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Code No.1213/5051/1 ag Brsne Bento D8gdorgootoo POTTI SREERAMULU TELUGU UNIVERSITY 2.28, Asrar aS APeBor guy (Grsdsg) : args SbYen - S008, 2013 P.G. DIPLOMA IN JYOTHIRVASTHU (OISTANCE MODE) - ANNUAL EXAMINATIONS - NOVEMBER, 2013 Time : 3 Hrs. Marks : 100 1 & Bod Wayow SArqraren cros208. Answer the following questions. 1. wrRgTrdz92) 25gD0d, axyTHIoS'D wHychowia GO owos. Define Vastu Sastra and discuss the Science behind Vastu. ae (OR) BHOGS TAYHO APO) SA[APS argo Gravod. \Write an essay on Four types of Vastu, HomLd b87BO, PYDOWD Boros Dadorr BOavaavod 1 Explain about Origin of Vastupurusha and its differences. Scr (OR) QO HISD aH yaSH, SHOGABE hs) ExDOGrD) MFhosod. Analyse the relation between the shape of vastupurusha and Sun movement. a 3. Bb ek eS yBOO, SD PDOs DOSS. 1 Write a detailed note on sixteen types of Land faces andresults. Sar (OR) BE)GS SHKTD, SNSSORS anpiejos SOavAas04. Write about need and precautions of Diksadhana. A AySPATWOS* SMowSOS HPSS ASOD a8 argHo Erassod 6 Write an essay about primary principles to construct ahouse. Sa» (OR) Doyo Herd IOs BH IqrHo, S6gos BOaAavo0d. Write about the method of examination of selecting area to construction. SBSH MSO oxgor wasrd) SH Aqrardy ASosod. 16 Explain the Aya calcuation through Nava Varga Ganitha. ar (OR) MysrdryWOS* SOS HS erro, TO OSeros HDESorr BOasasv0d. 8 Explain main characteristics of Antarbhavana in House construction. 6 FSH MOYO" Stare, Hfo v8) as argso waiood. 6 Write an essay on defects and Vedhas in house building. ‘Sar (OR) Myer BEE Arad) ISB0v08. 6 Write a brief note on System of entering the New House. PLO. IL. Bod srdoxs grbowdsan. Fill in the following blanks. vn IPD OSM ... Easha Prachee means DQ —-BeORY id TAY wr Chatusshashti pada vastu means ... 3) BES Qo HEY Hr... Elimination of Pisacha Sthala means .. 4) 26 ao ear Veedhi Shula (Street effect) means 5) WiNYHrSo wr . Brahma Sthana means 10 Code No.1213/8081/P2 ag Brsnen Bento D8gDorgoctoo POTTI SREERAMULU TELUGU UNIVERSITY B.8. BgPar ad SFeBor gen (Grddag) : Os Hb¥en - S006, 2013 P.G. DIPLOMA IN JYOTHIRVASTHU (DISTANCE MODE) - ANNUAL EXAMINATIONS - NOVEMBER, 2013, DHE - 2: eGods aray Se rH BOE 667 BS)6 OH 202h60h (Paper - 2: Modern Architecture (Vaasthu Basic Architecture & Engineering) Time : 3 Hrs. Marks : 100 1 & Boe Bayow Sirgraren wros0d. (10x 6 = 60) Answer the following questions, 1 eGods TAY SU Q5gDOD, Hero [STD] SoHod. Define Modern Architecture and explain its evolution ‘Sor (OR) $o wRYSood, Jarw Gerwro ABLOwOS. Explain different shapes of House sites, plavas (slopes) and their effects, 2 FHS IO 69 WHA DORE Agro, aryogoo B Explain House construction material collection methods and precautions to be taken in such collection. ‘Sar (OR) © Fide Og 6 sro[Beno ero’ BOS Noyes Igrso DSBowos. Explain the method of constructing a house with different types of walls and concrete pillars. 3. Aad warbad, SmrgDd warbsh woT Id? aed Vecors, Sgorar, Sowogros 2880808. What is meant by Global Anatomy and Human Anatomy? Explain the nature, scope and their relationship. ‘Sar (OR) B08 Do-yD0S* [ASEbs BSor-gos (80M DSBoii08. Write an essay on the basic needs of a House in construction. 4 BSH QoYO SY SPToPOsD Sosod. Explain the salient features of Building Construction Act. &ar (OR) BSH DoryHOS* ING Silos (SHSGAS* ISB0S08. Explain the various stages in Building construction in proper order. BHz.0 Ssb0d T 5 Scird Tasu Agrwo M008, Explain the method of preparation of Lay out as per the directions. ‘Scr (OR) aod aaarar GS Soin Aqrso as orsrdas* ASovod. Explain the method of preparing Building plan with an example. P.T.O.