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Unit 3.- ” What sport do you like?” and Unit 4 “Let`s celebrate”

Reading comprehension.


Fifteen years old Libby Taylor is the American Junior Gymnastics champion.
She trains every day in the morning, she runs for two hours and then goes
to the gym. Libby eats special food. She eats a lot of pasta and green salad.
She it’s a lot of fresh fruit too. Libby enters five major competitions every
year. She has two gold medals and three silver medals.
In her free time, she plays volleyball and does karate.

1.- Choose the correct alternative.

1) Who is Libby Taylor?

a) Karate
b) Judo
c) Gymnastic
d) Singer

2) How old is she?

a) Fifteen
b) Fourteen
c) Thirteen
d) Sixteen

3) What does she eat?

a) Cake
b) Pizza
c) Hot dog
d) Green salad.

4) How many medals have she?

a) Two gold medal and three silver medal

b) Three gold medals and two silver medal
c) Two gold medal and two silver medals
d) Three golden medals and three silver medals.

5) What does she do in her free time ?

a) Play football
b) Play Volleyball and Karate.
c) Play the piano
d) Play Tennis
6) What sport is?

a) Hockey
b) Archery
c) Running
d) Cycling

7) What sport is?

a) Baseball
b) Football
c) Tennis
d) Gymnastics

8) What sport is?

a) High jump
b) Swimming
c) Water polo
d) Golf

9) What implement are used for cycling:

a) Bike and helmet

b) skater and stick
c) ball and net
d) cup and bat

10) An individual sport is

a) golf
b) baseball
c) volleyball
d) baseball

11) What month is March?

a) Enero
b) Febrero
c) Narzo
d) Abril

12) what is the sixth month of the year?

a) April
b) May
c) June
d) July

13) What is the eleventh month of the years ?

a) December
b) November
c) January
d) September

14) The seasons are:

a) Summer, Winter, January and fall

b) March, Spring, Winter and Summer
c) Fall, May, Summer and Winter
d) Summer, Fall,Winter and Spring

15) In English “lluvioso “ is ?

a) Sunny
b) Cloudy
c) Rainy
d) Snowy

|6) In English “Soleado “ is :

a) Windy
b) Stormy
c) Cloudy
d) Sunny

17) Draw ( 2 points)

Winter Summer