2011 Glitch and Strategy Guide

If I refer to the LOLB, I am talking about the “left outside line backer.” This means that if you are looking at the screen, the linebacker on the left side of the screen is the one I am talking about. The same goes for RDT: “right defensive tackle.” This would be the second most defensive lineman on the right side of the screen. I know this isn’t how the players are normally referred to. However, for the sake of explaining the setup, this is the easiest way.

46 Normal - Inside Blitz Use the speed package (Faster blitz and coverage) Pinch the D-line Re-blitz your MLB and your ROLB Put the MLB on the left side of the LDT and the ROLB on the right side of the RDT Re-blitz the right DT The LBs will occupy the blocks and the RDT will shoot through 34 Rush - Weak Blitz 3 Shift both the linemen and linebackers left. Blitz the LOLB Move the left ILB down to the LOS (Between the left DE and Left DT) The blitzing LB will occupy the left tackle allowing the left DE to rush untouched. I like to manually blitz with the LB to ensure that the blocker engages the LB and not the end. Nickel 1-5-5 – Sam Snake Pinch the LBs Blitz the RILB Blitz the MLB Re-blitz the LOLB Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6V6YBUP7Dg

com/watch?v=OTmhlpFMt-A 3-4 Predator – Cover 3 Show Blitz Bring down the FS into the gap between the center and the left guard Hot route him into a QB Spy You must manually blitz with him. I suggest using the turbo blitz described in the glitches section for jumping the snap best. a blitzing player on the right side will make it through. 3-4 Solid . Nickle Sub – Cover 1 (Jets Playbook) Shift D-line to the left Blitz the ROLB and move him down into the gap between the DE and DT Take the LB in the yellow zone and (optional: put him into QB Spy) move him between the A gap and use the turbo blitz strategy. you should shoot through off of the right hip of your defender. the Left Guard will be occupied with the LOLB blitzing (Use video to look at alignment of players) http://www. Nickel Sub – Cover 2(Jets Playbook) Best coverage nano Shift the D-line to the left Take the left DE and move him to the outside hip of the right DT Hot route the DE to QB spy Use the turbo blitz technique. If the offensive line is in “aggressive” the blitzer through the A gap will get through. 4-6 Bear – Safety Fire (Option 1) . User control the non-blitzing MLB and mark the RB in the flats.Nickel 1-5-5 – DT Blitz Pinch the LBs Re-blitz the RLB and the MLB Take control of the DT and shift him to the right Absorb the block with the DT and the MLB will shoot through. if your opponent uses the aggressive O-line counter. The hole that opens for the LB to shoot through is nearly double that of the 3-4 QB spy glitch. Blitz your MLB straight down and place him on the hip of the DT. here is a counter for the counter) Show blitz. allowing the outside blitzer to have a wide open window at the QB.youtube. Also.Gaps Press (Since most people have picked up the counter to the QB Spy Glitch. This is the best nano so far this year. but the picked up.

stand in front of the target hold the strafe button (L2. This will allow you to easily have enough time to strafe and face the ball before it hits the ground. LT) and your receiver will face the ball. They can be found in the 46 defensive playbook. Press and hold (Triangle. Move the safety to the A gap (Use video for reference) Put him into QB spy and manually blitz with the turbo blitz strategy.com/watch?v=rlGLRGBATUw . in my opinion. http://www. and move him to the right once. Move the safety to the A gap (Use video for reference) Switch to the DT lined up on the center. Manually blitz with him. throw a bullet pass while holding the up arrow.com/watch?v=5WthihMi1EQ This version works better for stopping the run. You won’t have as much time to react so this is a little more difficult. make sure your QBs feet are set and throw a lob pass while holding the down arrow. and also allows more than one player to get penetration. On short routes such as curls or out routes towards the sideline. This is also.These two nanos out of the 4-6 bear formation have become my favorite plays in the game. Tips: On fade and streak routes.youtube. All you need to do is take the “Auto Strafe” setting off (Start -> Settings -> Game Options -> Auto Strafe -> Off) Now. Y) while in strafe to make the jump and catch. 4-6 Bear – Safety Fire (Option 2) Video: http://www. Make sure your receiver has finished his route and is standing still or the ball will be overthrown if you try to strafe. the best run stopping play in the game.youtube. when you throw to your receiver. Glitches -Rocket Catching Rocket catching this year is as easy as it has ever been.

You also want to be outside the defender or at least head on. So with the new defensive assist feature. Head towards a defender. You want to perform the semi circle on from the middle of the analog stick to the bottom and back to the middle.-Curl Route Glitch Video: http://www. To make the completion every time. Manually take him and move him towards the ball for the catch. -Juke Glitch Credit to frank27 This glitch lets you juke out the CPU defenders that are near you when running with the ball. perform a semi circle from the right to left. If the defender is too close. I suggest holding down while you switch to your man so he can start moving as quickly as possible. The defender will never jump the ball and your receiver will always make the catch with the defender a few steps behind. if you make the pass. so keep practicing it. He will take off as soon as the ball is snapped and then you can hold sprint after the play starts for extra speed. Usually. Give him about half a second of standing still before you make the throw or else he will not get a good jump. . you can hold down on your player and he won’t move. perform a semi circle on the right analog stick from the left to right. Hit the audible button and then move in the direction you would like to blitz in. The process will have to be done quickly since you won’t have much time on this short pass. This is a great method of executing an outside blitz and getting a great jump off the snap. If you are running to the right. If you are running to the left. and wait until there are a few yards of space in between you and your defender. So set up your play. -Turbo Blitz If you press the audible button on defense.youtube. throw a bullet pass to your receiver with precision down and take control of him as soon as you throw. The defender cannot be outside of you. the defender will jump the pass for an INT or deflection. and click on to the player you would like to blitz with. You won’t be able to run this immediately. Check out the tips in the money route section for the best ways to run the route. he may go into his tackling animation while you are performing it. It looks like a long "U" shape. The one way the curl almost always gets shut down in man coverage is when your receiver curls and the defender is sitting right on top of him. but you do not want too much space or else it will not have an effect on the defender. this move will force people to stop using it.com/watch?v=isSigQbZJ_k The curl route is once again very effective this year. *Receiver must be completely stopped.

com/watch?v=vbx9r8_e29c Counter: If your opponent is doing this to you. -TE Quick Pass Glitch Video: http://www.youtube. I have actually been using the 49ers lately online for the sole reason of passing to Vernon Davis using this glitch and the inside and outside corner routes. any setup.youtube. and the safety shoots through the A gap untouched every time. -Freeze Game Glitch Credit to “Hyatt” Choose game flow at 3 seconds left in any quarter Pause the game and wait for the opponent to resume When they resume. the game clock will take an additional 20 seconds off for the accelerated clock. you resume The screen rolls around the field until someone quits -No Loss Disconnection Glitch .-QB Spy Glitch I’ve been using this for the last few days and the only time it doesn’t work is when your opponent runs the ball. do not make the pass.com/watch?v=-q7tbw1dHOY This is an awesome glitch that can result in anywhere from 5 yards to a breakout touchdown run. -Select the 3-4 Defensive playbook when selecting your team -Play: 3-4 Under – Cover 3 -Select the safety in the deep blue zone -Hot route him to a QB spy and move him between the left DE and the DT -Hit Square (PS3) or X (Xbox) and hold down on the left analog stick aiming at the QB Video: http://www. This means you can take a minute off the clock in one play. do an O-Line shift -> Aggressive -Accelerated Clock Glitch If you pick your play at the :20 second mark left in the play clock. It is a four man blitz. and kill a quarter in seven plays. This will work in any formation. if that’s the case. Just hot route your TE to an inside slant and throw it to him within a second of hiking the ball. The only time this will not work is in bump and run coverage where your TE is caught up. but your play clock will not be affected.

.youtube. and then tap his icon while holding down on the D-pad.dailymotion. -Cain & Able http://www. then use zone alarm to block that specific IP. Make sure your QB’s feet are planted and not throwing on the move. You must be at least on your own 40 yard line or you will not have enough space. NO LOSS. I’ve noticed that the best catching animation this year is the over the shoulder catch which has a great catch % and also takes priority over all other animations. if you are on top of the defender. and can make your receiver do this animation. -Deep Ball Glitch Video: http://www. The best part about this glitch… the game doesn’t show up. You only need about two steps inside. allowing you to catch the ball for a big gain.brothersoft. -Pick a play that has your receiver on a fade route. The most common defensive play used is Cover 3. you will catch it regardless of your defender’s action. The hot routed fade route will not work for this.html -Zone Alarm http://download. wait until your receiver has ran 10 yards exactly.com/video/xagjiq_c-zap-dcg_videogames -Fade Route Catching Video: http://www. -Click on to your receiver immediately and cut inside at an angle. This means NO DNF. I find this to be much easier once you get the timing down.com/cain--abel-64222.com/watch?v=Jkt1LT5KGWA Here is a new strategy for throwing the deep ball with the “fade route” as a substitute for rocket catching. and then move back towards the ball and hit catch. -This should trigger the over the shoulder animation. Video tutorial: http://www. This glitch will work against zone defense.youtube.com/ZoneAlarm-Free-Firewall/3000-10435_4-10039884. It is as if you never played the game. -Hike the ball.html You will use Cain & Able to get your oppositions IP address. Meaning. NO RECORD OF THE GAME EVER HAPPENING.cnet. This glitch is ideal against Cover 3. and the streak doesn’t work as often as the fade route animation that is on a specific play. The game will end in about 10-15 seconds.You will need to use your computer and install two FREE and spyware free programs for this glitch.com/watch?v=sg8LNY9HfBw This glitch allows you to throw for a touchdown to your #1 receiver for 60+ yards.

hot route a slot receiver to an out route. throw a lob pass while holding up on the Dpad for a huge gain. Inside or outside. and look for a gap where you can step up after about 3-5 seconds.Strong HB Flat or Gun Pats Wing TE – DBL Cross (Both in New England PB) Hot route every player to block other than the two outside receivers. Once your receiver crosses the middle of the field. doesn't matter. scanning the field for where the pressure is coming. and make the pass as soon as he cuts with lead and the defender will be nowhere near the pass.com/watch?v=CtRoVGvwSLk Right analog stick DOWN It will allow your momentum to keep you moving forward rather than being pushed out of bounds while you are flying through the air.Select Gun Pats Wing Trips .youtube. . Beating Relaxed Coverage: If you see the defense drop back. I suggest dropping back. The tough part is avoiding the pressure long enough to let your receiver run past the safety’s zone. Tips TURN OFF AUTO SPRINT AND AUTO STRAFE (Start -> Settings -> Game Options -> Auto Strafe -> Off) (Start -> Settings -> Game Options -> Auto Sprint -> Off) Use the new high step feature rather than diving for the corner of the end zone: http://www.

this is where it should be. that works great with this strategy is Strong Pro – HB Blast (found in many playbooks) Lateral the ball: Most people don’t know that you can pitch the ball by hitting L2 (PS3) or LT (Xbox) I recommend only doing this when you are being tackled by one player and there is no other defender near him.When running up the middle. do not hit anything and let the accuracy meter run to the end. Onside Kicks: I’ve been experimenting to find the most effective onside kick accuracy/power and what I’ve had the most success with is about 70 power and here on the accuracy: If the kicker is a righty. Make sure you see a player to make the pitch to who has no one near him. Here is a very important tip: Click on to the defender while keeping the analog stick heading towards the ball. Juking is extremely under used when running and can be the difference between a loss of 1 and a gain of 5. Just juke left and right on the right analog stick through your blocks and you will notice an immediate improvement in your running game. JUKE JUKE JUKE. If trailing the receiver. go for the pick. It’s amazing how many times I see people run and get stopped behind the line without trying to avoid a single tackle. If you click on without keeping your defender in motion he may hesitate allowing the receiver to get to the ball first. Situational directions can be found in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPHZpE91g_w . Stiff Arm: I rarely see this used. and then hold the button to perform the stiff arm. • My favorite running play this year. You can tap X PS3 (A Xbox) to switch hands when carrying the ball. but it has become my go to move when running down the sideline and being engaged by a defender on my side. swat the ball (R1/RB). If the kicker is a lefty. About 1/3 of the time the ball will bounce off a receiver and can be recovered. Defending the Deep Ball This is the rule of thumb for defending the deep ball: If leading your receiver.

he will turn before his defender can react and catch the ball as soon as he makes his curl. I found a few strategies that allow you to throw deep without having to user catch. (I use the 46 defensive playbook). Deep Square Out. Money Routes The key to effective passing in this year’s installment is timing Videos: http://www. TE Inside Post.Deep Ball Strategy I started experimenting offline with some deep ball passing that doesn't require much skill.youtube. User with the safety to shutdown the deep ball.com/watch?v=iFmoNs29WUE (Includes: Curl Route. For the timing make the throw a little before the receiver starts to turn. Please understand these plays will not work all the time.youtube. 2) TE Inside Post Video: http://www. I tried to come up with plays that are rarely ever used so with enough practice. and Doubles Receiver Strategy) 1) Curl Route The curl this year works great against man coverage if the defense is in press coverage or bump and run. Make sure to throw a bullet pass with precision up. If you time it perfectly. HB V Cut. you can catch your opponent off guard for a big gain. Refer to the “Safety Fire” nano for the best way to execute these plays. he will keep running straight. Shutdown Pass Defense: The 1-5-5 Nickel formation found in the Jets defensive playbook has some of the best pass defense plays. then bring up the LB shift screen and hit up on the RA stick to put all of your LBs in the yellow zone.com/watch?v=PfYUYknPOA4 Stopping the Run: I have found that the best run stop plays are in the 46 Bear formation.com/watch?v=fVQIVY0qE6k . If you throw it to soon. but this formation may be in others. Examples can be found in this video: http://www. I suggest the “Cover 3” play. They are situational strategies that most opponents will not recognize.youtube. These plays all come down to defensive reads and timing.

This route also avoids the safety pretty well because the safety tends to move to the outside of the receiver and when he makes his cut about 15 yards down the field. Make sure to make the pass in between the two defenders zone. so make the throw as soon as the receiver comes off the fake and is heading towards the middle with a bullet lead pass. . The stutter almost always makes the defender bite. In Zone coverage. 5) Stutter Step to In Route The effectiveness of this route has gone down a lot compared to last year. Clear out the side of the field where your TE is running by hot routing everyone in the opposite direction of where the TE is running. Try to make the throw as soon as one defender leaves him before he draws a new defender and he should be open for the catch. The defender usually fluffs off when the TE makes the cut towards the middle of the field and the safety rarely engages if you throw early enough. 4) TE Drag If you have a speedy TE this play is unstoppable in man. If you timed the throw correctly. the pass will be nearly perfectly perpendicular to the QB. 6) Deep Stutter Post Works well on tight coverage as soon as the receiver makes his final cut inside. timing is key. meaning it will be a perfectly straight pass up the middle of the field where only your TE can make the catch. 3) Quick Slant Zone: Make a bullet pass with precision up as soon as the 1st defender pulls off the receiver. the safety is normally way out of position and the defender covering your receiver usually is well behind. and let your TE outrun the LB. give him a bullet lead pass for a nice pickup. Don't make the pass if you see a defender lurking in front of the area where the receiver is heading. This could be right off the cut. but whenever your receiver can get a lead on his man. Throw a bullet pass with precision up as soon as he cuts and his defender should have no chance. The throw should be made well before the next defender locks onto your receiver. The only times this gets shut down is when the receiver is running directly into a defender in a zone. 7) Slant Mod This was my favorite route last year and still works well. Drop back in the pocket. Fire a bullet pass with lead precision.Zone: This is probably the best route to run against zone defenses. Tip: Hot route the receiver on the opposite side of the field to a fade route so that he pulls the opposite safety away from the middle of the field. Make a bullet pass with precision up to your TE as soon as he makes his cut. Man: Wait for him to get a lead step on his man then throw a bullet pass with lead. or it may take a few strides for your receiver to get speed and beat his man.

com/watch?v=UcoQWxqv5gY (Fast forward to 1:10) Instead of putting down the HB drag (obvious) I included this route which has become one of my favorites. 10) Deep Square Out Ex: Gun . The gap could either be right off the cut. Wait about 3 seconds after he starts running and give him a bullet lead pass. throw the pass with left precision before he makes his cut towards the middle. or slacking on coverage. wait for him to start running and he will more often than not get a big lead on the defender if you can buy about 4-5 seconds in the pocket. run the route like it is intended. your receiver is always open for a big gain if given a bullet lead precision pass after he cuts towards the sideline. 9) FB Shotgun Split Blue Route Ex: Shotgun Split Offset . Usually the defender won't ride the cut all the way to the sideline. give him a precision lead BEHIND bullet pass before he makes his cut. If he is covered and his defender is slow to adjust to the cut.youtube. Works well in zone and best in man. look for another option. it’s a toss up pass because of the angle that the throw must be made (the defender can usually jump it because it is across the field). Tip: “Behind” as in: If he makes his run to the left. . If zone. the way you run it should be based on the defense. Option 1: If the defender covering your HB starts moving in on him immediately after the ball is snapped. so about 1. Basically. give him a lead bullet pass after he passes the opposite hash marks once he has a few steps on his man. if a player is in zone between the receiver and QB. In this case. Option 2: If the defense is in zone. If the defense is in man and the defender gets a bad read. or after he passes the first defender. wait for a gap between defenders and make a bullet pass. There's two ways to run this. If the defender covering him stays back and watches him. he will be covered on his cut across the middle.Wing Trio Wk .Saints Middle Stay in the pocket and watch your FB.5-2 seconds after you snap the ball. If the defender reads it well and is close in on your man. It will take a quick read. but the problem is if a defender drops back and is assigned to the sideline the pass is almost always interfered with.8) HB V cut Video: http://www. If the defense blitzes he will be wide open in the flats for a bullet pass and a big gain after catch. then cuts inside.Saints Deep Out This was my wildcard route because it’s pretty iffy. The same thing can be said about zone. He should continue his route towards the sideline without hesitation and run for some extra yards. but practice this enough and you will be able to recognize it very quickly.

Indianapolis – Gun . Zone Busters Play: Bunch TE form Setup: Put HB into a fade after you motion him to opposite side of QB. Zone Buster for Cov3 Play: Curl Flat Corner from Gun Bunch Setup: Block three receivers for max protection. Motion him inside and hike when he's under closest slot receiver. With off tackle simply motion outside receiver in and hike when he's about to reach tackle. Streak the left receiver so he draws LCB away. The HB will be about 1-2 yards away from his man who should be flat footed. Zone Buster Play: Gun Bunch TE. Hot route the 3 receivers on out routes to sideline. Gun . hot route outside receiver into a slant in.Tight . One of the crossing routes will be open against any zone blitz from LB's.Bunch TE . Optional: motion the HB as a distraction or to pick up blitz. Put the TE and HB into drag route. If done correctly you will have your other 4 receivers blocking for you. The defenders get tangled up in the middle of the field from the congestion.Saints HB Wheel One receiver on the drag is always open. Alright now look to throw to LB when he cuts to sideline.Money Plays New Orleans PB: Zone Killer: Shotgun Split Offset . Look to throw ball to HB in flats before he gets to sideline.Mini Breakdown Mini breakdown submitted by Frank27 Remember to mix these pass plays with off tackle. . Zone Blitz Busters: Setup: Pick any regular pass play from gun bunch. You will only need time for these two routes. Give him a bullet pass with precision away from the defender for an easy gain. Usually the right receiver moving left is open.Saints Curls Wait for all the receivers to finish their routes and sit still for about a second.All Cross Setup: Block HB. Quick pass to him.

Its kind of glitchy because the flat zone will press which will open up the flat. Put HB in a drag and motion him left. Simply put HB and TE in a drag and motion HB left. motion HB left and throw to him before he gets to sideline. I recommend streaking LB. Man to Man coverage Burner Play: Gun Bunch inside switch. Look to hit deep post on right.Cover 2 Zone Busters: Play: Gun Bunch. However if you see someone playing that buzz purple zone then hit the B receiver on a drag route. Put your left receiver on a slant out or if you use the play Mesh just smart route the left receiver. Cover 2 Busters: Setup: Works with just about any play from Gun Bunch. just put the right receiver on a drag and HB on drag. Cover 2 Busters: Play: Gun Bunch Mesh Setup: Smart route the corner post route. With this play done like this the TE will block for the HB after he gets ball. he will be open underneath all day. smart route left slot. I also like to motion HB left and hot route him into a fade.TE PA Setup: First hot route the right receiver into a drag route. After you hike look to hit middle WR on a deep seam. . With this play a streak is optional vs cover 2 usually the safety won't play on it. Hike when he has a step on defender. slant the TE left. With a speed back you can get 10 yards a pop with this. Hot route outside receiver into a slant out. Man to Man burners Play: any Setup: Hot route a receiver to drag and send him in motion. Remember cover 2 has purples sometimes so I recommend checking down to drag route or curl in the seam. Cover 2 Busters: (remember a motion slant out will beat cover 2) Setup: Pick any regular passing play from Gun Bunch Form. If done right he will be open with high sideline bullet pass. the post route above him will block safety if done right. Look to pass lead away from defender he should be 3-5 yards behind. Gun Bunch Deep Pass Aud Setup: Hot route the left receiver into a drag. Motion receiver and hike after he takes on step.

look for the HB sitting right past the LOS for a quick bullet pass. or wait for him to head down the field and give him a deep pass.Playbook Breakdown New Orleans Video: http://www. he will almost always create a hole.PA TE Corner This play gives you a few options. Singleback Snugs Flip .PA HB Wheel Roll out to the right and the (Square.PA Pump Go Cancel the PA by hot routing your HB to block or you will not have time to let this play develop. The TE will be your primary target for a pass towards the sidelines. The receiver is almost always a few steps ahead of his man for an easy quick bullet lead pass. Singleback Ace . Find the open receiver (most often the right one) and give him a bullet lead pass after he emerges from the middle of the field. . X) receiver will be ahead of his man for a bullet lead pass on the right side of the field. Either throw it to him off his first cut. The route the primary receiver runs is great. but if the defense is blitzing and you don't have time to let him run his route. or he is covered.Big Saints Blast This is a great running play. Singleback Ace . Singleback Ace .Flanker Drive I love the motion routes and this is a great play for 3rd and short or on the goal line. Singleback Ace .Inside Cross The TE’s will cross and disrupt the defenders allowing at least one receiver to lose his man. Singleback Snugs Flip .com/watch?v=UcoQWxqv5gY A drive I recorded of a few of my favorite plays from this book. Just follow your FB. The WR on the curl route is always an option. so take it and juke towards space once you pass the line.youtube.

* On certain defensive plays (if you cancel the PA) the receiver on the inside of the primary will be wide open as soon as you hike the ball because his man bumps into the receiver on the deep pattern. B) Your other option is to throw a bullet pass with precision towards the sideline BEFORE he makes his cut inside. X) receiver is your primary target. ***I-Form Pro . Either throw it to him after his first cut to the inside by giving him a bullet pass with precision left off his cut. The primary receiver will be open because the defender in his area will move towards the decoy receiver once he enters his zone. You can wait for him to be about perpendicular to the QB in the center of the field.HB Slip Screen I actually run this play with the screen as my secondary option. B) receiver makes his cut inside give him a bullet lead pass. I first always look at the receiver on the motion route and read the defense to see if there is anyone in the area he will be cutting .Texas This is one of my favorite plays in the game. As soon as the (Circle. A) The (Square. It has four options. I-Form Pro . I-Form Twins Flex . or wait for him to go deep and outrun his man. C) Throw to the (X. Give him a bullet lead pass. A) receiver as soon as he makes his cut towards the sideline. I-Form Twins Flex . It's truly a killer. I have a few videos in the money route section demonstrating how to run this play. The TE's route is unstoppable. Give him a bullet precision up pass off his cut. and by then he should be fairly open. The pass should be made about 1. Hit the hole as fast as you can and juke towards space.5 seconds after hiking the ball.Inside Cross Zone Killer: Hot route the far left receiver to an out right route. Give him a bullet lead pass.Saints HB Sluggo A great motion route for your HB.Deep Post This is one of my favorite plays. Singleback Snugs Flip .FB Dive A great consistent run for 3-4 yards up the middle. Throw him a bullet lead pass as soon as you hike the ball. This can be deadly for 10+ yards. This uses the concept of zone flooding. D) Throw to the HB as soon as he starts heading towards the sideline before a defender engages him. I-Form Pro .

towards. Hot route both the HB and FB to block. look for your FB who is almost always open weaving around the linemen on the LOS. . X) receiver: Either throw a bullet pass right off the snap before the receiver makes his cut inside. You can also look for your FB in the blue route. If he is not open. give him a bullet lead pass as soon as he makes his cut. or let him cut towards the middle and outrun his man for a deep pass. Strong Close . B) receiver: Either throw a bullet pass with precision left as soon as he makes his first cut towards the middle. Throw him a bullet lead pass as soon as he makes his cut towards the middle. Gun Split Offset . Its purpose is to counter your opponent if he is using overload nanos.Inside Post You have two options here: (Circle. A) receiver to a curl route. look for the HB on the screen which can open up for big yards if you follow your blocks. Gun Split Offset . Throw to the receiver on the out route as soon as he makes his cut towards the sidelines. More often than not. (Sqaure. he will be open in the flats after he becomes eligible. B) receiver to an out right route.Close HB Wheel ( Custom Play ) This is a custom play I made. If his man is the only one near him. Gun Split Offset . and hot route the (Circle. If the linebackers are in zone and you don't think you can place the pass between them.PA Scissors Hot route the left receiver to an out left route and give him a bullet lead pass off the play action.HB Dive Weak Motion right and follow your FB for a decent gain. Strong Close .Saints Cross Your primary target will be the receiver on the drag route up the middle.Saints Middle The primary receiver will be your main target. Strong Close . This is a quick release play that is designed to give your receiver space for the catch. or wait until he cuts to the outside and throw it deep towards the corner. Hot route the (X.

You will be throwing to the HB as he is moving behind the line. Gun Doubles WK . If zone. Gun Doubles WK . Let them run through the congestion in the middle of the field and come out open. or slacking on coverage.Gun Doubles WK . Tip: “Behind” as in: If he makes his run to the left. I always look for both receivers on the corner routes. Option 2: If the defense is in zone. give him a precision lead BEHIND before he makes his cut. or after he passes the first defender. and hot route the inside receiver to a slant left route. run the route like it is intended. He should continue his route towards the sideline without hesitation and run for some extra yards. Gun Wing Trio WK . throw the pass with left precision before he makes his cut towards the middle. The crossing of the receivers causes the defenders to lose their position on the pass. the primary receiver should have enough separation on his man for a decent pick up with room to run. look for either receiver on the out route.5-2 seconds after you snap the ball.Mesh Another good double drag route that leaves one receiver open. give him a lead bullet pass after he passes the opposite hash marks once he has a few steps on his man. He will go undetected so let him cross the middle of the field then give him a bullet pass and turn it quickly for some extra yards.Saints Go Hot route the outside receiver on the left to an out right route.Curl Flat Option 1: If the defender covering your HB starts moving in on him immediately after the ball is snapped. Gun Tight .Bench Switch This is a good play giving you many options. Try to give a bullet lead pass off the cut if the defense isn't shading towards the outside throw. wait for a gap between defenders and make a bullet pass. Empty Trey . he will be covered on his cut across the middle.Four Verticals This play is designed for gaining 2-4 yards when needed. then cuts inside. at least one will be open for a quick pass and gain. The gap could either be right off the cut.Saints Deep Out Give the primary receiver a bullet lead pass as soon as the outside receiver crosses with him. If he is covered and his defender is slow to adjust to the cut. In this case.WR Screen . If they're covered. so about 1. If you timed it correctly. Make a bullet pass with lead towards the sideline and precision up as the receivers are crossing. Gun Tight .

The defense usually commits to the run and you can often find your (X. If he's covered tight.PA TE Drag I like to use this play about once a game in short yardage run situations. wait for him to make his final cut towards the middle and send him a bullet lead pass. Empty Y-Saints . Wait for your receiver to turn and give him a bullet pass. Empty Y-Saints . Empty Y-Saints . Here are my top three reads: 1) The receiver on the motion C route. A) receiver open off his corner route. X) receiver. If zone. I throw to the TE 4/5 times. or wait for him to hit his stride and throw a bullet pass with precision right if there are no defenders shading the inside. Your other option is to go deep to the (Square.Saints HB Go In this formation. This is a good play against zones. Either wait for the TE to pass a defender and give him a lead pass. the TE will be wide open off his cut some give him a bullet lead pass as he separates from his man. . or throw it behind him before he reaches the first defender off the cut.Saints Seams The route the TE runs has been my favorite for the last few years. don't force anything just give your TE on the drag a bullet lead pass for a small gain. do not throw into a defender.There's not too many WR screens in this playbook. Against man. Sample of Exclusive Playbook Breakdown Play This is an example of what you will find in the exclusive playbook breakdown released (9/12) Gun – Doubles Wk – Saints Corner There are a few ways to run this play.Saints Drags This final play is deadly against man. Just let the computer jump for the overthrown ball. I like to throw a bullet pass with precision up and away if your receiver has the advantage in speed and height. but this is the best one. or shoot out to the sidelines and hope your blockers can engage the corners for a big pickup. Your other option is always just to throw a deep lob pass and try to rocket catch over the safety if he beats his man. Try to make the pass either right off the snap (a quick bullet pass). Either follow your blockers and run straight. It's very effective against man. More often than not. Let your TE run behind the linebackers and then throw a bullet pass with precision up and watch him jump right over the defense for the catch. Goal Line Normal . and will work against the zone if you time it correctly.

youtube.2) A quick dumb to your HB. A dangerous HB like Chris Johnson can break this run for a huge gain. I recommend either throwing a high bullet pass and rocket catching. Video: http://www. 3) If the defense is in man coverage and isn't in press.com/watch?v=M3Xsc6Anan4&feature=player_embedded . You can use a variety of passes. or if your man is shading you tight. look to your #1 receiver lined up on the right in the curl route. perform the curl route glitch with a precision down bullet pass.

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