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Areas and ranges

of application
Ejectors Waste gas cleaning
Vacuum technology Environmental technology
Ejectors Vacuum technology Waste ga

Evaporation technology
Körting thermocompressors in Shipbuilding
evaporation plants or as compressors Körting water jet ejectors with high
to adjust pressure levels in steam suction capacity
networks • for bilging inaccessible tank and
• optimum energy utilisation ballast spaces
• many years of experience • for conveying solids
• on-going further development • for fresh water generation
• worldwide leading in this field

Fertiliser production Edible oil processing

Körting HP-Ejectors for re-feeding the
Körting steam jet ejectors can be
carbamate solution in urea reactors,
found in nearly all important process
multi-stage steam jet vacuum plants.
stages of the edible oil production.
Boosters and condensers are designed
Specially developed systems with
especially for
closed water circuits, cold water
• requirements prevailing at urea systems as well as ice condensation
evaporation stages plants guarantee
• particularly economical
• energy saving
• guarantee for trouble-free operation
• environmental protection
• absolutely worldwide leading in this
• reliability

Paper production
Körting steam jet compressors Chemical industry
allow for Körting supplies customised
• sensitive process control solutions for vacuum generation
• uniform temperature distribution from 0.01 mbar suction pressure
• continuous steam recirculation and from 0.5 kg/h suction flow
and they are important for high • high operational safety
product quality.

Petrol refineries Steel degassing

Körting steam jet vacuum ejectors
Multi-stage vacuum systems with
for degassing during steel production
exactly coordinated steam jet vacuum
ejectors and surface condensers with • high suction performance
our own developed design software • low space requirements
• low investment and operating
• optimised consumption
• operational reliability
• almost maintenance-free
as cleaning Environmental technology

Gas cleaning
Power plants Körting gas scrubbing plants with the
Körting turbine condensers as well as components
steam and water jet vacuum ejectors
• Jet scrubber
for condenser exhauster applications
• Venturi scrubber
have been firm components of steam
power plants for many decades now have been utilised successfully for
and allow decades for
• best possible heat recovery • cooling
• lowering of energy consumption • physical and chemical absorption
• dedusting

Droplet separation
Körting swirl droplet separator make
Polyester production an essential contribution towards the
observation of emission codes and
Körting glycol steam jet vacuum plants
therefore towards the protection of the
• minimise operating and environment
maintenance costs
• in gas scrubbing and vacuum plants
• lead to an exceptionally high
• for condensate separation in
operational safety
chimney stacks
• minimise environmental impact
• in evaporating plants
• for the separation of difficult
products (e.g. those with a
tendency to polymerisation)

Oleochemistry Water treatment

Reliable vacuum systems for diverse Körting ejectors are applied as the
process steps such as centre piece of gas introduction
• drying systems
• destillation • for waste water aeration
• fractionating • to introduce ozone and oxygen
• transesterification • in the pressurised dissolved air
during production of flotation
• for disinfecting potable water and
• biodiesel
• fatty acids
• soaps Furthermore, also for diluting and
• glycerine conveying of acids and lyes and for the
regeneration of ion exchangers.

Textile finishing
Chilling Körting Caustic Recovery Plants (CRP)
Crystallisation for recovering mercerising lye

Körting vacuum chilling plants • turn mercerising waste water into

for generating cold water and for money
crystallisation processes • payback time < 1 year
• global market leader in Caustic
• environment-friendly Recovery Plants (CRP)
• energy saving • nearly 100 % recovery rate
• sustainability in the mercerisation
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