H. HEINZE. St. Christina, Academic: Int. Bcsketbell 1,2,3,4; Varsity Bowling 4; Bowling 1,2.3,4; Honor Roll 3.

KENNETH A. HEINZEL, St. Christina, Engineering Hnrs.: Int. Basketball 1; Bowling 1; Gen. Science Club 1; Guidance Club 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

WILLIAM J. HENNESSEY, St. Margaret. Academic: Int. Bcsketbcll 1; Bowling 1,2; Int. Football 2,3; Tumbling 2,3,4, Captain 4; Vocation Club 2,3,4.

RONALD A. HERMAN, St. Simon the Apostle. Engineering: Bowling 1,2; C.I.C. 2; Standard 3; Honor Roll 1,4.

WILLIAM C, HETREED. St. Barnabas. Academic: Int. Basketball 2,3,4; Int. Football 2.3,4; Glee Club 4; Vocotion Club 4.

CHARLES H. HILL, St. Cojeton, Engineering: Bowling 1,2; Int. Football 1.2; Glee Club 1,2; Honor Roll 1.

JAMES F. HINCKS, St. Christina, Business: Int. Bosketboll 2; Glee Club 2.

WAYNE W. HOSTYNSKI, St. Richard. Engineering HntS.: tnt. Basketball 2,3.4; Electronics Club 2; Gen. Science Club 1; Guidance Club 3; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4,

JAMES M, HUNT, Holy Redeemer, Business: Bantam Basketball 1; Int, Basketball 2,3; Int. Football 1,2.3,4; Honor Roll 3,4.

EDWARD M. HUNTER, Infant Jesus of Prague, En· gineering Hnn.: Bowling 1,2,3; Guidonce Club 3,4; Vocation Club 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4,

WILLIAM M. HURLEY. St. Kilian, Classical: Bowling 3,4. Frosh Football 1.2; Int. Football 3.4. Sodality 1,2,3, Prefect 2,3; Student Senate 2,3; Vocation Club 3,4.

THOMAS F. IVANO, St. Linus, CloniC-al: Bowling 3; GIN Club 2; Sodality .; Honor Roll 1,2.


THOMAS P. JACHIMEK. St. Christina, Engineering:

Int. Basketball 1; Bowling 1,2; Int. Football 1; Guidance Club 3.4; Moth Club 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3.

JAMES J. JOHNSON. Holy Redeemer, Clonical: Int. Basketball 1,2,3; Int. rootball 1,2,3; Guidance Club 4; Vocation Club 1; Honor Roll 1,2,3.

PATRICK R. JONES, H-;,Iy Redeemer, Business: Int. Football 1,2.

JOSEPH J. JOYCE, St. John Fisher. Tech. Eng.: Int. Baseball 1,2; Int. Basketball 1,2; Frosh Football ,; Int. Football 1,2; Golf 1.4; Vocation Club

GERALD R. JUNKAS, St. David, Academic: Int. Bosket. boll 1,2; Bowling '; Int. Football 1.2: Honor Roll 2.

RICHARD J. JURGOVAN. Queen of the Universe. Academic.

STEPHEN S. JURKATUS, Our Lady of Loretto. Business:

Bond 1.2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,4.

GEORGE l. KADAR, St. Bened:ct, Business: Bond 1; Int. Basketball 2.3; Int. Football 4; Vocation Club 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2.

THOMAS V. KALEBIC. St. Denis, Business: Bowling 2; Glee Club 2; Tennis 1,2.3,4; Vocation Club 2; Honor Roll

PETER J. KAMON, Holy Redeemer. Tech. Eng.: Bowling 1,2,3; C.I.C. 2; Electronics Club 1,2.3; Gen. Science Club 1; Honor Roll ...

JAMES C. KEATING, St. Christina, Academic: Int. Basketball 2; Bowling 2; Cross Country 1,2; Gen. Science Club 1; Trock 1.2.

THOMAS P. KelLY. Holy Redeemer, Academic: Bond 1,2,3,4; C.1.e. 4.

TERRY W. KEOGH, St. Chri~tinQ. Academic: Fly Balketball 2, lights .. ; Int. Basketball 1,3; Int. Football 1.2.3,"; Glee Club 1,2; Honor Roll 1,2.

DONALD J. KNOX, St. Mary Star of the Sea, Academic: Int: Baseball 1,2,4; Int. Basketboll 1,4; Int. Football 1,4; Forens:cs 2; Track 2; Honor Roll 1,2,4.

LARRY A. KOBB, Holy Redeeroer, Engineering: Bowling 1,2; Electronics Club 3; Honor Roll 1.

CLIFFORD P. KOEHLER, St. Ethelreda. Tech. Eng.: Int. Baseball 1.2; Int. Basketball 1.2.3; Bowling 2; Frash Football 1; Int. Football 1; Honor Roil 1,2.

TERENCE A. KOLACKI, St. Richard, Acadentic: Vocation Club 1; Honor Roll 1,3 ....

WALTER E. KOMAR, St. John Fisher, Tech. Eng.: Int. 8o.sketboll 2; Int. Football 2; Student Senote 2; Vocation Club 2; Honor Roll 1,2.

ROBERT E. KOPPES, Holy Redeemer, Academic: Glee Club 2; Swimming 2,3; Tumbling 1; Honor Roll 3.

J. MICHAel KOlA, St. Christina, Engineering: Int. Basketball 3,4; Bowling 2,3,4; Electronics Club 2; Frosh Football 1; Int. Football 2,3; Math Club 2,3,4; Vocation Club 3; Honor Roll 1.

JOHN W. KOlAK, St. Margaret, Engineering Hnrs.:

Varsity Baseball 3,4; Bowling ,; Int. Football 1,2,3; Gen. Science Club 1; Glee Club 2,3; Guidance Club 3,4; Moth Club 2,3; Science Seminar 3, Vocation Club 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3.4.

DANiel C. KRAKOWSKI, SI. Denis, Engineering Hnrs.:

Int. Basketball 1; Bowling 1,2,3,4; Int. Football 2,3; Gen. Science Club 1; Glee Club 2; Guidance Club 3,4, Moth Club 2; Vocation Club 4; Int. Tennis 1,2; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

MICHAel G. LaDOUCEUR, Holy Redeemer. Business:

Int. Baseball 1,2,3; Int. Basketball 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 1,2; Int. Football 1.2,3.4; library Club 4, Vice President 4.

STANLEY E. LARSON, St. John Fisher, Tech. Eng.:

Electronics Club 2; Honor Roll 1,2,4.

JAMES P. LASCHOBER, St. Bernedette, Academic:

Bowling 1.2.3 ....

JOHN D. LASCOE, St. Christina, Engint"ering: Int. Basketball 1,2.3; Bowling 1,2,3; Int. Football 1.2; Gen. Science Club 1.

JOSEPH S. LAVENKA. St. John Fisher, Academic: Glee Club 1,2; Swimming 2; Vocation Club 1; Honor Roll 1.

GEORGE W. LAWLER, Queen of Martyrs, Business:

Basketball Flys 2; Student Senate 2,4; Tennis 1,2; Track 3,4; Vocation Club 2.3.

JOHN P. LEAHY. Christ the King, Engineering Hnrs.:

Varsity Basketball Flys 1, Lights 2,3,4; Frash Football 1, Varsity 3,4; Guidance Club 3,4; Student Senate 2,3,4; Vocation Club 2,3.4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

JOSEPH A. LePENSKE, SI. Joseph, Classical: Int. Football 3; Sodality 2; Int. Tennis 2; Honor Roll 1,2.

Seniors Waltzoni, Sullivan, and Aleen, the backbone of the school swimming team, practice the backstroke in a nearby pool.


RICHARD J. LEWANDOWSKI, St. Tvribius, Engineer· ing: Int. Basketball 2; Bowling 2; Glee Club 1,2; Guidance Club 3,4; Honor Roll 4.

RONALD F. lHOTAK. St. Richard, Academic: Biology Club 3; Drama 2; Int. Football ,; Vocation Club 3,4.

GREGORY P. lOSINIECKl, St. Bernadette, Academic:

Int. Basketball 2,3,4; Bowling; Int. football 1,2,3,4; Gen. Science Club 1; Golf ,,2,3,4; Vocation Club 3,4; Honor Roll 3.

MARTIN E. LUCAS, Sacred Heart, Business.

MICHAEL H. LUCAS, Sacred Heart, Tech. Eng.: Int. Basketball 1; Guidance Club 4; Honor Roll 2,4.

JOHN F. LUNNEY, Holy Redeemer, Academic: Int. Basketball 2,3,4; Int. Football 4; Gen. Science Club '; Glee Club 2,4; Vocation Club 1,2,3.

ROBERT P. lUX, St. Symphoroso, Engineering: Sowl· ing 1; Honor Roll 1,2.

THOMAS F. L VP, St. Daniel the Prophet, Tech. Eng.:

Int. Basketball 1; Bowling 1,2.3,4: Int. Football 2; Honor Roll 1,2.3.

BRIAN F. MADDEN, Holy Redeemer, Academic: Int. Ba~ketbQII 2,3; Cross Country 1,2; Frosh Football 1,2, Varsity 3,4; Track 1,2; Vocmtion Club 1,2,3.

GERALD H. MADER, Queen af Martyrs, Engineering Hnrs.: Bantam Basketball I, Heavies 2,3,4; Frash Football I, Varsity Football 2,3,4; Guidance Club 3,4: Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

THOMAS P. MALEE, St. Thomas More, Engineering Hnrs.: Int. Basketball 2,4; Bowling 1,3; Int. Football 2.3; Forensics 2; Golf 2; Guidance Club 3,4; Vocation Club 2,4; Honor Roll 1,2.3.4.

MICHAel F. MALONEY, Queen of Martyrs, Classicol:

Bantam Basketball 2. Heavies 4; Int. Basketball 1.2,3: Crusader Closs Editor 4; Int. Football 1,2.3,4; Guidance Club 3.4: Standard 1: Track 2; Tumbling 1; Vocation Club 1,2.3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3.

PAUL M. MANORA, St. Truibius, Academic: Int. Bas· ketball 2; Bowling 2; Glee Club 1,2.

ROBERT 8. MANNING, St. Adrian, Tech. Eng.: Int. Basketball 1,2; Int. Football 1,2; Honor Roll 1,2.

JAY J. MARCEK. St. Gerold. Business; Band 1,2,3,4:

Bowling 1,2,3,4: Gen. Science Club 1; Vocation Club 1,2.

STEPHEN P. MATALONE, St. Alexander, Academic:

Varsity Baseball 2,3,4; Int. Basketball 1,2,3; Int. Football 3,4; Honer Roll 3.

DANIEL J. MATIS. St. Bede, Engineering Hnrs.: Int. Basketball 3; Bowling 1.2,3; Int. Football 3; Glee Club 2; Golf 2; Guidance Club 3,4; Honor Roll 1.2,3.4.

EUGENE A. McCARTHY, St. Anne, Academic: Int. Basketball 1; Bowling 1,2,3,4; Int. Football 1,2; Vocation Club 1.

JOSEPH B. McCARTHY, St. Christina, Engineering Hnrs.: Bawling 2; Gen. Science Club 1; Guidance Club 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,4.

MARTIN J. McCARTHY, St. Michael, Engineering Hnrs.:

Drama 1.2,4; Guidance Club 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3.

RICHARD H. Mc(OPPIN, St. Cejeten, Business: Int. Baseball 1,2; Bowling 1,2; I nt. Football 1,2,4; vocetion Club 1.

DANIEL J. McCOY, Queen of Martyrs, Academic:

Biology Club 3; Int. Football 1; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Vocation Club 3; Int. Tennis 2.

RICHARD A. McCUE, St. Walter, Classical: Int. Feetball 1,2,3,4; French Cfvb 4; Vocation Club 1,2,4.

ROGER R. McCUNIS, St. Christina, Business: Int. Basketball 2; Bowling 2.

EDWARD P. McFADDEN, St. Barnabas, Academic:

Int. Basketball 3,4; Int. Football 2,3,4; Tumbling 2; Vacation 1,2,3,4.

THOMAS L McGETRICK, Queen of Martyrs, Business:

Int. Basketball 1; library Club 3; Vocation Club 1,2,3,4; Honor Roll 1.

MICHAEl R. MeL AMORE, St. Nicholas of Tolentlne, Tech. Eng.: Int. Basketball 1,2; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

WILLIAM N. McLINDEN, Holy Redeemer, Academic:

Sow ling 1; Frash Football 2; Int. Football 4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Student Senate 3,4; Track 2,3,4; veeetion Club 4; Honor Roll 1.

JOHN P. McNICHOLS, St. Walter, Business: Forensics 2.

PAUL w. MICHEL, Holy Redeemer, Academic: Int. 8o~etboll 2,3; Frosh Football 1,2, Varsity 3,4.

Under the watchful eye of Brother Mooney, the senior classical closs performs a ehemistry experiment. Tony Sapienza forgets the experiment for a moment to pose for the photographer.



EDWARD J. MICHElS, St. John Fisher, Business: Bowling 1.

DEAN R. MIDDELTON, Our lady of Loretto, Engineering: Bowling 2; Electronics Club 2; Glee Club 1,2; Moth Club 2,3.

ROGER J. MillS, Christ the King. Tech. Eng.: Cress Country 3,"; Frosh Football 1; Track 3,4, Captain 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,".


JOHN R.. MITCHell, Christ the King, Engineering:

Electronics Club 4; Frosh Football 1; Glee Club 2,3,4; Physics Club 4; Swimming 2,3; Vocation Club 4; Honor Roll ...

PHILLIP J. MITRICK, Christ the King, Academic; Bowl. ing 1; Drama 3; Vocation Club 1,2,3.

THEODORE R. MOLESKI, St. Linus. Business: Bowling 4; Sodality 4; Vocation Club 4; Honor Roll 3,4.

GARRY T. MOORE, St. Christine, Classical: Sodality ~.

THOMAS P. MORAN, St. Gerold, Academic: Student Senate 3; Honor Roll 1.

DENNIS M. MORITZ, St. Wolter, Classical: Int. Bas· ketball 2,3,"; Bowling 1; Crusader 3.4, Ass't. Editor 4; Int. Football 2,3.4; Guidance Club 3,4; Science Seminar 3; Sodality 1,2,3; Standard 3,4; Student Senate 2,3,4; Vocation Club 1.2,3,4; Honor Roll 1.2.3.~.

ROBERT J. MORRIS, St. Bernadette. Classical: Int. Basketball 2,3,4; Int. Football 3,4; French Club 1,2; Glee Club 3,4; Vocaticn Club 3,4.

WILLIAM F. MULCAHY, Queen of Martyrs, Business:

Bawling 2. Int. Football .. ; Gen. Science Club 1; Library Club 2.3.4; Vocation Club 2.

EDWARD M. MULHERN. Queen of Martyrs, Academic:

Bowling 1,2,3,"; Int. Football 2.3; Tennis 3.4; Honor Roll 1.

LAWRENCE R. MURPHY, St. Christina Tech. Eng.:

Library Club 3; Trock 4.

RAYMOND J. MURPHY, St. Christina, Academic: Int. Basketball 2,3; Bowling 2; Vocation Club 1,2,3; Honor Roll 1.2.

THOMAS P. MURPHY, Sacred Heart. Business: Int. Baseball 1,2,3; Int. Basketball 1.2,3; Int. Football 1,2,3; Vocation Club 1,2,3.

WILLIAM A. MURPHY. St. Adrian. Academic: Int. Football 2.3; Honor Roll 1.

ROBERT D. NielSEN, St. John Fisher, Engineering:

Bowling 2; Electronics Club 2; Vocation Club 2; Honor Roll 1.3.

WILLIAM M. NOLAN, Queen of Martyrs. Busineu:

Int. Basketball 1,2; Int. Football 1.2,3.4; Gen. Science Club 1; Tumbling 2; Vocation Club 1,2.

Co-editor of the STANDARD, Mike Cosey, temporarily forgets his rivalry with the CRUSADER staff and poses for his year· book picture - with a smile, yeti

JAMES R. OSKVAREK, St. Ethelreda, Engineering Hnrs.: Int. Baseball 2,3; Int. Basketball 2,3; Bowling 1,2.3,4; Int. football 1,2,3; Forensics 1,2,3; Gen. Science Club 1,2: Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Student Senate 2; Track 1,2; Voc::ation Club 1,2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,4.

GERALD J. OSWALD, Queen of Martyrs, Engineering Hnrs.: Drama 1; frosh football 2. Varsity 3; Gen. Science Club 1; Honor Roll 1,2.

THOMAS M. OTSTOn, Our Lady of Loretto; Business:

Int. Basketball 1; Glee Club 1,2.

ROBERT D. PAETOW, Holy Redeemer, Business: Bowling 2,3,4; c.I.C. 4; Drama 1; Sodality 4; Vocation Club 2,3; Int. Tennis 1,2; Honor Roll 1.2,3,4.

> RICHARD S. PAJDA, St. Adrian, Engineering Hnrs.:

Bowling 1,2,3 .. 4; Golf 3,4; Guidance Club 3,4.; Moth Club 2,3,4; Sodality 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3,.4.

EDWARD O. PALASZ, St. Gerold, Academic: Varsity 80sebalf 3,..4; Bowling 1.2; Glee Club 2; Honor Roll 2.3.

EDWARD J. NOONAN, Christ the King, Clossical:

Varsity Basketball, lights 3,4; Int. football 4. Geldonce Club 3,4; Student Senate 4; Vocation Club 3,4. Honor Roll 3.

THOMAS C. NUDO, SI. Michael, Tech. Eng.: Int. Basketball 1,2,3; Int. Football 1,2,3; Honor Roll 1.

JAMES P. O'BRIEN, Haly Redeemer, Academic: Int. Basketball 1; Bowling 1; Int. Football 1,4; Golf 2,3:

Vocation Club 4; Honor Roll 1.

ROBERT D. O'BRIEN, St. Christina, Academic: forensics 4; Glee Club 4.

THOMAS F. O'CONNelL, St. Bede the Venerable, Tech. Eng.: Int. Basketball 2; Chemistry Club 3. Cross Country 2,3,4; Int. Football 7; Gen. Science Club 1; Track 2,4; Vocation Club 1,2,3; Honor Roll 1.

JAMES C. O'HARA, Holy Redeemer, Academic: Bowl. ing 1,2,3,4; Int. Football 1,2,3; Glee Club 1,2,3,4.


WILLIAM J. PETZEL, St. Gerald, Academic: Bowling 1,2,3; C.I.e. 4; Crass Country 2; French Ctub 3,.(; Guidonce ctub 3,4; Literary Journal 3; Standard 1,2,3,4; Int. Tennis 1; Honor Roll 1.

WALTER F. PODOLSKI, St. Gerald, Engineering Hnrs.:

Int. Basketball 1,2,3,4; Int. Football 1,2; Guidance Club 4; Physics Club 4, President 4; Honor Rail 1,2,3,4.

MICHAEL J. POllARD, St. Thomas More, Classical:

Int. Basketball 1,2; Int. Football 1,2; Glee Club 2; Guidance Club 3,4; Sodality 1,2; Vocation Ctub 3,4.

PETER E. POPE, St. Christina. Academic: Varsity Baseball 4; Bantam Basketball 2; Int. Basketball 1; Int. football 3.4.

THOMAS V. PORTER, St. Ethelreda, Academic: Int. Basketball 1,2; Bowling 1; Cross Country 2; Frosh Football 1; Int. Football 1,2,3; Track 2,3,4; Vocation Clu~ 2,3.

JOHN J. POWER. St. Thomas More, Academic.


from the look on ~~. Commander Theodore', face, it would seem thot someone in 104 A wasn't too enthusiastic about life in the U.S. Navy. Representatives from vcrleus services spoke to senior classes throughout the year.

GREGORY F. PASKIET, Queen of Martyrs, Academic:

Bond 1,2.3,4; Bowling 1; Honor Roll 1,4.

JAMES T. PAULSEN, Little Flower, Business: Int. Baseball 1; Int. Basketball 1,2; Bowllng 1.2; Cross Country 1,2; Int. Football I; Track 1,2,4; Vocation Club 1,2,3,4.

EARL M. PEARLMAN. St. Margaret of Scotland, Tech. Eng.: Int. Baseball 2; Cross Country 2.3,4; Int. football 2; Track 2.4; Vocation Club 1; Honor Roll 1.

MICHAEL A. PETERS, St. Elhelredo, Engineering Hnrs.:

Crusader 4; Int. Football 2; Gen. Science Club 1; Glee Club 2; Golf 1,2,3.4; Guidance Club 3,4; Math Culb 1.2; Vocation Club 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

JAMES E. PETRAK, Holy Redeemer, Business: Int. Baseball 2; Int. Basketball 1; Bowling 1; Int. Footbat1 2,3,4; Vocation Club 3,4.

DOMINIC P. PETROSSI, St. Michael, Engineering:

Honor Roll 4.

ROBERT W. POWERS, St. Barnabas, Engineering Hnrs.! Basketball 1,2,3,"; Biology Club 2; Cross Country 2; Int. Football 1,2,3; Forensics 2,3,4; Gen. Science Club 1; Guidance Club 3,"; Moth Club 1,2,3..4; Physics Club 4; Sodality 2,3,4, Prefect 4; Standard 4; Student Senate .. ; Track 2.3; Vocation Club 1,2.3 • .. s Honor Roll 1.2..3 ....

FRANK E. PRETE. Queen of the Unlverse, Engineering! Int. Basketball 2; Bowling ,; Int. Football 2.3."; Glee Club 2.3,4; Moth Club 3."; Vocation Club 1; Honor Roll 1.

STANLEY E. PYKA, St. Benadetto. BUlineu; Int. Bose· boll 1; Int. Bowling 1; Int. Football 2,3."; Vocation Club 3,4.

ROBERT D. QUINLIVAN, St. Cajelan, Academic!lGuid· once Club 3,4; Honor Roll 1.

GERALD E. QUINN. Our Lady of Loretto, Engineer. ing Hnrs.: Int. Basketball 1,2,3,4; Biology Club 2; Bowling 1; Cross Country 2;·lnl. Football 1,3; Guidance Club 3,4; Track 2; Honor Roll 1,2.

DANIEL M. RAFTER. St. Adrian, Tech. Eng.: Int. Basketball 1,2; Bowling 1.2; Int. Football 1,2.

M!CHAEL P. RAFTERY, St. Gerold, Classical: Crvseder 4; Glee Club 2; Guidance Club 3,"; Sodality 1,2; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Vocation Club; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

JEROME J. RAKOCZY. St. Bruno, Academic: Bowling 1.2; Glee Club 1.2.

RONALD D. REDIVO. Holy Redeemer, Tech. Eng.:

Varsity Baseball 3,4; Int. Basketboll 2; Varsity Bewling 3.4; Bowling 1,2,3,4; Int. Football 2; Vocation Club 2; Honor Roll 1.

KENNETH l. REGER, St. Michael, Business: Int. Basketball 1.2; Bowling 1,2; Int. Football 1; Track 3,"; Vocation Club 1,2.3,4; Honor Roll ...

DUANE P. REIDY. St. Ethelredo, 'Academic: Varsity Football 4; Int. Football 2.3; Glee Club 1,2.3,4; Vocation Club 1,2.3 ....

JOHN P. REILLY, Sf. Linus. Academic: Bowling 1; Int. Football 4; Swimming 3,4.

DENNIS M. REILLY, St. Cajelan, Engineering: Bowling 1.2; Football Manager 2; Int. Football 1; Golf 1.2; Sodality 2. Vacation Club 1,2,3,"; Honor Roll 1.

PAUL G. REYCRAFT, Holy Redeemer, Academic:

Bowling 1,3,4; Gleen Club 1,2,3,4, President .. ; Sodality 4; Student Senate 2.3,4; Vocation Club 2.3,4; Honor Roll 1,2.

JAMES A. REYZER, Sf. Bernadette. Engineering: Int. Football 2,4; Glee Club 2.3.4; Vocation Club 2; Honor Roll 1,2.

ROBERT M. RITCHEY, St. John Fisher, Business: Cross Country 2; Track 2.3; Vocation Club 1,2,3; Honor Roll I.

PAUL E. ROHAN, Holy Redeemer. Engineering Hnrs.:

Bowling 3; Crusader 4, Senior Editor 4; Electronics Club 2; Gen. Science Club 1; Guidance Club 3,4; Moth Club 4; Physics Club 4; Standard 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

NEIL J. RONEY, St. Barnabas, Academic: Basketball Flys 1, Heavies 3,"'; Int. Football 2; Vocation Club 2,3.


At least one afternoon each week many of the seniors bowled in the intra-mural league. Some kept score by the number of hamburgers and cokes consumed.


GLENN G. ROSE, St. Alexander, Academic: Vanity Bowling 3,4; Bowling 1,2,3,4, President 4.

KENNETH M. RUFF, St. Turibius, Engineering: Int. Basketball 2; Bowling 1.2,3; Int. Football 1,2.3; Glee Club 2,3,4; Guidance Club "; Student Senate 2,3."; Vocation Club 2.3; Honor Roll 1.

JOHN A. RUH. Queen of the Universe. Tech. Eng.:

Varsity Bowling 4; Bowling 3,4; Honor Roll 1.2.3 ....

DARYll T. RYAN, St. Christina. Academic: Cron Country 2; Track 2; Vocation Club 2.3.

EDWARD F. RYAN. Sf. Thomas Mare. Clauical: Int. Basketball 1,2.3,4; Crusader ". Activities Editor .. ; Int. Football 1.2,3,4; Guidance Club 3."; Sodality 2; Tennis 1,2; Vocation Club 3.4; Honor Roll 1.2,3 ....

GEORGE A. RYWNIAK. St. Turibius, Academic: Bowfing 1.2,3; Forensics 2,3; Glee Club 1,2; Library Club "; Sodality 2; Vocation Club 1 ,2,4.

PATRICK D. SALETTA, Christ the King, Academic:

Glee Club 2.

JERRY D. SANTONI. Holy Redeemer, Academic:

Bowling 1.2,3,4.

ANTHONY J. SAPIENZA, St. Barnabas, Classical:

Bowling 2; Crusader 4; Frosh Football 2; Int. Football 2,3,4; Glee Club 2; Guidance Club 3.4; Vocation Club 2; )nt. Tennis 1; Honor Roll 1,2,<3,4.

GERALD A. SAUVE. St. Christina, Clanicol: Int. Basketball 2,3; Bowling 1,2,3,4; Inl. Football 2,"; Honor Roll 1,2,3.

JAMES R. SCHAEFFER, SI. Denis, Business: Basketball, Flys 1. lights 2,3A; Frosh Football 1.

JOHN G. SCHEER, St. Richard. Tech. Eng.: Bowling 1,2,3,4; Drama 1; Vocation Club 2; Honor Roll 1.

JOHN M. SCHOFIELD, St. Kilian, Tech. Eng.: Int. Baseball 1,2,3; Int. Basketball 1,2,3; Bowling 1,2; Int. Football 1,2; Vocation Club 1,2; Honor Roll 1,3.

RUSSEll J. SCHREIER, St. John Fisher, Engineering Hnrs.: Int. Basketball 1; Bowling 2,3; C.I.C. 3; Drama 1; Electronics Club 1; Frosh Football 1; Int. Football 2,3; Forensics 1,2.3; Guidance Club 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,'.

DENNIS T. SCHROEDER. St, John Fisher, Academic:

Int. Basketball 1; Bowling 1,2; Int. Football 1; Swimming 2; Vocation Club 1,2,3.

CONRAD E. SCHUBERTH, Christ the King, Academic:

Int. Football 2.

JOHN A. SCHUH, St. Adrian, Tech. Eng.: Int. Basketball 1,2; Cross Country 4; Student Senate 2,3; Honor Roll 1.

CHARLES P. SEARS, Sf. Ethelreda, Business: Int. Basketball 1,2,3; Int. Football 1,2,3; library Club 2; Vocation Club 1,2,3.

ARTHUR F. SEYMOUR, St. Christina, Tech. Eng.: Int. Basketball 2; Bowling 1; Int. Football 2; Gen. Selence Club 1; Guidance Club 3A; Honor Roll 4.

LelAND E. SHALGOS, Christ the King, Academic: Bantam Basketball 1, Heavies 2,3; Int. Football 1,2,3,4; Golf 4; Vocation Club 3,4.

DONALD E. SIMON, St. Christina, Tech. Eng.: Int. Basketball 3; Cross Country 3; Int. Football 3; Golf 3; Trock 4.

JAMES J. SIPES, St. Gerold, Engineering Hnrs.: Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

LOUIS W. SKOWRON, St. Christina, Business: Bond 1; Int. Baseball 1.

WILLIAM L. SKRZElOWSKI, St. Nicholas of Tolentine. Tech. Eng.: Bowling 1.

ROBERT C. SLANICKY, Sf. Nicholas of Tolentine, Academic: Bond 1; Bowling 1,2; Int. Football 3; Sodality 2; Vocation Club 4; Int. Tennis I.

JOSEPH P. SLAWINSKI, St. Christopher, Engineering Hnrs.: Int. Basketball 2,3,4; Bowling 1,2,3,4; Varsity Rowling 4; Gen. Science Club 1; Guidanc:e Club 3,4; Vocation Club 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3.

JOSEPH E. SMITH, Sf. Kilian, Tech. Eng.: Int. Bcsketboll 1,2; Vocation Club 1.2; Honor Roll 3.

JAMES J. SOKOL, St. John Fisher, Ac:ademic: Int. Football 2; Vocation Club 2; Honor Roll 1.

ROBERT A. SOKOLOSKY, St. Bernadette. Ac:ademic::

Band 1.2,3,4; Int. Basketball ,; Int. Football 1,2; Track 2; Vocation Club 4; Honor Roll 1.

IRWIN R. SOLOMON, Christ the King, Busineu.: Bowling 1,2; Glee Club 2; Tratle 2.4; Honor Roll 1,4.

JOHN 8. SPANNUTH, Christ the King, Academic: Bas.ketball Bantams 1; Glee Club 4; Vocation Club 4.

MICHAEl J. SPINGOLA. St. Walter. Academic: Int. Basketball 1; Bowling 1.2,3; Int. Football 2,3; Tennis 1,2; Vocation Club 2,3.

JAMES M. STAllER, St. Christina, Academic: Bowling 1,2; Vocation Club 3.

RICHARD P. STANICH, St. Turibius, Classical: Guid. ante Club 4; Sodality 2,3,4; Vocation Club 1,2,3,4; Honor Roll 4.

LEROY B. STANTON, St, Adrian, Academic: Int. Basketball 3: Glee Club 2; Standard 2.3; Vocation Club J 4.

THOMAS M. STEFANIK, St. Thomas More, Academic:

Bowling 1; C.I.e. 3,4; Crvscder 3.4; Forensics 2,3,4; Glee Club 4; Moth Club 3; Honor Roll 2.

THOMAS K. SULLIVAN, Christ the King, Business: Int. Basketball 1,2,3; Int. Football 1,2,3; Gen. Science Club 1; G!ee Club 1,2,3.4; Vocation Club 3.4.

KENNETH M. SVOBODA. Our Lady of the Ridge, Business: Bowling 4; Library Club 2.

JOHN P. SWEENEY, Our Lady of Loretto, Classical:

Basketball Bantams 1,2, Heavies 4; Int. Basketball 3; Crusader 4; Frosh Football 1,2, Varsity 3,4; Int. Football 2; Guidance Club 3,4; Track 3; Vocation Club 2,3; Honor Roll 1,2,3,

JAMES V. TALANO, St. Bernadette, Tech. Eng.: Int. Basketball 2.

JAMES J. TALLON, St. Thomas More, Academic:

Bowling 1; Glee Club 2; Vocation Club 2,3.

JAMES S. TALTY, St. Kilian, Business: Int. Basketball 1.2; Vocation Club 1,2,3,4; Honor Roll 1.


KENNETH J. STUGlIS, Nativity B.V.M., Tech. Eng.:

Band 1.2,3; Int. Basketball It Honor Roll 1,3.

PHILLIP P. SUKEl, St. Nicholas of Tolentine, Engineering Hnrs.: Bond 1,4; Int. Basketball 1,2; Bowling 1,2; Int. Football 1,2,3; Glee Club 2; Guidance Club 4; Vocation Club 1,2; Honor Roll 1,3,4.

KENNETH J. SUlliVAN, St. Ccjetcn, Engineering:

Electronics Club 4; Vocation Club 2.

MICHAEl J. SULLIVAN, St. Barnabas, Classical: Int. Basketball 2,3,4; Int. Football 2,3,4; Glee Club 4; Guidance Club 3,4; Sodality; Vocation Club 4; Honor Roll 2.

MICHAEL P. SULLIVAN, St. Thomas More, Classical:

Basketball Bantams 2; Int. Basketball 2,3,4; Cron Country 2; Crusader 3,4, Sporh Editor 4; Int. Football 2,3,4; Glee Club 2.3,4; Guidance Club 3,4; Sodality 2,3; Standard 2,4; Track 3; Vocation Club 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3.4.

PATRICK J. SULLIVAN, Christ the King, Classical:

Basketball Flys 2; Int. Basketball 2; Frosh Football 2; Int. Football 2,3.4; Guidance Club 3,4; Sodality 2; Swimming 2,3.4; Vocation Club 2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,4.

JAMES P. TENNISON, St. Kilian, Tech. Eng.: Bowling 1,2; Electranics Club 2; Guidance Club 3A; Math Club 1,2,3; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

JAMES P. TERRElL, St. Christina, Engineering: Biology Club 2; Electronics Club 3; Int. Football 2,3; Gen. Science Club 2; Honor Roll 1.

DANiEl C. TOFT, SI. Christina. Business: Bowling 1; Crou Country 1,2; Gen. Science Club 1; Library Club 3; Track 1,2; Vocation Club 1,2,3.

DOUGLAS A. TOMASO, SI. Gerald, Classical: ~irsity Baseball 2,3,4; Basketball Bantams 2; Frosh Football 2; Int. Football 2,3,4; Guidance Club 3,4; Sodality 2; Vocation Club 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

FRANCIS T. TOTH, St. Ethelreda, Tech. Eng.: Electronics Club 3,4; Tennis 1,2; Honor Roll 1,4.

ROBERT l. UEBERBACHER, St. Christina, Engineering Hnrs.: Int. Basketball 1,4; Bowling 1,2; Gen. Science Club 1; Guidonce Club 3,4; Math Club 1,2; Physics Club 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

WILLIAM E. UTES, Queen of Martyrs, Engineering:

Basketball Flys 2, Lights 4; Int. Basketball 3; C.I.C. 2; Int. football 2,3,4; Glee Club 3; Student Senote 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3.

EDWARD R. VENDEl, Our lady of the Ridge, Tech. Eng.: Droma 1; Honor Roll 1.

Sen ion gOlher outside Room 200 to watch fellow senior "Fritz" Hartritch. Poll among watchers showed they considered "Fritz," "The senior most likely to succeed."


ROBERT J. VERBIC, Queen of the Universe, Engineering Hnrs.: Int. Basketball 2,3,4; Bowling 1,2,3; Int. Football 1,2,3: Glee Club 2; Guidance Club 3,4; Student Senate 2; Vocation Club 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

JOHN A. VOJTAS, St. Rita, Engineering: Int. Basketball 2,3; Bowling ',2,3; Int. Football 2,3; Guidance Club 3.4: Vocation Club 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

RICHARD R. VONDRAK, St. Nicholas of Tolentine, Clauical: Crusader 4; Guidance Club 3,4; Math Club ',2,3; Vocation Club 2,3,4; Int. Tennis 1,2; Honor Roll ',2,3,4.

ROBERT l. VOSS, St. John Fisher, Classical: Int. Basketball 1,2,3,4; Bowling 2,4; Frosh Football 1; Int. Football 2,3,4; Guidance Club 3,4; Sodality 1,2; Honor Roll 1.

DAVID A. WAllACE, St. Walter, Tech. Eng.: Astronomy Club 4; Sodality 4: Student Senate 4.

STEPHEN G. WALLIN, Christ the King, Engineering Hnrs.: Band 1,2,3,4; library Club 3,4; Honor Roll ,1.2,3.


JAMES P. WALSH, St. Thomas More, Classical: Int. Basketball 2,3; Crusader 3,4, Editor-in-Chief 4; Int. Football 2,3,4; Guidance Club 3,4; literary Journal 3; Sodality 2,3; Standard 2,4; Track 3; Vocation Club 1,2,3,4: Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

ROBERT C. WALSH, St. Kilian, Engineering Hnrs.:

Bowling 1,3,4; Guidance Club 3,4; library Club 3,4; Moth Club 1,2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

THOMAS B. WALSH, Queen of Martyrs, Business:

Vanity Baseball 3,4; Int. Basketball 3: Int. Football 1,2,3,4; Student Senate 2,3; Tumbling 2,3; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

THOMAS J. WALSH, Christ the King, Academic: Bowling 1,2,3; Cross Country 2,4: lnt. Football 1; Track 2,4; Vocation Club 3,4, President 3,4; Honor Roll 3.

WILLIAM M. WALlTONl, 51. earnobas, Academic: Int. Basketball 2,3; Bowling 1; Int. Football 3,4; Glee Club 3; Swimming 2,3,4, Captain 2,3,4; Track 2; Vocation Club 2.3.

ROBERT l. WASNIEWSKI, Holy Redeemer. Business:

Int. 8asketboll 1; Bowling 3; Honor Roll 1,3.

EDWARD W. WATEROUS, Queen of Martyrs, Engineer· nig: Int. Baseball 2,3; Bowling 1; Int. Football 2,3,4; Guidance Club 3,4; Vocation Club 1; Honor Rof( 1.

ROBERT J. WEILAND, St. John Fisher, Business: Bowl. ing 1 ; Tennis 1,2; Vocation Club 1,2.

ROBERT F. WElAND, St. 8ernadette, Engineering Hnrs.: Int. Basketball 1,2,3; Int. Football 2,3; Gen. Science Club 1; Guidance Club 3,4; Moth Club 2,3; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

ROSERT J. WELCH. Holy Redeemer, Business: Band 1; Bowling 1; Vocation Club 2,3.4.

DAVID J. WHIPPO, Sf. Adrian, Engineering: Bowling 1,2,3,4; Electronics Club 2; Guidance Club 3,4; Math Club 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

RAYMOND J. WIECKERT, St. Bede, Engineering Hnrs.:

Fly Basketball 2, Captah 2; light Basketball 3.4, Co. Captain 4; 80wling 1; Guidance Club 3,4; Vocation Club 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

A'WCy from home, the seniors have six

rhers" to take care of them during J.am time. Maybe that's why seniors -llke Goof so much - a chance to eat six times os much as at home.

ALLAN R. WIEDEL, Queen of Martyrs, Engineering.

JOSEPH D. WILLNER, Queen of Martyn, Business:

Cross Country 2; Vocation Club 2.

THOMAS F. WINTERS, Holy Redeemer, Classical: Int. Basketball 2,3,4; Int. Football 2,3,4; Vocation Club 1; Honor Roll ',2,3.

DONALD E. WOLNIA!(, St. Cejeten, En~neering Hnrs.: Bowling 3; Int. Football 2,3; Gen: Science Club 1; Glee Club 2,3; Guidance Club 3,4; Moth Club 2; Science Seminar 3; Tennis 2,4; Vocation Club 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4.

ROBERT D. WOODS, St. Denis, Academic: Varsity 8aseball 4; Frash Football 1, Varsity 2,3,.; Glee Club 1,2; Vocation Club 1,2,3,.; Honor Roll 1.

JOSEPH L. WRIGHT, St. Ethelreda, 8usiness: Int. Besebe'l 1,2; Int. Basketball , ,2: Cross Country 1,2; Int. Football 1,2; Track ',2,3,4; Vocotion Club 1,2,3,4,

LAWRENCE J, YOUNG, St. Barnabas, Classical: Cruseder 4; Glee Club 2; Vocotion Club 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3.

WILLIAM J. YOUNG, St, John Fisher, Academic: Band 1; Bawling 3,4; C.I.e. 3,4; Forensics 2,3,4; Glee Club 2,3,4; Sodality 4; Honor Roll 2,4.

DAVID R. ZENZ, St. Christina. Tech. Eng.: Int. Basket. ball 3; Bowling 1,2; Chemistry Clvb 3; Guidance Club 3,4; Vocation Club 2,3: Honor Roll 1,2,3.·

eUGENE G. ZENZ, St. Christina, Busine~s: library Club 3: Sodality 1,2; Standard 2; Vocation Club 1,2.

JAMES F. ZEUG, St. Gerold. Business; Vocation Club 1,2,3.

eDWARD C. lUTAUT, St. Jane De Chantel, Engineer. ing Hnrs.: Int. Basketball 2,3,4; Bowling 1; Electronics Club 2; Guidance Club 4; Honor Roll 2,3,4.


/ /


left to right-ht row; J. Northrup, T. O'Connell. R. O'Gorman, J. Donie, J. Gries, M. Flak, W. O'Toole, M. Wall, W. Fitzgerald. 2nd row: E. Davis, J. lavery, D. Kevin, H. Wagner, R. Dceseekte, l. wclchunes, B. Bonk, W. Marcil, G. Dunne, G. Gruen. 3rd row: A. Kckcvicb, R. Bohling, R. Avanh, R. Byrne, M. O'Sullivon, D. Cranley, l. Rutkowski, J. Madden, R. Ciochon, E. Sanderson. 4th row: D. Nichols. J. Walsh. P. Davis, O. Wuske, D. Ryan, B. Ruzgis, D. Mansell, R. Novak, R. Grzybowski. J. Dikowski, R. O'Neill.

John Donie and Jerry Gruen, doss floaters, move their desks 10 the next period during the intermission between clcsses.


Room 100 is in the Acodemic Course and participates in many activities offered

at Brother Rice. M. O'Sullivan and W. Fitzgerald are the representatives to the Student Senate. R. Avants is a member

of the Debating Team and R. Bohling and D. Nichols are members of the Science Club. D. C,ranley, M. O'Sullivan, and D. Ryan are members of the Freshman Football Team. B. Ruzgis,

W. Fitzgerald, and B. Grzybowski are on the Basketball Teams. J. Lavery and J. Walsh are members of the Swimming Team, and J. Dassie and E. Davis are in Tumbling. So much for the Brawn,

now for the Brains. W. O'Toole leads the raom with a 91.4% average. M. O'Sullivan was second with an B9.6% average. The Room cannot decide on their favorite teacher - either Brother

Rinaldini or Mr. Kielty.


is class is well known roughaut the school for eir mischievous deeds. AI· ough they like all their

teachers and say that they get ala g well with them, their conduct, when left unattended, leaves much to be desired.

a her McNamara's math period is enjoyed by Class 102 most

o all, because his teaching

e hods make the subject so eosy. Their class representotive, D. Greco, must enjoy be.1'19 a freshman, since he's in

. second year at it. By now is probably very apparent hese boys devote most of

• ime to studies, so it .hould came as no surprise

no too many of them are gaged in sports. Represent. e class and the school

e Ed Porter, of the track

1ea • and Jim Mulligan who yed freshman football. The doss downs are, Roscoe Bunn lonry Johnson.

Left to right-1st row: R. Caprio, J. fleming. D. Comer, E. Porter, l. Johnson, W. Madigon, R. Buss, B. Durkin. 2nd row: R. Sievers, J. logsdon, A. Pteac, T. Ctemeru, J. Vehling, O. Evans, J. Egon, J. Cbvel, B. McNamara, W, Berglund. 3rd row: R. Bunn, J. Pretest, R. Corbett, D, Basile, E. Stokes. M. Bishop, J. Crismon, H. Tassone. M. Shanahan. 4th row: J. Scott, D. Greco, R, Skrcbutt, G. Macaluso, A. Perino. F. Basco, H. Neybert, G. Neybert, P. Dunne, J. Mulligon, J. Murray, T. Quellette.

Obviously all these boys eren't storing at the signs on the locker door. This picture doesn't show what's posted behind the jacket.

left to right-ht row: D. Ruhnke, T. Kardos, R. Ryan, M. Pasquinelli, R. Catiguola, R. White. 2nd row:

D. Russell, D. Schell, R. Borrelli, F. Glynn, J. Dowd, G. Fahey, R. Schreier, R. Buckley, J. Dorgan, D. Gerl, J. Nugent, M. Howe. 3rd row: l. Cavallone, W. Gorok, It Kelly, R. Burgoyne, J. libretti, W. Ruby, R. Schumacher, E. Kniuksto, J. Lewis, W. Goetz, T. Shaughnessy . .uh row: D. Loney, l. Newman, W. Schornburg, S. Ruff, J. Giff, E. Sejucl, G. Johns, R. Huggy, E. Borry, J. Nebel, E. Adamson.


Brother Rohan indeed has good reason to be proud of his students. Some of the athletes are Richard Ryan, track star,

and Mike Pasquinelli, basketball star. Besides being well represented in varsity sports, closs 114 has a promising intramural football team, whose members include Thomas Shaughnessy" Jerome Giff, Fronk Glynn, Wolter Gorak, and William Goetz. An ideal closs must have men who rank well scholastically as well as athletically. 114 has it's

shore of these with Eugene Knuiksta and lawrence Newman averaging in the 90's, while George Johns, Donald Ruhnke, Mike Pasquinelli, Wolter Gorok and Dennis Rossell overage in the high BO's. The closs may even have a future astronaut

in Edward Sejucl. Astronomy

is Ed's hobby. The largest

port of the closs spirit is

provided by some of the smallest members. Watch 114 in their next three years!


left to right-1st row: J. Nugent, T. Bosky, J. Egon, B. Weimar, T. Metroy, G. Campbell. 2nd row: W. Peifer, J. Kehoe, J.Booth, N. Horlovic, M. Dichtel, M. DeRuntz, W. lavery, M. Fogarty, E. Flynn, C. Marszalek. 3rd row: F. Fratto, M. Obiole, B. Hill, D. White, M. Artery, T. Pollard, J. Flanagan, R. Polan, J. Tadla, O. Rotolo, R. Chiocca, R. Murphy. 4th row: A. Pasquinelli, L Czerwinski, P. Trotter, P. Williams, D. Rupp, J. Marynchok, J. 'lclcrek, D. Benden, D. Ryan, T. Trcbey.


Room 117 is a freshman academic class. The room is quite athletically inclined and thus athletic teams of Brother Rice

find themselves strengthened

by the presence of team

members hailing from 117.

Since 117 has members on freshman football, bowling, tumbling, cross-country,

swimming and both the lightweight and heavyweight basketball teams, it is

represented on most of the school's athletic teams. The

class is very well represented

in the student senate by

Joseph Marynchak and Philip Brisky. With regard to school spirit and participation in activities, 117 always comes through in masses. 117',

warning is "Look out these

next three years."


The school library, still growing, is the source of various types of information for all the students. Here four students use the facilities available to them.


Most of the students in 121 are either on freshman football, track, basketball, swimming, bowling or tennis teams.

Those who do not go out for sports engage in activities such as Band, tumbling, leather craft, Science Club, Astronomy Club, and the Glee Club.

Mr. Adduci, 121's official homeroom teacher, adds a bit of variety to his general ~ience course by

talking about the varsity football team, which, the

closs agrees, deserves every bit of praise. Brather Phillips and his interesting comments about "Petey", the parakeet, always bring gales of laughter to Latin class. Brother Courtney tries drumming the King's English into the class.

left to right-lst row; D. Brody, J. Winters, J. Banaszak, D. Beuke. R. Freemon. 2nd row; J. Rotenberk, J. Smith, W. louis, R. Bergen. E. Anderson, M. Forrest, K. Hahn, B. Corbett, M. Granquist, F. Detour. 3rd row; T. Slepski, D. Brazier, C. Graul. R. Sokol, J. Johler, J. Stokes. C. Marshall, D. Gallagher, 8. Farley. 4th row; D. Heinzel. J. Jablonski, R. Tarzan, P. Schmidt. J. Fitzgerald, J. Jarosz, l. Collura, J. Webster. J. Simonis, J. Brigham, R. Puke lis.



Freshmen academic class 205 is just beginning to show its impact an the school. Under

the pratectian of Br. Meany,

the homeroom and English teacher, Br. Cerasoli, the

Latin teacher, Br. Leader, the Religion teacher, Mr. Swientek, the Biology instructor and Mr. Pesch, the man who tries to teach them Algebra, class 205 is starting to show its importance in the school. On the recent Honor Rail, room

205 placed R. Fratto, E. Tyrala, and S. Plazibat on high honors and twelve others on second honors. 205, with the guidance and help of Br. Leader, is presently ahead in the missions. In the athletic department 205 also figures prominently. It

has one bay on the football team, two on the basketball team, and two on the bowling team. The class spirit was

very evident at pep rallies

and this season's faotball games. If class 205 keeps up

the good work, the school's name will be even more praised.

The modern facilities of the gym offer the students many ways to obtain physicol recreation. Here three boys try a lozy approach to physical development as observed by J. O'Brien.

left to right-lst row: W. Gartland, J. Porto. T. Ring, J. Bartus, R. Andrews, B. Cannada, T. Arnold. 2nd row: A. Jurkunos. R. Heider, R. Fratto, R. lee. W. Wilson, O. Pucci, E. E. Dobrowits. R. Birk, D. Doherty, P. Pollard, E. TyroiD, T. Doheny. 3rd row: R. Lundeen, p, Quinn, T. Ptek, L. Prato, J. Michels, M, Cooney, J. Ullman, C. Freund, J. Tuomey, J. Young, l. fry. T. Mourovich. 4th row: P. Uraski, f. Hortman, J. Polek, B. Wiseons, S. Plozibot, D. Bueter, J. Winde, K. Kunka, T. Swierk, D. Heenon, J. Goiliun.



Room 207 might be termed as exceptional because almost everyone in it is in Brother

Rice Marching Band. The others are in the Brother Rice Glee

Club. The same room came in second in the Brother Rice intramural football league. They also tied for first in the Bro-

ther Rice Auxiliarydrive in October 1960. The band members include: R. Gracey, G. Gecas,

E. Glass, M. Kamin, W. Kmic, J. Pasierb, T. Poyton, R. Vuegular,

W. Visin, E. Weaver, and G. Sebuk. In the Brother Rice Glee Club

are: B. Bonk, W. Brennen, J. Cannon, D. Carroll, D. Cotty,

R. Dapkis, E. Fitzgibbons, and

F. Zawiski. Coach Johnson and Brother Tomkins are their fav-

orite teachers.

Bill Brennan, Richard Chapello and Edward Fitzgibbons are fint in line for the bus after school. Thole girls don't seem to be in any hurry though.


left to right-lst row: R. Flynn, J. Mociunek. W. Kmier, P. Higgins, J. Connon, E. Glon. 2nd row: O. Crotty, A. Popowitch, E. Crawford, W. Brennan, W, Visin, T. Kruntcrcd, E. Weaver, S. Krakowski, T. Paynlan, R. 8lachely, f. Zowaski. 3rd row: l. Murphy, H. Binder, M. Kamin, J. Shrlock, R. Depkus, E. fitzgibbons, G. Sea buck, R. Elmore, f. lagoglio. G. Geecs. R. Grocey, J. Borrett. 4th row: K. Heuser, B. Bonk, W. Shine, J. Bemat, R. Brudky, J_ Posierb, A. Samet, R. Yoger, M. Powers, R. Veugeler, R_ Chapello, D. Carroll.


Room 209 has met with varied success in the past year. They have been sufficiently represented on the track team, bantams, and flies. However,

this success did not extend to their intramural football team. This team gained a single win all season, and that was obtained by a forfeit. But the whole class is known for its school spirit and hard fight-

ing, which adequately makes up for ""y deficiences in playing skill. Religion and art are generally considered to be the most favored subjects. Brother Dennehy ranks number one in popularity. It is hard to find anyone outstanding altitude in the class unless it is their

strong desire for teamwork and an avid school spirit. The

class leaders are John Paha and Carmen Milano. Room 207 is also famous as being the hangout of "lenny",

left to right-lst row: T. Koser, E. Ambrose. J. Paha, E. Honslier, D. Jordon, R. Weldon, R. Utech, J. Flynn, J. Lcrreti. 2nd row: T. Estrin, J. Goggin, W. Blccsdes, M. Gallegor, T. tvke, J. Greeaec, V. Kasinunos. J. Gudenes, R. Clark, C. Milano. 3rd row: T. Petrole, J. O'Brien, J. Dite, F. Wodiencowski, E. Morkunas, D. lorson, G, Newman, W. Tamkavie, D. Richardson, D. Feshenmeyer. 4th row: R. Mutanski, K. Zukas, J. Mance, J. Baret, E. Pruett, D. Bozok, T. Hodous, J. Cosero, T. Jablonski, l. Cauidy, R. Sehring.


left to right-ht row: J. Maksym, G. Varak. 2nd row: l. Polinski, K. lambton, R. Brooks, W. Ryan, C. Sulek, G. Mannela. J, Howard, M, Schnack, J, Rourke. J. Jilek, 3rd row: R. Zimmer, R, Siovey, R. Whitting' hom, D. Disanto, K. Greco, J. Gavin, J. Weiss. S. Howaniec, R. Davis. 4th row: R, Hlte, G, Wallace, M. Acke, J, Getz. R, Zywico, C, Lendman, B. Stephan, 0, Switlum, D. woske, A. Scarpino, R. Miles.

Inventive students eogerly await an opportunity in the classroom to test the practicol applicotion of the second law of hyperdynamic lift.


Home room 210 is 0 typical freshman class. However the members of this class have overcome that handicap and have become very well adapted to high school life. Daily,

they have been besieged by the superior intellectual forces

of the Brothers and although they have resisted these attacks pn their mental inanity, they are showing signs of defeat, and next September will probably be forced to become sophomores. This class is average in the sense that they participate in an overage number of sports, receive on average number of Iljugs", and scholastically receive average averages. But, like all

classes at Brother Rice, they represent a select group of teenagers who are receiving

a superior education while aHaining "manhood through Christ Jesus."

OSH 211

oom 211, the freshman academic dos.s, is very active in both .

a letic and intellectual pur-

.... s. The pride of their class

hru been the intramural football feom which gained second place, osing the championship game in - e closing seconds. Scholasticolly, the class has fared very

ell and has chosen Brothers Dornbos·. and Rohan as their orite teachers. Brother Rohon,

eir Spanish teacher, is famed oc hi. brilliant phrase, "You bug me!" Brother Dornbos is "",II li ed on account of his

pothetic and helpful nature. ebro is considered the least ed subject with Spanish ond Science being favored obove all ers. No definite class pro-

. ies or peculiarities have oeen detected. Edward Warren

and Dovid Johnson ore the class representatives to the Student Sene e.

left to right-ht row: f. Payne, T. Hogan, T. Prendergast, R. Byrne. T. Johnson, J. Murphy, D. Duffy, J. Parlongo. 2nd row: J. Finnegan, L. Coyle. H. Kunzweiler, T. Korso, D. Skrypkun, J. Houlihan, D. Groff, T. Cceale, G. Bck, J. Mcloughlin, J. Rimkus. 3rd row: J. Blouin, l. Menconi, P. Watson, J. Ecklund, R. Pegou. R. Wagner, T. GaRney, J. Grabowski, T. Queeney, B. Alexander, J. Deslauriers. 4th row; T, Feigl, G. Roche, R. Grever, E. Warren, E. Klimek, M. Redwlck. M. Poe, J. Bowlby, B. Houlf, J. Bever, A. McGann.

Most freshmen ore so enthralled by their classroom studies that it is only with the greatest reluctance and resistance that they are forced to abandon them.


left to right-1st row: P. Kukowski, M. Campbell, S. Urbenskl, T. Rollbrig, R. Nevbeck, M. Condon, R. Bordeaux, C. lewis. 2nd row: M. Bresnahan, E. Stanek, G. Joyce, G. Pizzolato, F. O'Malley, R. Greensley, G. Poquette, J. lych, J. Jamrus, T. Hemak, B. Fillip. 3rd row: J. Martino, B. Windstrom, R. Hereay, T. Wojcik, R. Gloss, W. Morrison, R. Bobick, W. Sherdan, J. Novotny, D. Goulding, G. Miles, M. Fairfjeld. 4th row: R. Nelson, W. Foster, E. Scarriot, R. Christian, F. Kleidon, T. lewis, F. Bakon, R. Doligole, T. Rice, J. Westerberg, J. lattyak, M. Barnes.


Room 213 has been a pioneering freshman class. Under the leadership and guidance of Brother Crane, they farmed the school's first successful soccer team.

In other athletic endeavors,

Class 213 was ably represented by Jerry Novotny and Ray Greensley on the freshman football team and Tom Nelson, Rager Rolberg, RussBab_ick,and Mike Condon an the Bowling team. This class has achieved praiseworthy results in their schoolwork with a high number of the group gaining the honar roll.

Tom Henke and Mike Bresnahan are the class "brains". Bill Morrison and Tim lewis are the class representatives to the Student Senate. Roam 213 also has a large number of participants in student clubs. The subjects which are generally favored above all the athers

are Religion, General Science

and lunch.

Brother Neary, like all Brothers, is always ready to offer oid and instruction to anyone desiring extra assistance in ony area of the technical erts.


left to right-lst row: J. Shyne. D. Hecs, J. Keane. P. Dunn. J. Nulty. D. Fied!er. J. Volentinos, J. Kemp, T. Wrobleski. 2nd row: T. Nelson. A. Kerelvc, l. Browne. T. Difonis. W. Rohe. J. Trethewoy. R. O'Ccnner, C. Strezo, W. Hermanson, O. Jcecbcwskl. W. Gibbons. 3rd row: T. Dooley, l. Oswald. J. Coogan, R. Mueller. T. McFarland. W. Durkin. W. Meyer, R. Bywaten, P. Schiefelbein, C. Zinngrobe, D. Donnelly. 4th row: D. Komar, J. Dunne, F. Szczekowski, P. Kokes, T. Boudler, J. McDonald, R. Santoni, E. loin, T. Kiefer, T. Sku be, E. McAllister.

spirit and practice of his religion are strong and penetrating influences in the life of a student. The dlapel is a constant secrce af conlOlation and encouragement.


Room 215 faced many chollenging subjects in their initial year

at Brother Rice. Not only did

they wade through the basic subjects of Latin, Algebra,

English and Religion, but they

also took on such formidable courses as French ond Biology.

The men in this class did not

limit themselves to just

schoolwork, but willingly

accepted the added responsibilities of extra-curricular activities. The French Club, Science, and Forensic Clubs claimed a considerable number

of the students of 215, but

their endeavors have not been limited to intellectual pur-

suits and have included such arduous sports as football and cross country. Ably represent-

ed in the Student Senate by Claude Zinngrabe and John McDonald, the members of this class will undoubtedly bear

the responsibility and leader-

ship required of upperclassmen with little difficulty.



The Class President, John Tracy is a member of the Senior Basketball Team.

R .. Yonz, S. Swiontkowski,

R. Willette, and M. Fiorito

are members of the Fresh-

man Football team. 216

also boasts two members of the Flys, D. Coyne and R. Donovon. Members of the Junior Varsity Bowling Team include R. Bartz, P. Giadina.

E. Katich, W. Sarther, and

R. Bresden ore swimming Crusaders. Other outside ocrivities include the band, having

M. Domina, F. Konecny, M. Fiorito, D. Konieczny, P. Reynolds,

and G. Urnoiza in their ranks. Glee Club Members are: J. Carpenter, S. Graham, E.

Stefanik, B. Ukochis, L.

Algier, D. Duncklow, M. Sivia, G. McFarlame, and T. Stiglic. The library Club has Paul Reynolds from 216. At the First Quarter, one-fourth of the

class reaped in first honors. Class honors went to Dan Coyne with a 96.2% average.

Members of Freshman Class 216 work on posters for pep rollies and individual drawings during art class. Some of their fine work is on display in the background.


left to right-ht row: J. Carpenter, W. Schuberth, J. Oehs, P. Kroft. W. Sarther, J, Malee, M. lhnchok, P. Giardina, R. Bartz, T. Stiglic. 2nd row: M. Slvle, G. MacFarlane, M. Domino, J. Paul. J. Hawking, E. Katich, S. Graham, It Donovon, D. McCarthy. G. Urnoto. J. Grimes. 3rd row: O. Coyne, W. Kololo, D. Duclcw, P. Reynolds, C. Lcndlse, T. Noddy, E. Stefani., l. Allgaier, R. Willette, M. Burh, R. BrHden. Alh row: S. Swiontkowski, K. Finger, C. Marshall, R. Morris, It Yon!:. J. Tracy, M. Fioiita, F. lConuny, D. Konieczny, M. NeH, 6~ Ukockil-


Home room 217 is, in the words of its own members, on average Freshman class. Mr. Kmiecik is their homeroom teacher and he is very popular with the students in the class. John Barry, Paul Binkus and Bill Heffernan ore the room's representatives on the freshman football team. Being a highly athletic class,

it also has members on the tennis and cross-country teams, Joe Quallrocki and Frank Caci-

.• tore, respectively. There are soccer enthusiasts; Ron Gusman, Phil Slusser, John Mu1lner,

Ken Okelman, Tom McAuley and Bill Parker playing on the intramural soccer team. In scholastics, as well as in

athletics, they are a prime representative of a freshman class. John Parciak and Jack Haas are 90 plus students.

The class representatives are

Bill Heffernan and Bill Thorpe. Class 217 is on "average" class with plenty of nice fellows.

John O'Brlen looks just as surprised as Brother Barry upon learning thot he is in the wrong classroom. Ed Hunter and John Kozak seem to find the situation amusing.

lift to right-h. row: T. Seller, J. Mullner, N. McCarthy, D. Hines. 2nd row: W. Porter, J, Sullivan, J. a .'1 T. Andrewk, K. Okelman, R. Horvath, W. Porker, T. Mcloughlin, P. Sluuer, R. Bokolie. 3rd row: T. c;,.ot'b. J. Quattrocki, P. Stasiewia. J. Horvolic, T. Pasko, R. Heine, J. Tammaro, J. Haos, S. Mrowco, T . .M.cAuley. W. Thorp, R. Lontz ... th row: O. Griswold, J. Kobialko, J. Terrell, P. Sinkis, J. Parciok, B. Hickey, ~~. O. Zegz. M. O'Connor, W. Heffernon. R. Guzmon.


left to right-lst row: B. Johnson, R. Kopcinski, F. Dubiel, J. Downes, M. Daley, S. Grabowski, J. Gentile, ?_ Joy. Pernel, W. Pekny. 2nd row: G. Yore, G. Shannon, J. CuI/en, K. Schwartz, E. Shea, A. 8art, K. Gon.y. R. Dwyer, T. Costello, D. Cassidy. 3rd row: l. Rosinski. J. Wilson, C. Simmons, F. Perko, A. Pervcn, D_ SIt.ridan. J. McCauley, P. Serritella, J. Murphy, J. Berry, R. veleieh. 4th row: R. Wrenn, J. Patterson, s.. Gorny, M. Corter, L Himmel, W. Wright, l. Eaglin, G. McDonord, R. Guzauskas, K. Moyer.

In this typical classroom scene, Paul Serritella catches up on his sleep while Mr. Swientek's back is turned. Standing abreast of Mr. Swientek, on expert in the science of 8iology reads aloud.


Room 221 is without a doubt the most active Freshman class in the school. This room is represented in 12 activities. J.

Wilson and J. Gentile are on

the Bowling team while K. Garvey and L. Eaglin play for the Frash Cagers. The stalwarts of the Frosh football squad are J. Berry and C. Simmons. D. Sheridan and R. Johnson set the pace for the Crass Country team

while <A. Bart and D. Guazuskus do likewise for the Aquanauts. Concluding the representation of 221 in the athletic fields,

is racketeer K. Garvey. B. Johnson is the official artist of

Room 221. B. Pekny is an integral part of the Science Club. A. Pervan is in the Junior Sodality, and Debate Club. Lost, but not least, J. Murphy is on ace reporter for the Standard. Under Br. Holey, the homeroom teacher, R. Kopcinski and P. Joy lead

the closs scholastically.



Room lOOA may well be termed "loaded". And in truth it is loaded. Several students achieved "First Honors" ranking: J: Pignatiello. G. Garo-

folo. T. Kearney and T. Mitchell. "Second Honors" students include J. DiSantis. P. Fill and

T. Burke. The class officers

are J. Pignatiello. president.

and Larry Nyman. vice-president. They boast two players

on the varsity football team. They are halfback l. Nyman and tackle M. Shaughnessy. Supplementing these are J. Glackin.

T. Kinsella and R. Paul who play on the sophomore fpotball team. Going down through the class list of names you can find a lOOA man on almost every activity there is in Brother Rice

High School. Brother Rinaldini

is in charge of homeroom lOOA.

J. Gibson quizzes E. Severa and R. Quinn on the history of the Mediterranean Sea as John O'Brien looks on. John is quoted as having said, "I'll do anything to quench my thirst for knowledge,"

Left to right-lst row; G. Garofolo, H. O'Connor, M. Pellico, S. Collins, R. Burke. B. Martin. 2nd row: J. Pignaliello, R. Gielczewski, A. Kadar, R. Malek, J. Glackin, l. Granitx, J. Oi Santis, W. Jennings, P. Wroy, T. Kearney. 3rd row: G. Hcch, l. Nyman, R. Mcloughlin, G. F050r:O, T. Sullivan, J. Flynn, J. Gibson, T. Grover, J. Alkofer, T. Gavin. 4th row: T, Kinsella, R. Quinn. l. Beattie, J. Carroll, E. Severo, W. Wolsh, R. Poul, M. Shoughnessy, T. Mitchell, P. Fitt, H. Short.


The delicious and satisfying meals served in the cafeteria induce V. Zemaitis, J, Ahlness, and J. Brinsky, along with a hast of others, to return for seconds.

SO PH 119

Homeroom 119 is well represented

in many of the school's activ-

ities. Both class representatives,

T. Omiecinski and B. Roche,

play on the varsity football

team while B. McGarry and K.

Loncar are the mainstays of

the Sophomore football squad.

In activities other than sports,

room 119 has quite a large membership. R. Aukers, R. Zemont, R. Medinzeo and T. Kasprzak, are members of the Band. With their

vibrant vociferations, R. Gramm,

M. Stokes, J. Ryan, J. Ahlness,

D. Sullivan, J. Cassidy, and

T. Omiecinski are valued members of the Glee Club. In Freshman year this class was fortunate enough to reach the semi-finals in both intramural football and basketball. In

this Engineering room J. Huyer excels scholastically. Br.

Moore, their favorite teacher, has many quotable expressions, his favorite being "Go to the flogging room."

left to right-lst row: R. Medinger, R. Gramm, C .Gries, D, Cozeck, D, Sullivan, J. Crean, E, Todey, M. Stokes. 2nd row: R. Stedman, G. Richardson, R. Miska, D. Sorther, W. Imlay, J, Cassidy, C. Doerr, J. Ahlness, K. Mroczek, J. Ryan, T, Kasprzak, 3rd row: T, McWilliams, R. Zemont, J, La Velie, C, Venezia, K. Wheeler, J, Brinsky, W, Roche, J. Nowicki, B. McGarry, R. Ward, G. Smyth, J. Egan, 4th row: T, Omiednski, S, Tokarz, R. Auken, A, Fronowsky, V. Zemaitis, W, Egan, K. Loncar, S. Kawa, L, Brislen, B. Trisko, P. Mlsna, J. Huyer.

Lef to right-ht row: T. Fegan, J. Hybl, O. Miller, J. Cultra. 2nd row: J. Pazucek, M. Oakes, J. Donahue, M. La Franza, R. Wainwright, J. Duffy, J. 8ush, O. Kennedy. 3rd row: P. Placek, J. Corbett, J. McCague, J. Harkins, T. Deslauriers, S. Roach, K. Gorles, R. 8elousek, J. Cecko, M. Flood. 4th row: T. Burke, B. Oldenstedt, J. Ivers, R. Petraitis, J. Simmerman, 8. Kiss, J. Vorlick, J. Ristich, N. Oliver, G. Giese, C. Arcieri.

J. Pozucek, R. P.traitis, J. Ristich, and J. Vorlick have a friendly chat with Mr. 8ri..:i. while waiting for classes to begin for the day.

SOPH 120

This closs is Room 120. Bob Petraitis is the First Reoresentative. He and his fellow students feel that their closs has contributed greatly

to the wonderful school spirit so noticeable here at Brother Rice. Although this closs did

not enter teams in any of the intramural sports, four of them played on the Sophomore footb6l1team. These boys were:

Joe Simmermon, Bob Wainwright, John Vorlick, and Bill Kiss.

On the Varsity football team

was Bob Petraitis, the Closs President. There is one boy

from this room in the Glee Club, Richard Kennedy. As for as teachers go, they like Brother Moy and Brother Uicker the

best. Although there are no exceptionally outstanding students in this closs, they

all strive to do their best

in every phose of their work.

The health of the students is well token core of by the modern facilities of the physical education deport. ment. A.J can be seen here, even headaches are no problem.

left to right-ht row: J. Comiskey, W. Foley, J. Connon, R. Walsh, R. White, l. Eder. 2nd row: P. Nestor. B. Gaul, E. Popoilek. J. Wright, N. Finerty, J. Pacetti. J. Ryan, R. Schuberth, K. La Page, R. Zeug, R. Rokunas. R. Moore. 3rd row: E. Otstett, M. McCarthy, A. DeSanto, E. Schumacher. J. Jelenick, W. Eiler, M. Byrne. J. Coleman, T. Novotny. R. Ulrich. 4th row: E. Shultz, R. Kill, J. lusk J. Ryan. B. Ernst, E. Donovan, E. Howe. D. Montee, D. Willner, R. Rinkoski, l. Burke.


Home room 121 A is 0 closs of 41 sophomore Business students, This closs is one of the largest

in the school, not only in

size but also in contribution

to the reputation of the

school. How does this closs advance the school's nome? One method is by it's representation in the Student Senate. The men who represent this room are Joe Ryan, Ed Howe and John Lusk. Another

is by it's outstanding

turnout for the different activities. Most of the men participating in activities

do so in the sport's deportment. Football is the number one sport. If many more of 121 A's students were on the football teams they could turn it into

a monopoly. This is because

of th~ large number of fellows already on the varsity and sophomore teams. They have four members of the clan on the varsity team and six on

the sophomore team. After

this what more can be said?

Left to right'-lst row: J. Krasowski, J. Orseno, J. Mulvaney, T. Manning, P. Grens, J. Cesaro, R. Dlte. 2nd row: J ", Coleman, M. King, W. Murray, R. Tistow, J. Faifer, R. Skowronski, M. McConnell, T. Billish, D. Aspan, M, Wainwright, J. Danz.inger, J. Podroza. 3rd row; P. Tomasko, T. Regan, G. Forst, A. Carmen, T. Mackiney, K. Dz.iedzic, M. Arnone, J. Joyce, W. Svoboda, D. Funk. 4th row: J. Kaleta, J. Brier, P. Domenico, J. Lukasik, R. Mazeika, P. Bruemmer, T. Riss, A. Sumo, J .Oleskiewicz, T. Lorden. G. Kudirka, J. Zappa.

Lost minute study and lvneh arec:ombined in the school cafeteria. The cafeteria serves over 1500 students daily. The food is ... welt, toke J. O'Brien as a walking example of a . well, just toke J. O'Brien. PI.olal

SOPH 202

Room 202 consists of mony types of fellows who are leorning

to be good Christian men, as

in every other room in the school. It has its bright students. its athletes in 202 are Phil Domenico, who is on the varsity football team, John Joyce and Den

Aspan who are likely to tryout for vasity football and Ken Dz)edzic who is on varsity baseball. The representatives

in this closs are Jahn Joyce, president, Jim Brier, vice-

president, and Den Aspan, Treasurer and Secretory. There are also

a couple of stars in the new

varsity sport of Bowling.

John Zoppa and Tom Riss both maintaiJI a high overage in this sport.

202 also has their crackpots

in Bill Svoboda, Alwood Sumo, Tom Billish, and Mike McConnell. Unless they make a wise crack

or a smart saying their day

is not complete.

left to right-lst row: R. Rafferty, D. Kazlauskas, J. Popowitch, M. Pauritsch, M. Krcpec, D. loiter, J. O'Brien. 2nd row: M. Coffey, F. Perri, D. Hoffman, W. Dering, G. Floch, N. Torrant, H. O'Connell, M. Rosner, D. Mates, T. Hallberg, l. Perven, R. Aleksy. 3rd row: R. Polivka, P. McNight, R. PnY9ylski, l. Wormke, R.. Dubsky, J. Fee, M. Quinn, P. Murphy, R. Oedvllle, J. Nielsen. 4th row: B. O'Connor, J. Arzbaecher, K. liebentritt, E. Moyernick, P. Donisovich, C. Shearman, l. Jewkins, T. Davia, T. i\esk, B. R.adochanski, G. Flynn.


Closs 202A is composed of Sophomore Engineering students. This closs is very active in

the classroom (ask Brother

"Doily Quiz" McNamara)

as well as in the many extracurricular activities.

The fine intramural football

eam of this closs reached the semi-finals where it was

defeated by one point. Members

of the team who are looking forward a the next season are Bill Dering, Bob Dubsky, Terry Davis,

and Dennis Kazlauskas.

The boys from 202A are

athletically represented in

Junior Cross Country by

Jim Fee, Rich Alesky, Bob

Gedville, and Dave Motes.

The varsity football members,

Bernie Radochonski and Bill

McNight, are definitely

going to be on asset to the

leam next year. If anyone

should ask 202A for the name

o . 5 fovorite instructor,

e answer would bel "011 of hem." You see, this 202A group is much smarter than they look.

Eovesdropping proved unsuccessful on this clcss. The students of 202A seem to be intensely interested in their clcss. Their teacher must either speak softly or corry a big stick.


fIll IIUI(IJ( ... ~

While P. Fih:gerald helps hang one poster in preparation for the Rice-De Lo Salle go me, J. O'Brien wonders how they got his footprints on the other one.

SOPH 204

Every day at 8,15 in the morning a half·awakened group of Crusaders gather in the north wing of B.R.H.S., and prepare

for a day crammed with six closse: and several extra-curricular activities. Outside the

class room walls, 204 likes to feel that they excel in sports also. Both major and minor octivities hold their interest.

A willing quartet maintain

spots on the varsity

football squad. They are,

Jim Day, Mel Cummings,

Ed Paukstis and Bill McNulty. Varsity and flyweight basketball also received a strong

backing, again Mel

Cummings plus Den Ludden, Tom Cachor, and Terry

Garvey. Cross Country

recruited T. McCarthy,

J. Soda, and S. Dapkus.

Room 204 also has several studen in the Band, Library Club, and Astronomy Club. In the

field of favorite

teacher Br. Kennedy

was the unanimous choice.


left to right-1sf ro ...... : R. Bernhardt, R. Mustori, T. Cccbcr, J. Sapienza. W. Beyer, F. Haref, J. O'Connor, S. Dapkus, R. Friestadt. 2nd row: T. McCarthy, T. Garvey, N. Derby, T. Chinske, P. Fitzgerald, A. Weber, A. Drokton, T. Glynn, T. Polit, 0, Moore. 3rd row: J. Cwikla, T. Moritz, J, Day, M. Sein. D. ludden, P. Gleich, A. Tarsa, J. Giermann, T. Adlhoch, D. Murray. 4th row: W. Noinis, W. Heitner, E. Pcvkstb, R. Hajduk, P. Maier, M. Cummings, J. Sada, J. Janas, R. Fishman, J. Reardon, W. McNulty.

, .... , .. ,,j,,...l', ten vocalists Club, two band

members in the and Vocation spread the

of 206.

Three students from 206 seem to be giving J. O'Brien a hard time at the book store. The book store provides all the textbooks neceuary for the school year, but O'Brien doesn't seem to be too willing to port with them.

lft to right-l st row: R. Thatcher, J. Sink, T. McDermott, T. Byrnes, A. Anczer, M. Smith. 2nd row: J. Meyen. l. McBride, J. Flynn, R. Boker, R. Stonehouse, O. McFarland, P. Burke, R. 80rgonone, M. Norvilas, E. Beck, M. Glynn. 3td row: J. fahy, J. Fronlu, D. Murnighan, A. Wieher, J. Mannion, W. Kaszynslci, R.

Pellegrini, T. Hodkowski, J. Hurley, J. Kennedy, J. Kromer. 4th row: A. Potempa, R. Roshinski, D. Flynn, 73

R. Kessler. J, Girod. J. Nutof, B. Guinea. A. Boliunos, V. Miklius, T. lyons, T. Mica.

The boys of 212 aHentively watch the Gillette Blue Blade commerciol during the World Series. They will be shoving in a few years and want to see how it's done.

left to right- ht row: J. Stabb, R. Fleming, T. Carney, R. De Fay, R. Smith, W. Dorman, C. Pattenaude. 2nd row: G. Kowalchuk, M. Bencheid, T. Fournier, D. Obiala, T. Shypkun, J. Powers. J. Walsh, W. Bendik, l. Fey, W. Shelhamer. 3rd row: R. Vincent, J. Glynn. G. Wortel, B. King, T. Dunne, W. Hayes. G. Walsh, l. Hanlon, N. Puppo, S. Mulligan, R. Prendergast, J. Altman. 4th row: C. Siano, E. Flynn, R. Hempstead, R. Hosack, J. Raczek, M. Concannon, M. McMahon, R. McNicholas, R. Craven. P. Burke.

SOPH 212

This sophomore closs is sure

that they have the best reputation in the school. Their

motto is, "The Best." Their

goal is to show other classes what a real class is. Scholastically, in the first quarter,

there were four first honors

and five second honors. Athletically, as freshmen, they took

the intramural football championship undefeated and unscored upon. As sonhornores they gpined a play-off berth by

their excellent offensive

playing. This fortunate class happens to have two well-known varsity football standouts in

its midst: Denny O'Hara and Terry Skrypkun. Class 212 has

so much fun together that they are known as one of the most congenial classes in the

school. Happily, we realize

they are being molded by our own Brother Kennedy.

SO PH 214

Class 214 is a group of

classical students who seem

to enjoy the entire day in

school. The class picked Br.

leader as their favorite teccher becouse he makes the subject seem simple by his clear and concise style. One of the favorite

pastimes of this room is

playing pranks on Br. Barry,

whe takes them in good humor. Many fellows in this room take part in sports such as, l. Redell

in football, and P. Akers

in swimming. Jim Johnson is a member in good standing of the library club.

When a poll was taken as to what music was preferred by the class, there were so many differences fhal the only conclusion

reeehed was that the class

enjoys all types of music.

In the beginning of the

year closs elections were

eld. Dan Schramn was chosen president and Norm O'Meara was picked as vicepresident.

Barry Lcke, and Robert Golden and Richard Kehoe seem to be having on interesting cenversetien in the foyer, cs Alfie O'Brien eavesdrops in background.

left to right-lst row: Jim Weimer, Norm O'Meara, Dan Schram", Fronk Modelski, Richard Randick, Patrick Nosh, Patrick Moloney, and Bill Polluck. Second row: John liehoy, Poul Akers, Jomes Johnson, William Quinn, lawrence Redell, John Knipper, Bud Strossheim, Vi"c~nt Meade. Roger Griggs, Robert Golden, William Buckley, Dennis Goynor. 3rd row: Justine Ted rowe, Barry lake, James Burke. Ed Domanskis, John Kolbocha, Robert Kirschten, Doniel Mollin, Robert Sabella, Phillip Kersten, Arthur lambert, Richard Kehoe, ond 80b fiscetlc.

Left to right-1st row: M. Boyle, R. Krause, W. Bruj:Jgeman, P. Full. 2nd row: J. 0011, E. Kirby, G. Role, R. Ides. R. Hartman .J. Coiro, G. Griggs, R. Egan. R. Rabjohns, P. O'Donnell. 3rd row: L. Vodar, R. Bruemmer, T. O'Brian. J. Ryan, R. Lyman, D. Palla. 6. 6leizeffer. J. Chartier. J. Corbett, W. Sylvester .. 4th row: P. Warren, P. Kennedy, B. McGinnis. G. Persenette, J. Miller, E. Birgells, R. Kuehn, J. Guzouskas, F. Beck, J. McGuffoge.

Hove you enr wondered how the slide projector worked? These boys did until they opened it and found the little man inside.


The members of closs 101 consider it the best in the school

and they have many good reasons for their opinion, however bias-

ed it might be. Their post scholastic record is very hiqh,

and as for athletics, one third

of the closs participates in

some sport. Some of these men are: F. Beck, P. Full, G. Griggs,

P. O'Donnell, and B. Hortman

who take port in either track

or cross country. Also representino the class are varsity basketball plovers, E. Birqells,

J. M;(ler, and P. Kennedv. Rice's baseball team is strengthened with the presence of J. Guzauskas.

A number of men in the spirit-

ual clubs show that the

room has a better sense of values than to be only sports minded. Thus we see that closs 101

is on all around closs, the

type that Brother Rice High School is proud of.


Left to right-ht row: t. Bettle, D. Reed, J. BUller. 2nd row: N. Gierlosinski, J. Boyne, R. Chose, J. Stcpleton, D. Gorman, R. Trautmann, R. Clemmons, A. Knoble. 3rd row: B. WaU, M. Gaughan, J. Lynch, R. Binkis, O. Gust, S. Lobanauskas, P. Seiler, J. Cecett, E. Andersen, C. Green. ~th row: R. Sweeney, l. Mullen, R. Runowski, M. McCarron, J. Means, E. Holba, R. Former, R. Weber, M. Ahern, O. Zulaul.

While E, Holba seems 10 be supervising, R. Chose and J. Jeans watch with interest the work A. Knable is doing in the machine shop.


In a unanimous election Bro.

Walsh was selected as class

105's favorite teacher, being thought of as a "GOOD GUY." The most enjoyable period to these fellows during school is machine shop where they show off their mechanical skills. Naturally,

their favorite outside activity

is dating, however, many of the boys also like to tinker with old cars. Glee Club, Band, and Bowling are but a few of the activities that the class participates in. This room always has a fine attendance at vorsity games, which is a tradition at Rice. The favorite saying of

Room 105 is "OKAY." Every class has a few nicknames, but this class

has only one, "FLASH."

"Always display school spirit"

seems to be the motto of Room 105.



This room seems to enjoy their subjects as well as their

teachers, throughout the entire day. However, like everyone else they enjoy lunch period most. Room 107 A boasts of being represented in many of the various activities at Rice.

There are several small cliques

in this room which ore very friendly toward each other and help one another out. Among these groups there are a few fellows who

have been given knicknomes such as:

"HOLY JOE," "CASTRO," and "GREEK." Two of the room's favorite expressions

are "STAND, GENTLEMEN," and "LET ME PUT IT TO YOU THIS WAY." This group also consists of some very clever

comics. They make a dull day more enjoyable, and a mad instructor

furious. As a result, they have fun and punishments galore. So, the fellows

in this room get along well together

and have fun as a group.


Browsing over their books while waiting for their first class are: A. Eckert, 8. Donohue, T. McGrogon, J. Reidy and J. Cassidy.

left to right-lst row: 8. Donohue, M. Allen, J. Rehor, A. Eckert, J. Pauritsch. 2nd row: W. Davis, T. Boffey, T. O'Gorman, R. Reycraft, R. Ceh, T. McGrogan, R. Michel, T. Fitzpatrick. 3,d row: D. Houlihan, S. Pietsch. T. Kostel, A. Moore, A. Sontos, P. leonard, K. Nolan, G. vrk. 8. wctercus, l. Harris. 4th row:

J. Cossidy. J. Keen, L. Boron, T. Coffey, T. Portol. J. Reidy, J. Polek. D. Stuk. G. Skcbe, R. Englander, R. Sullivan.


As is the case in most of the

classes of our school this room

has a tremendous school spirit.

This spirit is evidenced by its

participation in all phases of athletics.

At least one fellow from this room is represented in each of the major

sports at Rice. Their intra-mural

basketball team placed second in

sophomore year. There is a great number

of bowlers in th~s room, so it seems that bowling is the preferred sport. Underlying this enthusiam for athletics is the

zeal which they put into their studies

and extra-curricular activities. The

Band, Glee Club, and Forensic Club are

but a few of the many activities 115

takes part in. Even though they like

all their teachers, the class chose Bro. Timoney as their favorite. Running close

was Br. McRae. The class picked chemistry

as their preferred subject. Stock car

racing is the hobby of a few fellows in the room. Four of them even have their own cars.

f. karlicelt. H. Dwyer, A. Murlin. R. Fitzgerald and Bro. O'Sullivan admire the fine craftsmanship which goesinto the making of a cion ring.

le-ft to right-1st row: G, Nerren, R. Fitzgerald, M. Willette, W. Peppard. P. Comer, J. O'leary, D. Blaze, D. Storie. 2nd row: B. vcek, B. Gaertner. R. McAuley, J. Donovan, J. Heniff, J. Robinson, F. Chesek, L. Karl. J. Stolarski, H. Dwyer, S. Brestie. 3rd row; P. Mckeone, D. Brendel. W. Ressner. K. Schissler, F. Karlicek, G. Koutiel, D. Mortin, D. Sojka, P. Mulligan, O. Barth, S. Szymanski. 4th row: A, Zolynas. A. Gopsis, J. Walsh, H. Kleinbrohm, A. Murlin, W. Warren, J. Martineic, C. Volin tine, M. Byrne, P. Waier, E. Carlin,

left to right-lst row: M. Rosselli, J. Stosiewicz, R. Ehrler, E. Hullinger, T. Donnelly, J. Reynolds, W. Arnold, P. Kelly, M. leahy. 2nd row: M. Pop-e, W. Daniher, G. Williams, P. Corey, E. Murnone, R. 80yzik, G. Honnigon, W. 80rt, J. Lvx, J. teeh. 3rd row: W. Olevich, D. McKoy, 8. Feeney, P. O'Connor, J. McDonald, R. lyons, J. Helie), T. Regan, H. Gust, A. Smith.

P. O'Connor, D. McKay and several other players seem to be gaining the disapproval of this typical BRHS student in this impromptu basketball game in the gymnasium.


Brother Cerasoli is the homeroom teacher of this closs. His favorite expression is "Here is a little side light." Closs 118 says that its fovorite teacher is Mr. Bernard and its favorite subject is latin. The athletes in the

clcss are: P. Corey (Swimming),

J. Nicholson, P. O'Connor (Bosketboll), G. Nosh, J. Heller

(Golf) and B. Bart and R. Boy.

zik (Bowling). The closs pres·

ident is J. Stosiewicz; the

closs brain is J. lux and the

closs wise guy is M. Rosselli.

Some nicknames used by the

class are: "Roscoe" Rosselli, "Honeybee" Reynolds, "The Wall" Smith and "Tonk" Donnelly. The room won the intramural basketball chompionship lost

year. The closs is represented

in the following activities:

Vocation Club, Standard, Sodolity, Soccer league and the French Club. J. Stosiewicz is secretory of the Junior closs.


left to right-l st row: J. Brankin, T. Drlsccll, P. Dunne. 2nd row: C. Norton, J. lorz, R. lopinski, D. Madigan, M. Nogle, J. Kelly, J. Glasch, M. Skrypkun, D. Groth, R. Philpott. 3rd row: B. Quillinan, J. Mocny, E. Pliska, E. De Young, R. Einwolter, T. Walsh, J. Uthe, M. Tresch, H. Philopeoles, W. Pacetti. 4th row: J. Zepaltos, W. lucas, J. Gaughan, R. Cook, T. Costello, P. Martinkus, J. loy, R. Rudolph, R. Roche, O. lnt,.ieri, R. Grist, 8. Barnes.


The homeroom teacher of class lISA is Mr. Martin whose favorexpression is, "I'm goin'

to start clampin' down on you guys.IIThe class' favorite

teacher is Brother Timoney and its favorite subject is U.S.

History. The class athletes are, Jim Mocny, Pete Martinkus and Wayne Melichar (Vorsity Football), and Tom Costello who is

on the track team. The class brain is Bill Quillinan while

the class wise guy is Bill Pac-

elli. Some nicknames used by

the room are; Mike "Bonecrusher" Nagle, "Marlon" Mocny, Bob "Big" Rudolph, "Twinkie Bull" Zoy, Howie "Greek" Philopoulos, and Rich Grist and Jim Glasch who are known as the "Bobsy Twins." The closs is represent-

ed in the Glee Club, Band and the Vocation Club. The class officers are, J. Mocny (President), E. DeYoung (Vice-President), W. Melichar (Secretary) and H. Philopoulos (Treasurer).


W. lucas, W. Melichar, J. Glcsch and R. Philpott. are caught in the midst of a felonious oct obviously following the lecdersbip of thot fellow with his bock to the board.

J. Gou, J. Detrick, P. Dapkus and D. Musich are making good use of the library It would seem, how. ever, that the fellow behind them has the right ideo.

left to right-ht row! F. Foley, B. Ccmevcle, E. Florence, K. Mokowka, A. Hofmeister, R. Motysko. 2nd row:

R. Wheeler, D. Dillenburg, J. Cizek, W. Janecek, J. Adams, P. Dopkus, J. Bradley, J. Murroy, J. Detrick. 3rd row: D. Barry, M. O'Connell, R. Swintek, D. Musich, C. Arnold, M. Orlewice, J. Goss, M. labanouskos. R. Paul, J. Francis. 4th row: M. Ryo:"!, K. Murphy, J, Demetre. J. Prerost, K. Mohieu, S. Cieroch, E. Bissell, G. Rovensky, P. Murtaugh, J. Pollard, L. Hilfinger.


Class 200 af Junior year has

an average number of 35 in its room. They start the day with Brother Morrison who teaches English. The favorite subjects

of the class are Driver Education with Mr. Martin and Religion with Brother McRae. Brother McRae's favorite expression is, II Are you some kind of nut?" This phrase's use stems from

the class' favorite occupation

of promoting discussion on any toP.~. The ath letes of the

class are, John Goss and John Detrick (Varsity Football),

Dave Musich, Chuck Arnold and Wayne Janecek (Swimming), and John Detrick and P. Dapkus (Varsity Basketball). In intramural football, class 200 has

won the championship for two years in a row. The intramural basketball team has also been high up in the standings. The brain of the class is R. Paul

and the first representative

of the class is John Goss.



Last year, Room 201, under the guidance of Brother Rinaldini, was first in the mission collection. They again showed their concern for this vital

cause under B ... ther May. The honor students of this class

are, D. Fox, W. Brooks, D.

Kush, and D. Mulloy. Representing the room on the tennis courts are, W. Lerch, and R. Lavin. Managing to keep their heads above water are the swimmer" D. Mulloy, and T. Houlihan. Members of the track team are, M. Curtin, L. Anderson, and D. Mulloy. The room's tumblers are, A. Ranna and R. Kane. Room 201 also boasts of, a member on the basketball team, M. Breen; a football player: R. Goyette: and two band members, P. Zopel and K. Florek. The class saying is a secret which will never be revealed.

"let's see now ... fat weighs 87.5 pounds per cubic foot density times volume •.. did you get the

volume yet? ... 110 cubic: feet?, . that means the weight is oh nolll

~ to righf- ht (Ow: J. Cismowski, D. Fox, P. Zopel, E. Kilcoyne. 2nd row: T. Hosty. R. Levin, M. Breen, Holrtday. R. Gaps, W, Brooks, J. Kolar, D. Kush, A. Rona, M. Me9son. 3rd row: J. Woods, E. Walsh, ... No.quisf, W. lerch, R. Breen, T. Martin, O. Mulloy, T. Houlihan, K. Florek, R. Goyette. 4th row: J. s..I5oron. R. Kane, M. Jacobs, M. Curtin, D. Witt, J. Smith, J. Crawford, l. Leveeke. M. Harper, B. Davis, ADd.non.


left to right-l st row: R. Cozzi, J. McGinnis, R. lynch, J. Dare, E. Wagner. 2nd row: D. lamb, P. Reagen, F. O'Donovan, D. Mekemson, J. Sty, H. Mau, T. McMahon, R. Glowoki, J. Galanti, J. Rogan. 3rd row:

J, Connon, J, Felsenthol, M. McKeen, J. Murawski, S. Dybsky. M, Chapan, H. Scheckel, F. Ferrara, J. Gotto, T. Felsenthal, G. Dargis, 4th row: R. Reis, P. Oster, R, Sheriff, C, Gelatka, 0, Corbin, M. Reilly. R, Kelly, J. Donovan, f. Orrico, J. Ross, R. Bernoski.

J. Galanti, F. O'Donovon and J, Sty are among the members of class 203 who avail themselves of the wisdom of Brother Ryan on this particular day.


The homeroom teacher of this closs is Mr. Raftery who teaches them Scholarship Review. His stated ambition is to

make cultured and refined pupils and lovers of the fine

arts out of room 203. The closs tokes Chemistry from Brother Timoney, English from Mr. Costello, Religion from Brother McAdams, U.S. History from Brother Ryan and Advanced Algebra from BrotherWelsh. The favorite subject of the closs

is Chemistry. Lost year closs

203 served at the science fairs held at Brother Rice, St. Xav-

ier, and De Paul University.

The closs athletes are, Fronk Orrico (Varsity Football), M. McKeen and J. Felsenthal (Swimming) C. Galetka, J. Connon and T. Felsenthal who are on the track team. The brain of the closs is J. Donovan and the

class "wise guy" is Steve Oybsky who is also the closs

first representative.



This is a Technical Engineer-

ing class. Their homeroom is taught by Brother D.O. Walsh who is famed for his pecuniary penalties for tardy students. Brother Walsh says that his favorite pastime is to "hong around with one of the students," The class' favorite teacher is Brother Devone who eaches them U.S. History. The closs' favorite subject is Chemistry as taught by Brother Timoney. Some class nicknames are:

"Deer" Don Lannon, "little

Jim" lendman, Roy (The Mod Russian) Mehler, "Buzy" Morgan, "Mulls" Mulligan and "White Fang" Schaefer. The closs is represented on the football

team by Jim lendman and John Thomas, in Cross Country and Track by Mike Bobko, Mike Cichon and Bob Costello, in swimming by J. Gapsis and Ken Katschke. The closs first representative is Roy Mehler, the second representative is M. Cichon.

W. Stelk, R. NoHke, V. Verre and P. Schulz con', understond this student's insatiable desire to enter the classroom. Maybe he forgot his slide rule.

left to right-lst row: M. Penze te, H. Morgon, V. Schall D. lonnon. J. Thomas, P. Schulz, M. Cichon. 2nd row: W. Wiedeman, C. Carroll, B. Pisut, A. Arean. V. Verre, M. Babka, R. Mehler, T. Beck. K. Katsebke. 3rd row: A. Horgarten, R, Boyle. K. Schaefer, W. Stelk, R. Nottke, J. lendman, J. Mulligan, J. Gopsis. R. Costello.



Giving to both the students ond the faculty a feeling of pride and school spirit, the Brother Rice Bond has, during the year, shown itself to be truly a worthwhile activity.

The bond, directed by Mr. Henning and moderated by Br. May, has performed at pep rallies and football games with great success. At these times their musical skill and marching ability have been complimented by the student body and visitors alike.

The Bond displayed their musical accomplishments, atthe Christmas Concert and Spring Concert. Their exhibitions obviously required a tremendous amount of practice and talent. The bond has also traveled

to neighboring schools and has achieved success in their endecvors, Because of these successes, the bond has been deservingly deemed as one of the foremost activities at Brother




~ R.-ht row: E. Glass, E. Crew~ It Kusek. 2nd row: J. Roten. , W. louis, S. Krasowski, C. Lfloul. 3rd row: l. Murphy, C, Mar· II, R. Brusky, A. Samet, G. Geccs.

Left to right- ht row; G, Poskiet, D. Dranke, J. Dory. '0. Murray, P. Maier, E. Moyernick, T. Kasprzak, A. Weber, T. Kelly. 2nd row: R. Matysko. J. Crawford, P. Svkel. R. 80r909none, D. Konieczny, R. Gaps, l. Crcelius, R. Elmore, S. Jurkatus, V. Schall, R. Sokolosky, J. Woods, W. Kmiec, R. Paul. M. Domino, W. Visin. 3td row: R. Zemont, C. Venezia, J. Cismaslei, J. W~h~ter. E. A"derson, J. Posierb, P. Reynolds, R. Trisko, D. Sarther, E. Weover, F. Konecny, M. Fiorito, G. Sebuck, M. Komin, It Grocey, J. O'Brien, l. Sris en, P. Crean, P. lopel. 4th row: R. Blachely, J. Mociuuek, G. Urnolo, G. Gteu.ek, 8. Carnovelli. K. Florek. J. Geliek, F. laGingila. B. Comiskey. J. Winters, R. Veugeler, C. Oo.err. G. Flynn, T. Poynton, O. Sojka. W. Imlay, G. Smyth, C. Word. J. frano. R. Auken~ M. COleY.



l. to R.: M. Casey, J. Dory, B. Comiskey, G. Poskiet.







Each Monday and Friday afternoon

a group of twenty-six aspiring artists gathers in 104 to work on their creations. Instructed. encouraged, and criticized by Brother Dennehy, the group has produced an avalanche of work in

a variety of media including: soap, wood, wire, po pier mache, silk screen, scratchboard, linoleum and wood block, water color, pastels, and oils.

Each member is introduced to the vorious media and encouraged to explore and create in the ones he

finds most suitable for a particular project.

Each month a display of the Club's work has been made in the cafeteria sa that the entire student body might see it, and perhaps even become interested in exploring their own talents. Always eager to encourage interest in art ,Brother Dennehy claims that all

of us can create, '~but we must be prepared to roll up our sleeves and do some hard work." The Art Club is doing just that.

Three different groups work in various media. At the extreme left B. Mu~tori and J. Donovan work in oils, the center group is experimenting with silk screen, and these at the right are making wood block prints.

Some of the aspiring "beats" in the Art Club pause for a while to study their work on exhibition in the cafeteria. Pete Gloseh (extreme left), the only sophomore in the group, explained different media to accompanying freshmen with such adjectives as: "cool", "way out", "like crazy,"

John Donovan and Dove Wallace diKun the terrain of the moon in great detail in preparation for the next showing of the Astronomy Club's science project "lunor Speeoletiees. "

discuss some of the models used as


Under the able direction of Brother Kennedy, the Astronomy Club has again achieved a remarkable degree of success.

The major production carried on this year was the formulation of its science project, "Lunar Speculations." This project was

in the form of a show and has been presented at about a dozen schools and organizations during the 1960-1961 school year.

This show was a forty-five

minute presentation and

was presented at McAuley, Marian and Aquinas high

schools among many others.

The membership included,

two seniors, five juniors,

four sophomores, and two freshmen. The officers of the club were John Donovan, President; Joseph Prerast, Vice-President; Steve Dybsky, Secretary; and Jim Murray, Librarian.

Two members of the Astronomy Club discuss some of the models used 05 props in the Club's science show.


Considered by the uninitiated as

an awesome field, electronics through the simple, clear explanations of Brother Winblad becomes a fascinating science. Each Friday a group of interested students, the Electronics Club, gathers in the Electric Shop

to learn the mysteries of current, voltage, omperes, circuits, ohms,

and other technical data.

Along with the theory of electricity students have learned its practical application. They have studied the

operation of the oscilloscope

and its use in tracing radio

circuits. Many of the boys have

built their own radios, other have

made additional amplifiers for their own home sets. A few members have concentrated their efforts on the making of generators, and one devotee has built his own C.W. transmiMer.

At present the Club is engaged in making preparations for a school

Ham radio station which shoo,ijd

involve all their efforts next year.

A smoll group of the Electronics Club members gathers around Brother Winblod as he explains the operation of the oscilloscope and its use in detecting foreign objects through the use of rodio wcves.


One of the Sodality projects during the school year is the collection of food to provide needy families with Christmas dinners. Above the Sodality members relax with the Student Senate before transporting food to Holy Angels parish in loaded Jeep and trailer.


Thi. year the Sodality of Our Lady, benefitting from the experience of post years, has become a very efficient organization. Among its

any accomplishments are the First friday missals, the pamphlet rock in e cafeteria, and the publishing of the legion of Decency lists. However, . most important apastolate is

e teaching of catechism on Sunday. to public school children.

is apostolic work has been advanced since the beginning of the Sodality at Brother Rice.

One of it. recent feats was the a>lleding of Christmas food baskets '00- needy families in our city. Of course, the primary motive of the Sodality i. not a material, but

'her a spiritual one. The ochievement of self-sanctification and personal holiness is the goal of eodI Sodalist. Under the direction crnd guidance of Br. Leader and Br. ,Morrison, the Sodality aspires to . achie¥e in aims.


The Catholic Interracial Council

strives to give members a better understanding of the Christian view on interracial justice. Through reading, discussion, and especially programs at Friendship House or the homes of minority group members, the student becomes aware of specific problems and possible solutions and is helped to form a Christian viewpoint. At B.R.H.S. the

most faithful members of our informal group are Bill Young, Tom Kelly, Bob Paetow, Tom Stefanik, and Lee Craelius.



This year Brother Crane, moderator of the Physics Club, was very pleased with the size of the membership. The number in the club is twenty-five as apposed to the small group of about ten in last year's club. At the first meeting Brother Crane explained the purposes of the club. A few weeks

later, when everyone became acquainted, elections were held. The voting went

a number of ballots, but the final

results showed that the fallowing had been elected: Walt Podolski, 110, President; Dave Black, 113-A, Vicepresident; and Rich Vondrak, 103, Secretary. The club was then divided

into various committees. Each

committee of four to six men picked a phase of physics that they wished to report an. These reports were made

every week. One of these committees

was designated to be an advanced

group. This group met an Friday afternoons and did original research

for its project. Since the whale club showed an interest in electronics,

they decided to make this the club's general project.

What is so fascinating about a mercuriol barometer? Dink Franklin hos the inside scoop as he p<l significantly with his slide rule, In the background three amateur pnysicists prepare to chorge sameb witl1 a dry cell battery.


In the foreground President Walt Podolski explains to three pnysics scholon why they should not sit on a vacuum pump while it is in operation. Meanwhile. Vice-president Dave Block adjusts an oscilloscope to detect possing space ships. Jerry Adams seems to hove potted one over the photographers head.


The students of Brother Rice will long remember the retreot that they attended this year. Both

the senior-junior and sophomorefreshman retreats were given by Father Anthony Spina of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish. Out-

side of parish work, Father

teaches freshman theology at the University of Loyola.

Each retreat lasted for three

days and consisted of daily Mass, Benediction, Confession and conferences. Father's conferences were both timely and eloquent. They dealt with the problems which confront the teens of today. Father discussed these topics thoroughly and offered solutions and suggestions. As further evidence of its success, the

faculty pointed out the large number of communicants at daily Mass. The undergraduates sincerely hope that Father will return again next year as their retreat master.

At the close of the retreat, Father Spina gave the Papal blessing.

Benediction in

Members of the Se"ior class listen intently as Father delivers one of his mid·moming conferences.. The retreer, which lasted for three days. was attended by juniors and s.eniors. Besides Man and 8e-"ediction. three conferences were given daily.


lorry Brislen tokes the blood pressure of a student as 8r. Kennedy and a few of the students look on apprehensively.

Two students curiously study a model of "an oil derrick and petroleum deposits underneath .

• 8



The Brother Rice Science Fair, on annual event at our school, was held on a cold, blustery March week end, typical Science Fair weather.

Spreading throughout the gym and extending into the cafeteria were hundreds of projects. The creators

of these scientific wonders, the freshmen and sophomore science and biology classes, nervously awaited the judgihg. After the trophies

and ribbons had been presented, Brother Kennedy, the organizer of the Fair, could finolly relax.

Many of the projects showed imogination and ingenuity with a hint of future scientific advances. Projects

in chemistry, astronomy, atomic energy, math, and other specialized fields reflect the growing interest

of American students toward the scientific world.

Winners went on to further competition at McCormick Place and to the state finals at the University

of Illinois downstate.

A student looks mystified as a city of the future is explained to him by its <ret!

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