Dear Mrs. Pelosi, Nancy, can I call you Nancy?

After all you do work for me (and all those fine folks in CA who send you to Washington every couple of years) and of course, the American People. You are third in line to the presidency, and have been granted the status of "Leader" by our party after the almost historic mid-term upset elections in 2006. Nancy, I need to ask you a very, very simple question. Why can't we have an Impeachment hearing based on the lies that are now part of the public record as released by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence? We as Americans stood by and watched your Republican colleagues using the 70 million dollar Starr Report (and softcore porn expo) run an impeachment hearing that absorbed our nation and brought the Nation's business to a virtual standstill. Bill Clinton's alleged perfidy gripped us for months and years as pundits and congressmen alike screeched "Rule of Law" and "Liar". Nancy, no one died when Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton had consensual, adult sexual relations in the People's House on Pennsylvania Avenue. Nancy, George Bush and Dick Cheney, manipulating the levers of power, secrecy, the media and trust of the American people have managed to kill over 4000 American men and women and leave tens of thousands with injuries that will follow them for the rest of their lives. Families have been destroyed by a war that was absolutely not necessary, and should never have been fought. I do understand that you and many of your colleagues were afraid to stand up to the ruthless political "machine" that the Bush Administration built to destroy it's enemies domestic and foreign; I understand it but can not forgive your lack of political or moral courage to stand against it. It seems to me, and many many other Americans that you were and are more interested in maintaining your personal power and position than in pursuing the truth. We need to begin Impeachment, because the claims of Executive Privilege will not survive an Impeachment inquiry. With the revelations that administration knowingly lied us into the deaths of the brave American men and women sent into harm's way for purely political gain it is no longer acceptable to hear you and other Congressional Leaders say that Impeachment is "off the table". It is important that accountability begin now, even knowing that George Bush may have to leave office before an inquiry or trial can be completed. Such work is important to allow ongoing investigations, and perhaps personal accountability even criminal prosecutions from such work. It is important for us all, and our children as well. During the "Clinton Scandal" the rightwing Republicans were fond of saying with some mock horror in their voices "What will we tell the children?" about their president being a philandering, sexually active if unfaithful husband. Well, what will you tell the children of future generations when they are sent off to a war because you have created a precedent to not hold any future Constitutional Executive accountable for the lies of this President and administration? With regards,

Jo Fish a Democratic Veteran