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Final English test regular and irregular verbs in past tense
Name _______________________________________________ Grade: 7°___ Date: Nov ___ 2018
Teacher: Jesus A.Diaz
Choose the best option between a, b, c.
1, we ______ that game.
a) won b) win c. winned 14. My friends ____ me yesterday morning.
a) called b) call c) calls
2. Our voleyball team _______ well last
week. 15. Cuál es el auxiliar para expresar acciones
a) plaied b) played c.playyed en forma negativa en pasado?
a) did b) do c) didn´t
3. What did you _____ last weekend?
a) do b. did c) died 16. Cuál es el auxiliar para expresar acciones
en forma interrogativa en pasado?
4. What is the past tense of verb: Break? a) did b) do c) is
a) Break b) Breaked c) Broke
17. They _____ voleyball last Friday morning.
5. What is the past tense of verb Buy? a) plaied b) playing c) played
a) Buyed b) Buy c) Bought
18. we _____ our volleyball championship
6. Daniela didn´t _____ to school yesterday, last Friday.
because she was sick. a) celebrating b) celebrated c) celebrates
a) went b) go c) gone
19. The group 7° ____ the last volleyball
7. My dad didn´t ____ anything last night. championship last Friday in our school.
a) eat b. ate c. eaten a) won b) win c) wined

8. Samantha _____ a very interesting story. 20. Did they ____ in the last karaoke contest in
a) read b. ride c. readed our school?
a) sang b) singed c) sang
9. They ____ a horror film in Netflix last night
a) saw b) see c) seeing 21. Cristobal Colon _____ to America in 1492.
a) discovering b) discober c) discovered
10. I _____ to explora with my sister park
last weekend. 22. The bus ____ on time after the accident.
a) goed b) went c) go a) stopping b) stopped c) stoping

11. My mother _____ delicious chocolate 23. it ____ a lot last yesterday night.
cookies yesterday afternoon. a) rain b) rained c) rained
a) cooked b) cooking c) cooks
24. we ______ to a concert rock last night
12. I _____ English yesterday morning. a) enjoy b) enjoyed c) enjoyed
a) sudyed b) studied c) studying
25. They _____ in the Halloween party last
13. My father didn´t ____ yesterday Friday night.
a) worked b) work c) working a) dance b) danced c) danced