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Global Oneness - only you have the key

Come along and bring your friends and family
Where Stirling Amateur Football Club, Richard Guelfi Reserve, Delawney Street, Balcatta
(easy access to / from the Mitchell Freeway, Reid Highway, Wanneroo Road, Balcatta Road and Erindale Road)

When Wednesday 27th October, 7.30 - 9.00pm. Registration 7.00pm.

Cost $15.00 Young adults free. Win a workshop.
About ThetaHealingTM
ThetaHealing is a “Divine Formula” which activates your DNA to manifest change,
releasing that which no longer serves you in this life “NOW”. ThetaHealing
RSVP engages this communication process to be present in the moment.
By 21st October Theta technique uses the power of a theta brainwave to visualise, identify, release
and clear any limiting beliefs and feelings which are held dormant, deep inside
your physical body – “the blue print of life in every cell”, from your ancestrial,
Maria de Cinque cultural, genetic, inner child – group consciousness beliefs that have been in
Mobile 0414 860 316 previous times outside your awareness.
Email You learn how to, when to, know and understand, change and reprogram these
patterns, beliefs, road blocks – either self inflicted or externally imposed; like
glitches and viruses in a dysfunctional computer.
Perth - Margaret River - York Living on Purpose
The Practitioner works in the highest level of consciousness and in the best and
Workshops for Practitioner highest way for the individual; collecting and witnessing evidence directly to the
Basic DNA core condition from your intelligence of the DNA. The technique allows healing
Advanced DNA vibrations to reconnect to realigning DNA on all levels; spiritually, physically,
mentally and emotionally.
Manifesting & Abundance
Medical Intuitive Anatomy Healing Relationships
Relationship Programs Healing relationships in; self, health, wealth, family, career, financial, sexual,
Rainbow Children personal, social and global. Educate your life “NOW” by investing your divine
Inner Child knowledge to know how to manifest abundance and create the future you desire.