Obama expects “Hand to Hand Combat” with Republicans.
By: Mick McKenzie / Mick553

Obama was recently asked by a liberal radio commentator what he would do if the Republicans took control of the House in the November 2010 election, and his reckless response was “if Republicans win control of Congress in November, there will be hand to hand combat on Capitol Hill for the next two years.” What kind of statement is that? A true leader would never have made that statement. Instead a true leader would have probably said something like “if Republicans win control of Congress in November, we will work together as Americans for a better America.” The comment Obama made in response to this question was not only irresponsible, it was unpatriotic. Obama continues his crusade to divide and conquer in hopes of destroying capitalism in favor of socialism. It sounds as though he would rather go to war with Republicans than compromise his ideology? Is he planning on going to war with 70% of the American public who think the economy is heading in the wrong direction? Is he planning on going to war with those in his own party who do not agree with his many job killing policies? Is he really prepared to go to war with every member of the Tea Party movement? It appears so. Obama is letting his narcissism, his arrogance and his socialist ideology get in the way of his being an effective president. His narcissism will not allow him to compromise, his arrogance will not allow him to admit when he is wrong and his ideology is the reason the economy is where it is today. For a sitting United States President to actually say there will be “hand to hand combat” with members of another political party is unheard of. “Hand to hand combat!” Sadly, it appears Obama is an enemy of conservative America, and if he wants to have “hand to hand combat” with Republicans and the people of America, then that is exactly what he will get. “We the people” of the United States are not going to let him, his administration, or his liberal Democrat cronies to destroy this country. This “hand to hand combat” remark is typical of Obama and his style of politics. He ignores the will of the people and continues to try and push through his socialist, job killing agenda by whatever means possible, whether legally or illegally. Once accomplished, he then expects the people to rally behind him and thank him for his tenacity. Well, that is not going to happen. His

days of ramming bills down the throat of Americans and his days of ignoring the will of the American people are almost over. The November 2010 election is going to mark the beginning of the end of his reign of terror and destruction on the American economy. The November 2010 election is going to mark the beginning of a new era of prosperity and trust in America. The distressing thing here is that Obama could have used his unique position of being the first biracial president in such a positive way and could have done so much good for race relations. Instead he chose to use his position in a negative way. Instead of using his influence to enhance race relations, he uses race as a weapon against anyone who opposes his socialist agenda. Instead of reaching across the political aisle and trying to work together as one, he tries to demonize Republicans as the enemy of the people and continues to make personal attacks against not only his Republican opponents, but anyone who opposes his socialist agenda. Instead of trying to compromise with his opponents, tries to destroy them. Sadly, Obama is a divider, not a uniter, and that is a shame because if he was a uniter he could accomplish so much and have the support of the people. The President of the United States should be a person that the world can look up to and respect. He should be someone the world and Americans can admire. Instead, Obama travels the world bowing before the world’s leaders and apologizing to them for America’s past actions. What this does is show the world that he lacks the strength to be a true world leader and it shows us that he lacks the integrity and patriotism to be a truly good American president. It appears that instead of Obama apologizing to the world for America, Americans should be apologizing to the world for Obama. Since taking office, Obama has shown very little respect for the American people. Instead of allowing the reading and debating of unpopular bills on the floor of the House and Senate, he instead he allows the bribing and making of backroom deals with corrupt Democrat Congressmen and Senators and then allows the passage of these bills in the dead of night in order to further his radical agenda, such as he did with the 2010 healthcare bill. He has shown repeatedly that he has no regard for the will of the American people, he has no regard for American laws and he has no regard for the U.S. Constitution. He is as corrupt a politician as you will find anywhere. It is the arrogance of Obama that has awoken the sleeping giant within the American people. It is this arrogance that makes him think that he can win this “hand to hand combat” with Republicans. What Obama does not seem to understand is that these Republicans, who he wants to go to battle with, are Americans too. These Republicans are Americans who were elected to represent the will of the people. It is their job and duty to stop anyone from destroying the free market system of this country and that includes Obama. It is their job and duty to stop Obama’s out of control spending and his job killing socialist policies. If Obama would rather have “hand to hand combat” with Republicans instead of reaching across the political aisle and working with

them as Americans, then so be it. Republican Americans, as well as millions of other Americans are ready to fight back as well, and Obama will lose. Another response to Obama’s arrogance was the creation of the Tea Party movement. The Tea Party Express is not even two years old and it has gathered an amazing amount of steam since leaving the Tea Party depot. It has gathered so much steam in fact, that it has really angered and frustrated Obama, the Democrats and the liberal media. Obama may not like having to deal with the Tea Party, and the media may not like having to acknowledge it, but the Tea Party movement is here to stay, it is not going away and it is gathering more and more strength every day. The Tea Party is going to help bring about big changes in Washington DC, along with big changes in every State of the Union. These changes are coming and it doesn’t matter if Obama likes it, it doesn’t matter if the Democrats like it and doesn’t matter if the liberal media likes it, because it is going to happen and they cannot stop it. Because of the impact the Tea Party has made in its short existence, Obama, his administration, the Democrats, and the liberal media continue to try and discredit the Tea Party members as racists with an angry mob mentality, when in reality they are the exact opposite. Ironically, it is because of Obama’s own arrogance and unwillingness to listen to the will of the people that the Tea Party movement even exists. He does not like the fact that the Tea Party stands for Government accountability and fiscal responsibility. The Tea Party is a movement that Obama will never understand because he still seems to think that he is the messiah sent to save the world. Well, guess what? He is not. The Obama madness has to stop. Under Obama, Federal spending has increased an incredible 88% and the National Debt has gone from around $10 trillion dollars to over $13 trillion dollars in less than two years. Under Obama, the National Debt will actually exceed the size of the economy within two years and we will soon be paying over $1 billion a day in interest alone. That is a lot of money and that $1 billion dollars a day would sure go a long way in helping to lower taxes, which would in turn help stimulate the economy by allowing small businesses to create more jobs. Under Obama, the government is spending $7 million dollars every minute of every single day of the year and borrowing 41 cents for every dollar spent. Under Obama, food stamp recipients have gone from 28 million to 41.8 million people and unemployment has risen from 5% to over 10%. Under Obama, the 2010 Congress did not even bother to approve a budget for the year 2011, denying the American people any fiscal accountability from this administration for all of next year’s spending. It appears they did not want to limit themselves with a bothersome budget. After all, if they had a budget, they may have to actually account for how much money they are spending. They certainly don’t want that. It is time to put an end to the Obama job killing policies that have driven unemployment to where it is today. We must put an end to the continued attacks on the free market system and we must repeal the irresponsible and unaffordable government takeover of America’s health care system. We must insist on government accountability and fiscal responsibility. We do not need

career politicians and need to enact term limits for all Congressmen and Senators. We must pass laws to force the Federal government to balance the budget. It is the government’s responsibility to protect its citizens and it is their job to secure and protect our borders for the sake of national security. It is time for the government to again start listening to the people and it would be nice to have some politicians in Washington again that actually knows what “common sense” is. It is time to stop the Keynesian “spread the wealth” style economics that is destroying America. The choice is simple. Elect politicians that support Obama’s “Food Stamp” style economic policies that, as we have seen, rewards people for being non-productive, or elect politicians that support “Paycheck” type economic policies that not only encourages productivity, but rewards people for working hard. After the 2010 elections, the momentum will not stop. The next stop for the Tea Party Express will be the November 2012 election, which will be the second phase in ending the Obama agenda for good. It will also be another huge step in ending the liberal’s push towards socialism in America forever. It is time for all Americans to fight back for the freedoms our founding fathers worked so hard to provide us. It is time for all Americans to fight back for an America where one can still achieve the American Dream. Hopefully, it is not too late.