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T: tell me about you / introduce your self

S: hello my name is….. I am 30 years old

I live in avenue Peru 715.

I speak Spanish and Quechua, which is my mother tongue.
my older brother is Peter and my sister is Anny.
I am single, I am from the province Grau department of Apurimac

I study civil engineering at Technological University of the Andes.

(UTEA), I'm doing sixth semester of my career.
T: why did you choose civil engineering?
S: Reasons I decided to stick with engineering:

 It challenges me. Problems come up on a daily basis that require critical thinking and
knowledge of engineering principles to solve.
 It’s interesting. I love knowing the things that I know, and doing the things I do. I build
roads and bridges. It’s fascinating.
 It supports me. Important since I’m the sole earner in my household.
 I’ve met some fantastic, fun, engaging, knowledgeable people in my field that I can
continue to learn from.
 I have opportunities to teach my inspectors, kids, site visitors, etc. the things that I know.
I love being able to pass on my knowledge and see their faces light up when they learn
something new.

T: what do you do in year free time?

S: I like doing sports.

I like going swimming.

I like cooking.

I like going out with my friends.

I like going to the cinema.

I like hanging out at home.

I like playing video games.

T: What are you going to do when you finish your career?
S: After graduation I hope to move to another city. I’ve always loved going to new places and I
am hopeful that I will find a job at an architecture/ design firm where I can continue to grow as a
designer. In the near future I would like to continue my studies in grad school.

T: Well see you next class.

S: bye teacher, thank you¡¡