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“He danced

on the Grand”
Entertainer Peter Allen walked,
danced and sat on Horsham
Town Hall’s $8,500 grand
piano Wednesday night.
His lithe, athletic frame slipped
from the keyboard seat and
onto the grand’s gleaming
grand’s surface.
About 600 people cheered
as Allen moved suggestively
across the serious grand.

Kathy Koning,
Wimmera Mail Times,
Friday 19 September, 1980
(Exert from the front page)
xxx – xxx

$57 Members Full $29 Child Under 16
$48 Members Concession
$65 Adult To access tickets at membership
$52 Concession prices, please contact the
$39 Youth Under 24 Box Office on (03) 5382 9555.

Bookings: 5382 9555 |

Image provided by the Horsham Historical Society.

Acknowledgement of country
The Horsham Town Hall acknowledges the Wotjobaluk, Jaadwa, Jadawadjali, Wergaia and Jupagulk people –
traditional custodians of the land on which we live and work.
Mayors Message 7 Education Program 37
The Horsham Town Hall Team 8–9 An Evening with the MSO 38
Classic Kids with the MSO 39
On a Tangent 10–11
Lady Beatle 40–41
The Sapphires 12–13
Art Deco 42–43
In Her Words 14–15
Australian Booty 16–17 Volunteering 44
By a Thread 18–19 Membership 45
I Want To Know What Love Is… 20–21 Our Donors 46
Paintings from Hamilton 22–23 Sponsors 47
Melbourne International Our Venue Information 48
Comedy Festival Roadshow 24–25
Our Venue/Parking 49
Robot Song 26–27
Enter Ophelia 28–29
A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf 30–31
As far as the eye can see 32–33
Picasso and His Dog 34–35
Children are Stinky 36

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Mayors Message
In 2019 the Horsham Town Hall will
celebrate it’s 80th year.

The visionary team at the Horsham Town

Hall proudly present their fourth season
of visual arts, performances and special
events for our community and regional
audiences. Collectively they have sought
work of scale and generosity, work that
contests, interprets, and connects us to
ideas and challenges of our time; as well
as intimate, personal stories that represent
equality that are truly magnificent and
resonant. I encourage you to meet, play,
dance and look again soon at the
Horsham Town Hall in 2019.

Cr. Pamela Clarke

Mayor Horsham Rural City Council

Image credit: Michelle McFarlane

The Horsham Town Hall Team
Worlds open up before you, you breathe it in.

As you breathe out you glance to one side and then other.

And you’re not alone anymore. You’re amongst many.

Thinking, exploring, laughing, united together.

This is your place, this is our place.

It is magic, and we’re making it for you!

Your team
Centre Front Shana Miatke – Venue Manger
Left to Right Leticia Parker – Gallery Administrator,
Michelle Mountain – Gallery Curator, Wendy Preece – Front of
House Team Leader, Faith Hardman – Gallery Education Officer,
Charee Smith – Marketing Officer, Bronwyn Baker – Box Office
+ Front of House, Shane Podolski – Tech Team Leader and
Timothy Hobbs – Technical Officer.

Horsham Regional Art Gallery Collections Store Room

Image credit: Luke Hobbs


On a Tangent
On a Tangent explores the artistic Exploring geometric and philosophical
practice of several contemporary meanings in tangent, visitors are
artists and the tangential forces on their encouraged to go off on their own
work. Some artworks have developed tangents, to be lead down the
unintentionally through other projects, garden path.
anecdotal evidence of different
Image credit: Cathy Staughton Catherine Bell Lady
intentions or a change of course. Hot Dress 2017, acrylic on canvas, 92 x 84 cm,
Artwork courtesy of Catherine Bell, Copyright Cathy
Some works are a creative exchange Staughton, Cathy Staughton is represented by Arts
between artists. Others have Project Australia, Melbourne.
developed through fleeting, personal
encounters or see the possibility of the
unremarkable reinvented.

15 December 2018 – 24 February 2019


Venue: Horsham Regional Art Gallery

Cost: Free All Welcome

Gallery Tour Bookings: 5382 9575 |



The Sapphires
The Sapphires is a funny, heart- Dressed in sequins and armed
warming tale of four Yorta Yorta only with microphones they find
girls who sing Motown hits against themselves trying to spread joy
the backdrop of personal change in the hell that is the Vietnam War.
and massive social upheaval.
The Sapphires is an energetic,
Together, these young Aboriginal fun and engaging play that
women who love to sing country affirms life and the realisation
music, suddenly get the chance of dreams.
to change their tune, their clothes
and their lives! Written and directed by
Tony Briggs.
Photo credit: Jodie Hutchinson

Saturday, 9 February 2019, 8pm

Drama | Musical Theatre Suitable for ages 7+
$30 HTH Members Duration: 2 hours + 20 minutes
$40 Full
(includes interval)
$35 Concession/Student
$35 Group 4+

Bookings: 5382 9555 |



In Her Words
In Her Words is a photographic exhibition focusing Image credit: Cherine Fahd Hidden Mother 1, 50 x 50 cm,
on women behind and in front of the camera. Archival pigment print 2010/2018, courtesy of the artist.
Women who are in control of their own story; This project has been assisted by NETS Victoria’s Exhibitions
whether they are speaking their own truth or re- Development Fund, supported by the Victorian Government
enacting the accounts of others. In this exhibition we through Creative Victoria.
hear from women who are bold in the telling of their
flaws, uncertainties and strengths; aiming to get to the
core of the female experience, rights and challenges.
Bringing together historical works from the
Horsham Art Gallery collection with key figures in
contemporary Australian photographic practice,
the exhibition explores migration, queer culture,
aboriginality, youth and childhood, the body,
domesticity, place, identity and female repressions
and expression. Through these images the
photographers make bold statements about the
societies in which they live and work.

2 March – 19 May 2019


Venue: Horsham Regional Art Gallery

Cost: Free All Welcome

Gallery Tour Bookings: 5382 9575 |

xxx – xxx

$57 Members Full $29 Child Under 16
$48 Members Concession
$65 Adult To access tickets at membership
$52 Concession prices, please contact the
$39 Youth Under 24 Box Office on (03) 5382 9555.

Bookings: 5382 9575 |


xxx – xxx

$50 Member Full $40 Students

$45 Member Concession $30 Child under 12
$60 Adult $150 Family
$55 Concession (2 Adults + 2 Child under 12)

Bookings: 5382 9555 |

Candy B knows your pain, she
BLACK HONEY knows the strain of being female
and curvaceous with a body
COMPANY made for touching and a booty
most bodacious. She understands

Australian feeling like your body is wrong

and the pants are right, like you

have to fight food, magazines, and
Australian television…but Candy
B says: Don’t believe the hype! A
“phat” booty and “phat” thighs
(and this is whether you like girls or
guys) are beautiful, sensual, loving
and hot and its awesome when
every single sister gets to love what
she’s got.
In her debut stand-up comedy show
Candy B will get to the bottom of
things and leave everyone feeling
that little bit more comfortable in
their skin.

Saturday, 23 March 2019, 8pm

Comedy | Music | Drama
$25 HTH Members Best enjoyed by audiences
$35 Full over 16+
$30 Concession/Student
$30 Group 4+ Duration: 60 Minutes

Bookings: 5382 9555 |



By a Thread
Seven acrobats and 30 metres of rope… By a Thread offers rich visuals of
inventive aerial acrobatics from
Long spools of white rope run through some of Australia’s best emerging
pulley sheaves and wrap around circus artists. With intense training
bodies, explicitly connecting the artists’ in a breadth of contemporary circus
movements above and off the ground. disciplines, the performers have pooled
Like the booms and sheets of a sailing their knowledge and skills, and then
ship the performers are hoisted and exploded the traditional boundaries of
swung by one another to create striking these disciplines to create a show
tableaux and breath-taking dynamics. where classic techniques are used in
The actions of one acrobat affect and expansive ways.
implicate the movements of others in a
precise negotiation of cause and effect. Image credit: Aaron Walker

Wednesday, 27 March 2019, 8pm


Physical Theatre Duration: 50 Minutes

$25 HTH Members 10.30am School Presentation*
$35 Full * Limited public tickets available
$30 Concession/Student/Child please contact the Box Office
$30 Group 4+

Bookings: 5382 9555 |

xxx – xxx

$57 Members Full $29 Child Under 16
$48 Members Concession
$65 Adult To access tickets at membership
$52 Concession prices, please contact the
$39 Youth Under 24 Box Office on (03) 5382 9555.

Bookings: 5382 9555 |


xxx – xxx

$50 Member Full $40 Students

$45 Member Concession $30 Child under 12
$60 Adult $150 Family
$55 Concession (2 Adults + 2 Child under 12)

Bookings: 5382 9555 |


I Want To Know What Love Is…

Around the world, people love. They sing Submission #87: “It’s been years, but I still
for love, they dance for love, they compose think of you and wonder ‘What could have
poems and stories about love. They tell myths been?’”
and legends about love. They pine for love,
they live for love, they kill for love, and they Submission #346: “I choose to say it did
die for love. Anthropologists have found not fail. It just finished.”
evidence of romantic love in 170 societies.
They’ve never found a society that did not Submission #302: “Jemma forever xo”
have it. Helen Fisher, The Brain In Love Created by Daniel Evans, Amy Ingram,
I Want To Know What Love Is throws a spotlight Caroline Dunphy, Kieran Swann and
on long-buried memories, bedroom fantasies, Lauren Clelland.
crushes and conquests. Acclaimed Queensland Image credit: Stephen Henry
performance collective The Good Room asked
members of the public to anonymously submit
their stories of love – fragments and memories,
confessions and admissions – and they’ve
transformed those secret submissions into
magnificent declarations centre stage.

Friday, 12 April 2019, 8pm

Drama | Physical Theatre $30 Group 4+
$25 HTH Members Suitable for ages 16+ due to adult content
$35 Full
$30 Concession/Student Duration: 60 Minutes

Bookings: 5382 9555 |


Paintings from Hamilton
Hamilton Art Gallery holds an extensive collection Paintings from Hamilton explores this collection
of European and Australian paintings, prints and offering a survey of work that considers the
decorative arts from the 1700s to the present. various ways artists use this medium. From oils,
Established in 1961, the gallery actively collects acrylics, watercolours, gauche and ink these
Australian work and today it holds an impressive works explore the landscape, flora, architecture,
collection of Australian paintings ranging from portraits, contemporary culture and our
colonial works by Nicholas Chevalier and S.T. relationship to the world around us.
Gill through to work by influential artists Howard
Image credit: Melinda Harper, Australian (b.1965),
Arkley and Andrew Sibley. Untitled 2003, oil on canvas.

Collection Hamilton Gallery: Purchased by

Hamilton Gallery Trust Fund.

25 May – 18 August 2019

Venue: Horsham Regional Art Gallery
Cost: Free All Welcome

Gallery Tour Bookings: 5382 9575 |


Melbourne International
Comedy Festival Roadshow
Looking for a laugh? The Melbourne
International Comedy Festival Roadshow
is coming to town.
Forget I-Spy, spotto and stale servo
snacks, this road trip is jam-packed with
a crew of fantastically funny comedians,
specially selected to bring the fun of the
Festival to towns and cities nationwide.
With a line-up of artists sure to tickle
anyone’s funny bone, the Roadshow has
something for everyone. Grab a mate,
grab a date… grab a ticket to
the Roadshow!

Wednesday, 29 May 2019, 8pm


$30 HTH Members Performance warning and
$40 Full recommended for ages 15+
$35 Concession/Student
$35 Group 4+ Duration: 60 Minutes

Bookings: 5382 9555 |


Thursday, 20 June 2019,


10.30am and 1pm

School Presentation * Limited public tickets
$10 All tickets available please contact
the Box Office
Duration: 60 Minutes

Bookings: 5382 9555 |


Robot Song
“Miss Cummings, if we’re all different, doesn’t that kind
of make us all the same?” – Juniper May, Robot Song
When eleven-year-old Juniper May receives a petition
signed by her entire class stating that she is ‘the most
hated person in school’ her life is thrown into complete
breakdown. After exhausting all other avenues her
parents’ resort to the only thing they have left, a giant
singing robot.
Based on a true story, Robot Song illustrates the
profound, transformative nature of creativity that
when combined with unconditional love, becomes
an unstoppable force.
Image credit: Ashlea Pyke

Thursday, 20 June 2019,

10.30am and 6.30pm
$10 all tickets* * School bookings available for the
10.30am performance with
Duration: 60 Minutes
limited public access

Bookings: 5382 9555 |


Enter Ophelia
In a world of mad men and murdering uncles, Ophelia
wanders an empty castle, clutching rotting flowers - told
what to do, where to stand, what to think. No one really
listens to her, no one really sees her.
Enter Ophelia is a darkly funny gothic riff centering
Shakespeare’s iconic drowned damsel into the spotlight of
Denmark, where Ophelia must question and navigate the
darkest corners and secrets of her world in order to take
charge of her own fate.
Enter Ophelia promises to be a dark and thrilling exploration
of femininity, isolation and silliness. Be lured into the
heightened and absurd world of Shakespeare’s Denmark.
Image credit: Amanda Carr Creative

Wednesday, 24 July 2019,


10.30am and 8pm

$15 HTH Members 10.30am School Presentation*
$25 Full Recommended age 13+
$20 Concession/Student
$20 Group 4+ * Limited public tickets available
please contact the Box Office
Duration: 60 Minutes

Bookings: 5382 9555 |



A Room of One’s Own

by Virginia Woolf
“If I could not grasp the truth about various aspects of Woolf’s mind
women in the past, why bother in conversation with herself and
about women in the future?” the audience. The piece both
Virginia Woolf energetically debates and gently
reflects on the history of gender
In Sentient Theatre’s inaugural disparity, while keeping Woolf’s
piece, we celebrate the beautiful striking use of metaphor and
literacy and conceptual genius of charming humour alive.
Virginia Woolf, one of the greatest
writers of the 20th Century, and If you want to understand what is
her classic work, ‘A Room of One’s happening in the world today, this is
Own’. Based on a series of lectures the perfect place to start.
by Woolf in 1928 on the subject of
Image credit: Frith Kennedy
women and fiction, this adaptation
restructures the narrative to feature
four performers who represent

Monday, 19 August 2019, 8pm

$20 Group 4+
$15 HTH Members Recommended age 13+
$25 Full
$20 Concession/Student Duration: 60 Minutes

Bookings: 5382 9555 |


As far as the eye can see

As far as the eye can see celebrates the mining, the common thread running through
contemporary topography of both landscape the exhibition is a deep respect for the land
and printmaking. The exhibition challenges and a desire to continue sharing a meaningful
these doubly conventional themes through the relationship with it. These artists make it clear that
work of twenty-two Australian artists whose in a virtual, digital and mechanical age the need
work reflects the breadth and depth of print to remain connected to the natural world has
practice in Australia today. The artists express never been more urgent.
their individual relationships to the land through
Image credit: Rochelle Summerfield Lost 2016, pigment print
a variety of print media, describing both the on archival paper, 89 x 113cm. Courtesy the artist.
vast scale and the intimate detail of our diverse
natural environment and portraying Australia’s This exhibition is supported by the Visions regional touring
program, an Australian Government program aiming to
unique and varied geography. improve access to cultural material for all Australians.

From Aboriginal desert story-tellers and

knowledge keepers, through the regional
experience of World Heritage sites and journeys
from city to country (or simply from place to
place), to the urban printmaker’s challenge of
speaking up in the face of climate change and

24 August – 10 November 2019


Venue: Horsham Regional Art Gallery

Cost: Free All Welcome

Gallery Tour Bookings: 5382 9575 |



Picasso and His Dog

Picasso and His Dog – for Created by Lemony S Puppet
anyone who’s ever patted a dog Theatre, this work is an inventive
or been moved by an artwork. mix of live art-making on-stage,
puppetry and magic realism.
Picasso and His Dog is inspired Picasso and His Dog is about
by the true life of Pablo Picasso how the animals in our lives can
and his sausage dog Lump. This inspire us to be excellent humans
delightful show celebrates the (and artists).
animals with whom we share
our lives while exploring what it Image credit: Pia Johnson
is to be creative and to create.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019,

School Presentation* Suitable for ages 4+
$10 All tickets Duration: 55 Minutes
* Limited public tickets available
please contact the Box Office

Bookings: 5382 9555 |


High-brow toilet humour for
immature kids.
Set as a retro 90’s
Children’s Show which
quickly becomes derailed
by a smell, the duo try to
solve the stink problem
through sensational circus,
silliness and incredible
acrobatics but to no avail.
Children in the audience
are encouraged to step up
and become the stars of the
show resulting in a hilarious
and messy adventure.

Monday, 30 September 2019, 2.30pm


September School Holiday Event Suitable for all ages

$10 Children | Adults Free* Duration: 50 Minutes
*Ticket required for entry
(limit to 2 per order)

Bookings: 5382 9555 |


Horsham Regional Art Gallery is
on the move!
From Beaufort to Bordertown
classrooms can be dazzled up close
by works from local artists. A new
comprehensive incursion program,
Gallery on the Go allows us to
come to your school with a select
sample of works and run workshops
in visual thinking strategies, curation,
conservation and preservation.
Students can experience how
Horsham Regional Art Gallery is
run behind the scenes.
Teachers – put up your feet!
We’ll bring the inspiration and
activity to you.
For more information contact our
Education Officer Faith Hardman
on 5382 9578.


An Evening
with the MSO
The MSO presents a breathtaking evening
of classical masterworks, including Schubert’s
dramatic Third Symphony, a high-spirited and
charming romp imbued with the composer’s
youthful vigour. Soloists love to perform
Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto, and it’s easy
to see why, with its vivacious rhythms and
hummable melodies. Then, Vivaldi provides an
extra dose of violin in his Concerto completing
an evening both elegant and exhilarating.
Join us for an informative conversation about
the evening’s program at a free pre-concert
talk at 6pm.
Rossini Overture to L’Italiana in Algieri
Mendelssohn Violin Concerto
Vivaldi Concerto for Two Violins
Schubert Symphony No.3

Tuesday 5 November 2019, 7:30pm


$60 Adults Suitable for all ages

$55 Concession Duration: 2 Hours
$35 Children under 16
$40 Family
(per ticket 2 adults and 3 children)

Bookings: 5382 9555 |


Kids with
the MSO
Classic Kids is a fun-filled,
interactive classical adventure
particularly well-suited to
children aged 5–11 years
and their families.
Diving into some of the most
exhilarating orchestral music,
this guided program introduces
young audiences to the
marvellous musical family that
is the Melbourne Symphony
Orchestra. The curious
creatures of the orchestra will
emerge as the MSO explores
the wide world of music on a
symphonic safari!

Wednesday 6 November 2019, 11:30am

School Presentation* Suitable for ages 5–11
$10 All tickets Duration: 55 Minutes
* Limited public tickets available
please contact the Box Office

Bookings: 5382 9555 |



Lady Beatle
From the creators of celebrated Flanked by a live band, Price transports
Australian works Rumour Has It and audiences to 1960s Liverpool, taking
Wrecking Ball comes the must-see live the audience along for the ride as she
music event of the year: Lady Beatle riffs off the cuff, invites them to join in
– a kaleidoscopic journey through the the big numbers, and ultimately has
Beatles’ most monumental hits. them on their feet for the show’s epic
mega-mix finale dance party.
Starring UK-born Australian stage and
screen star Naomi Price (Beautiful: The Created by Adam Brunes
Carole King Musical, Rumour Has It, and Naomi Price.
Ladies in Black, The Voice Australia)
and inspired by true accounts, Lady Originally produced by
Beatle is a rollicking magical mystery La Boite Theatre Company.
tour sound tracked by The Beatles’ Image credit: Dylan Evans Photography
biggest chart toppers, including Lucy in
the Sky With Diamonds, Eleanor Rigby,
Yellow Submarine and Penny Lane.

Saturday, 9 November 2019, 8pm


Musical Theatre
Duration: 75 Minutes
$30 HTH Members
$40 Full Suitable for ages 15+
$35 Concession/Student
$35 Group 4+

Bookings: 5382 9555 |


Bookings: 5382 9575 |


Art Deco
From around the 1920s, Australian artists responded With its bold, simplified shapes and emphasis on
to the international movement towards modernism and geometry and line, Art Deco provided the right
Art Deco. aesthetic for the times. Buildings lost their decorative
embellishments, fashion became less structured and
Shaking off the austerity of World War I they created corseted, and women were enjoying greater freedoms,
images of an abundant nation filled with strong, such as the right to vote and to travel unchaperoned.
youthful figures, capturing the vitalism of a nation
reborn. Technological advancements and urbanisation The image of the stylish independent woman became
influenced the emergence of Art Deco: a new aesthetic popular in portraiture and graphic design for posters
in art, architecture, design and fashion. Comprised and advertisements. The art also encapsulated the
entirely of works selected from the National Gallery excitement for many people around the potential to
of Australia collection, this exhibition provides superb travel across continents and internationally.
examples of the diverse expressions of Art Deco.
Image credit: Hilda Rix Nicholas Une Australienne 1926, oil on canvas,
103 x 81 cm, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Purchased 2014,
© Bronwyn Wright.

16 November 2019 – 2 February 2020

Venue: Horsham Regional Art Gallery
Cost: Free All Welcome

Gallery Tour Bookings: 5382 9575 |


The Horsham Town Hall is the cultural hub of the Anyone aged 15 and over can be a volunteer,
Wimmera and volunteering is an exciting way to get and full training is provided.
involved in a space that brings together international
and national artists, creatives, musicians and technicians. For more information visit our website or
call 03 5382 9555.
Volunteers will work with venue staff to create a warm
Image credit: Wimmera Mail Times. Volunteers, Mandy and Jenny
and welcoming atmosphere, to inform and direct gallery at our first event, January 2016.
visitors and theatre patrons. A friendly and positive
attitude is all that is required, and volunteers can expect
a rewarding experience, learning new and valuable
skills and meeting like-minded people.


The Horsham Town Hall Membership continues to Your membership will illustrate your support for cultural
offer great incentives and benefits for our patrons. activity in our city.
The member program will ensure you receive a hard
copy of our yearly and quarterly publications, giving To establish or renew your membership please contact
you advance knowledge of all of our performances, the Box Office 03 5382 9555 or visit the venue during
workshops, exhibitions and events. The benefits of business hours.
being a member will include: discounted tickets to Image credit: Wimmera Mail Times. Final gig before the redevelopment
performances, workshops and special events; priority of the Horsham Town Hall – Jimmy Barnes, May 2010.
and pre-sale ticketing opportunities and invitations to
exhibition openings.


Our Donors
The Horsham Town Hall acknowledges the generous and supportive sponsors and donors.


Geoff + Helen Handbury Foundation Sandra Speirs Hillross Horsham Planning and Environmental Design
Horsham Apex Club 15 Robyn & Des Lardner Simpson's…the Labour Hire Specialists Arapiles Community Theatre
Horsham Arts Council Marion Matthews & Tim Mintern Marylou & John Spehr Judy & Peter Fisher
Jennifer G Smith RES Australia Quota International of the Wimmera The Makers' Gallery & Studio
Centre for Participation Federation University Australia Mrs Wendy Weight OAM Goolum Goolum Aboriginal Cooperative
CHS Group Australia Pty Ltd Richard Morris Memorial In memory of Ruth Crouch Alistair Cowie
3WM/MIXXFM Priceline Pharmacy Peter & Wendy Brown Dr Don Johns OAM & Mrs Jo Johns
Rotary Club of Horsham East Joy Ticchi Anthony & Letitia Dowling
Horsham College David Bowe Jon Kane
Horsham Dental Group Wimmera Rockers Danceworld
Franz & Rhonda Tursi Melissa Morris
Laurie Crouch Art is…Festival Inc
Robert & Elizabeth Goudie & Family Horsham Regional Arts Association
Hugh & Judie Delahunty GrampianArts
Merle Hathaway
Michael & Pamela Clarke   
Mintern Civil
Horsham Gateway Centre
Glenis Reading
Ronnie & Lisa Thomas
Horsham Veterinary Clinic
Currie & Brown
Donald Carter

You can join the visionaries above who have supported placing cultural activity within the heart of Horsham.
To discuss opportunities that may be available please speak to the Venue Manager Shana Miatke 03 5382 9555 to arrange
a tour of the venue and facilities. Donations over $500 ensure your name, or the name of your family, club or business are
permanently inscribed on our prominently positioned Donor Board. All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

The creative program for the Horsham Town Hall has been supported by

Venue acknowledges the following organisations and individuals who have made major financial support to the venue

The Geoff & Helen Handbury Foundation

Horsham Town Hall acknowledges the support of our sponsors

Jennifer Smith, in memory of Gwendda J Smith

Media Partners


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Concessions & Students Accessibility & Assisted Listening Device

Concession rates apply to Government issued Pension or We aim to make our events and venues accessible to
Health Card Holders. Concession rates do not apply to all. To discuss your access requirements please contact
Senior Card holders. the Horsham Town Hall on 03 5382 9555 or email
Student rates apply to all pre-school, school and
university students who must provide proof of eligibility Should you require assistance the venue can provide
when purchasing tickets. listening devices for use in the Theatre.
The venue welcomes Companion Cards.

Ticket purchase terms and conditions can be viewed at

Horsham Town Hall Publications.

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The closest all day parking for patrons is located at the There are disabled parking bays on Wilson Street in
rear of Horsham Plaza (access via Park Drive); Forty front of the Horsham Town Hall. Alternatively there is
Winks car park on Darlot Street (ticketed); or in Park a disabled park located on Pynsent St in front of the
Drive near the Skate Park. Horsham Newsagency.

Short Term Parking Passenger Drop off & Pick Up

There is a range of one hour and two hour short term A passenger drop off and pick up zone is located
metered and unmetered parking on streets in the vicinity in front of the Horsham Town Hall on Wilson Street.
of the Horsham Town Hall and in off street car parks in Alternatively easy access for patrons via Door 4 East
Wilson Street, Ward Street and Darlot Street. The venue Carpark via Pynsent Street is available one hour prior
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park in the Horsham Plaza Car Park (Darlot Street) if
you’re planning on extended periods in the venue.
Please check the parking signs for information on the
exact times that apply to particular bays.
Horsham Centenary Ball 5 October, 1950