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What happen: is heatea? Changes BS of State IS when ice. Goecieneeenus What hi | rane Vocabulary trettsn 208 > Technolosy D appens when matter is heated? Groh mcr is heated it gains energy: satee will cha : ‘Changing from o Solid to a Liquid yoeirpcre ment solids 0.2 high enough sermpeeanure they will mele To ARB is to chan areata a quid, Different kinds of mater rel at efferent tem Tower temperature than rocks. Ie melts at SUF (OC) Rocks mek at over 1,100°F (593°C) Remember that all matter is made up of tiny particles. Tn solids these particles are held Clowely together When a solid is heated an gains ners ite particles hegin to move away from fone another They flow around one another and ace no longer held tightly together. This causes the slid eo lose its shape. le becomes a liquid. RY ic will Bll When the liquid fete eS laud 12's Ear Romben’canste panies Seema ina liquid to move fans They lige tuens into a gas Bobhes forms without boiling, When Sun, the water inthe clothes evaporater The heats water droplets inthe clothes The water turns slowly into a gas; and the clothes dy. The eas sate of water is called water spor: You can not see water Soe eee ea © ouiek creck se cates? to cheese whe Critical Thinking How does ‘blow dryer get your hat dru? What happens when matter is cooled? When matter is cooled, ic lowes eneray remperatures, matter will change state drops. At certain ‘Changing from a Gas to a Liquid If you cool a gas to the right temperature, it will condense (u-DENS). To €ondensé is to change from a gas t0 2 liquid. For example, on cool mornings small droplets of water called dew ca appear on grass and windows, This Ce ae touches cool objects and loses energy Particles of water vapor come closer together. They change into drops of Changing from a Liquid to a Sotig If you cool Tiqid toe right temperatura, liquid 10a solid. The par Condense Water Vapor the liquid lose energy and move slower and closer oy et locked ino position nd Form a solid. Fo Y auick check