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"O Holy Angel of God, guardian
and protector of my soul and
body, forgive me every
transgression which
I have committed this day.
Deliver me from all evil
Feast of the Archangels influences and temptations, so
that I may not anger my God by

Gabriel & Michael
any sin. Pray for me that the
Lord may make me worthy of
His grace and to become

November 8 partaker of His eternal Kingdom
with the help of the Blessed
Virgin Mary and of
all the Saints. Amen."

1. Angels have two roles: the first is in Heaven to glorify God,
and the second on earth to carry out God's orders concerning men.
2. The word "angel" means = herald or messenger. “aggelos” he who is sent

3. How many are there? The great Prophet Daniel from the Old Testament saw God on His
throne-and a thousand thousands ministered unto Him, and 10,000
x 10,000 stood before Him (Chapters 9 & 10).

4. How many types are there? There are nine ranks of angels. Thrones, dominions, principalities,
seraphim's, cherubim's, powers, sovereignties, archangels, and

5. Who are Archangels? Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Salathiel, Barachiel, Jeremiel,

6. Angels are different than us because they are bodiless and invisible. They don't need to eat or
drink, nor do they need clothes or shelter. They don't get married
and they have no worries about the future, or fear of death.
God created them good and holy. The devil chose to be evil and fall

7. Angels are like us………. because they have names and personalities. They are individuals
with intelligence, emotions, free will and they can act in free will.
In the Bible and Holy Orthodox
Tradition, angels have done many
marvelous things! Archangel
Michael is believed to have guarded
Paradise with his flaming sword after
the fall of Adam & Eve, and brought
God’s voice in the burning bush to
the Prophet Moses then also guided
him as a pillar of light thru the
desert. Michael saved the three
youths in Babylon from death in the
midst of the burning fiery furnace,
and fed Daniel with food while in the
lions pit!

Archangel Gabriel appeared to
Zacharias in the holy altar to
announce the coming of his son who
would be St. John the Baptist.
Archangel Gabriel nourished Panagia
as a child living in the Holy of Holies
and later announced to her the she
would bear Christ in her womb , thus
bringing forth the Savior to the
world. Gabriel spoke to the
shepherds to go worship the Christ –
child at the Nativity in Bethlehem.
Gabriel also spoke to Joseph to rise
from sleep and take the Theotokos
and Christ to Egypt to escape King
Herod. Lastly, the Archangel Gabriel
announced Christ's Resurrection to
the Myrrh-bearing Women outside
His tomb at Pascha!

Archangel Michael saved the church
at Colossae when a number of
pagans tried to destroy it by
diverting the flow of two rivers
directly into its path. However, the
Archangel appeared amongst the
waters, and, carrying a cross,
channeled the rivers underground so
that the ground the church stood on
would not be destroyed. The spring
which came forth after this event is
said to have special healing powers.