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JULY 2008

“Most successful men have not achieved their distinction by having some new talent or opportunity presented to them. The have developed the opportunity that was at hand.” Bruce Barton

Executive Message from Scott Florence
reetings from TNI Corporate Headquarters!


Executive Message 1

“Where Are 2 They Now?” Features Dr. Ralph Heinicke Fearless Bonus Paid in May to 52 U.S. IPCs 10 IPCs Reach Pearl and Above in May July’s U.S. Conference Calls 3



You can count on us to begin We have just concluded our this very month making anfourth Pearl Camp at the 5nouncements that are going to Star Grand America Hotel in capture the attention and downtown Salt Lake City, and imagination of this industry can I just say the operative and start a whole new storm. word is… BANG! What a meeting! What a feeling! The It is time for us all to stand up excitement was fantastic and and let the MLM world know, everyone left on cloud once and for all, that there is nine. Keynote speakers inno more solid company, no cluded Kelly Olsen, Kerry better opportunity, Asay, Kim Asay, “You can count on us to begin this very month no more lucrative and Stephen Story, Barry rewarding compensaBird, Floyd Holdmaking announcements that are going to once tion plan, no more man, and the gala tried-and-proven night closing speaker again capture the attention and imagination of product, than was Valencia PamTahitian Noni this industry and start a whole new storm.” phile from the MAD International and Team. TAHITIAN NONI® Juice! one year goal! I am telling you, it was inspirContinued on Page 2 I mention challenges and am ing. There was such a strong referring to all of the “juice of the month” network marketing companies that have launched in the last few months. Quote me on this: “They are nothing more than cheap copies of our already revolutionary ideas, and don’t hold a candle to our original story and plan. Let’s face it, in the networking marketing world, new companies with perceived opportunities can distract people, and we at TNI are not

feeling of unity and determination, as we all go forward from here to face the challenges that lie ahead and get TNI to that magical oneScott Florence, billion-in- U.S. General Manager

going to lie down and just pretend like they don’t exist.

Kelly Olsen, co-founder, Chief Strategist

John Wadsworth, TNI President





Where Are They Now?
Dr. Ralph Heinicke has helped uncover noni's secrets, making it available to the world
Welcome back to this new section of the Tahitian Noni Times. This month’s highlighted spokesperson is Dr. Ralph Heinicke, a scientist and endorser of Tahitian Noni® products. Dr. Heinicke, now 94 years old, has lived a lifetime of rich experiences, many of them contributing to health research. He focused his studies on plant physiology at Cornell University, followed by electrical engineering at the University of Kentucky, Lexington. He later obtained his PhD in biochemistry from the University of Minnesota. It was through his research for the Dole Pineapple Company, while living in Hawaii from 1950 to 1986, that Dr. Heinicke developed an interest in the noni plant and its components. “I feel strongly that as scientists we dismiss the cultural aspect because we assume it is not relevant,” he said. “Heritage actually contains a lot of very specific information that we must simply learn to interpret. For example, a simDr. Ralph Heinicke ple story may hide a recipe for picking and handling fruit during the appropriate season.” Through many discoveries with the noni plant, Dr. Heinicke has since dedicated his life to noni research. He serves as a member of TNI’s advisory board. “Tahitian Noni International’s exclusive processing methods ensure that the healthful properties of noni are preserved to the end product,” he said. “I believe TAHITIAN NONI® Juice and Tahitian Noni products to be the best available; they are the only noni products I recommend and endorse.” Dr. Heinicke and his wife, Anne, now live in Louisville, Kentucky, where they enjoy the annual horse races at Churchill Downs and the vast collection of arts such as ballet, opera, symphony orchestra, and chamber music. Dr. Heinicke now spends most of his time on two projects—he intends to keep living until they’re completed!

The first one involves the xeronin system, an extraordinarily complex system that can favorable affect the treatment of many health, agricultural, and industrial problems. Continued on Page 4

Executive Message from Scott Florence
John Wadsworth announced new president of TNI; Kelly Olsen focuses on strategy marketing
Continued from Page 1 I am so excited about some of these upcoming announcements that I cannot even stand it. Get ready for some huge news. One of the most exciting pieces of news is the announcement of John Wadsworth’s return from his church assignment to full time at TNI, and not just as a founder, but as the new president of TNI. He will be replacing Kelly Olsen, who has worked tirelessly in that capacity for almost six years. This is very exciting. First, don’t think Kelly is going to get a break or be allowed to go hit the golf course. Oh no! He has already accepted the position of chief strategy officer for TNI and will be now able to focus 100 percent of his attention in this area that he loves the most. John will take on the huge responsibilities of the day-to-day operations and management of all of Tahitian Noni’s departments and operations that Kelly was also covering. So now with the two of them working for you, things are going to really take off! I know that John is keenly aware of the new network marketing environment, and the top of his agenda is to make TNI the undisputed best opportunity ever. I cannot tell you how excited we as employees of this great company are about these developments, and I know you will be too. Look out competitors to TNI; I would hate to be you right about now! This new one, two punch team of John and Kelly, with the backing of the founders who, after 12 years are still united and strong, will allow you to go directly after the leaders of these other companies and give them a chance to compare what they have with a truly solid, “built to “One of the most exciting last” company like TNI. Oh pieces of news is the yeah!

announcement of John There is a lot more coming this Wadsworth’s return…” month by way of communications about the big new announcements and opportunities for distributors of TNI. Stay tuned, and contact everyone you know again. It is time to talk and get going in this business like never before.





Fearless Bonuses Paid in May Keep U.S. IPCs Strong
The Fearless Bonus continues to be paid out to numerous IPCs across the world. In May 52 IPCs in the United States received their bonus. This bonus is paid in addition to the regular compensation plan payouts, and it’s having a tremendous effect on IPC businesses. We’d like to recognize the following IPCs for their accomplishment: 3 BONUSES TRIPLED

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Roxanne Zubrycki Diverse Distributing, Inc. Richard Bennett Carolle St. Jean Christina S. Carter Maria A. McRae LaJuana Major David & Twana Carter Derrick Nash Prentiss E. Thompson Adrian & Anita Randall Frank J. Rodriguez Sabrina Raheem John R. Greene Leslie D. Gross Laurie Gunthorpes

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Yiuming Kwok Zhi G. Wang Norm Alvis Evergreen Associates Reina Isabel Alvarez Stacy Golphin Silvia Farias Sandra D. Garcia Brandon T. Missouri DBA Showtime Enterprises Leah Hilliard Caron Washington Rosa I. Martinez Helen Lawani

Charles E. Patton Alfred E. Smith Margaret A. Kiel Yoana S. Roman Juan M. Narvaez Paterson Pasteur Ieisha Cover-Edwards Angel R. Peñaranda Mishondra M. Key Nathaniel Richardson Diana Lowe Oscar E. Aguirre Jose Bautista Lisa Vining L&M Christian Day Care/Learning Center Inc.

• • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • •

D. Glover DBA Adesola Enterprises Alphonso Wright BFK International Inc.

20 BONUSES DOUBLED Tyrone S. Howard Divine Destination, LLC Katy E. Burns Freddie J. Flucker

• • • •

29 BONUSES MATCHED Westwood Consulting, LLC

10 IPCs Reach Pearl and Above
May’s end results in an increase in IPCs achieving new levels of recognition
TNI would like to congratulate the following IPCs for their hard work and perseverance in achieving new titles in May. Pearl: Nadejda Sergeevna Potebnia from Mequon, Wisconsin Pearl: Anthony Watters Sr. from Baltimore, Maryland Pearl: Ronny Simon from Westbury, New York Pearl: D. Glover from Berkeley, California Pearl: Zhu Chong from Los Angeles, California Pearl: Norm Alvis from Sacramento, California Pearl: Jin Chen from Los Angeles, California Pearl: Zhi Wang from Los Angeles, California Diamond Pearl: Yiuming Kwok from San Gabriel, California Diamond Pearl Elite: Willie Parker Jr. from Baltimore Maryland





Dial Into July’s Conference Calls


Get the hottest tips, the latest marketing angles, and the biggest boost your business can get. Tuesday nights belong to your TNI business! Calls are rebroadcast 24 hours a day at 1-888-864-5842. That’s also the number to catch it live as it happens on Tuesday nights. All conference calls are then posted in Noni Office for you to listen to any time. Dial in next Tuesday! Here’s what’s also coming your way in July: July 1, 2008 — 7 PM MDT “The Power of TAHITIAN NONI® Juice in Building a Strong Business” Jonathan Hallstrom, regional sales manager for the Desert South region, is joined by Diamond Pearl Elite John Akram. John and his team are part of the reason TNI built a lifestyle center in Phoenix. Ever since signing up as an IPC, he has effortlessly shared TAHITIAN NONI® Juice with his family, friends, and neighbors. He and the leaders in his downline reap success because of their amazing testimonials of our products. Come and hear what TAHITIAN NONI Juice has done for these IPCs and how they turned their passion into an opportunity.

July 8, 2008 — 7 PM MDT “The Importance of Focus” What separates the good IPCs from the great IPCs? The answer is focus! An IPC who is focused will achieve his goal no matter the cost! Diamond Pearl Elite Michael Bradford, joined by Midwest regional sales manager Leon Atcitty, will show how to get results by teaching your team to hold focus. July 15, 2008 — 7 PM MDT “How to Recession-Proof Your Life” Come together with Laura Kimball, Tahiti Trim® Plan 40® sales man-

ager; Lynn Gibbs, Triple Diamond Black Pearl; Maxine Burns, Diamond Pearl Elite; and Merrin James, Mid-Atlantic assistant sales manager. They will advise you on how the Fearless Income Building™ System will guide you through times of economic uncertainty by focusing on these important points:

• • • • •

Emergency plan Additional streams of income Get out of debt How to be frugal with your funds Bear-proof your investment portfolio

July 22, 2008 — 7 PM MDT “Up Close with Kelly Olsen” Co-founder and Chief Strategist Kelly Olsen will address the U.S. market. Don’t miss this key opportunity to hear from one of the founders of TNI! July 29, 2008 — 7 PM MDT “How to Get Your T.I.M.E. Back” Come join Brandon Missouri, TNI’s newest Double Diamond Pearl, as he talks about why millionaires are obsessed with getting their T.I.M.E. back, and why you should too. You are not going to want to miss out.

This month focuses on IPC testimonials, preparation for hard times, and a special call with Kelly Olsen.

Dr. Heinicke Contributes Health to Juice
Continued from Page 2 His second project concerns the universe and developing a simple, mechanical model that would depict how enzymes and xeronine operate in a cell. Dr. Heinicke contributes his health and life longevity to drinking a bottle of TAHITIAN NONI® Juice every week. His father and two sisters, from a family of six children, inherited two recessive genes that led to a crippling muscular disease and an early death. When he was 33 years old, he began having joint problems. It was during this time he was researching pineapple products, which temporarily helped his joint problems. Then Dr. Heinicke discovered an excellent alternative source of the xeronine-system components—the noni fruit. “The noni fruit still has many, many more potential applications. I hope that I can continue to work with Tahitian Noni scientists and marketing people for many more years in developing these applications,” he said. Check out next month’s feature on the “noni girl”—who she is, how she became the face of most of our advertising, and where she is now.

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