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CESANTE, Illona Trina J. Aug.

25, 2018
BSBA – MKTG MGT 4 BA 102-N │ 1:30 – 2:30 │ JW430

CHAPTER 1: Ethics, Business and Business Ethics

Group 1 discussed the first 2 topics which was about the good life and the orientation of business.
The first topic reminded me of one of the reasons why I took up a business course—marketing
management amongst them all. They made me reflect on the fact that whenever I think about having a
good future, it meant being able to do and have anything that I wanted. This was one of the ‘happy’ goals
that I wanted but this wasn’t entirely the main reason why I’m where I am now. Yes, business can lead
you to having a good life but it is merely a means to attaining it. A good life doesn’t just mean that you
have the power to make yourself happy through material things. Happiness can be in the form of
accomplishing goals, helping others and also, having a clear conscience. Also, as a businessman, you must
remember that it is your duty ‘to protect and promote the rights of the various stakeholders.’

Group 2 discussed about Man’s higher purpose and the human acts. After learning about the goal
of having a good life and the position of business in the society, knowing about the message and
importance of these two topics made even more sense. Business, more importantly, is not just a means
to attain our happiness. Business, in a higher sense, should and must be put in the service of attaining a
higher purpose. It should be engaged in the ‘purpose of making human being better humans’. It means
that the higher purpose of business is to become a means to an authentic human development which can
be achieved by the ‘production of goods and services that improve the state of human beings and their

Group 3 focused on Ethics and it’s importance it business education as a course called Business
Ethics. Morality and moral principles, as the basis of Ethics which commonly judges right or wrong, in
business is also applied as a code of ethics which is the standard on how the people in an organization
must perform or behave. Letting business students learn about business ethics is important because it
allows the students to know about the ethical issues which they will come across during business
decisions. This will also enrich students with critical thinking because ethics in business is very important.
I agree that this subject or course is very important therefore I am thankful that the school provided us
with this subject. Aside from that, critical thinking is important for us and having the knowledge about
business ethics and the tool of critical thinking will allow me to become an effective member of the

Group 4 ended Chapter 1 with their topic on moral standards and the place of ethics in a business.
As was defined by the discussion given by Group 3, ethics is the study and evaluation of human conduct
in the light of moral principles. Moral is the principle of right and wrong. Therefore, moral standard is the
principles of right and wrong that must be followed. Moral standard is universal and is very important and
can also be considered as the highest value amongst all good values. With being conscience to ethics and
moral standards, an organization or business can effectively and efficiently produce services and products
that will be beneficial to society. In conclusion, learning about business ethics is one of the best
foundations for any business student or person engaged in any organization. Business ethics allows us to
remember the higher purpose in order to have a good life.