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OFFICIAL ACTION OF THE DALLAS CITY CoUNCIL February 1, 1978 78-0308 RADIO COVERAGE OF CITY COUNCIL MEETINGS ‘The matter of consideration of broadcasting city council meetings ‘97 municipal radio station WRR-FM was Brought up for further discusstor. (A motion made hy Comedian Leadon at the January 38 meeting see the ety council go on record as fevoring MRR-FH carrying the city counct] heetings was tabled pending receipt of a report fron the city manager. A report, council communication 20-8, vas prepared by the city snager ‘on January 26, 1978.) Forrest U. Moore, 9616 MilTtrai1 Drive, chairman of the eunicipal radio advisory board, appeared and urged the council to allow HAR-FM to continue its clessicd] music format and not require the station to broadcast city council meetings. Betty Svoboda, 3649 Townsend Drive, appeared to urge the council to broadcast the’ coune!] meetings. At the request of Mayor Folsom, Tom Grines, an enployee of KERA TY and KERA-FM, told the council that KERA-FM was broadcasting portions of the Counet1 meetings, and was interrupting their regularly scheduled broad. east to carry debates which the station considered of sufficient public ‘interest, but that no plans to broadcast the counct] meetings gavel to ‘gavel had been discussed. Gounct Iman Leedom then moved to take the matter off the table and call for a vote on the motion that the counei? go on record as. favoring WARM carrying the city council meatings and instructing the city manager t0, Proceed with plans to inplenent the broadcast, Mayor Pro Ten Blackburn moved to postpone any action for # period of nisety ays and to instruct the city manager and the municipal radio advisory soard ‘to monitor the KERA-FH coverage of city counc\T meetings and to give the city council a report. ROLL CALL ON MAYOR PRO TEM BLACKBURK'S SUBSTITUTE MOTION: Aye: Folsom, Blackburn, Hicks, Smith, sartlett 3 Nay: Cottrum, Nicol, Leedom, Craft, Walton, Patterson -6 ‘The myor declared the motion failed. -0- OFFICIAL ACTION OF THE DALLAS CITY COUNCIL. February 1, 1978 78-0308 ~ Continued - page ROLL CALL ON COUNCILMAN LEEDOM'S ORIGINAL MOTION: Aye: Cothrum, Nicol, Leedom, Craft, alten, Patterson Nay: Foison, ‘Blackburn, Hicks, Smith, Bartlett The mayor declared the motion carried. ogeRr $. SLOAN City Secresary RSS/ow Sea alse 79-0256 6 3 (80509 Council Communication Senuary 26, 1978 CITY OF DALLAS HONORABLE MAYOR & MENBERS OF THE CITY COUNCIL Broadcasting Counci1 Meetings on WRR-FH gorda Tea 3, Baga a ‘At the January 25 Counc{l meeting additional information was requested \With regard to broadcasting the Council meetings on WRR-Fd That information 15 provided below for your consideration. COSTS & TECHNICAL ADWUSTHENTS Both the costs and techntcal_ adjustments associated with broadcasting the meetings would be minioal, The costs include comercial. revenue; Toss and charges for telephone Vines connecting the MRR studio with City Hall. Currently, advertising broadcast on WRR-FN each ednesday during the 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. time period generates §50 to $75 incone. ‘Should Council meetings be broadcast during that period, it is possibie this revenue will be lost. The telephone lines necessary to brosdeast the meetings would involve # $34 one-time installation fee and © 427 monthly maintenance charge. “Total monthly costs for airing the Council Sessions are estinsted at $227 to $327 Few technical adjustnents, other than Taying the telephone Vines, are necessary to prepare for the live broadcasts. Southwestern Bell can run these Tines within a week's tine. RECOMMENDATION OF MUNICIPAL RADIO ADVISORY cOMBHISSION Nembers of the Municipal Radio Advisory Conmission, at their October meeting, voted unanimously to recomend against broadcasting Caunci] meetings on WRR-FN. The Conaission is of the opinion that the broad-\ casts would be incompatible with the station's classical music foreat and shat both Vsteners. and sponsors would be Tost to KERA-PM, witch ‘oy also i classical muste. janes 8. Favour ‘Assistant City Manager ksg