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‘SCOOTER SHARING SYSTEM PERMIT AGREEMENT ‘This Interim Operating Agreement (the "Agreement" is entered into on they = Bay of October, 2018 by ‘and between Bird Rides Inc, 3 California company, located at 406 Broadway Ave #369, Santa Monica, CA 80401 ("Company"), and the Cty of Lansing, a Michigan municipal corporation, located at 124 W. Michigan Avenue, Lansing, Mi 48923 the Cl) and shall remain in effect fora period of up to sty (60) ‘days unless extended! by mutual agreement of the partes 1. Statement and Purpose The purpose of this Agreement is to establish interim rles and regulations governing the operation of stand-up electric scooters within the City and to ensue that scooter sharing systems are consistent with the safety and wel-being of other users of the publi right-of-way 2 Scope This Agreement applies to any proposed deployment of stand-up electric scooter sharing systems within the Citys jurisdictional boundaries by Company, 3. Procedures 4. Upon effectiveness ofthis Agreement, the Company shall provide an affidavit of compliance ith the rules inthis Agreement and provide aporoprat indemnification and proof of insurance until a permanent agreement/lcenseis established By March, 1, 2019, the City shall establish formal operating regulations and permiting the ‘operation of stand-up electri scooter sharing systems. Company shal be required to comply ith these regulations, which shall be incorporated into any future agreement. 4. Operating Regulations «a Scooter, as applied toa standup electri scooter, shall mean a device with ne more than two tennch ‘or smaller dlameter wheels that has handlebars, is designed tobe stood upon, and is powered by an electric motor thats capable of propeling the device with a without human propulsion »b. Within the City, all scoters shall be operated ata speed limited to na more than fifteen (25) miles per hhour on a paved level surface, «Company shall provide easly visible contact information on each Scooter, including: 2) a logo or ather branding, 2) unique identification number, and 3 contact information forthe company (phone number, «e-mail address and website) for Cty employees and/or members ofthe public to make relocation requests orto report other issues with devices. 5. Parking 8. Scooters shall be parked upright on hard surfaces in the furniture zone ofthe sidewalk, beside 2 bicycle rack on another area specifically designated for bicycle parking, or of the street next to an unmarked curb 'b. Scooters shall not be parked in sucha manner ast impede or interfere with the reasonable use of 1. sidewalk, crosswalk, or sidewalk ramp 2. busstop shelter, or wating area 3. loading zone or handicapped parking space 4. fire hydrant 5. bench 6. parking meter or pay station 7. any commercial window display 8. accesso oF from any building 9. any bicycle rack 10. driveway or alley «Stand-up electri scoters may be parked in on-street parking spaces in the following circumstances: 1 When marked parking spaces are offically designated for Scooters 2. Inmarked parking spaces designated for motorcycles £. Stand-up eletric scooters may be parked on blocks without sidewalks only ifthe travel lane(s) and 5 foot pedestrian clear zone are not impeded, 8. To the extent Company desires to park Scooters in areas other than the public ight oF way (e.g parks, plazas, parking lt, private property, or transit stations), the Company must fist obtain the right ‘to do so from the appropriate city department, property owner, or public agency and shall ‘communicate this right to users through signage approved bythe respective entity and/or through a ‘mobile or web application, During the course ofthe Agreement, Company wil coordinate withthe Cty to dently locations to park scoote in prefered designated area in the downtown core, 6-Operations| ® Company shall maintain a 24-hour customer service phone number for customers to report safety ‘concerns, complaints, orto ask question. ®, Company is encouraged to implementa marketing and targeted community utreach plan atts own ‘ost or pay anineu fe to the City to provide these services and promote the use of Scooter sharing itywide, particularly among low-income communities, Inthe event safety or maintenance issue is reported fra specific device that Scooter shall be made ‘unavailable to users an shall be removed within the timeframes provided herein. Any inoperable or unsafe device shall be repaired before iis put back ito service. 4. Company shall respond to requests for rebalancing, reports of incorrectly parked Scooters, or reports of unsafe/inoperable Scooters by relocating, reparking, oF removing the Scooters, s appropiate, within 2 hours of receiving notice «Inthe event a Scoater is not relocated, re-parked, or removed within twenty-four (28) hours of a ‘complaint being submitted fora Scooter that is being used in violation ofthe requirements nthe ‘Agreement, such Scooter may be impounded by ity erews and taken toa City facility for storage atthe expense ofthe Company. {Scooters are tobe ridden on streets, and where available, in bike lanes and bik paths Scooters ae to stay tothe right of street lanes and to offer the righ of way to bicycles in bike lanes and on bike paths. {Company shall provide notice to all users by means of signage and through a mobile or web application that Scooters ae tobe ridden on streets, and where available, in ike lanes and bike paths; Scooters are to stay tothe right of street lanes and to offer the right of way to bicycles on bike lanes and bike paths; Helmets are encouraged for all users and required for minors (to the extent minors are permitted as users); Parking must be done inthe designated areas; and riding responsibly is encouraged. fh. Scooter riders are required to take @ photo whenever they park thelr scooter atthe end of aide. | Company shall provide education to Scooter riders onthe City's existing rules and regulations, safe and «courteous ring, and proper parking. |. Company shall begin operations witha fleet size ofno mare than 250 Scooters. Company is permitted ‘increase or decrease islet sie upon approval of the City 7-Seooter requirements Each Scooter must be: 4 Equipped with front and rear lights that ae visible from a distance ofa least 500 feet under normal atmospheric conditions a night and that stay iluminated fora period of atleast ninety (80) seconds after the Scooter has topped, . Equipped witha global positioning system (GPS) receiver that is connected to the Companys "mobile platform and that pings the Company not Iss than once every ninety (90) seconds while the Scooter isin use, 1 Capable of remote lck-down bythe Company,