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ADM: BDS/34033/2015





1. Explain the factors might be considered in
determination of a person class position. (8mks)
1. Wealth and income

Possession of substantial amount of wealth is the main

characteristic that distinguishes the upper class from other class
group in society person hoping more wealth and income
generally have higher position and respect in society wealth and
income through necessary for upper class position yet one class
position directly proportional to his income.
2. Occupation
Is an exceeding important aspect of social class and such it is
another determinate of class state. It is a well-known fact that
some kinds of work are more honorable than others e.g. Doctors
and professors hold higher position than acre mechanic or
manual work.
3. Education
There are across reciprocal relationship between social class and
education to get at higher education one need money pals
motivation upper low class children already have money for
their finest school and colleges they also have family traditional
and social encouragement.
4 Prestige
It refers to the respect and admiration with which an occupation
is regarded by society prestige is independent of the particular
person who occupies job sociologist have tried to assign prestige
ranking to various occupation beside wealth occupation and
education there are certain other criteria which help a person to
attain higher social status in the society.
2. Discuss any four main causes of social stratification.

1. Inequality: The occurs when resources in a given society

are in distributing unovenity typically through norm of
allocation that engender specific pattern along lines of
social defined categories of person.
2. Conflict: These occurs when two or more actors oppose
each other in social interaction reciprocally exerting social
power in an effort to attaining scarce or incompatible goals
and prevent the opponent from attaining them.
3. Power: These are the ability of people or group to achieve
their goal despite opposition from others and shown in the
social order through their status in the economics order
through their class wealth.
4. Instability: Is kind of social differentiation whereby society
group people into socioeconomics state based upon their
occupation and income and social status or derived power.
3. Explain the conflict theory and its relevance to the
world today. (6mks)
1.The role of theory is in relaxing human potential and
transforming society rather the maintaining the power structure
the opposite aim of the theory would be the objective and
detachment associated with posit sum where theory is a neutral
explanatory tool.
2. These are perspective sociology and social psychology that
emphasize materialist interpretation of history dialectical
methods of analysis acoustical stance towards existing social
arrangement and political revolution or at least reform.
3. The society is defined by inequality that produces conflict
rather than which produce order and consensus. This based on in
quality can only be overcome through existing relation in the
society and is productive of new social relation.
4. Human potential is suppressed by conditional of exploitation
and oppression which are necessary in any society which an
unequal division of labour.These are the other qualities that do
not necessary have to be stunted due to their requirement of the
civilizing process or functional necessity creativity is actually in
an engine for economic development and change.
5. This disadvantages have structural interests that run counter to
the status quo which once they are assumed will lead to social
change thus they are viewed as agents of change rather than
object that should feel sympathy for.