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Lauren Barrick

Teaching/ Learning Context
Mrs. Hazard’s Class Lincoln Elementary

Rules and Expectations:

The overall rules of the classroom are that each one is a supper
student, they are kind, they make good choices, and they can do hard
things. When a student is breaking this motro the teacher will ask “Are you
being a supper student? Is that kind? What would a supper student do?”
The student will then fix the behavior or verbally tell the teacher what they
can do. If the student does not respond the teachers gives the student a
list of behaviors they can do. The students are to walk in the classroom.


When students arrive outside of the school they are expected to

line up against the wall on the left side of the door if you are facing the
school. They can talk to each other but they have to stay in line against
the wall. They then are expected to quietly walk in the hall one behind the
other with no gaps in the line. They are to watch the person in front of
them. The teacher then greets them as they walk into the room. They go
to the coat rack to hang up their coat and backpack. They then take out
their homework and place it in the green basket. On Monday they place
their library book in the yellow basket. Next the walk their binder over to
their mailbox labeled with their name on it. Then they are to walk to their
chair and start on their bell work. They are expected to write their name
on the paper first and then work quietly. When students finish they walk it
over to their mailbox and then sit on their spot on the rug. They are to set
on a letter that was assigned to them. The expectation on the rug is that
they sit criss cross able sauce and are quite unless called upon. When they
are at their tables working they can make noise but are to use their inside

Monday Schedule
11:35-11:45 quick start
11:45-12:30 Math
12:30-12;45 Library
12:45-1:00 Music
1:00-1:30 Art
1:45-2 bathroom break
2:00-2:30 whole group tote in tell
Wednesday Schedule
11:35-11:45 Quick Stat
11:45-12:00 Math instruction
12:00-12:30 Math centers
12:30-12:45 Phonemic Awareness instruction
12:45-1:00 Recess
1:00-1:15 Read Aloud
1:15-2:15 centers
2:15-2:30 Tote in Tell

Classroom Management
Respect and rapport is gained with the students by greeting them
when they come into the classroom. Each child is given a high five and
told hello how was your morning. My mentor teacher listens to each
student. During whole group instruction my mentor teacher ask questions
that have to do with the students life. She allows everyone that wants a
turn to get a turn and she listens to the students. Students interact with
each other by talking to one another at centers. They often work in
partners when at centers.
The expectations in the classroom are clearly set before each
activity. It varies from activity to activity how much my mentor teacher
wants the students to talk or how the assignment is to be completed.
Every activity and assignment is modeled before the students start it.
There is a para in the classroom Mrs. Griffen she has worked as a
para with my mentor teacher for 20 years. The classroom procedures run
like a well-oiled machine. If one of them is busy the other one steps up
and does what needs to be done. A bell ringing the students set on the
carpet always makes transitions then they watch a math counting song
video. The students sing along with the video.
There is very little student misbehavior in the classroom. If someone is
not behaving correctly my mentor teacher will say “Are you being a
supper student?” “What would a supper student do in this situation?” I
know that you can do hard things because you are a supper student.
Let’s think about what you can do to do this hard thing. I have been
amazed because the students respond really well to those invitations.

In the classroom students are friends with each other. There are
some students that are always beside each other. During centers students
have 15 minutes to free play children usually play with each other in the
kitchen area during this time. The girls in the class have had some
problems. One little girl I will call her Rose told another girl I will call her
kate that if she talked to any one else than she is going to friend jail. I
know because she told the teacher. The teacher then contacted the
parents. The next day Rose came in crying because Kate wouldn’t talk to
her. After talk to Kate her mother told her not to talk to Rose anymore. This
has greatly affected the climate of the classroom the other girls are either
taking rose of Kate’s side. Rose told another little girl the same thing and in
response she kicked her. No farther action has taken place.
Students have assigned spots on the rug. When the students are sitting
on the rug it is direct instruction time. At the tables the students can sit
wherever they want to they usually choose to set by a friend and will try to
save seats for their friends. At the tables they are usually working together
as a group and they can talk to each other and the students do.

Dallin- He is a quite student. He moves around a lot when sitting on the
carpet especially if it has been a long time. He struggles with the sounds of
letters and identify the names of the letters.

Danny- He is a quite student and is always doing what is right. He does

very well in all subjects and follows directions well.

Gwen- She loves to talk and to tell her teachers stories. She socializes with
everyone in class.

Hazel- She follows direction. She does not talk a lot or raise her hand a lot
but she often knows the answers. She does very well in all subjects.

Hyrum- He has a lot to say. Struggles to stay organized but will after a
reminder. He likes to tell me stories and play on the monkey bars at recess.

Kara- She is very kind and thoughtful to others peoples feelings. She does
not like it when other girls are not nice she will hit them back. She does
very well in school.

Landon- He likes to talk about his power ranger at home that transforms
into a car. He has a hard time following what the teacher is saying. He is
the youngest of the class and often needs reminders on the routine of the

Lincoln- He likes to please those around him. He plays with Landon a lot.
He struggles with writing the letters.

Mayli- She is very kind and thoughtful to others. Mayli is always helping
others and explaining how to do things to those that don’t understand.
She does very well in all subjects.
Rebecca- She is very quite. She follows directions well. She is friends with

Rosie- stirs up drama in the classroom between the girls. She wants all the
girls to be just her friend. She often comes to school saying I am sad
because I do not have any friends. After participating in the lessons she
seems to be fine. At recess she plays with Summer, Kara, and Gwen.
Sometimes they run away from her.

Ruby – She is quite when in a group setting but when she knows she has
my attention she will tell me long stories about what she likes to do or even
her shoes. She follows directions. She is friends with Hazel.

Sarah- She has hearing aids and often I feel like she still can not hear me
when I am talking to her. She has a hard time following directions and
following along in class. She struggles holding a pencil. She needs help
with fine motor skills.

Trevis-He is quite. He does very well in school. He follows directions well. He

is always with Tyler.

Tyler- He is very kind and quite. He is always helping others. He is very

good at math. He is best friends with Trevis.

Vicente- Vicente is from Brazil he is a second language learner. He speaks

a few words here and there in English. He has a hard time understanding
directions and following in class. He is sweet. He always wants to hug his

Summer- Summer has lots to say and has a hard time not calling out. She is
very smart and knows the answers. She will let you know when you are

The school has a lot of parent volunteers every day I go I see parents
at the school helping with individual classes. Kara’s mom comes in and
does art once a month with the students. Parents are very involved in the
The principal greets each student as they leave each day. They call
him Mr. Curly even though his name is Mr. Shirley. The students think it is so
Every month the students have fitness day and a parent brings by a
healthy snack for each student to try. The students really look forward to