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November 14, 2018
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Aerospace student area to be converted into storage

Students and faculty raise concerns about safety and worry the construction project will disrupt their research
By Raneem Alozzi and FRAMES informed of their plans
Sherina Harris and construction schedule.
Benarroch did not comment with
A space designated for aerospace en- regards to the department’s trans-
gineering students is being convert- parency. The Office of Public Af-
ed into a storage area—and students fairs said Benarroch is not directly
and faculty weren’t consulted. involved in the move.
A room in the George Vari Engi- Ryerson President Mohamed
neering and Computing Centre will Lachemi is one of the researchers at
undergo construction in the winter the civil engineering lab. He said the
to create a storage space for the civil project, which is in the final design
engineering department, leaving stages, is expected to begin con-
students and faculty members in struction in February.
search of a safe workspace. Students and staff in the lab said
Zouheir Fawaz, an aerospace en- that closing off the area they use in
gineering professor and one of three the aerospace lab will disrupt their
principal investigators in the lab, research and the storage will take up
said he attended a meeting last June valuable student space.
with Thomas Duever, the dean of “That space is not available. And
the Faculty of Engineering and Ar- [the university] would have known Research assistants in the FRAMES lab have expressed concerns about the safety of their space | PHOTO: SAMANTHA MOYA
chitectural Science (FEAS). Fawaz had they asked me that we cannot
said Duever showed him blueprints spare this particular area they’re “How do you plan for something, may pass machines that are running.
that outlined the construction proj- claiming...we’re using the lab to full when you don’t know when it’s “There’s a major safety issue BRIEFS &
ect and asked for Fawaz’s opinion. capacity and we’re actually already starting, you don’t know when it’s there,” Khan said. “There’s no space.
After considering the impact saturated,” Fawaz said. finishing, you know nothing about You’re going to be walking into the GROANERS
and consequences of the construc- Fawaz said the research area at the scope of it,” said Michael Fop- danger zone.”
tion, Fawaz said he emailed Duever FRAMES is the only student work- piano, a fourth-year mechanical Lee said the point of having the Here’s the weird shit you missed this week
saying he did not think the project space in the lab. engineering student and a research student-only lab space is that stu-
should go forward. He said Duever “They’re literally coming and assistant at the lab. dents don’t need to wear safety By Nathaniel Crouch
replied that it would proceed re- grabbing student research and Foppiano said he wishes students equipment when they are there.
gardless. teaching space, and turning it into a were consulted about the construc- Phony fraudster fibs about
“We do things through discus- storage area, which makes the idea tion. There was no email sent to “They’re coming and Children Toy Foundation
sion and through dialogue, coming even more outrageous,” he said, students. Those impacted found out grabbing student An unknown individual posing as
to some kind of an agreement,” said adding that the university exists pri- about it through their professors, a Children Toy Foundation mem-
Fawaz. “You cannot force me out marily for students. who said the project was already in research... and ber went around asking Ryerson
of my space, let alone force the stu- the works. turning it into a University community members
dents out of their space.” “You’re going to “There’s a total lack of transpar- storage area” for their money last week. Phony
Undergraduate students’ tutorials be walking into the ency. I’m gathering from the bits and fraudster alert! Security later passed
and labs are often held at Facility for pieces of information that I’ve been “It’s a deterrent for students com- over their intel to Toronto Police
Research on Aerospace Materials and danger zone” able to obtain,” Fawaz said. “Tell me ing to you. It’s, ‘Oh, I don’t really Service. The foundation have not
Engineered Structures (FRAMES), that I’m opposing a very good cause want to go down there to come see claimed responsibility for the re-
which is staffed by undergraduate Duever said in a statement that and this storage space is something you, I’ll just try to figure it out by quests for investments, so please
and graduate research assistants. after a consultation process led by extremely important that can easily myself,’” Lee said. The FRAMES lab don’t trust anyone.
The lab is used for demonstra- FEAS the FRAMES lab was decid- trump research, teaching and stu- is where both Lee and Khan primar-
tions, such as bending structures ed to be the most viable space for dent needs.” ily work and conduct research. Thief tries his best, but falls just
representing airplane wings. Fawaz storage. Fawaz said he recently found out Lee said this is helpful for students short of mediocre
said each semester for one course, “While plans for the storage facil- from his students that contractors to see the demonstrations since they A community member sitting on
five to six labs of at least 20 stu- ity are ongoing, safety and minimiz- have been entering the lab to take parallel experiences they might have the outside seats of Balzac’s reported
dents use the workspace. With the ing the impact on research remain measurements and pictures without when they work in the industry. someone tried to steal their bag—
proposed construction, Fawaz said the priorities,” he said. his permission. Among some of the other con- and failed, on Nov. 8. The would-be
these teaching activities will no lon- The engineering building was This is a problem, he said, because cerns that Lee and Khan had were thief then fled the scene without any
ger be able to take place. designed to fully accommodate the the lab is conducting research that is the possibility of the construction treasure. Their failure resulted in
During several other meetings, FRAMES lab when it was initially sometimes governed by non-disclo- becoming a fire hazard, blocking minor property damage and more
Fawaz said FEAS—and at one point, designed in 2001. sure agreements. the light switches for the entire lab importantly, the tarnishment of
the provost, Michael Benarroch— The Office of Public Affairs said Research assistants who work at and blocking the ethernet cables university bag thieves’ self image
did not further explain or justify they are aware the space currently the lab said the construction will that are needed to connect to the everywhere.
their decision. houses student desks, and these disrupt their research, which fo- department network to run simu-
desks will move to another area of cuses on printing 3D models that lations. Just because they forgot your
“You cannot force the same lab. help develop aerospace materials According to Ryerson’s Office of soy milk doesn’t mean you have
The dean’s office sent the aero- and components. Public Affairs, the civil engineering to ruin someone else’s day
me out of my space,
space engineering professors who If dust gets into a printer, it will department “will benefit” from 750 On Nov. 9, some fucking dill-weed
let alone force the have equipment in the lab an email slow down the research process sq. ft. of additional storage room had the audacity to get coffee and
students out of their in September with two options for and potentially double their re- in the aerospace lab. They will also head to the intersection of Victoria
space” moving student space. search timeline said Larkin Lee, gain 250 sq. ft. of storage from a and Gould streets. They then had
The options were based on in- a graduate of the aerospace engi- nearby mechanical room. the rational thought to spit said caf-
complete floor plans. There is cur- neering program and a research The dean of FEAS said that the feinated beverage all over an unsus-
In an email response from Duever rently storage and equipment in the assistant at FRAMES. space will store raw materials and pecting community member. The
to Fawaz, Duever said, “[Facilities spots where the faculty suggested Sadben Khan, a master of applied samples for the civil engineering de- shithead in question then spat coffee
Management and Development students move to. science student and research assis- partment’s structures research lab. onto the innocent person’s belong-
(FMD)] will work with you to cre- Ryerson’s FMD did not provide tant at FRAMES, said if the con- Because students and staff were ings, arms and face. Luckily, no in-
ate a new office area within the lab blueprints to The Eye as they are not struction blocks the main entrance not notified, Lee said he feels like he juries have been reported. Still, we
for the students that are displaced.” yet available. to the lab, people will have to walk has no control over the construction really do hope that coffee spewer has
Duever said he would assume Students said they don’t know past the yellow safety line—a line and can do nothing to stop it. a shitty rest of the year. Better yet,
any costs that were involved and where they will relocate when con- drawn to distinguish between safe “It’s very unethical that they’re we wish upon them only 7-Eleven
asked FMD to keep the staff at the struction begins. and dangerous areas—meaning they doing this,” said Khan. coffee for the rest of their days.

the The $11,000 elephant in the room

Fall 2018
Openings include such exciting positions such as:
News editor
Photo editor (2)
Arts & Life editor
Business & Technology editor Secret money meetings on private retreats is totally normal | ILLUSTRATION: ALANNA RIZZA

To run in the election you need to get a nomination

publicly said that he did not want still don’t know if all of the board
signed by 2 current masthead members and get a By that motion to pass, even going members are currently Ryerson
poster up the day *before* the elections. Jacob as far as calling it a “terrible idea.” students. Hell, nobody even knows
Poster size is 8.5x11 and must include your name Dubé But out of the public eye, his board the person who introduced the mo-
face and the position you are running for. passed it. And while the executive tion to give the execs their raises.
And, just for fun, you will have to prepare abstained to vote, it was approved We’ve heard countless times that
If you weren’t already painfully by board members that ran and the voices of students will be heard
and deliver a 2 minute speech.
aware, your Ryerson Students’ were elected from the same slate— through surveys we have yet to see.
Union (RSU) executive team are cur- considering they gave themselves With an increase in pay should
Speeches are at 7pm, November 22nd rently being paid $11,000 more than $500 raises as well, it must not have come increase in accountability.
their counterparts were last year. been a hard sell. In my five years covering campus
at the Eyeopener office - SCC207 At a board meeting in May, the The current executives ran on a news, the one thing that has be-
RSU’s board of directors voted in platform of transparency, promising come clear is that the RSU only
Voting will take place the next day from 10 a.m. favour of raising the executives’ to keep their books open and their changes when people are paying at-
to 4 p.m. You can vote if you have volunteered for salaries. While those meetings are hands clean. But there’s still so much tention and demand it from them.
the Eyeopener 4 + times. typically open to the public, this one we don’t know. The union is funded by your stu-
vote via email: was held at a retreat, inaccessible to The RSU still hasn’t disclosed the dent levy of around $130 per year,
Ryerson students and our reporters. finances and profits of their Home- and they’re made to represent you.
via voice: call 416-979-5262 A month before, at the April An- coming event. We still don’t know The least you can do in return is
live and in person: SCC207 nual General Meeting, incoming how much they spent on marketing make sure you get your full mon-
RSU president Ram Ganesh very for the RU-Pass referendum. We ey’s worth.
Eligible voters: the current Eyeoopener masthead and board, Ela-
na Emer, Laura Dalton, Sofia Ramirez, Chris Sanders, Libaan Os- Fun Sophie “The Socs” Chong
man, Tom McCabe, Raine Hernandez, Denise Paglinawan, Hayden Nathaniel “Fuck you, Christian” Denise “Augmented Reality”
Godfrey, Sam Harley, Connor Thomas, Eli Savage , Emma Sandri, Crouch Paglinawan
Rhea Singh, Madison Wong, Tyler Choi, Jonathan Bradley, Kiernan Anika “Job market” Syeda
Green, Kosalan Kathiramalanathan, Georgia Mills, Madi Wong, Media Heidi “Human touch” Lee
Rhea Singh, Emeraude Mbuku, Andrea Josic, Lyba Mansoor
Parnika “At Mandarin” Raj Celina “Avocado” Gallardo
Eligible voters are students who have contributed 4 or more times Editor-in-Chief Katie “Wake me up” Swyers Elana “Toast” Emer
since August 2018. If you don’t see your name on the list, please Jacob “Nunc est Bibendum” Dubé Pernia “Won the game” Jamshed Khaled “Green smoothie” Badawi
email Adrian “Guacamole” Bueno
News Podcast Producer Connor “Dad 2007” Thomas
Raneem “Get creative” Alozzi Izabella “She really did that” Cassy “Ur amazing’”Morrison
Maggie “Leave Hamilton” Macintosh Balcerzak Madi “Save the kids” Wong
Sherina “Tuesday shift” Harris Emma “Nancy Drew” Sandri
Copy Editor and Jonathan “Who turned out the
Photo Circulation Manager lights” Bradley
Samantha “Just...don’t go?” Moya Igor “Cardinal of Bibendum” Magun Tim “PhD in memes” Falco
Alanna “Bath bombs are the Georgia “Feel better” Mills
answer” Rizza Interns Sara “Loves podcasts” Jabakhanji
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type up your dumb password and just.
Sports Design Director Fucking. Reply.
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Contributors only independent student newspaper. It
Biz and Tech Sofia “Immovable object” Ramirez is owned and operated by Rye Eye Pub-
Urbi “Next time just get the chicken Libaan “What happened” Osman lishing Inc., a non-profit corporation
fingers” Khan Raine “Wolverine” Hernandez owned by the students of Ryerson. Our
Luke “Same as last time” Burrows offices are on the second floor of the
Communities Justin “Can’t wait for another” Student Campus Centre. You can reach
Lidia “Gotta go my own way” Walters us at 416-979-5262, at
Abraha Kieona “On the Grind” George or on Twitter at @theeyeopener.

MIA: the mystery student who gave RSU execs a raise

Where is Tajinder Kaur, the individual who put forward a motion to increase RSU executive salaries by $11,000?
By The News Team ecutive team (except for Ali Yousaf, day since the vote was postponed who were on the board last win- mon Sikh-Punjabi name and Kaur is
who did not respond in time for when quorum wasn’t reached. ter—that The Eye reached out to, 40 a name given to women to ensure
No one seems to know who the publication) also confirmed they One month after the AGM, at responded. They all said they do not equality in the faith.
person who put forward a motion don’t know Kaur. a Board of Directors meeting held know who Kaur is. A handful said “As I come from this background, it
to give Ryerson Students’ Union The AGM motion compared the on May 27 during an RSU retreat they had also, unsuccessfully, tried to
is common that I would have friends
(RSU) executives $11,000 raises ear- RSU executives 2017-2018 term pay in Orillia, Ont., the board voted in find Kaur online. with that name,” Gosal said in a state-
lier this year actually is. to that of the University of Waterloo favour of raising the salaries. The ment to The Eye. “I do not appreciate
Every RSU executive will make Federation of Students (FEDS) exec- motion passed with an amendment “I hope this is a real these racist and arrogant assumptions
$47,000 this year, a more than 30 utives. The motion states FEDS exec- to give board members a $500 raise student” you are making. Just because I am
per cent increase from last year’s utives are paid $46,532.00 per year to too. The executive team abstained friends with someone who shares the
team, thanks to an individual who represent more than 29,912 students from the vote. same name, it does not indicate that it
goes by the name Tajinder Kaur— while RSU executives are paid about “Why would anybody want to “I think it’s someone’s real name is the same person.”
someone both current and former $10,500 less than that to represent a increase the salary of an executive and they always go by a nickname With iles from Emerald Bensadoun
executives and board members told few thousand more students. position? Two reasons: either they so we might not actually know them
The Eye they don’t know. When contacted to confirm this directly benefit from it or somebody formally as Tajinder Kaur,” said
Last winter, Kaur sent an email information is accurate, a FEDS they know directly benefits from it,” Adam Asmar, who was a Faculty of
to the RSU, stating they wanted to spokesperson said the executives said Ganesh. “The way I look at it, Arts director last year when the mo-
put forward a motion to increase the were actually paid $47,689.97 last maybe Tajinder’s eyeing for a run tion was submitted.
salaries of each of the five executive year and 35,156 full-time students here in the future—maybe in the The convocation records for
members of the student union: the were enrolled at the university. next election cycle.” spring and fall 2018 don’t list any
president and vice-presidents of equi- Kaur likely doesn’t want to come one named Tajinder Kaur.
ty, education, operations and student Every RSU executive will forward because they are scared, he The Eye was also unable to con-
life and events. Kaur submitted the make $47,000 this year said, adding he hasn’t met them. firm Kaur is a current student
motion to increase executive salaries Ganesh declined to show The Eye through the Office of the Registrar
from $36,000 to $47,000 to the annu- the email Kaur used to contact the because the university requires a
al general meeting (AGM) in April. “Be it resolved that the Board of RSU, citing confidentiality concerns. student to consent to allow the uni-
Susanne Nyaga, the RSU presi- Directors understand and recognize However, he said the motion was versity to provide a third-party with
dent for the 2017-2018 year, re- that there is clear gap in pay amongst sent from a Ryerson account since such information.
ceived the first email from Kaur. the two student unions, while rep- the RSU only accepts motions from The Eye contacted two individu-
She said they corresponded about resenting the same amount of stu- official Ryerson email addresses. als who go by Tajinder Kaur online,
the statement over email. dents,” Kaur’s motion states. Four of five current executives one Ryerson student who declined
“I hope this is a real student,” Nya- At the AGM, RSU president Ram confirmed they don’t know Kaur. to comment to multiple requests
ga said. “For someone to knowingly Ganesh said the incoming executives Edmund Sofo, vice-president stu- and another individual who is Face-
participate in the democratic process had nothing to do with the motion. dent life and events, did not respond book friends with Gosal, one of the
at Ryerson without being a Ryerson The pay raise is a “terrible idea” that to multiple requests for comment. current executives. Neither said
student is harmful and problematic.” people should vote down, he said. Of the 63 current and former they put forward the motion.
Every member of last year’s ex- No one voted on the motion that board members—including those Gosal said Tajinder is a very com- | ILLUSTRATION: DEANNA KRUEGER

Free speech statement put on hold after protest led by Black, Indigenous students
By Maggie Macintosh ists on campus held university ad- activities of the university.”
ministration accountable to students Socialist Fightback at Ryerson,
Ryerson University’s plan to adopt who are Black, Indigenous, part of who was also in attendance at the
a new statement on free expression the LGBTQ community, women and Nov. 6 Senate meeting, has previ-
has been put on hold. students who have disabilities during ously called the draft statement a
The Senate will no longer vote on their protest. However, he said the part of Ford’s “anti-protest law.”
the proposed draft statement in its fact Lachemi hasn’t directly contact-
current form, according to Ryerson ed BLC to let the group know about “This moment of
president Mohamed Lachemi. the university’s latest decision “causes
The announcement follows a us pain and caution because it’s clear
celebration is not a
student protest during a meeting they still don’t see themselves as ac- disraction for us”
on Nov. 6, in which the Senate was countable to us, the very students
expected to vote on the statement. who got us to this moment.” Karolina Surowiec, vice-presi-
Lachemi adjourned the meeting Lachemi adjourned the meeting early amid the protest | PHOTO: ZENA SALEM At the Senate meeting, Lamers and dent equity at the Ryerson Students’
with no vote amid a heated debate others, including ISR representative Union (RSU), said in a statement to
about free speech between student and take a united stance against On- university’s statement on free speech. Olson Crow, talked about their con- The Eye she and the RSU equity and
activists and members of Senate. tario premier Doug Ford. The Senate started reviewing Ry- cerns about the university’s lack of campaigns organizer have discussed
“The need for further consulta- The Ford government announced erson’s current statement, which has support for marginalized students. the draft and “believe it needs to be
tion with our entire community on in August all publicly-funded uni- been in place since 2010, back in June “When we’re talking about free improved and changed.”
the statement is apparent,” Lachemi versities had to create a policy on 2017. (Before adjourning the Senate speech here, it sure looks like free Surowiec did not elaborate on
said, one week after the protest. free expression in line with the mid-meeting on Nov. 6, Lachemi speech for fascists, neo-Nazis, Holo- their specific concerns.
Members of the Black Liberation government’s criteria before Janu- reiterated to attendees several times caust deniers, free speech for settlers Lachemi said he’s asked academic
Collective (BLC) and Indigenous ary 2019. The institutions that don’t that Ryerson was trying to adopt a and white folks. What I don’t see is provost Michael Benarroch and oth-
Students Rising (ISR) at Ryerson comply, the province warned, could new statement, not a policy like the free speech for Black students, Indige- ers to begin a series of discussions to
interrupted the Senate meeting. face operational funding cuts. province has outlined.) nous students,” Crow told the Senate. explore their next steps.
The activists chanted, “Whose “This moment of celebration The draft statement reads that the Benarroch said they want to hold
campus? Our campus!” as they car- “The need for further is not a distraction for us,” Lam- university supports the expression both meetings with student groups
ried bed sheets that displayed the ers said in a statement to The Eye. of perspectives ranging from those and townhalls. Nothing has been
consultation on the
words, “Ryerson is in bed with “We want meaningful and genuine deemed difficult to controversial, scheduled yet.
Ford” into the meeting. statement is apparent” consultations about how to move extreme to “wrong-headed.” The “We’re not going to force the pro-
BLC co-founder Josh Lamers de- forward, and these need to be pub- draft also states, “the university may cess,” he said. “We’re going to try to
manded Lachemi, chair of the Sen- When the announcement was lic spaces rather than behind-the- reasonably regulate the time, place, make sure that everybody feels that
ate, and all members of Senate scrap made, Ryerson administration was scenes conversations.” and manner of expression to ensure they’ve had an opportunity to have
the university’s statement altogether already in the process of updating the Lamers said BLC and other activ- that it does not disrupt the normal some input.”
it do be like that sometimes / 6

Myself &
For seven days,
Izabella Balcerzak took to the online
Photography: Samantha Moya Turns out it’s bullshit
Illustrations: Deanna Krueger

slide deeper into the tub, letting the hot Intergalactic lenge for seven days. I would dedicate at least an hour a day to easily, and generally tend to go with the flow. But like most,
zesty-peppermint-scented bubble bath soak into my skin self-care. After reading a variety of blogs and articles, I decided I hide my worries until they take over and make themselves
and reach my face. I try closing my eyes, but each time I do, on a wide range of activities, like cooking, napping and work- known. The problem is that I don’t like to complain, especially
my growing to-do list appears, making this whole situation ing out. knowing that people have it far worse than I do. So my chal-

more stressful than it was ever intended to be. Normally on But the existing issue with self-care—as remains with many lenge was to finally put my needs first.
a Thursday night, I’m catching up on assignments, getting to social media trends—is that the traditional concepts affiliated n my first day, I took a bit of a beating. Literally.
bed pretty late and waking up early to catch a 6 a.m. GO train with “me-time” are entirely inaccessible to many communi- After weeks of missing classes due to being sick and
downtown. But this is supposed to help, right? ties. While my self-care meant activities like baths and kick- an overly-packed to-do list, I drove to a kickboxing
The last time I tried taking a bath was over a year ago and boxing, it’s only because I could afford the time and money to class and arrived with a guilty look on my face.
it ended in failure. After a long day at work, I came home, do those things. That doesn’t mean it looks even remotely the “Welcome back,” the owner said when I walked in. He’s
poured myself a glass of wine, grabbed my favourite book same for students with different identities from mine. a friendly but terrifying face at the gym—before and during
and filled the tub only to realize that my bathtub didn’t come As a fourth-year student who recently moved back home, I the workout. Behind him is a wall plastered with chalked-
with a plug. Throwing the bath bomb in was an act of giving often get there late after my three-hour commute, miss meals on weight goals and inspiring quotes like, “Never give up on
up, and I foolishly got in, with my heel attempting to stop and keep an irregular sleeping pattern—just ask my dog. yourself” and, “I want to be addicted to a healthy lifestyle”.
the water flow. It took about 10 minutes for the water to Although I signed up for a trial that came with a smaller
completely drain. price tag, most people in that room were paying almost $50 a
But I wasn’t going to throw in the towel and give up on week to attend these classes. Adding to that was another punch
self-care just yet.
If my attempts have taught me anything, it’s that bath
bombs are the glamorized idea of what it means to take care of
“Those fun little to the bag—I was one of the youngest people in the room.
After recovering from a cold, I initially thought this class
would be a good stress reliever for me. Being physically ac-
yourself. Or at least they’re what comes up when you read the
countless blogs on “how to self-care.” Most of them claim to be
simple: baths, facemasks, naps—but to do all that, you need to
‘10 things to do for tive has always been that escape. While my throws weren’t the
strongest, I felt good, powerful and even badass. Until, that is,
I was told to step on the scale.
have the time and the money (and a working bathtub).
As students, we’re often expected to sacrifice any sort of
self-care for the sake of our grades. We’ve come to think of it
self-care’ lists aren’t As a member of the gym and part of a six-week challenge
I signed up for earlier, we weigh ourselves once a week. For
most of the challenge, I had kept the same weight and im-
as a frill, instead of what it’s simply defined as: “the practice of
taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.” As for
me, I’m a full-time student commuting a total of three hours
accessible” proved on body fat and muscle percentage. I stepped on the
scale, feeling nervous—the previous week I had binged on Mc-
Donald’s on Halloween, treated myself to ice cream and then
each day, juggling two part-time jobs and a struggling social ate out almost every day.
life; taking the time to willingly preserve my own health can The verdict? I gained two pounds. I should rephrase: I only
be hard. I took inspiration from my younger sister who recently began gained two pounds. I’m usually the type to see that as not a big
And as it turns out, our generation needs it. According to incorporating self-care in her daily routine. She’s currently in deal, but after an intense workout, I wasn’t expecting this mis-
the Canadian Mental Health Association, one in five Cana- her last year studying child and youth care at Sheridan College, step. I grudgingly drank my chocolate protein shake and then
dians will experience a mental health problem or illness each and throughout the program, students are encouraged to do drove home tenser than when I had arrived, trying to remind
year, with that number heavily encapsulating the 15-24 age a certain amount of hours at a practicum placement. Those myself this was just another bump in the road.
group. In Canada, suicide is the second leading cause of death, settings range from schools to hospitals to drop-in centres and As students, we’re always pulling ourselves in all sorts of di-
after accidents. For people our age—that puts us at the third some even work at group homes and juvenile detention centres. rections in work, school and extra-curriculars. Having a space
highest suicide rate in the industrialized world. Their jobs can come with listening to young kids’ stressful and to unwind and blow off steam is important, regardless of what
As discussions around mental health become more com- traumatic experiences. that means to you. Kickboxing surely isn’t what all the kids
monplace, it’s no wonder self-care has become a trend both While she lounged, ate popcorn and watched another epi- my age were doing for their own practice of self-care. It’s ex-
online and within mainstream media. The term has been on sode of This Is Us, she explained to me that her professors pensive, time-consuming and probably out of the way. Factors
a steady incline over the years and suddenly peaked at the be- recommend that students put themselves first, mentally and like age and location are obvious in terms of what will affect
ginning of September, when many students return to campus. physically. the type of self-care you’re able to access, but even things like
Keeping this in mind, I decided to take on a self-care chal- After psychoanalyzing myself, I realized I don’t get stressed your socioeconomic status, identity and culture affect the ex-
7 \ it do be like that sometimes

tent to which it can be and is practiced by most people. taking a nap, or putting on a face mask,” she says. “It’s doing the gym and getting a good night’s sleep. On top of that, Baig
imrah Ali did not realize how much stress she was under the little things that make you happy that maybe somebody meditates almost daily—which he still won’t willingly admit

until her body turned against her. In the midst of balanc- else can’t see.” to his friends.
ing her role as vice-president of a student group, apply- hile student life easily demands self-care, certain “I do feel like [self-care] very important because there’s a lot
ing for jobs and summer internships, commuting to and from communities are often neglected in the conversa- of stigma around men talking about their feelings or things
school and taking six courses, Ali suddenly got a fever. She tion surrounding it. On Oct. 26, the second an- like that, [but] I started doing meditation really recently, and
was prescribed two rounds of antibiotics when she realized nual “Harm and Healing” workshop by Ryerson’s Psychology I don’t really see the point in telling them,” says Baig. “Unless
she wasn’t getting better. Amidst all this, she was still attend- Students’ Association (PSA). Through speakers, a panel and it’s something they bring up then sure. But if not, then why?”
ing job interviews and classes. She just couldn’t afford to halt naloxone administration training, the workshop focused on In a 2016 Bitchmedia article, Sarah Mirk writes that often-
her life, simply because she was sick. consumption of drugs by abusers and where to get help. times, race, gender and class get neglected in the conversation
Olivia Gemma, president of the PSA and one of the main of self-care. It’s become a “buzzword,” she says, but Baig finds
organizers of this workshop, used the topic of self-care to out- it difficult to navigate that conversation because of how west-
line the resources available throughout the community as well ern culture perceives men and mental health.
as safe injection sites. Gemma said that self-care for individu- Baig feels that the topic of meditation among men is that ,“It
als using substances is very different. The way someone who takes away from their manliness.”
uses will “self-care” is, “different from the way you and I will “On a core level, to be a man you need to feel like a beast,”
self-care.” For users, something as simple as getting help is an he says, adding that when he calms himself he feels he’s doing
On the first day of a three-day stretch of consecutive ex- act of self-care. It’s important to acknowledge that my self- the opposite. In fact, in those 10 minutes where he meditates
ams, Ali developed a measles-like rash all over her body—she care, while it can mean taking a kickboxing class or even just in the middle of his backyard, he’s trying to relieve his anger
was having an allergic reaction to the meds she was taking. a nap, is foreign to some less-privileged communities, where and anxiety that he woke up with.
Ali’s body was physically telling her to stop, but that message self-care can literally mean surviving. He remembers mediation being introduced both in middle
still wasn’t clear enough. She added that the stigma attached to using illegal sub- and high school as a way to calm down before presentations.
“It’s come to a point where I schedule when I sleep, when I stances can make it harder to get help. Their personal situa- Most of his buddies laughed at it. The emotional barriers
wake up [and] when I study,” she says during our phone call tions can add to this tricky equation, especially if they’re liv- that men have are often rationalized with the mentality to
that she had to squeeze in. While her friends look at her Google ing on the streets, have lower incomes or are struggling with “man up.”
calendar and thinks she’s “crazy,” she describes it as her way to a mental illness. This mindset attributes itself to “toxic masculinity”—a term
make sure she doesn’t burn out physically and emotionally. defined in a 2017 American journal on class, race and corpo-
According to a 2017 NPR article, we are the generation of rate power, as a, “Collection of norms, beliefs, and behaviors
“emotional intelligence.” And yet, for most of us, reaching our associated with masculinity, which are harmful to women,
breaking point is the only way we can realize that. Somehow, men, children, and society more broadly.”
still, millenials are the biggest driving force behind the $10 The American Journal of Public Health adds, “Men are pres-
billion self-care industry. According to a 2015 report by the sured to and rewarded for adopting certain traits (i.e., being
Pew Research Center, millennials have devoted more hours aggressive, virile with many sexual partners, unemotional, in
and money on “personal improvement commitments” than control, adventurous, risk taking, dominant) that result in vul-
any generation before them. nerability to negative physical and mental health consequences.”
But that’s not to say we always have the money to do so. Go- According to a study from the American Psychological As-

ing to school downtown is not cheap. sociation, women generally report higher rates of stress than
s the weekend crept to an end, I found myself getting men do, and people of colour report higher rates of stress
more stressed as I thought about the week ahead. than white people do (including the stress of discrimination).
My Monday didn’t look promising—I had to drive Fourth year professional communication student, Kirstin
two and a half hours to Bracebridge for a work presentation, Galata, has struggled with anxiety her entire life. It reached
on top of having an assignment due the next morning. There the point where she couldn’t get out of bed one day and felt she
just wasn’t enough time to get this assignment finished before couldn’t function as she normally does.
I left. I hit the road, bringing along a friend to keep me com- To cope, she recently started listening to religious podcasts.
pany. As I started the engine and drove along the highway, Although she was raised a Catholic, her family rarely prac-
we nervously hoped there would be no traffic. The tension in ticed. But with the stresses of being a student and living away
the air was quickly drowned out by the sound of our belting from home, these podcasts make her feel grounded by men-
voices, singing along to a Spotify “ultimate road trip” playlist. tally bringing “her down back to earth.”
Then, when she asked me to be the third wheel to watch Having a brother a few years younger, Galata says that the
Bohemian Rhapsody at the movies with her boyfriend late into topic of self-care and her anxieties is something she feels she
the night, I said yes. “This is my self-care act for the day,” I can’t openly talk about with him yet. “I don’t want to burden
nervously repeated to myself as we stood in line for tickets. “Those fun little ‘10 things to do for self-care’ lists aren’t ac- him too, just because I’m so close to being his role model, I
I knew this wasn’t the smartest decision I could make, but I cessible to them,” says Gemma. “Maybe they don’t have money would have to seem like I’m strong or something even though
needed the escape after staring at the road for so long. As a re- to go to the store and get a face mask, because they are ad- that sounds dumb.”
sult, I ended up pulling an all-nighter and getting a total of six dicted to something and they need to afford to continue using Galata sees this conversation changing when he gets older

hours of sleep in the span of two days. My eyes were burning. that substance.” and when more resources are available for men struggling

It wasn’t until I came home Wednesday evening, still wired s a young boy living in Bangladesh, Shadman Baig with self-care.
from coffee, that my mom used her “mom voice” and told me would watch his dad and take advantage of every s my own week came to end, I realized I didn’t feel
to sleep. As I crawled into bed, I realized my mistake was that minute he could spend with him. He was a busy man, that different than I did at the start. At times, I felt
I prioritized feeling good in the short term, while knowing I waking up and starting his workday as a school teacher at five more stressed once I felt my list of to-do’s starting to
would have to suffer in the future. in the morning. But resources were tight and his classes were pile up which included a set time to “relax.” I found that when
Ali considers herself to be goal-oriented—willing to sacrifice always over maximum capacity, so coming home was the only I reflected on what I felt was right to do that day, I didn’t feel
her health to get what she wants. She credits her close group place he could relax. so guilty afterwards.
of supporting friends and councilors for convincing her to go For Baig’s father, this would mean staying up late, watch-
home on the day she woke up with the allergic reaction. “This ing television and overeating. And Baig was right there beside
experience taught me that I am this kind of person, but it also him, soaking up the bonding time. “[My dad] was a really good
taught me that I can’t accomplish these things if my body isn’t role model in a lot of other aspects, but he didn’t take much
in the right place.” care of himself”.
She realized that self-care isn’t accessible if your body isn’t in Later, when Baig was 10, they immigrated to Canada.
the right state to focus on it. To help with this, Ali meditates a Learning English, experiencing the culture shock and hitting
few times a week and will “unplug” from her devices. puberty, Baig was stressed and struggling. His parents were I missed spending time with my mom. Spending quality
Having grown up in a Pakistani household, Ali remembers too busy working to pay much attention to him, so he went time has become so rare with both our busy schedules. Trying
her mom putting everyone else’s needs above her own. In into auto-pilot to cope with everything—he stayed up late, to juggle the glamorized idea of self-care with an already busy
South Asian culture, this is the norm. ate junk food, rarely went outside, dressed poorly and didn’t schedule felt pointless at times.
“She was taught that she had to be the perfect wife, per- shower often. My second day was the most memorable after a week of
fect mom, perfect everything, so you kind of have to put ev- “[When] you’re in auto mode, you don’t really think about cleaning my room, catching up on This Is Us, hanging with
erybody else’s needs above yours,” says Ali. “I think in South any of those things at the time. But then, after a while, you friends and napping. That day, my self-care act was to make
Asian culture, we saw our moms doing the most, and pro- start to realize your habits, and people point them out.” breakfast with my mom. I flipped over the spinach and tomato
tested to it.” As a result, Ali wants to prioritize herself, while After committing to losing weight and changing his hab- omelette I made and sat down at the table with her, warm cof-
also not forgetting about the others in her life. its, Baig turned to self-care practices to get out of that state. fee in hand. We chatted about the week and I instantly felt
“I don’t think [self-care] has to be something big, it can be The second-year computer student is eating better, going to calmer. This, to me, is self-care. Also, fuck bath bombs.

Meet Charlie, your new celebrity crush

He’s a dog, by the way. Premila D’Sa gets the low down on a Ryerson pupper’s foray into the entertainment business
Fourth-year fashion communica- “I think that’s why Charlie had his own and cameras.
tions student Emma Lewis always he was also consid- “dressing” room, with a When it comes to his future in
wanted to be on TV. In her final year, ered for the movie, star denoting the door showbiz, the family hasn’t made
Lewis has been interning at CTV’s I guess he has that (in case anyone forgot any concrete decisions yet. They’re
The Social as a step to getting there. show dog face.” who the talent was). taking a moment to enjoy his new-
But Lewis isn’t the first in her This also isn’t the Along with the found fame—on the night of Nov.
family to get her hands in the enter- first time Charlie’s sweet digs, Charlie 12, they settled in to watch the W
tainment industry—her dog Charlie, adorable face has also received constant Network channel premiere of the
a one-year-old English Golden Re- caught mass attention. attention from the cast movie. Lewis’ parents pulled out a
triever, is a movie star. When he was younger, and crew around him. red blanket and everything.
Charlie starred in Hallmark’s A Lewis posted Insta- She said he might Charlie’s not letting the fame get to
Veteran’s Christmas, where he plays gram photos of him have not even real- his head though, but mostly because
a dog named Christmas. The movie frequently, including ized he was there to he doesn’t recognize that he’s a star.
is about a veteran who returns from one of him with some do a job. “There’s been trailers out and we
Afghanistan, only to find herself Glossier merchandise. “He’s just getting a try and make him watch it, but he
stuck in a small town during the The company reposted lot of attention and never really just fully looked at the
festive season, where she finds love the photo on their own gets to hang out with screen, so we’re hoping tonight, be-
(it’s a Hallmark movie, so of course). account, where Charlie people all day which is cause it’ll be on the big screen TV
Charlie plays the role of her service garnered over 60,000 any dog’s dream.” that he’ll see it and recognize,” said
dog in Afghanistan, who the main likes, Lewis said. Lewis said her fam- Lewis, before the premiere. “I’m sure
character was forced to leave behind. “At that time, we ily wouldn’t have let he’ll recognize the other actors, I’m
The one-year-old rising star was were like ‘aw, he’s fa- Charlie go through not sure how a dog’s brain works.”
cast in the role when his trainer mous,” she said. with the project if he She later told The Eyeopener
and wrangler, Sherri Davis, told the Lewis and her par- was a shy dog. But that during the screening, Charlie
family about the movie opportu- ents agreed to let Charlie is “high en- perched up in front of the screen
nity. Charlie was in demand because Charlie do the movie, ergy” and “loves at- when he recognized his other dog
he was a Golden Retriever, the only which was difficult tention” so it was a co-star.
one his trainer knew because she since it meant he had perfect fit. Lewis said she’ll be posting Charlie
stopped breeding them. to move to Hunts- | PHOTO COURTESY: EMMA LEWIS Lewis herself has on her Instagram. But when it comes
Lewis said Charlie is her fam- ville, Ont., far from been handling having to other big movie opportunities,
ily’s third dog, an English Golden his family, for a week of shooting. Lewis said besides going down to a movie star dog as something of the family will first consider how far
Retriever (which is why that coat is “We were kind of heartbroken for visit Charlie on set, her parents asked a joke, but she said he family is in- Charlie has to go before signing on.
snow white and not brown). Show- a little while,” said Lewis. “At first it for updates every day. They were credibly proud of Charlie, who was “He’s still my dog,” said Lewis.
biz isn’t a far cry for the pup—his par- was like ‘a week away—well, that’s glad to find out their boy received described as “perfect” on set—not “I don’t want to pimp him out or
ents were also show dogs. not bad’. It goes by really slowly.” the full star treatment. While on set, spooked out by the big movie lights anything.”

What also played a factor in her accomplishments, but what sticks

One more run: Paska wants it all decision to return was the national
championships, having come closest
out most is her team winning the
school’s first OUA championship.
to a title in 2015-16, when the Rams At this point in her career, Paska
Entering her fifth and final year with the team, Rams women’s won the school’s first silver medal in believes that team achievements
Paska’s sophomore season. outweigh stats. When it comes to
basketball star Sofia Paska is looking to finish with a national title Earlier this year, Ryerson won the having a strong legacy, national
bid to host the U SPORTS National championships are more important
Championships. It’ll take place in than scoring titles—something that
March 2019. the star wanted to put an emphasis
There’s a guaranteed berth for on heading into the season.
Ryerson as the host, and if they had “I have achieved a lot of personal
any shot to win it all, this would be goals and awards, but I would love
the season to do it. to win a team championship,” Paska
Ranking second in U SPORTS said. “This year I am really going
top 10 national rankings, the Rams to focus on the team outcomes and
have won five straight to begin the helping each of my teammates reach
season—even though their star play- their goals and our team goals.”
er hasn’t even touched the court yet. Described in the past as being an
Paska has been sidelined with introvert, Rams head coach Carly
an ankle injury she suffered in Clarke sees her as a player that leads
Ryerson’s last preseason game by example in her work ethic, learn-
against McMaster. Hoping to return ing to open up and communicate
to practice this week, Paska has more with her teammates in prac-
been thoroughly impressed with the tice by pulling them in.
Rams’ start to the year. “[Paska] has earned the reputation
as one of the best offensive players in
our league,” Clarke said. “Winning
“Winning another another championship, conference-
Paska (pictured left beside Rams guard and teammate Cara Tiemens) has been one of the key players on the women’s basketball program for championship...would wise or a national championship
the last four years | PHOTO: DEANNA KRUEGER certainly cement her as would certainly cement her as
probably the best ever probably the best ever Ryerson Ram.”
By Libaan Osman Paska set school records in total During the offseason, Paska de- Ryerson Ram” For Paska, her internal motiva-
points (426), field goals made (148) cided to return for her fifth and final tion and dedication to improving
From breaking school records to and free throws made (124) in 2017- season to end her career as a Ram every single day makes her one of
being named an All-Canadian, Ry- 18. She was also third in the country with the people she began it with. most talented low-post players Ry-
erson Rams women’s basketball star in scoring and fourth in rebounding. “I wanted to come back to play for “Our team’s performance has erson has ever seen.
Sofia Paska has almost done it all. Paska made the Ontario my fifth season to play with [Kath- been amazing,” Paska said. “They are Knowing that it’s her last chance
Now in her fifth year with the University Athletics (OUA) first- erine Follis] and Cara [Tiemens], as all doing so well and it has been fun to win a title with the Rams, the
team, there’s only one thing left for team for the third consecutive year, it is all our senior years and we all to watch them play and contribute fifth-year forward is looking to
her to accomplish: bring a national and was also selected as a second- started together in our first year,” at all positions on the floor.” leave behind a legacy that reminds
championship to the program. team U SPORTS All-Canadian for said the six-foot-four centre in an Looking back at her first four years, players that hard work and self-sac-
Coming off her best season yet, the second straight season. email to The Eye. Paska acknowledges her individual rifice do in fact pay off.

Despite Banks’ strong The program requires a ton of fo- sonal favourite.

Filling the blue-line performance, she sat out the next

two games and isn’t 100 per cent sure
cus, which is a mindset that Banks
appears to have.
“I wasn’t maybe as skilled in
Bantam as all the other people on
when she will be suiting up again. “When I look at what it takes to my team, but he took a chance
From highly-touted prospect to rising defensive However, her head coach isn’t be successful in a program like ours, and helped me develop a lot. If
force, Rams defender Claire Banks has quickly made worried about her confidence academics [is] first and foremost,” it weren’t for him, I probably
herself a solid staple on the women’s hockey team being broken. Haley said. “Claire’s an outstanding wouldn’t be here.”
“The communication lines are re- academic student and she’s in a re- Banks is enjoying her first year at
By Justin Walters two,” Banks said. “The speed, it’s a ally important,” said Haley. “Claire’s ally challenging nursing program.” Ryerson. Loving her program and
little bit faster here. It’s a step up.” doing everything right and has The strong defender has made getting more ice time than expect-
Coming in as a first-year player isn’t Fast and active, Banks plays a earned every opportunity she has her passion into a full-fledged play- ed. She’s excited for what the future
easy, but so far, it’s been a smooth defensive style of hockey, and she been given. She’s going to be ready ing career. She says she’s had many holds, and so is her coach.
sail for Ryerson Rams women’s plays it well. She only tallied 11 reg- for her next opportunity, there’s no great people come along the way “This is the place for her to reach
hockey player Claire Banks. ular season points in her three years doubt in my mind.” who have helped her. Of them all, her full potential in all aspects of her
When asked to describe the skill- with the PWHL’s Bluewater Hawks, her former PWHL coach of three life,” Haley said. “She has a bright
set of the rookie defender, Rams but was a regular on the team’s pen- “Claire’s doing years in Earl Horton was her per- future with us.”
head coach Lisa Haley didn’t mince alty kill unit.
any words. She considers herself to be a shut-
everything right and
“She’s as fit and as strong and as down defenceman, and Lisa Haley has earned every
powerful as anybody on our team,” would absolutely agree. opportunity she’s been
Haley told The Eye. “She’s only 18 “She’s very gritty, great with one given”
years old. She gets better with ev- -on-one battles,” Haley said. “She’s so
ery game she plays.” good in her own end. Those things The Rams coach isn’t the only one
Banks is one of two rookie de- you can’t get enough of.” who’s been impressed with Banks’
fenders on the team this year, and For a lot of first-year players, work ethic this season.
she’s feeling more comfortable each playing in a lot of games can be Second-year forward Olivia
and every day. a challenge, as ice time is usually Giardetti has also been extremely
She credits playing in the Pro- given to the older, veteran players. impressed by her teammates hard
vincial Women’s Hockey League But Banks’ start was better than work and attention to detail.

(PWHL) over the past three years, most, dressing in Ryerson’s first “She’s always the last one
as a big reason to why she feels so four regular season games. working out in the gym,” Giardetti
ready for Ontario University Ath- “I was really surprised,” Banks said. “She’s also putting a lot of
letics (OUA) competition. said. “I came in expecting to maybe effort into schoolwork.”
“Getting to play [in the PWHL] get a few games here and there When she’s not on the ice, Banks
for three years I think really helped, but to start the first four was just focuses on her studies as a first-
because some only get to play for incredible.” year in Ryerson’s nursing program.


Interns scramble to write fun article in time for print

By The Interns of The Jar this crisis, however, they had always were writing this,” said Anderson. Jar, said, “Anderson has some sick no and Anderson realized that the
had a clear idea of what they would “It might still be there actually.” dance moves! She did the friggin’ story concept they were searching
It’s not easy to write a fun story, be basing their articles on. Anderson, too, had gone through worm, bro. She almost kicked my for had been right in front them the
especially if you don’t know what to They then came up with a battle a mental breakdown during the pro- laptop though. That’s not cool, bro.” entire time.
write. For a while at The Jaropener, plan: endless As it hap- The interns decided to write the
the interns were given all the infor- brainstorm- pened, Olano story about their writer’s block,
mation they needed to write a story, ing until an was outside which is what you are reading right
making everything a little easier. idea just dumb looking for a now. Somewhere in the world,
On an uneventful Thursday af- enough to local cannabis someone just played “Dun Dun
ternoon, the interns of The Jaro- be believable plug in hopes Dun” on the piano as you read that.
pener were approached by their emerged. An- to get some- “To be honest, I didn’t think they
lord and saviour Cathaniel Nouch, derson was thing that could could actually do it,” said Nouch. “I
who demanded an “intense and seen crying into help Anderson just wanted to watch them suffer.
exciting article” to be done by the her hands at chill out. There’s no doubt that they did.”
next Monday. one point. The Unfortu- Olano and Anderson successfully
What the interns hadn’t prepared two spent the nately, it back- finished the story in time and be-
for was the long and stressful pro- entirety of Fri- fired, causing gan to treat the third-degree burns
cess of coming up with an idea to day afternoon Anderson to do they got on their hands from speed
write on. As they begun the project, struggling with crazier things. typing. Nouch rewarded the interns
they instantly walked into a writ- this task. Suddenly, she with a high five and nothing more,
er’s block. You’d think one of them Consumed decided to get like the true manager he is.
would have seen it. with the need a haircut in the “Screw you, Cathaniel. I deserve
“We’re screwed,” said Gabby An- to write some- | PHOTO: ALANNA RIZZA middle of cam- a damn medal for this. This article
derson. “It’s a typical expectation- thing funny with just the right cess. When she finally had enough, pus by some random guy who was is the result of my blood, sweat and
versus-reality situation.” Both in- amount of wit, Olano began stress- she began dancing on the table in walking around with a pair of scis- tears,” said Olano. “Wait, please
terns had written plenty of stories biting her nails. “I think I found a complete silence. sors, who charged her $120. don’t put this in the article, Gabri-
for the Fun & Satire section prior to whole nail on the table while we Pete Rash, a sports editor at The On the verge of giving up, Ola- elle. He’ll kill me.”

Greetings citizens of Ryerson,

Over the past few weeks you’ve enjoyed
playing sudoku for prizes, but that’s all go-
RSU, Air Canada in talks to expand RU-Pass
ing to change. I’m holding the weekly su-
doku game hostage. Being that I’m an in-
Margaret Honeycrisp reports on the newest additions to Ryerson’s transit pass
decisive kidnapper, I’ll need to simply read
about your best offerings, or else I’m going Talks about the expansion of the a statement. Cuba, California, Mexico or any-
to send it back to you, piece by piece. The RU-Pass to include unlimited air The AIRU-Pass would cover do- where else in the world between
best offering will be given the weekly $25 travel are underway between the mestic and international flights, classes,” she said.
Metro gift card things. Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) and inbound and outbound to Toronto Ganesh said he is 99.9 per cent
Air Canada, The Eye has learned. Pearson International Airport and sure the RSU will be able to secure

Offering: Following the not-at-all contro-

versial approval of the RU-Pass, a
Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.
“We get a lot of complaints. We
an opt-out for students who live
on campus, bike to school, take the
discounted transit pass that works don’t acknowledge the students that TTC and commute via GO Transit.

Email: on all forms of transportation on

wheels within Canada, RSU presi-
have to commute via Boeing 707-
138B every day, and rightly so—
However, he said students must vote
in favour of the AIRU-Pass before
dent Ram Ganesh has confirmed the out-of-province and international the RSU can begin to negotiate opt-
student union is looking to incorpo- students shouldn’t have to pay the
Oakham House Choir presents rate unlimited flights next. ridiculous rent in Toronto,” said
out procedures with Air Canada.
“We’re pretty confident it’s going
“In its current to pass since we
The Glow of Christmas form, the RU- received absolute-
Featuring Sunrise Mass, Ola Gjeilo; Little Jazz Pass takes care of ly zero negative
Mass, Bob Chilcott; Christmas carol sing-a-long the everyday tran- feedback what-
sit needs of stu- soever about the
dents in the GTA, original RU-Pass,”
Sun., Dec. 2, 2018 (4 p.m.) but what about Ganesh added.
Calvin Presbyterian Church, 26 Delisle Avenue our out-of-prov- It is still unclear
(1 block north of Yonge & St. Clair)
ince and interna- whether this deal
Oakham House Choir tional students?” will cover heli-
Ryenamics Ganesh said. copter, skydiving
The Concert Band “The AIRU- and rocket trips.
Association of Ryerson Pass has to be our The referen-
Toronto Sinfonietta next step. It just dum will run
Free 12 and under, $15 for students, $25 in advance, makes sense.” from Dec. 25 at
$30 at the door He said that 8 a.m. until Jan. 1
Tickets and information: 416-960-5551 the mandatory | ILLUSTRATION: KHALED BADAWI at 4:30 p.m (Well, AIRU-Pass would that’s what the cover unlimited rides on foot, bicy- Savreen Gosal, vice-president op- dates their advertisements have
cle, bus, subway, streetcar, train and erations for the RSU. on them, so it’ll most likely end on
Computer Science Tutor airplane at a “reasonable rate.” “They should have access to af- Dec. 31.) Polling stations will be
An Air Canada spokesperson es- fordable daily commuting to and set-up somewhere in the Kerr Hall
Help with C C++ C# Java and Python Homework timated the AIRU-Pass will cost from class, just like everyone else.” basement.
and Assignments. about $11,000 per month—a total The AIRU-Pass, Gosal said, won’t Since the RSU spent all their
Help available by email, online on Skype or in person. of $88,000 per academic year. That only benefit students whose families referendum money on waffles and
We also offer individual C C++ C# Java and Python sum doesn’t include alcoholic bev- live anywhere outside Ontario. their private victory after-party,
programming lessons. erages, pretzel snacks, luggage fees, “Forget the Beach Floor of the the stations you’ll see around cam-
on-board movies, leg room or first- SLC, the AIRU-Pass will allow stu- pus will reportedly be BYOB (bring 416-785-5115 class seats, the spokesperson said in dents to travel to an actual beach in your own breakfast).

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