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Galactic Transition - Earth's Pivotal Role

Mrs. P (Pleiadians) - Feb 2008

Dimensional Structure

The first thing we want to talk about is the structure of the third
dimension. You are existing in this dimension on this prime piece of real
estate in this little sector of the galaxy. It was designed to be separate
from everything else. All right? It was designed with the intention that
you would have duality/separation. You have light. You have dark,
positive and negative, male and female. All of these things are tied
together. They are not separate, but there is the illusion of duality. This is
important to know because as we move forward, as Earth begins her
journey from the third to the fourth into the fifth dimension, you are
going to need to find the middle ground, to remember that you are
connected, that you can not be all light or all dark. There are those in
your “New Age” community who would like you to be all light and happy
and perky all the time, and that really is not realistic. That is not your
natural state of being. Your natural state of being is somewhere in the
middle. Your natural state of being is the integration of light and dark.
That is what this game is about. This final chapter is about integration
and finding unconditional love and compassion. That is the frequency of

Think of the structure of dimensions as schools of thought. Just because

a dimension is higher does not necessarily mean it is more evolved or
better. They are simply different schools. You have the eighth dimension
which tends to be one that is structured with sound and healing. You
have the ninth dimension which is the residence of your oversoul. You
have your etheric realms as well. All these schools have rules/structures.
It would be like going to school for art or going to school for music or
going to learn to play sports. All of them have there own rules just like
this sector of the universe. This game that you are playing has its own set
of rules. If you can, think of it that way rather than hierarchal. Because
you don’t just stick to one dimension. You do jump around when you
incarnate. Granted there are certain things that must be learned first.
You know, you have to learn how to walk before you can run. But
generally speaking, you are not stuck in one location.

Because you have the ability to tap into records, your akashic records,
your energetic records, you may access information about every
experience in the universe. You can learn from other’s experiences. It is
not quite the same as having it first hand, but it is there and it is
accessible. And there are many beings who are doing this with your
akashic records and your experiences on Earth. There are million of
beings who are accessing the records right now. It is not just one species
or two species. You have beings from all of the systems in the universe
who remember that they are multidimensional.

There are twelve dimensions. The thirteenth being the connection

between them all, being a melding of the source. Whether you want to
call it god, or source or universal energy, all of it is connected. It is a
splintering of itself. And the dimensions have been structured so that
there are twelve. There are octaves between each one. So when you hear
that there are dimensions you may hear different numbers because of the
perspective of how they are broken down. Just like music has octaves so
do dimensions. They are almost like little fences, you know, little areas of
the playground. And that is what the octaves do. They separate. They are
a frequency range.

Free Will Zone

One of the other things about this little sector of the universe is that it is
a Free Will Zone. This is VERY important. It is going to become more
apparent here as we talk about some of the galactic players and what’s
involved, what’s at stake here. They don’t really want you to know that
this is a free will zone. They would prefer that you think that you have no
control, that you have no will. Because other sectors of the universe are
not free will zones. And because you are living in a holographic universe,
because you are multidimensional, what happens to the microcosm
happens to the macrocosm. So what happens to you happens everywhere.
The things that are happening to Earth, the transition and the conscious
shift that is going to occur (that we perceive from these timelines is going
to occur) is going to have a ripple effect through the entire universe. And
that is why you have so many beings who are here sharing information,
so many beings who are watching and observing and really invested in
what’s going on; because it is going to affect so many systems. It is also
important for you to know that only the best of the best got to come to
the game this time around so you should be very proud of yourselves.
And you are often looking to others for confirmation. You are looking to
your own guides. You are looking to angels. You are looking to other
beings thinking they have all the answers when the truth of the matter is
all the masters got to come down to the game. And you are here. You

have the answers within yourself. You just have to look. So we are here to
help you to remember where to look…within yourself.

So what happens when you raise your frequency to this unconditional

love and Earth makes her ascension? It is going to have a ripple effect
through the entire universe. There are sectors of the galaxy which are not
free will zones. They are controlled. Situations have played out. Games
are played out again and again and again. And they are stuck in a rut.
The Anunnaki control many of these sectors of the galaxy and of the
universe. So what happens here when you learn to find compassion, you
are going to free all of those zones. The lessons are going to be completed
and those souls can move on. That is why there are so many people who
are so invested in what’s going on, so many beings. Earth was a Grand
Experiment. All of the genetic material was taken from many, many
worlds and planted here. And this is not the first time this has occurred.
This is the third Grand Experiment. All right? It failed the first two times.
It was on other worlds. But the third time there is hope, and it looks like
things are playing out nicely.


So, who are the players? What’s at stake? What’s going on? Some of this
is not going to be new information for all of you. But Earth is being
controlled and manipulated and has been for thousands of years by
beings who are utilizing Earth’s natural resources (and humans and their
energy fields being a natural resource) to survive. And we are talking
about the Anunnaki. So we are going to back up here just a little bit.

You have the memories of your ancient civilizations of Lemuria, and your
Atlantis, and there are several other civilizations in there as well. They
did not exist in the same dense physical form as you do. All right? And
you have memories of utilizing tone and sound and crystals and many
other healing modalities because you were more connected to the higher
realms. You knew that you were multidimensional in nature. And at that
time the Anunnaki were living on Mars. Their home world had pretty
much been destroyed by their own doing. They had utilized all of its
natural resources so it was in a state of perpetual imbalance. Throughout
the galaxy they had been warriors. (We hesitate to use that word because
they themselves had not been on the front lines.) They utilized others to
fight their battles. They have other pieces of real estate, other sectors of
the galaxy they are controlling.

So they incarnated to Mars. They had taken over the planet. And at this
time when they were on Mars you had your great civilization of Atlantis

and it was nearing its end. To further the end, the Anunnaki saw an
opportunity and they took advantage of it. They manipulated events.
They befriended some of the Atlantians. You may have some memories
of this. You may wish to explore this on your own to see what memories
you have.

And that opportunity allowed them to rewrite history. All right? Because
with the fall of Atlantis you had the end of the knowledge of being
multidimensional, of beings who were aware of that. It was the decline of
the information, the dissipation of access to that.


But after the fall, they took full advantage. They had to wait until these
civilizations were at a point where they could utilize Earth’s resources
without being stopped. They began to interact with humanity. And in so
doing they realigned the genetic structure. They altered the genetic
structure of humanity leaving it with two strands of DNA. You have
twelve strands of DNA. 90% of your DNA your doctors consider to be
your junk DNA because they don’t know what it’s for, and well, we are
telling you. It was your genetic structure that was deconstructed. All
right, so you are rebuilding it now. You’ve heard this all before. You have
rebuilt primarily three strands physically. The other twelve are going to
be done in the energetic field of your body. It is not going to be a physical
manifestation, because you are not going to require it within the physical
body because you will be moving forward. You will be moving to higher
realms. You will be ascending.


So what does that mean? Events are being controlled and manipulated.
No one likes to feel like they are being herded. But the whole idea is that
the Anunnaki have forgotten how to access their emotional fields. That is
part of why they have been destroying the world. Because they have no
emotional body to speak of, they have no sense of repercussion. And they
are the dark. And you are the light. It is time for them to once again
remember that they are part of the whole, that they are connected to the
universe, and that they are loved.

This may be a big pill to swallow and for some people to embrace, but
you know you have your events that are being controlled and
manipulated and you see things that are not what you would like to have
created. You are seeing wars, and famine and destruction. Unfortunately,
these things have to occur in order for other beings to wake up. Because

some people keep hitting the snooze button. They want to wait until the
last moment to get out of bed. So that’s what’s happening. You are going
to have to see things reach a fever pitch before people are going to wake
up. So those who are being controlled and those doing dastardly deeds
serve their purpose. They are the ones who are allowing others to sleep
until the last moment and then they are going to wake up.

You’ve got these extremes, and you’ve got these situations that seem to
be dire. They are occurring so you can find compassion. So you are
looking at these people who are creating these horrific events, and you
are wondering how it is that you can find compassion for them knowing
that they are the expression of the darkest of dark and are necessary.
They are a necessary part of the whole. And when you are finding this
position of compassion and you are finding this position of
unconditional love, that is when you are going to find the higher realms.
You are once again tapping into a multidimensional state.


So how does this affect you and what you do? You have the free will. So
when you see things that are unappealing, the greatest way for you to
affect change is to change yourself and your perception. For you can go
out and rally against something but the key to manifestation is that your
thoughts create form but it’s your emotional state that vibrates it in to
being. It’s your emotional state that determines what is coming back to
you. So if you are focused on fear, if you are doing something out of fear,
fear is exactly what you are going to get back. You are going to get more
of what you don’t want. If you are focused on something and it makes
you happy, it makes you buzz, then that’s what you are going to get back.
All right? That is the key, the trick, to manifestation. And there are those
who don’t want you to know that you have the ability to manifest for
yourself. So, rather than going and rallying against something, if you are
able to make changes in your perception, within yourself, to understand
that they are a necessary part and you are sending them love and
compassion you are doing far more good than you could rallying against
something. So if you don’t like war, if you are anti-war, and you are
fighting against war, then you are going to create more war. If you are
focused on peace and making changes, from a multidimensional
perspective, that’s what you are going to get. You are going to get peace,
and you are going to change things multidimensionally.

Look at how you focus on things. Are you focusing on them from a sense
of lack? If you want to talk about creating abundance, all right, the
thought is “I want to create abundance. I am creating abundance.” So

where is your emotional state? Are you thinking, “I am creating
abundance because it is going to allow me freedom. It is going to allow
me flexibility. It is going to allow me to surround myself in a nice space.
It makes me content. And I want to be able to do nice things for the
people around me.” So if you are thinking about that and it’s making you
happy and it’s making you buzz, then your energy is flowing and positive
energy is what you are going to get back. Now if you think, “I am creating
abundance” and what you are thinking about is a stack of bills…”I have
to create abundance because I have bill collectors calling me. I’m
stressed out, and I want to quit my job. I want to quit my job so I can
make more money somewhere else. But I can’t do any of that right
now.”…your energy field has just shut down. So that is exactly what you
are going to get back. You’re going to get back the negative. You’re going
to get more bills. You are going to get more phone calls about the bills.
So it is really your emotional state vibrating it into being. And this is
applicable to absolutely everything. We can not stress that enough. And
we can not express enough that you have complete and absolute control
around you. So when 144,000 of you have a thought, the magic number,
it creates a new energetic grid around the Earth. And this energetic grid
makes it much easier for others to tap into a new mindset. And that is
where you are headed. You are just about there. And this new mindset
that you are all working on right now is one that allows you to think
multidimensionally. You are going to begin healing multidimensionally.
You are going to be moving through timelines. You are going to be
moving through probable realities. All right? So keep that in mind. The
most powerful thing you can do is make changes within yourself.

Willing Participant – Controlling Your Space

And the other thing we’d like to talk about is that you are in complete
control of your space and bringing other beings into your space. There
are those who are afraid to open up to the higher realms because they are
afraid they will be possessed or attacked or all of these “wonderful”
things that come up. But the fact of the matter is that you are in absolute
complete control. If you don’t want someone in your energetic field, then
you send them away. You set your boundaries. They don’t want you to
know about this. The Anunnaki don’t want you to know that you have
complete control.

Understand that there is a level of frequency that must be maintained. So

if you are not afraid, and you are peaceful and you are calm, and you are
happy, if you are able to maintain that vibratory state, they must match it
or go away. It is the law of magnetism in the universe. And that is where
all of that comes in and how you protect yourself and your space. Now

that is why we focus on the compassion. And you many find it hard to
find compassion for others unless you understand the notion of duality
and that they serve their purpose.

How do I channel?

To open up to other realms and dimensions, again finding yourself safe

and centered and imagining yourself protected, ask for assistance from
the higher realms, the highest light and love. All others bind from you.
There are several ways to do this and exercises we like to give. One, you
can imagine in your mind’s eye a chalk board and information being
written on a chalk board or information being presented in film in your
mind’s eye. Part of it is you being able to trust all your instincts. It is
going to come through practice and asking for confirmation through the
universe. That will come as well. But we don’t want to talk about that too
much. You need to learn to trust your instincts.


You incarnated here. And you came specifically to play the game.
Understand that your oversoul, the part of your soul is conducting all of
your lives, which aren’t past, present and future by the way. Time is not
linear in other dimensions. Time is an illusion here so all of your past
lives, your future lives are concurrent with this one. Your oversoul is the
grand conductor, making sure that all the life lessons go along as
planned and that all the lessons are being learned. It is aware of all the
other aspects of yourself that have fractured to incarnate. And your
oversoul is connected (to source). And you’ve done this before in other
systems. You have gone into systems and you have altered consciousness
in ways that were rather challenging. Only the best of the best got to
come. So that is why you are the master. That is why you got to come.
And with this go around with Earth many of the karmic cycles are
coming to a close. You’ve worked through most of the issues. And finding
a place of compassion, that middle ground, is going to allow you to end a
cycle, to understand that you did the best you could.

You incarnated to help the planet to move forward. Because it is a very

special time for the planet. It is making a shift in dimensions, and that
has not happened consciously with beings on it before. So it is a very
special occasion.

There are some grand experiments that were attempted. And this time is
looks like it is going to work itself out. You are healing it on a daily basis
as you are processing energy that you are taking in. And it is important

for you also to note that you regularly check into your energetic field and
make sure that you are not holding onto some of that energy. So that
when you feel that things are a little out of balance for what is going on in
your life, if you feel exhausted and that really isn’t in balance with what
you are doing on a day to day basis, make sure you check in. Make sure
that that energy is being cleared out. That you haven’t taken it on and
forgotten process it.

2012 / Ascension / Earth Changes

What is going to happen in 2012? It is going to be a shift in the

perception of reality. You call it your end of time, your end of days. It is
just that. It is a shift in dimension where time and space do not exist.
You are moving up into the fourth dimension. And that was the Mayan
assessment. The end of the grand cycle. And right now it is pretty much
on track. We don’t see the dates changing too much.

There is already a lot of suffering and unfortunately it is a necessary step

in order to wake some people up. There is going to be a shift for that.
There is already started a separation of Earth from her energetic field.
You are seeing a drop in the magnetic field of Earth and it is occurring so
the shift can happen. The magnetic field keeps the etheric body attached.
The drop in the magnetic field is allowing you the ability to separate
yourself from some of mass consciousness and what’s going on and to be
able to shift back and forth between the dimensions. There will be those
who will move back and forth between the higher third and the higher
fourth dimension before Earth makes its final shift into the fifth. So for
Earth the forth dimension is a transitory zone. It’s not going to remain
there. It’s going to go straight to the fifth. So there will be those who will
move back and forth.

For those who do not wish to move forward, who do not wish to
incarnate into an etheric body, who want to stay physical, they are going
to incarnate to other worlds that have a similar paradigm, a similar set of
rules to play by. And depending on your perspective of reality the degree
to which Earth experiences upheavals is going to be different for each
person. Because you’re creating your own reality and your perspective of
reality. And there will be those who will be in the higher realms who are
not going to experience some of the dense physical upheaval. So all of
that is going to be your perception of reality. Because as we move on here
over the next several years, and things are really going to heat up in two
years, your perception of reality is going to become multidimensional.
You are going to stop thinking in a linear fashion. And it’s a lot to wrap
your head around right now.

The fourth dimension is one of harmony and balance. It is one of fluid
change. It is one in which, if you are talking about Earth, that does not
have a physical body. You have a light body which is crystalline and
somewhat denser than say what our physicality is like. We are light, pure
energy. It will have some structure to it and it will be rather similar, but
you will still experience emotion. That will come along with it. And it will
be a different color, spectrum of emotion. It is rather difficult to explain
because you are really going to have to shift yourself to a
multidimensional perspective of reality in order to fully understand. You
will travel. You will move through time and space differently.

The upheavals, the dramatic climatic changes are two fold. There is some
manipulation of the Earth’s fields which is creating tumultuous effects.
Earth is just trying to come back to balance. We are talking about some
of the tornados and some of the flooding. It is expressing some of the
emotional energy that you are not able to transmute through your own
physical body. Earth is finding her own way of transmuting it through
her body. And when those events occur be sure to check in with yourself
and make sure that you are all aligned because when you have natural
disasters all of that energy goes into mass consciousness and you are also
transmuting some of that as well. So, be sure to check in and make sure
all of that is getting cleared out.

Clearing Personal Energy

How do you clear your energy field? You want to make sure that when
taking a look in your mind’s eye at your body any grey areas are an
indication that that energy needs to be cleared out. Also if you are
looking at your chakras, at your energetic centers, ensure they are the
proper colors and that they are bright and sharp, and they are not muddy.
You can clear this field by washing it with the light; light being energy.
Energy, the color of it depending on the moment. What you intuitively
feel guided to do, whether it is white or green or pink or whatever other
color you feel appropriate is going to be dependent on you and your
emotional state in that moment. And it is being washed until the grey has
dissipated or the color is clear. Note when you do that, what you are
experiencing emotionally, what you are seeing in your mind’s eye and
what is being cleared. That’s just as important.


You have you locations on Earth which are vortices. You have your
locations which are on ley lines which are powerful. But we would rather
that you focus on the fact that no matter where you are standing you are

creating your own little energetic vortex that you take with you. It travels
with you under your feet. So if you are resonating at a high frequency you
are taking that with you. If you feel like you have to go to Sedona or you
have to go to Stonehenge or you have to go to Easter Island or Machu
Picchu or any of these spots, they are high energetic. But the sacred
geometry that exists there is not as powerful as the energetic field that
can be created around your body that moves through dimensions.

You have your ways of clearing energy whether it’s with feng shui or
through sage-ing and smudging. But that will clear only one level. When
you tone, when you sound, when you align your own energetic field all of
that cleansing can happen through multiple dimensions, not just in the
one that you are perceiving.

You are Not Alone

You are not alone and that is important for you to know as well. All of
you have beings who are there to assist you and to guide you, to throw
you a bone. You know, they are up there wanting you to succeed. So they
are going to try in every way to assist you. It has been our pleasure and
our honor to have the opportunity to speak with you today. And with
each and every one of you, please know that if you would like to speak to
us again you may do so. You do not need an intermediary. You don't
need anyone else to communicate with us. Just listen and trust in what
you are hearing from us. And we will be there for you. All Right? Say,
"Mrs. P., we like a little assistance. We'd like a little help. Please give us a
sign." and we will be there. Many well wishes for you today and we hope
to have the opportunity to speak with you again soon.

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For the past 14 years, Wendy has been channeling beings from many
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