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NAME: _______________________ XI – ST. JOSEPH CLASS NUMBER: ______
I. TRUE OR FALSE: Highlight TRUE if the statement is correct and FALSE if it is not.

1. 1. If we love others in chastity, then first of all we must be just towards them.
2. To desire the common good and strive towards it is a requirement of justice and charity.
3. Objects are the source, the focus and the aim of all economic and social beings.
3. 4. Those who are weak, vulnerable, and most in need deserve preferential concern.
5. The right way is to recognize the essential role and the complementary responsibilities of
families, communities, the market, and government to work separately to overcome poverty
5. and advance human dignity.
6. 6. Work must be an escape from poverty not another version of it.
7. The Church can neglect the service of charity.
7. 8. The Church instructs us to put the needs of the poor and vulnerable first.
8. 9. Jesus does not take the side of those most in need.
10. The first line of attack against poverty must be to build and sustain a healthy economy
that provides employment opportunities at just wages for all adults who are able to work.
II. MULTIPLE CHOICE: Highlight the letter of the BEST answer.
1. Foundation in which Fr. Paul continues to be the heart and soul.
1. A. Puso ng Nanay Foundation C. Puso ng Ina Foundation
B. Puso ng Ama Foundation D. Puso ng Tatay Foundation
3. 2. The Final/Last Judgement.
A. Matthew 25:31-46 C. Matthew 25:30-45
B. Matthew 26:31-46 D. Matthew 26:30-45
3. What is very much prevalent in both the cities and far-flung provinces?
A. Poverty C. Murder
B. Rape D. Child Labor

4. Jesus himself was born in a ___. Joseph was a ___. When Jesus died, he was buried in a
borrowed ____.
A. Clinic, Doctor, Tomb C. Shore, Lawman, Coffin
B. Stable, Carpenter, Tomb D. Deserted House, Priest, Coffin

5. It is simply having a roof, food, safety and security in our own homes and
neighborhood, basic human rights protected at all times without having to compromise
our dignity and security.
A. Healthy Living C. Dignified Living
B. Right Living D. Purpose Living
6. Book entitled ______ discusses extensively the spiritual, socio-economic, and psychological dimensions of
poverty and its alleviation, if not elimination, in our society today.
A. Bringing Glad Tidings to the Poor C. Bringing Glad Tidings to the Vulnerable
B. Bringing Happy Tiding to the Poor D. Bringing Glad Tidings to the Vulnerable

7. Father _____ of the Tulay ng Kabataan Foundation who is from France.

A. Father Matthew C. Father Mark
B. Father Paul D. Father Luke

8. These are the Causes of Poverty except:

A. Choice C. Education
B. Calamity D. Religious Factors

9. Which of the following is the Consequence of Poverty?

A. Death C. Crime
B. Hunger D. All of the above

10. Author of the book entitled Bringing Glad Tidings to the Poor
A. Daniel Padilla C. Paul Padilla
B. France Padilla D. Frank Padilla