Book Name: Kanneerussm Kinavum Author: V.T.Bhattathiripad

We consider Brahmins had high standard of life. it may be in early days. In most of the Nmboothiri Brahmin families. V..Bhattathiripad who was an Indian Social is saying by a ¶Namboothiri Brahmin·. . He had to follow some rules and restrictions. The content is about his horrible childhood. did not hide anything and he expressed his feelings very freely. all Brahmins would oppose him and he had to stand away from their group. ¶Pooja· from their childhood itself. but now many of them are suffering a lot to move a day. And also ¶Aphan· should live alone dedicate to his duties. They were not having a happy life or any other enjoyments like other children. He was not allowed to mingle with others. his activities and ideologies etc. that Namboothiri Brahmins should learn ¶Mantras·. we can see early marriages of girls with old men. bachelor life. ¶Kanneerum Kinavum· is his autobiography written in colloquial language which makes the readers to follow his ideology. In this custom. wellknown dramatist and a prominent freedom fighter. He should follow their rules blindly. He couldn·t live like an ordinary man because he was an ¶Aphan· (the second boy child of a Namboothiri woman) in that family.T. You have to wipe the garbage causing itµ. V. If he did any mistakes. He was born to Namboothiri Brahmin parents but did not like to follow their custom and traditions. He tried to change superstitions and untouchability among them. They get income by doing Poojas in temples.T.KANNEERUM KINAVUM ´Getting your nose broken never removes the foul smell.

V. They always live inside the house and served their family. The degenerated Brahminical ideology and its social structure had its first powerful assault from within for the first time and the most fervent slogan of the period was for the transformation of Brahmins in to humanbeings.Women have no right to speak against it.T. But his feelings and attitudes will affect more the readers. Bhattathiripad criticized the Namboothiri life and he tried to give message to youth to be active on it. . encouraged widow marriages in the society and tried to reform the conservative practices of the ¶Namboothiri· community in particular and the society at large.T. His words are much powerful and strong. that contains his childhood. He could have added interesting and happy incidents which would bring relief in reader·s mind.T. He conducted the first mixed race marriage in the Brahmin society. Readers can quickly capture the message what V. He narrates his strong sequentially. While reading we could understand what he pointed out about the bad things among the Namboothiri families. His last sentence shows his aggression on Namboothiri Brahmins. V.wanted to inform. adolescence. Then he used Sanskrit words and some slogans confuse the readers. middle age and old age that will make the readers to understand what had happened in hislife. Now the young generation started to think and they coming forward against the superstitions and horrible customs of Namboothiries.

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