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CS 511 Final Project

The final project will be done in a team of ​2 or​​ ​3 students​​. You will select a topic
within operating systems of interest to you. Find an academic paper or tutorial
describing research or a technology within this area, and give a lecture to the
class describing the paper or technology.
You are not allowed to pick a topic that you had already present or plan to
present for another class.

Here are some example topics:

History of a particular operating system: Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS….

Mobile OS: iOS/Android

Gaming OS

ACM Case Study 2010. Photoshop scalability: keeping it simple. ​Commun.

ACM​ 53, 10 (Oct. 2010), 32-38.

Plan 9: ​

OS X 10.9 Scheduler:

Microkernel operating system architecture and Mach:

A Fast File System For UNIX:

Google file system:

Java Virtual Machine

Java Threads:

Any topics from the textbook that we will not cover:

Virtual Machine
Distributed Systems
Each team will elect a team leader and the team leader will be communicating
with me directly.

The team leader will email or see me during my office hours to propose your
project. Get my approval before you move forward. The deadline to pick a topic is
​ ​ 2018​​. ​If I don’t hear from your team, I will assign a
Friday, November 2​nd​
random topic for your team.

To make sure your team does not get off track, the team leader will need report
​ ​ 2018.
the progress to me on or before ​Friday, November 16​th​

Time requirements:
The presentation is ​20 minutes​​ long for each team with an additional ​3 minutes
for questions. Everyone in the team must present in roughly equal time.

Here are some rules of thumb for your presentations:

1. Introduce members of your team.
2. Assume the audience knows very little about the topic, no detail is too
3. Make eye contact with the audience.
4. Do not read from the slides or your note cards.
5. Speak up so the audience can hear you.
6. Slow down and breath, you tend to talk fast when you are nervous.
7. No slides with text less than 24-point font.
8. The presentation can include a demo.
9. Practice, practice, practice.

Upload a PowerPoint slides to Western Online Assignments no later than 1pm on
​ ​ 2018.
Monday, December 3​rd​

I will schedule presentations on the following days:

Monday, December 3​rd​ ​ ​ 2018.
Wednesday, December 5​th​ ​ ​ 2018.
​ ​ 2018.
Friday, December 7​th​

Your grade will be based on the content of your presentation and peer review
from your team members. I will provide a form for peer review on a later date.
Team 1 Team 2
Rahul Sanap  Praveen Kumar Naini 
Krystyna Long  Pranaya Vidiyala 
Vamsi Krishna Talapatra  Sri Ravali Madhiraj 

Team 3 Team 4
Sravani Marneni  Kalyani Garlapati 
Shivanath Reddy Pedaballi  Sai Prathik Muthyala 

Team 5 Team 6
Thilak Bandari  Sai Priya Abbineni 
Sai Swetha Mandava  Vijay Vardhan Edla